European Transport Conference 2004

European Transport Conference 2004: Strands

Strand Papers
Applied Methods in Transport Planning
Pricing Including Route Choice, Elastic Demand and Different User Groups: a Game Theory Approach
D Joksimovic, M C J Bliemer, P H L Bovy, Technical University of Delft, NL
Risk Analysis and Modelling Traffic/revenue For Rail Infrastructure Projects
L Clement, Groupe EGIS - INFRAPLAN, FR
Factors Influencing Ticketing Choice and Their Impacts On Commercial Revenue
V Lainez, SEMALY; B Faivre D'Arcier, Laboratoire d'Economie et des Transports, FR
Dateline - Weighting and Projection of Long-distance Passenger Travel Data
A Neumann, O Roider, G Sammer, University of Bodenkultur, AT
Design and Application of a Transport Survey For Long-distance Trips Based On An International Network of Expertise: Preparation of Origin - Destination Matrices For Dateline
P Davidson, P Clarke, Peter Davidson Consultancy, UK
Design and Application of a Travel Survey For Long-distance Trips Based On An International Network of Expertise: European Long-distance Mobility Results
F Gomes, F Santos,TIS.PT - Consultores em Transportes, PT
Design and Application of a Travel Survey For Long-distance Trips Based On An International Network of Expertise - Concept and Methodology
W Brg, E Erl, B Schulze, Socialdata, DE
Research On the Impact of September 11th On the Dateline Database On Long Distance Mobility
H C van Evert, Ministry of Transport, AVV, NL
Consumer Preferences in the Uk Taxi Market
G Whelan, M Wardman, ITS, University of Leeds; D Jevons, T Senior, N Marshall, OXERA Consulting, UK
Welfare Maximising Configurations of Urban Bus Market
B Huang, MVA (formerly, University of Oxford); J Preston, Transport Studies Unit, University of Oxford, UK
Micro-simulation Variability On Urban and Rural Road Networks
S Moriarty, T Wang, Kellogg Brown & Root, UK
How Public Transport Is Being Modelled in Microscopic Traffic Simulators?
R Fern?ez, V Burgos, University of Chile, CL
Considerations On the Calibration and Validation of Microscopic Simulation Models
J Barcel, Polytechnic University of Catalonia; J Casas, Transport Simulation Systems, ES
The Value of Reliability
G de Jong, E Kroes, R Plasmeijer, P Sanders, RAND Europe; P Warffemius, Ministry of Transport, AVV, NL
Valuations of Travel Time Variability, Unexpected Delays and Queue Driving
J Eliasson, Transek AB, SE
Review of International Experience in Vot Study Design
P Burge, C Rohr, RAND Europe; J Bates, John Bates Services, UK; G Vuk, TetraPlan and Danish Transport Research Institute, DK
A Model For the Joint Analysis of Airport, Airline, and Access-mode Choice For Passengers Departing in Multi-airport Regions
S Hess, Centre for Transport Studies, Imperial College London, UK
Departure Time and Mode Choice
A Daly, RAND Europe; S Hess, RAND Europe and Imperial College; J Polak, Imperial College; G Hyman, Department for Transport, UK
Modelling Hov Lanes Contribution to Sustainable Mobility
M Mateos, A Aparicio, A Monzon, TRANSyT, ES
Building Od Matrices From a Wide Variety of Data Sources - Example of the West Midlands Strategic Transport Model
T van Vuren, Mott MacDonald; P Clark, P Davidson, Peter Davidson Consultancy; Y Xiang, Mott MacDonald, now with Babtie, UK
Prism - Modelling 21st Century Transport Policies in the West Midlands Region
T van Vuren, A Gordon, Mott MacDonald; C Rohr, A Daly, J Fox, RAND Europe, UK
Application of An Integrated Static and Dynamic Traffic Modelling System For Large Scale Detailed Networks
E Bezembinder, Omnitrans International BV; F Brandt, Goudappel Coffeng BV, NL
Linking European Transport Models
P Eijkelenbergh, TNO Inro; G de Jong, Rand Europe, NL; P Christidis, European Commission, INT; I N Williams, WSP Group, UK; W Schade, IWW, University of Karlsruhe, DE
New Appraisal Methodology For Large European Transport Investments
S Leleur, CTT, Technical University of Denmark, DK; T Holvad, TSU, Oxford University, UK
Identification of Transport Schemes Using a Multi-criteria Framework
S Nielsen, W Bryans, Surrey County Council; A Allos, Scott Wilson, UK
Stated Preference Valuations of Aircraft Noise At Three European Airports: Cultural, Social, Situational and Personal Variations
A L Bristow, M Wardman, ITS, University of Leeds; P A Murphy, Faber Maunsell; T Elliff, EUROCONTROL, UK
Marginal Costs of Traffic Noise - Generalised Values For Marginal Cost Pricing Policies
N B Kristensen, A Ohm, COWI; J Hoj, TetraPlan, DK
Transport Models As An Input to Cost Benefit Analysis
J Gille, F A Rosenberg, ECORYS Transport; A I J M van der Hoorn, Ministry of Transport (AVV), NL
Transport Investment Assessment: What Cost Benefit Analysis Can Bring to the Debate Between Economic Efficiency and Social Acceptability?
