European Transport Conference 2005

European Transport Conference 2005: Strands

Strand Papers
Applied Methods in Transport Planning
Uncertainty in Traffic Forecasts: Literature Review and New Results for the Netherlands  
G de Jong, A Daly, RAND Europe, NL and ITS, University of Leeds, UK; M Pieters, RAND Europe, NL; S Miller, RAND Europe, UK; F Hofman, AVV, Ministry of Transport, NL
Evaluation of Transfer Methods for Spatial Travel Demand Models  
N Karasmaa, Helsinki University of Technology, FI
Using a Land-use/transport/economic Model in Edinburgh  
D C Simmonds, V M White, David Simmonds Consultancy, UK: S Leitham, S Williamson, MVA, UK
Economic Development and Changes in Car Ownership Patterns  
A Matas, J L Raymond, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, ES
Nonlinearity and Taste Heterogeneity Influence on Discrete Choice Models Forecasts  
A Orro, M Novales, University of La Coruňa, ES; F G Benitez, University of Sevilla, ES
Unit Income Elasticity of the Value of Travel Time Savings  
M Fosgerau, Danish Transport Research Institute, DK
Prediction Reliability of the Transport Simulation Models: a Before and After Study in Naples  
E Cascetta, A Papola, University of Naples, IT; A Carteni, University of Salerno, IT
The Channel Tunnel ? an Ex-post Economic Evaluation  
R Anguera, Strategic Rail Authority, UK
The Attitude of Bus Users to Travel Time Variability  
Y Hollander, ITS, University of Leeds, UK
Cross-nested Logit Modelling of the Combined Choice of Airport, Airline and Access-mode  
S Hess, Imperial College London and RAND Europe; J Polak, Imperial College London, UK
Modelling Time Period Choice: Experience from the UK and the Netherlands  
A Daly, C Rohr, RAND Europe, UK; S Hess, Imperial College London and RAND Europe, UK; G Hyman, Department for Transport, UK; J Polak, Imperial College London, UK
European Policy and Research
Assessment of Urban Policy Instruments in Inter-urban Contexts  
T Holvad, University of Oxford, UK; D Johnson, ITS, University of Leeds, UK; O Betancor Cruz, University of Las Palmas, ES; R Koelbl, University of Technology Vienna, AT
Transport Companies Strategies Towards Increased Competition  
T Mathisen, G Solvoll, Bodø Graduate School of Business, NO
Current Practice in Project Appraisal in Europe  
T Odgaard, COWI, DK; C E Kelly, J J Laird, ITS, University of Leeds, UK
?Are We Moving in the Right Direction?? ? Multi-criteria Environmental Impact Assessment with TERM Indicators
J Borken, DLR-IVF, DE
Urban Transport Performance and Policy: Results of a European Perception Survey  
A Winder, ISIS, FR; K El-Araby, Dorsch Consult, DE
?Are We Moving in the Right Direction?? ? Multi-criteria Environmental Impact Assessment with TERM Indicators [PowerPoint Slides]
J Borken, DLR-IVF, DE
Urban Transport Performance and Policy: Results of a European Public Perception Survey [PowerPoint Slides]
A Winder, ISIS, FR; K El-Araby, Dorsch Consult, DE
Social Costs of Noise at Madrid Barajas Airport  
O Betancor, J C Martin, University of Las Palmas, ES
Aviation Security and EU US Relations
D Stasinopoulos, former EU official, BE
The Economic Catalytic Effects of Air Transport in Europe  
A Cooper, E Britton, D Tinsley, Oxford Economic Forecasting, UK; L Price, Mott MacDonald, UK
Intermodality and Passenger Transport  
I Laplace, M3 Systems, FR; N Lenoir, ENAC-AEEL, FR; I Rebelo, F Pita, A Valadares, ANA Aeroportos de Portugal, PT
The Challenges of a True Distance Approach to Road Charging  
D G Matheson, PA Consulting Group, UK
Abstract Forecasting on the Trans European Networks (TEN STAC)  
P Hilferink, A Vilcan, NEA Transport Research and Training, NL
Why Are Some Young People Choosing Not to Drive?  