B Faivre D'Arcier, Laboratoire d'Economie des Transports, FR
The Impact of Income, Tastes and Substitution Effects On the Assessment of User Benefits Using Discrete Choice Models
E Cherchi, J Polak, Imperial College London; G Hyman, Department for Transport, UK
Assessing the Indirect Effects of Transport Projects and Policies: Results of the Iason Project
A Burgess, L Tavaszzy, TNO Inro, NL; P Mackie, ITS, University of Leeds, UK; J Broecker, University of Kiel; M Wegener, S&W, DE
European Transport Infrastructure Investment and Macroeconomic Productivity
Assessing Regional Economic Impacts of the Ten and Tina Networks
C Schuermann, RRG Spatial Planning and Geoinformation; K Spiekermann, M Wegener, S&K Urban and Regional Research, DE
Service Reliability and Transfer Convenience On the Brussels Tramway Network
J-F Geerts, V Haemers, STRATEC, BE
Multiple Analysis On Passenger Decline
P B Andersen, L Magelund, TetraPlan, DK
Estimating the Effects of Service Quality Changes On the Demand For Rail Travel
M Wardman, G Whelan, ITS, University of Leeds, UK
Building the Transport Profession
The "Transport Planning Skills Initiative" - Results of a 10 Point Action Plan
A D May, ITS, University of Leeds; A Costain, PTRC Education and Research Services Ltd.; J Polak, Imperial College, UK
Stock-taking and Further Development of Transport-related University Studies
S Horn, Bergische Universitat Wuppertal, DE
Experience From the United States
Speaker from the Transportation Research Board, US
Innovation and Know-how Acquisition in Transport Planning Consulting Companies in France
G Debizet, TERRITORIES Université Joseph Fourier, FR
A Didactical For Modelling Course
P Bonnel, Laboratoire d'Economie des Transports, FR
An International Review of Public Transport Training in Higher Education
G Currie, D Young, Institute of Transport Studies, Monash University, AU
ELITE Network
Infrastructure in the New Member States, Experiences From the Ten-invest Project
Mr. Georg-Dietrich Jansen, managing director Planco Consulting, Germany
Potentials of Short Sea Transport in the Baltic, Among Others Experiences From the Sebtrans and Recordit Projects
Mr. Morten Steen Peterson, director and partner TetraPlan, Denmark
Freight Transport in the Czech Republic and Some Czech Cities, Present State and Outlooks After Joining the Eu
Mr. Vaclav Fencl, international project director, Transport Research Centre, Czech Republic
The Logistics Market in Poland Before and After the Accession to the Eu
Mr. Marciej Tumasz, project manager, Institute of Logistics and Warehousing, Poland
European Policy and Research
Drivers of Demand For Passenger Transport Worldwide  
G de Jong, O van de Riet, RAND Europe, NL
The Main Determinants of the Demand For Public Transport: An International Econometric Comparative Analysis  
S Masson, O.M.I., Universit?e Reims Champagne - Ardenne; I Joly, L.E.T.- Universit?yon 2; R Petiot, G.E.R.E.M - Universit?e Perpignan, FR
Ttb-speed: Key Link of the Urban Space-time Dynamic  
I Joly, Laboratoire d'Economie des Transports, FR
Is Benchmarking An Effective Policy Tool? - a Case Study of Four World Cities  
D Gilmour, Halcrow Group; E Seagriff, Transport for London, UK
Socio-environmental Benefits of Rail Urban Projects: European Benchmarking  
R Cascajo, TRANSYT, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, ES
Bottlenecks in the Introduction of Competition in Public Transport in the Netherlands  
P Hilferink, NEA Transport Research and Training; F Savelberg, Ministry of Transport (AVV), NL
Sustainability in Urban Public Transport - the Siptram Project
M Hidson, ICLEI, DE