B Noble, Department for Transport, UK
Women and Transport  
K Hamilton, University of East London, UK
Tourism and Transport
Developing and Assessing Integrated Travel Chains  
M Schiefelbusch, Nexus Institute, DE; A Jain, Humbolt Universitaet, DE; C Walther, T Schaefer, PTV, DE
Demand Models on Short Sea Shipping: a Case Study for the North Sporades in the Aegean Area
A Polydoropoulou, C Papageorgiou, A Tsirimpa, University of the Aegean, GR
Transport Heritage As Tourist Attractions
D Morgan, European Federation of Museum and Tourism Railways
Analysing Travel Patterns for Cultural Land Use  
S Basbas, G Mintis, C Taxiltaris, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, GR
Steam Railways: Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Tourism Development and Promotion
P Loukissas, University of Thessaly, GR; D Morgan, FEDEECRAIL, BE; J Hett, Midland Railway Trust, UK; O Janeuax, MTVS, FR; A Biedrins, IHTL-Banitis, LV
Applied Methods/Innovative Methods
Microsimulating the Stockholm Integrated Model System (SIMS)
S Algers, Royal Institute of Technology, SE; J Eliasson, J Köhler, Transek, SE
SCAPES ? a Dynamic Microeconomic Model of Activity Scheduling  
R D Jonsson, A Karlström, Royal Institute of Technology, SE
Modelling the Impact of ATIS on Travellers? Behaviour: Puget Sound Region Case Study  
A Polydoropoulou, A Tsirimpa, University of the Aegean, GR; C Antoniou, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
A Framework for a Joint Mode Choice ? Household Car Allocation Model
E Petersen, Parsons Brinckerhoff, US; P Vovsha, PB Consult, US
Innovative Methods Seminar on Choice Modelling
Discrete Mixtures of Random Utility Models  
S Hess, Imperial College London and RAND Europe, UK; J Polak, Imperial College London, UK; M Bierlaire, EPFL, CH
Intra-household Car Type Choice for Different Travel Needs  
E Petersen, RAND Europe, UK; P Vovsha, PB Consult, US
Random Covariance Heterogeneity in Discrete Choice Models  
S Hess, Imperial College London and RAND Europe, UK; J Polak, Imperial College London, UK; D Bolduc, University of Laval ? Quebec City, CN
The Applicability of Prospect Theory to the Analysis of Transport Networks  
R Batley, R Connors, A Sumalee, ITS, University of Leeds, UK
Alternative Presentations of the Random Utility Model  
N Ibanez, R Batley, ITS, University of Leeds, UK
Uncertainty in Choice Behaviour Prediction: a Hybrid Approach to Combine Fuzziness and Randomness  
G Circella, M Dell?Orco, D Sassanelli, Technical University of Bari, IT
Normalization and Correlation of Cross-nested Logit Models  
M Bierlaire, EPFL, CH; E Abbé, T Toledo, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
Local Public Transport
Benchmarking Public Transport Experiments ? Incentives for a Common Evaluation  
K Naess Kjorstad, A Ruud, Institute of Transport Economics, NO; T A Dahl, Ministry of Transport and Communications, NO
Financing Local Public Transport: Costs and Benefits Evaluation  
G E Cantarella, S de Luca, University of Salerno, IT; M Di Gangi, University of Reggio Calabria, IT
Project Orpheus: Delivering Best Value for Money for Tyne and Wear?s Public Transport System  
P Gross, J Davidson, Nexus, UK; S Luke, Mott MacDonald, UK; N Long, Ove Arup, UK; M Kilpatrick, L Miller, Steer Davies Gleave, UK
Customer Loyalty Management for Occasional Rides  
F Bretzger, Probst & Consorten, DE
Guidance for Affordable Mass Transit Systems in the UK  
A Brett, Atkins Transport Planning, UK
Long-term Demand Effects in Public Transport  
N Fearnley, J-T Bekken, Institute of Transport Economics, NO
Inducing Increased Demand for Public Transport ? Experience in Australia  
E Richardson, Sinclair Knight Merz, AU; M Burgess, Public Transport Authority Western Australia, AU
Practical Solutions for Real Problems: Keys to Success in Planning for Accessibility  
C Cleary, C Upfold, London Underground Ltd., UK; N Smith, Centre for Accessible Environments, UK
Short and Long Term Impacts of the Rural Bus Services: ?InterConnect? and ?Villager? on Social Inclusion and Quality of Life  
P Le Masurier, A-M Barker, MVA Ltd., UK; T Cross, Lincolnshire County Council, UK
Feedback from the GART Citizen?s Conference 2005
C Duchene, GART, FR
Planning For Sustainable Land Use and Transport
Assessing Sustainability of Transport Projects in Madrid  
P Pfaffenbichler, M Mateos, A Monzon, P Viera, TRANSyT-UPM, ES
Evaluation of the Mobility Impacts of the Dutch Vinex Policy  
D M E G W Snellen, H D Hilbers, Netherlands Institute of Spatial Research, NL
Successful Transfer Nodes (P+R) Patterns and Land Use Planning  
H Kramer, H Pauwels, AVV, Ministry of Transport, NL
Mobility in the Frankfurt/Rhine-Main Region: Evidence from the German National Travel Survey (NTS)  
P Endemann, Planungsverband Ballungsraum Frankfurt/Rhein-Main, DE; A Maleika, traffiQ Frankfurt, DE
Educating Transport Engineers for Collaborative Planning  
P Schrijnen, Delft University of Technology, NL
Facilitating Travel Behaviour Change  
J Pinkard, Vipre, UK
Using Behavioural Psychology to Plan, Market and Manage Transport  
A Hilliam, Derek Halden Consultancy, UK; J Farrington, Aberdeen University, UK
Sustainable School Travel, Controlling Distance and Safety  
E de Boer, Delft University of Technology, NL
Reducing Speed Limits on Highways: Dutch Experiences and Impact on Air Pollution, Noise-level, Traffic Safety and Traffic Flow  
M Stemerding, P van Beek, Goudappel Coffeng, NL; P F Havermans, Ministry of Transport, NL
Planning Sustainable Transport Policy Measures in the City of Villa S. Giovanni, Italy  
F Cirianni, University of Reggio Calabria, IT; A Santo Luongo, University of Basilicata, IT
Activity Spaces and Travel Time in Sydney  
D Olaru, University of Western Australia, AU; N Smith, T Ton, CSIRO, AU
Travel Choices in Scotland ? the Effect of Local Accessibility on Non-work Travel  
N Ferguson, University of Strathclyde, UK; M Carreno, S Stradling, TRI, Napier University, UK
Do Physical Factors Matter While Choosing Means of Transport?  
H Foltynova, M Braun Kohlova, Charles University Environment Centre, CZ
Meeting the Needs of a Growing Region [PowerPoint Slides]
Peter Hampton
Assessment of the Effects of Improving the Madrid Inner Ring Road to a More Balanced and Sustainable Metropolitan Mobility  
A Monzon, TRANSyT, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, ES; L A Vega, Universidad Pedagogica Tecnologica de Tunha-Colombia, CO; A M Pardeiro, TRANSyT, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, ES
Property Values and Public Transport Investment  
D Banister, Bartlett School of Planning, UCL, UK; M Thurstain-Goodwin, Geofutures, UK
Transport and Urban Design
J Dales, Urban Initiatives, UK
Optimal Fares Regulation for Britain?s Railways  
G Whelan, J Toner, M Wardman, C Nash, R Batley, ITS, University of Leeds, UK
Evaluating the Impacts of a National Railcard  
P Le Masurier, J Segal, MVA Ltd., UK; D Medrisch, Strategic Rail Authority, UK
Rail Access to Airports ? How Important is Dedication?  
J P Hawthorne, Sinclair Knight Merz, UK
Surface Access to Airports
A Sharp, International Air Rail Organisation
Identifying Customer Requirements and Assessing Customer Satisfaction in an International Market with Intermodal and International Competitors: the Experience of Thalys
B Pacques, Thalys, BE
Examining the Influence of Station Catchment Areas on the Demand for Rail Travel  
G Whelan, W Lythgoe, M Wardman, ITS, University of Leeds, UK
On the Value of Punctuality on Suburban Trains to and from Paris  
L Debrincat, J Goldberg, STIF, FR; M Kouwenhoven, E Kroes, RAND Europe, NL; H Duchateau, STRATEC, BE
How Do Rail Passengers Respond to Change?  