Application of An Innovative Interview Technique For Exploring Households' Adaptation Strategies in Reducing Co2 Emissions From Transport  
A Bristow, P Balmforth, M Tight, T May, ITS, University of Leeds; A Pridmore, Capita Symonds, UK
M Page, C Kelly, A Bristow, ITS, University of Leeds, UK
Monitoring and Evaluation of the Eco-driving Programme  
P Wilbers, Novem; L Wismans, R Jansen, Goudappel Coffeng, NL
Network Effects and Total Economic Impact in An Enlarged Trans-european Transport Network  
J Laird, J Nellthorp, P Mackie, ITS, University of Leeds, UK
Actual Priorities and Projects of Transport in Bulgaria
V Spassov, Higher School of Transport, BG
Evaluation of Transport Infrastructures Crossing the Pyrenees - a Sensitive International Border Zone  
J de Oa-Lopez, University of Granada; C Zamorano, A S?hez, Polytechnic University of Madrid, ES
A Comparative Analysis of Annoyance From Aircraft Noise At Three European Airports  
A Bristow, R Batley, M Wardman, ITS, University of Leeds; C Heaver, FaberMaunsell; T Elliff, EUROCONTROL, UK
An Innovative Surface Access Strategy For a Major Uk Airport  
R Jones, West Sussex County Council, UK
An Econometric Analysis of Airport Costs  
H Link, German Institute for Economic Research, DE; V Himanen, JP Transplan, FI
Do High-speed Trains Really Promote Interconnected Airports?  
A Chi, LET - Laboratoire d'Economie des Transports, FR
The Future of Long-haul Air Services From Europe  
N Dennis, University of Westminster, UK
Ex-post Evaluation of National Policy Programmes On Traffic Congestion  
H Van der Loop, Ministry of Transport (AVV); J Perdock, MuConsult BV, NL
Swiss Value of Travel Time Savings  
K Axhausen, A Koenig, IVT ETH Zurich; G Abay, Rapp Trans; M Bierlaire, ROSO-EPFL, CH; J Bates, John Bates Services, UK
Reliability/vulnerability Versus Cost/benefit  
J Husdal, Molde University College, NO
Pan-european Transport Corridor 1
A Boyce, M Bright, FaberMaunsell, UK
Reducing Travel By Design: Urban Form and the Commute to Work  
R Hickman, Halcrow Group Ltd; D Banister, Bartlett School of Planning, UK
Freight and Logistics
Urban Freight Management in Large European Cities
L Dablanc, INRETS-ENPC-Université de Marne-la-Vallée, FR
The Effects of Congestion Charging On Freight and Logistics Operations
A Farahmand-Razavi, T Duckenfield, S Fiore, Steer Davies Gleave, UK
Estimating Freight Travel Patterns in London At Night
P Emmerson, TRL, UK
Design and Implementation of a Last Mile Parcel Delivery Network
P Journeau, EXCUB, A Mercier, AMANAGEMENT, FR
A Study On the Setting Up of Mandatory Routes in the Brussels Capital Region
W Debauche, Belgian Road Research Centre, BE
Who Gains? - Allocation of Freight Transport User Benefits From International Infrastructure Projects in Multi-country Cba
M Fosgerau, N Plegaard, Danish Transport Research Institute; N B Kristensen, COWI, DK
Stochastic Risk in Forecasting Vs. Policy Oriented Uncertainty: the Case of Alpine Crossings
J Brunel, Laboratoire d'économie des Transports, FR
Modelling Freight Transport Modal Choice Through the Pyrenees a Comparative Assessment Between Road and Short Sea Shipping Transport
A Sánchez-Vicente, Á Aparicio-Mourelo, Centre for Transport Research -TRANSyT, ES
The Importance of Reliability in Route Choices in Freight Transport For Various Actors On Various Levels
E A I Bogers, H J van Zuylen, University of Technology Delft, NL
New Values of Time and Reliability in Freight Transport in the Netherlands
G de Jong, S Bakker, M Pieters, RAND Europe; P Wortelboer, Ministry of Transport (AVV), NL
Heterogeneity in Shippers' Preferences For Freight Services
J Massiani,CRETEIL. IUP, Université Paris XII, FR; R Danielis, University of Trieste; E Marcucci, University of Urbino, IT