A Meaney, OXERA, UK; J Dargay, J Preston, TSU, University of Oxford, UK; P Goodwin, University of the West of England, UK; M Wardman, ITS, University of Leeds, UK
Freight and Logistics
The Impact on Transport and the Economy of a Levy on Mobility  
F W C J van de Vooren, T Pauwels, University of Antwerp, BE
LKW-Maut Impact on Alsatian Motorways  
O Quoy, DRE Alsace, FR
Interurban Road Pricing for Heavy Vehicles ? What Are the Impacts for the Regional Economy?  
O Kveiborg, Danish Transport Research Institute, DK; J H Rich, Danish Technical University, DK; M M Larsen, Institute of Local Government Studies, DK
Why Study the Indirect Impacts of Pricing Transport? a Case Study
M Janse, M Thissen, J Schrijver, D Henstra, L Tavasszy, TNO, Mobility and Logistics, NL
LKW-Maut Impact on Alsatian Motorways [PowerPoint Slides]
O Quoy, DRE Alsace, FR
Assessing and Mapping Urban Logistics Initiatives ? the CityFreight Approach
S Kooijman, Buck Consultants International, BE; E Monami, STRATEC, BE
The Future Flow of Goods in the Enlarged EU  
S Vincent, Danish Transport Research Institute, DK
A Simulation Model for a Container Terminal  
G E Canterella, S de Luca, A Carteni, University of Salerno, IT
Stimulating the Economy by Means of (freight) Transport Policy: An Uncertain Road?  
P M Wortelboer van Donselaar, G H M van der Linde, AVV, Ministry of Transport, NL
The Role of Modelling in Freight Governance: the Case of LOGICA  
D Aponte, Z D?Agostino, IT; V Marzano, A Papola, E Cascetta, University of Naples, IT
LEFT2 ? a Strategic Freight Transport Model for Great Britain  
A S Fowkes, A E Whiting, D Johnson, ITS, University of Leeds, UK
Evaluation of Dangerous Goods By Road In EU  
C Rindone, University of Reggio Calabria, IT; D Ianno, ATAM ? Reggio Calabria, IT
SMILE+: the New and Improved Dutch National Freight Model System
M Bovenkerk, TNO, Mobility and Logistics, NL
Specification of a Logistics Model for Norway and Sweden  
G de Jong, RAND Europe, NL and ITS, University of Leeds, UK; M Ben-Akiva, RAND Europe, NL and MIT, US; M Florian, INRO Consultants, CN
Modelling Commercial Vehicle Empty Trips with Parameters That Depend on Trip Characteristics  
J Holguin-Veras, J C Zorilla, E Thorson, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, US
What?s Wrong with Freight Models?  
M Wigan, TRI, Napier University, UK; F Southworth, ORNL, US
Experimental Economics, Transport and Logistics  
G de Jong, ITS, University of Leeds, UK and RAND Europe, NL
Demand Model at International Level: a System of Model for Mediterranean Free Trade Zone
F Russo, V Assumma, University of Reggio Calabria, IT
Combining Vehicle Routing Models and Microscopic Traffic Simulation to Model and Evaluating City Logistics Applications
J Barcelo, H Grzybowska, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, ES; S Pardo, TSS ? Transport Simulation Systems, ES
A Microscopic Simulation Framework of Freight Transport Demand
M Spahn, A Lischke, G Knitschky, A Gühnemann, DLR ? Institute of Transport Research, DE
Traffic Engineering and Street Management
Effectiveness of Variable Message Signs ? a Users Perspective  
R Brannan, Scottish Executive, UK; T Edwards, P Murphy, Faber Maunsell, UK; P McGillion, National Network Control Centre, UK
Reviewing the Irish Traffic Signs Manual  
P Harman, FaberMaunsell, UK
Introducing the Highways Agency Traffic Order Service  
B Rush, A Case, PA Consulting Group, UK; R Castleman, P Hillman, Highways Agency, UK
Route 149 - Intensive Bus Priority  
R Pye, Transport for London, UK; C Bodé, Faber Maunsell, UK
Equitable Interchange Assessment with Micro-simulation  
P Clifford, Jacobs Babtie, UK; M Tarrier, Transport for London, UK
Behavioural Model of the Pedestrian Interaction with Road Traffic  
V Airault, INRETS and University of Paris V, FR; S Espié, INRETS, FR
A Mesoscopic Approach to Capacity and Delays Evaluation in Un-signalised Roundabouts  
R Camus, M Dall?Acqua, G Longo, DIC, University of Trieste, IT
Selective Vehicle Detection (SVD) ? Bus Priority and GPS Technology  
N B Hounsell, S Ishtiaq, F N McLeod, University of Southampton, UK; K Gardner, S Palmer, T Bowen, TfL Surface Transport, UK
Cell Phone Radar  
J-K Lam, FaberMaunsell, UK; P Lloyd, Roke Manor, UK
SMART Project: Field Test Results of Different Traffic Monitoring Technologies  
P Bellucci, ANAS spA, IT; E Cipriani, S Gori, University of Roma Tre, IT; G Fusco, University of Rome La Sapienza, IT
How to Provide an On-board Unit for a GNSS-based Road User-charging System That is Free to Motorists
B Grush, Applied Location Corporation, CN
Transport Model of Belgrade ? First Phase, Case Study  
J Jovich, S Vukanovic, University of Belgrade, YU
Software Environments to Support Traffic and Transport Analysis Methodologies
J Barcelo, H Grzybowska, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, ES; S Pardo, TSS-Transport Simulation Systems, ES
Combining Simulative and Statistical Approach for Short Time Flow Forecasting  
M Di Gangi, University of Basilicata, IT; A Croce, University of Reggio Calabria, IT
Home Zones ? Meeting the Challenge  
J Barrell, P Clifford, Jacobs Babtie, UK
Civilising Pedestrian Road Crossing Facilities  
D Halden, Derek Halden Consultancy, UK
Modelling Pedestrians for an Integrated Transport System ? Pedestrian Simulators Compared
S Ahuja, T van Vuren, Mott MacDonald, UK; M G H Bell, Imperial College, UK
Valuing the Walking Experience  
D Heuman, P Buchanan, M Wedderburn, Colin Buchanan & Partners, UK; R Sheldon, Accent Marketing and Research, UK
Bergamo Alta: the History of Its Accessibility from the Origins to the Future
P Gelmini, CST, IT
Congestion Charging in Edinburgh ? Lessons About Acceptance  
J Saunders, MRC Mclean Hazel,UK; KMcLeod, tie ltd., UK
Traffic and Transport Safety
Trial and Evaluation of Intelligent Road Studs  
J-K Lam, L Vogel, FaberMaunsell, UK
Trajectory Deflection Influence on the Performance of Roundabouts  
A Bastos Silva, A Seco, Universidade de Coimbra, PT
The Development of a Countrywide Speed Monitoring System and Its Contribution to a Comprehensive Speed Management Strategy  
D J Ling, C Davies, G Constantinou, University of Manchester, UK; P Andrews, Lancashire County Council, UK
Intelligent Transport Systems Today: a European Perspective  
I Spyropoulou, M Karlaftis, J Golias, G Yannis, National Technical University of Athens, GR; M Penttinen, VTT, FN
Sustainable Road Safety Engineering  
P Croft, Land Transport New Zealand, NZ
Risk Analysis in Road Safety: a Model and an Experimental Application for Pedestrians  
F Delfino, C Rindone, F Russo, A Vitetta, University of Reggio Calabria, IT
Closing the Gap ? Benchmarking European Roads Within EuroRAP  
N Klassen, ADAC, DE; H Wahlstroem, Swedish Road Traffic Inspectorate, SE
European Initiatives and Developments in Road Transport Safety  
R Lunsingh Scheurleer, NEA Transport Research and Training, NL
How to Save Lives in Road Traffic ? an Ethical Approach  
J Nihlen Fahlquist, Royal Institute of Technology, SE
The UK National Pilot Network of Child Pedestrian Training Schemes Using the Kerbcraft Model  
C Stephenson, J Wicks, MVA Ltd., UK; K Whelan, University of the West of England, UK
The Use of Travel Survey Data in Road Safety Analysis  
F van den Bossche, G Wets, T Brijs, Transportation Research Institute, Limburg University, BE
The Frequency and Severity of Road Traffic Accidents Investigated on the Basis of State Space Methods  
E Hermans, G Wets, F van den Bossche, Transportation Research Institute, Limburg University, BE
Accident Data Analysis: an Experimental Investigation for a Rural, Multi-lane, Median-separated, Italian Road  
F G Pratico, DIMET, University of Reggio Calabria, IT; R Vaiana, DIPITER, University of Calabria, IT
Road Finance, Design and Maintenance
Evidence of People?s Response to Complex Pricing Structures: Implications for Road Pricing  