Canonical Correlation As a Means to Analyse a Shipper's Willingness to Pay For Quality
E Vandaele, F Witlox, Ghent University, BE
Freight Transport Intensity - Is It the Right Indicator?
A Farahmand-Razavi, Steer Davies Gleave; I Black, Independent Consultant; R Seaton, Roger Seaton Associates, UK
Explaining the Decoupling of Road Freight Traffic and Economic Growth Using a Decomposition Methodology
O Kveiborg, M Fosgerau, Danish Transport Research Institute, DK
Drivers of Demand For Freight Transport Worldwide
O van de Riet, Gerard de Jong, M van de Voort, RAND Europe, NL
Extending the Supply Chain: Service Industries and Transport Demand For People and Goods
M Wigan, TRI, Napier University, UK, M Browne, TSG University of Westminster, UK
A Tour-based Model For the Simulation of Freight Distribution
A Carteni, University of Naples, "Federico II"; F Russo, University of Reggio Calabria "Mediterranea", IT
Road-based Pallet Networks in the UK - What Is the Limit to Growth?
A Farahmand-Razavi, Steer Davies Gleave, UK
C Lehman, MORI, UK
Short Sea Shipping Policy From a Community Perspective
J F F Becker, A Burgess, D A Henstra, TNO Inro, NL
Freight Integration in Liner Shipping: Container Carriers' Strategies Vis-À-vis Inland Transportation
F Merckx, University of Antwerp, BE
Innovative Methods in Transport analysis, Planning
Anchoring Logistics in a Spatial Input-output Model: An Evidence-based Application in the Trans-pennine Corridor, Uk
Y Jin, I N Williams, WSP Policy & Research; M Shahkarami, Department for Transport, UK
Modelling Freight Demand At a National Level: Theoretical Developments and Application to Italian Demand
A Papola, V Marzano, University of Naples Federico II, IT
Tactical Or Strategic Modeling of Freight Transport Logistics in a Probabilistic Meso-economic Framework
P M Holmblad, Danish Transport Research Institute, DK
The Use of Models in the Formation of Transportation Policies: Some Experiences in Campania Region
Prof. E Cascetta, Transport Assessore, Campania Region, IT
A Path-multilevel Cross-nested Logit Model For Route Choice Which Allows Implicit Path Enumeration
V Marzano, A Papola, University of Naples Federico II, IT
Development and Application of a Mixed Cross-nested Logit Model
S Hess, J W Polak, Imperial College London, UK; M Bierlaire, EPFL, CH
Enhancing Rail Passenger Demand Models to Examine Station Choice and Access to the Rail Network
W F Lythgoe, M Wardman, J P Toner, ITS, University of Leeds, UK
Multi-layer Feed-forward Networks For Discrete Choice Analysis
G E Cantarella, S de Luca, University of Salerno, IT
Stochastic Dynamic Continuous Space Modelling and Its Applications
S Hoogendoorn, Delft University of Technology, NL
Who Drove the Car? Automatic Driver Identification From Logged Vehicle Data
K Brundell-Freij, Lund University, SE
An Advanced Discrete Choice Model of Driver Behaviour Based On Gps and Sp Data
O A Nielsen, J H Rich, Danish Technical University, DK
A Discrete/continuous Model With Correlated Errors For the Wtp For Road Noise Reduction
M Fosgerau, Danish Transport Research Institute; T Bjrner, Institute of Local Government Studies, DK
Improving Transit Market Research Using Structural Equation Modeling and Attitudinal Market Segmentation
Y Shiftan, Technion, IL; M Outwater, Y Shuang Zhou, Cambridge Systematics, US
The Multiclass Flowing Problem in a Dynamic Traffic Assignment Model
F Leurent, S?RA, FR
A Heteroskedastic Logit Model to Assess the Influence of Design Dimensions in Stated Choice Experiments
J de D Ortuzar, S Caussade, L I Rizzi, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, CL