P Bonsall, J Shires, B Matthews, ITS, University of Leeds, UK; J Maule, The Business School, University of Leeds, UK
Acceptability of Road Pricing and Revenue Use in the Netherlands  
B Ubbels, E Verhoef, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, NL
Increasing the Acceptability of Road Charges for HGV Transit Traffic  
L Stewart-Ladewig, H Link, German Institute for Economic Research, DE
The Role of Tolling Strategies in the Success of Electronic Toll Collection Systems  
S Athanassiou, M Bagchi, P Bates, Steer Davies Gleave, UK
The Oslo Toll Ring and Infrastructure Investment Scheme  
N Fearnley, J I Lian, Institute of Transport Economics, NO
Analysis of Game Theory Based Applications on Infrastructure Cost Allocation in Hungary  
K Tanczos, F Meszaros, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, HU
HOV and HOT Lanes in the United States
K Turnbull, Texas A & M University, US
Economic Evaluation of the Proposed Road Between Gobabis and Grootfontein, Namibia
W J Pienaar, University of Stellenbosch, ZA
Implementing PPP Contracts in Transport Infrastructure in Brazil  
J R Marar, B Figueiredo, National Land Transport Regulatory Agency, BR; J J Guilherme de Aragão University of Brasília, BR
Innovative Methods In Transport Analysis, Planning
TRANSFER: a New Equilibrium Model for Analysing Multimodal Passenger Trips  
K Carlier, J Schrijver, TNO, NL; S Catalano, R van Nes, Delft University of Technology, NL
Road Pricing and Its Individual Responses Within Travel Patterns ? Lessons from the AKTA Study
S Schoenfelder, K Axhausen, IVT-ETH Zurich, CH; J H Rich, O A Nielsen, C Wuertz, Technical University of Denmark, DK
Development of a Tool to Assess the Reliability of Dutch Road Networks  
M Kouwenhoven, R van Grol, E Kroes, RAND Europe, NL; A Schoemakers, AVV, Ministry of Transport, NL
On the Approximation Bias to Benefit Measures in Discrete Choice Models  
C Bowen, J de D Ortuzar, L I Rizzi, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, CL
The New Ex-post Evaluation Methods for Large Projects in France  
J N Chapulut, J P Taroux, Conseil General des Ponts et Chausses, FR; E Mange, SETRA, FR
Creation of a System of Functional Areas for England and Wales and for Scotland  
O Feldman, D Simmonds, David Simmonds Consultancy, UK; N Troll, MVA Ltd., UK
Network Design Model for Generating Transit Timetable
P Coppola, University of Rome Tor Vergata, IT
The Scheduling of Activities in Sparse Networks  
J Laird, R Batley, ITS, University of Leeds, UK
Welfare Implications of a Transport Improvement in the Case of a Labour Market Imperfection  
N Pilegaard, M Fosgerau, Danish Transport Research Institute, DK
The Value of Improved Road Safety  
L Hultkrantz, VTI and Örebro University, SE; G Lindberg, VTI, SE; C Andersson, Umeå University, SE
Innovations and Practice to Improving Air Quality
Traffic and Environmental Management in Urban Areas and Public Information - Slide Presentation
N Hodges, Leicester City Council, UK
An Experiment of an Urban Traffic Control System
R Camus, P Capon, G Longo, University of Trieste, IT
Developing a Strategy to Tackle West London?s Air Quality Problems
C Burke, TRL, UK
Experiences from Fuel Cell Buses and Ethanol Buses in Public Transport in Stockholm
J Stromberg, Environmental Manager, Stockholm Public Transport Authority, SW
ECTRI Young Researchers Seminar
Driver's Behaviour Modelling Using the Hidden Markov Model Formalism
N Dapzol, INRETS, FR
Informational Support of Public Transport Operations in Exceptional Situations
Satellite Propagation Analysis in a Masking Environment for GNSS
J Marais, INRETS, FR
Applied Methods in Transport Planning - Parallel S
Data Collection Biases in a Transport Survey  
L Christensen, Danish Transport Research Institute, DK
Why Long-term Dynamic Elasticities Differ from Cross-section Elasticities?  
J-L Madre, INRETS, FR; F Gardes, University of Paris I, FR