Using Road-side Interviews to Model Employer's Business and Non-home-based Travel in the West Midlands
A Daly, M Kouwenhoven, J Fox, RAND Europe, UK/NL; H Gunn, HGA Ltd, NL
Modeling Response to Traffic Information in Switzerland
M Bierlaire, EPFL, CH
Does a Model of Individual Willingness to Pay Need the Concept of Utility?
J Nellthorp, R Batley, ITS, University of Leeds, UK
Distributional Impacts of Congestion Pricing: a New Evaluation Approach Applied to a Proposed System For Stockholm
J Eliasson, Transek AB; L-G Mattsson, Royal Institute of Technology, SE
Departure Time Choice Under Uncertainty: a Model of Random Utility Maximisation For Wagers
R Batley, ITS, University of Leeds, UK; A Daly, ITS University of Leeds, UK & RAND Europe, UK and NL
Introducing Reliability Into Travel Demand Models
C Gilliam, Arup Transport Planning; J Bates, John Bates Services; S Porter, Department for Transport; I Black, Independent Consultant; J Fearon, John Fearon Consultancy UK
Measuring Utility Loss Due to Travel Time Variability With Microscopic Traffic Simulations
F Marchal, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich; A de Palma, University of Cergy-Pontoise, FR
The Activities Time Assignment Model System: the Value of Work and Leisure For Germans and Chileans
S Jara-Diaz, M Munizaga, P Romero, Universidad de Chile, CL
Nonparametric and Semiparametric Estimation of the Distribution of the Value of Travel Time
M Fosgerau, Danish Transport Research Institute, DK
Discrete Choice Modelling Incorporating Attribute Thresholds of Perception
J de Dios Ortuzar, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, CL; V Cantillo, Universidad del Norte, Barranquilla, CO; B G Heydecker, University College London, UK
Estimating Mixed Logit Models With Quasi-monte Carlo Sequences Allowing Practical Error Estimation
F Bastin, C Cirillo, P L Toint, FUNDP-GRT, BE
Investigating Perceived Similarity Among Mixed Auto and Transit Modes Using the Logit Kernel Model
Y Shiftan, S Bekhor, Technion, IL
International Comparisons of Transport Practice
Results of European Travel Diary Study Dateline Consortium
P Davidson, Peter Davidson Consultancy, UK
Tramway Project Analysis in Europe: Optimisation of the New Tramway in Barcelona
F Robust?N Corominas, D A Carvajal, A Lpez-Pita, Technical University of Catalonia at Barcelona, ES
A Baanders, ECORYS Transport; R J Roos, Arcadis Infra, NL
Translink - Integrating Travel in Luton, Dunstable and Houghton Regis
C Chick, K Dove, Luton Borough Council, UK
Regional and Sustainable Traffic Management in the Netherlands: Methodology and Applications
H Taale, M Westerman, Ministry of Transport (AVV); D van Amelsfort, Goudappel Coffeng, NL
Determining Optimal Integrated Transport Strategies For European Cities
A D May, S P Shepherd, G Emberger ITS, University of Leeds; X Zhang, N Paulley, TRL, UK
Building On Buchanan: Evolving Road Hierarchy For Today's Streets-oriented Design Agenda
S Marshall, University College London, UK
Car Owners' Experiences With In-car Speed Controlling Systems in the Netherlands
M van Twuijver, Ministry of Transport (AVV); M Pol, MuConsult, NL
Mobile Phone Use Among Professional Drivers in Denmark
T Troglauer, T Hels, P Falck Cristens, Danish Transport Research Institute, DK
Safety Audit: Review and Summary of European Practice
G Holland, C George, Atkins Transport Planning, UK
The Influence of Urban Planning On Road Safety
M Millot, CETE M?terran? FR
Preliminary Route Choice Analysis For a Sustainably-safe Traffic and Transport System
P Morsink, A Dijkstra, SWOV Institute for Road Safety Research; L Wismans, Goudappel Coeffeng BV, NL
The Recent Improvement of Road Safety in France: a Lining Up With European Trend?
Y Crozet, C Guillaume, Laboratoire d'Economie des Transports, FR
On the Economic Evaluation of Road Safety Measures in Portugal
E Arsenio, LNEC, Department of Transportation, PT
Approaches For Improvements of Local Traffic Safety
W J Berger, University Bodenkultur, AT
Preparation and Decision-making Process For Roadway Infrastructure Projects in France: Description and Challenges Facing Owners
G Vuillemin, S?RA, FR
The New Infrastructure Concession Law in Spain: Application to the Tendering of New Toll Motorways
J M Vassallo, A Monzon,TRANSYT, ES
New Approaches to Toll Facilities and Managed Lanes in the Us
K F Turnbull, Texas Transportation Institute, US
Local Public Transport
The Importance of Travel Information For Use of Public Transport
U Lodden, I Brechan, Institute of Transport Economics, NO
Post-implementation Benefits From Concessionary and Commercial Public Transport Smart Card Schemes
J Meal, MVA Ltd, UK; J Campbell, Translink, UK
Effective Approaches to Reducing Vandalism and Graffiti On Public Transport
G Pettersson, Pettersson Associates; J Stafford, Independent Consultant, UK
Access to Hospitals and Similar Specialised Land Uses
I Macbriar, QV Associates, UK
The Dynamic Situation of Education Transport in the Uk and the Innovative Solutions Developed By Metro (West Yorkshire Pte)
H Murphy, S Pickersgill, Metro (West Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive); I Piczenik, FaberMaunsell, UK
Recapturing Value From Property Owners and Developers to Finance Public Transport: a Review of Possible Mechanisms
S Ison, M Enoch, Loughborough University; S Potter, Open University, UK
The Metro Systems of Naples and Campania: From Planning to Operation
P Coppola, University of Rome Tor Vergata; E Cascetta, University of Naples Federico II, IT
Planning and Financing of Light Rail in England and Scotland: Existing Practice and Recent Developments
S Luke, D Hand, Mott MacDonald, UK
A Before-and-after Study of Metro in Copenhagen; the Frederiksberg Screen Line
G Vuk, Danish Transport Research Institute; S Boysen, Orestad Company; J Ildensborg-Hansen, TetraPlan, DK
The Jubilee Line Extension Impact Study: Main Findings and Lessons For Future Appraisal of Major Public Transport Investments
T Eyers, P Jones, TSG, University of Westminster; Speaker from Transport for London, UK
Developing Public Transport Strategies in Spain: Keys For Success
A Aparicio, M Mateos, TRANSyT, ES
Cost Benefit Analysis of a Different Public Transport Supply in Vienna
G Sammer, O Roider, R Klementschitz, S Hanzl, University Bodenkultur, AT
Towards a New Organisation of Public Transport Systems in the Region of Paris - Ile De France
S Lecler, P Peyronnet, STIF, FR
Three Financial and Socio-economic Assessments of a Personal Rapid Transit System
P Bly, Philip Bly Consultancy; R Teychenne, Advanced Transport Systems, UK
The Failing Innovation Process For Personal Rapid Transit in Eindhoven
H van Zuylen, Delft University of Technology; A Ouwehand, Provincie Noord-Brabant, NL
Technical Efficiency and Contractual Incentives: the Case of Urban Public Transport in France
W Roy, Laboratoire d'Economie des Transports, FR
Competitive Tendering and Performance-based Subsidies - Experiences in Dutch and Norwegian Bus Transport
F Longva, J-T Bekken, B Norheim, Institute of Transport Economics, NO
Competitive Tendering Versus Subsidy Schemes in Public Transport Services: Comparing Efficiency in the Provision of Ferry Services
S Braathen, Molde University College, NO
Social Costs and Benefits of a Public Transport Smart Card
Y F H Cheung, Ministry of Transport (AVV), NL
Demand For Wi-fi On Trains
C Heywood, R Sheldon, Accent Marketing and Research; S Jefferson, GNER, UK
Good Practices in Public Transport Planning: Competing Modal Choices and Enforced Transport Policies
F Cirianni, University of Reggio Calabria; D Ianno, ATAM spa Public Transport Company, Reggio Calabria, IT
Factors Affecting the Demand For Public Transport
N Paulley, TRL; R Mackett, CTS, University College London; J Preston, TSU, University of Oxford; M Wardman, ITS, University of Leeds; P White, TRG, University of Westminster, UK
Inventive Pricing of Urban Public Transport
N Fearnley, Institute of Transport Economics, NO
Trends in European Taxi Regulation
J-T Bekken, F Longva, Institute of Transport Economics, NO
New Developments in Taxi and Private Hire Operations in London
J Hawthorne, B Miller, Sinclair Knight Merz; E Thompson, A Henderson, Transport for London, UK
Deregulation of Public Transport in a Developing Country - a Case in the District of Tirana, Albania
F Cirianni, University of Reggio Calabria, IT
Adapting Public Transport in Touristic Zones to User Needs: the Case of Public Transport By Bus in Costa Del Sol, Spain
A Garcia Pastor, Corporacin Espaola de Transporte, ES
The Transformation Process of Dresden's Public Transport Company - One Example For the New Eu Countries
F Mller-Eberstein, Dresdner Verkehrsbetriebe AG, DE
Planning For Sustainable Land Use and Transport
Decision-making in English Local Transport Planning  
D Palmer, Steer Davies Gleave, UK
Understanding the Role of Performance Targets in Transport Policy  
G Marsden, P Bonsall, J Beale, ITS, University of Leeds, UK
Innovative Engagement Tools For Transport Projects - a Comparison of German and French Experience  
A Witte, Aachen University-ISB, DE; J Raffaillac, DREIF/DIT, FR
Bahn.ville: Promoting a Rail Oriented Urban Development Approach For Urban Regions in France and Germany
B Puccio, ADEUS; C Soulas, INRETS; G Bentayou, CERTU, FR; H Pretsch, RWTH Aachen; P Gout, ILS Dortmund, DE
R van der Bijl, RVDB/LIGHTRAIL, NL; A Kuehn, Independent Consultant, DE
The Design of Optimal Transport Strategies: the Impacts of Land Use and Transport Interactions  
X Zhang, N Paulley, A Ash, TRL Ltd., UK; S Shepherd, G Emberger, ITS, University of Leeds, UK
Artists (Arterial Streets Towards Sustainability)  
A Svensson, University of Lund, SE
Delivering the Connections: Transport, Social Exclusion and Accessibility Planning in the Uk  
K Lucas, TSG, University of Westminster; D Halden, Derek Halden Consultancy, UK
Ensuring Best Value and Equity in the Provision of Mobility For Elderly and Disabled People By Urban Public Transport  
D J Ling, Manchester Centre for Civil & Construction Engineering, UMIST, UK
M van Twuijver, Ministry of Transport (AVV); M Schreuders, Goudappel Coffeng, NL
Priorities and Solutions For Road Travel: the Differing Perspectives of Users and Service Providers  
P Bonsall, J Beale, ITS, University of Leeds; N Paulley, A Pedler, TRL Ltd, UK
Promoting Walking and Cycling As An Alternative to Using Cars: What Works? a Systematic Review  
D Ogilvie, M Egan, V Hamilton, M Petticrew, Medical Research Council, UK
Assessment and Opportunities of the Future Development of Car Sharing in Germany  
W Loose, M Mohr, Institute of Applied Ecology; C Nobis, German Aerospace Centre, DE
Opportunities For Customer-driven Financing in Public Transport Service Provision  
A de Kort, P Bakker, Ministry of Transport (AVV), NL
Central London Congestion Charging: One Year in - Longer Term Effects in Context
M Dix, Transport for London, UK
Ict, Land Use and Mobility in the Netherlands
J Perdok, MuConsult B V; P Jorritsma, P Warffemius, Ministry of Transport; J Hakfoort, Ministry of Economic Affairs, NL
An Application Proposal of Yardstick Competition to the Regional Markets of the French Railway System
J Lévêque, Laboratoire d'Economie des Transports, FR
Implementation of Performance-based Subsidies in Norwegian Intercity Railway
N Fearnley, B Norheim, Institute of Transport Economics, NO
Benchmarking of Railway Performance
D Hatch, NS Business Development, NL
Development of Fares Functionality in Strategic Rail Models
J Segal, I Burden, D Edmondson, S Lowe, MVA, UK
Forecasting and Appraising the Impact of a Regular Interval Timetable
D Johnson, C Nash, J Shires, ITS, University of Leeds; J Tyler, Passenger Transport Networks, UK
Rebuilding a Base For Britain's Railway: Developing a Timetable For the Interests of All in a Privatised Context
E O'Loughlin, Strategic Rail Authority, UK
Interoperability in Europe: Case of the Ertms Implementation
S Hulten, ECP Paris, FR and Stockholm School of Economics, SE; G de Tilière, ALSTOM Transport, FR
Pricing of Rail Infrastructure in Europe: a Comparative Analysis
J de Oña-Lopez, F Calvo, University of Granada, ES
Rail Infrastructure Charging: the Case of the Rail Link to the New Athens Airport
A Deloukas, Attiko Metro, GR
Investments in Rail Versus Roads - Is There a Competition?
S Bråthen, Molde University College; A Kjerkreit, J Odeck, Public Roads Administration, NO
Railways in Central and Eastern Europe
P Amos, World Bank, INT
Rail Development in Hungary
L Ruppert, KTI (Research Institute of Transport Science), HU
Intercity Rail Transportation Quality and Suggested Improvements to Increase the Modal Share of Rail in Ireland
G Anandarajah, A Ahern, N Tapley, University College Dublin, IE
High Speed Rail in Portugal: a New Strategic Opportunity For Mobility and Territorial Integration in the Iberian Context
M Tao, Foundation for Science and Technology, PT
Some Prospective Elements On the Effects of the Eastern France European High Speed Railway in Champagne-ardenne Region
S Masson, C Beckerich, M Delaplace, O.M.I. - Université de Reims Champagne - Ardenne, FR; S Bazin, A.E.P. - Université de Reims Champagne Ardenne, FR
The Initiative "Magistrale For Europe": a Transnational Bottom-up Approach Fostering the Realisation of the High-quality Rail Link "Paris-budapest"
F Ismaier, City of Karlsruhe, DE
Development of Public Passenger Rail Services in the Lower Silesia Province (Poland)
R Johannsmeier, TransTec Consult GmbH, DE
Making the Case For High Speed Rail
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Road Finance, Design and Maintenance
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Creating An Educated Client to Manage Concession Projects
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Tourism and Transport
Regional and Local Transport Between the Palatinate (De) and Alsace (Fr)  
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Traffic Engineering and Management
Gsm As the Source For Traffic Information  
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Evaluation of Hov-lanes in Norway  
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Middleware For Next Generation Urban Traffic Control  
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Signalised Arterial Road Management
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The Pedestrianisation of Trafalgar Square: How Do We Deliver a Sustainable Scheme At a World Heritage Site?  
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Traffic Management in Athens For the Olympics
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Transport Safety
Building Evacuation: Two Different Approaches  
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Driving Under the Influence - Prescription Drugs the Drowsy Factor  
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Pour Promouvoir Le Velo: Le Dynamisme Des Villes
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French National Cycling Plan
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