European Transport Conference 2006

European Transport Conference 2006: Strands

Strand Papers
The Rules of the Game - evening session
The Rules of the Game  
Andrew Daly, RAND Europe, UK; Geoff Hyman, Department for Transport, UK
European Transport Policy and Research
Transport in 2050 - a Report from the Conseil General des Ponts et Chausses  
Jean-Noel Chapulut, Conseil General des Ponts et Chausses, FR
Indicator Assessment of the White Paper on Transport  
G De Ceuster, S Logghe, B van Herbruggen, Transport & Mobility Leuven, BE
Cross-border Cooperation in the Development of Transport Projects  
Jaap Vleugel, Technical University of Delft, NL
Evaluation As a Tool for Improved Management of Structural Fund Projects: the Case of Rail Projects in Greece  
A Matzoros and E Gioti, Managing Authority "Railway-Airports-Public Transport", Ministry of Transport, GR; P Markoulidis and G Kindinis, 05 SA and Global View SA, GR
Building a European Transport Policy Information System  
L Klautzer and A Rahman, RAND Europe, NL
Different Policy Objectives of the Road Authority in the Optimal Toll Design Problem  
Dusica Joksimovic, Technical University of Delft, NL and Michiel Bliemer, ARS Transport & Technology, NL
Strategic Modelling of Transport and Energy Scenarios  
Angelo Martino , Davide Fiorello, TRT Trasporti e Territorio, IT; Simon Shepherd, Institute of Transport Studies, University of Leeds, UK; Paul Pfaffenbichler, Technical University Wien, AT
Changing Behaviour Towards a More Sustainable Transport System - COST 355
Joyce Dargay, ITS, University of Leeds, UK
Public Transport Policies in Europe: Implementing Bus Rapid Transit Systems in Major European Cities  
Miquel Estrada, Christian Canales, Leif Thorson, Francesc Robuste, CENIT, Technical University of Catalonia, ES
Travel Demand Management by Accessibility Planning and Location Choice
Gebhard Wulfhorst, Techncial University Muenchen, DE; Alain l'Hostis, INRETS / LVMT, FR
NOCTURNES: Nighttime Mobility Services and Transportation Systems in Europe and on Other Continents  
Luc Gwiazdinski, Université technologique de Belfort-Montbéliard and Maison du temps et de la mobilité, FR
Transport Surveillance: Social Impacts  
Marcus Wigan, Oxford Systematics, AU and Napier University, UK; Roger Clarke, XamaX Consultancy, AU
Aviation As Public Transport: Which Regions Are Underserved?  
H Gordijn, P van de Coevering, Netherlands Institute for Spatial Research, NL
An Inquiry into the Link Between Air Transport and Employment in Norway  
S Bråthen , Molde University College and Molde Research Institute, NO; S Johansen and J I Lian, Institute of Transport Economics, NO
Aviation in World Regions; New Facts & New Approaches  
P van de Coevering, H Gordijn, Netherlands Institute for Spatial Research, NL
Could Air Traffic Management Learn from Other Network Industries?  
G Benderli, ENV-ISA, INT; P Smith, European Commission, INT
Airport Slot Allocation with Grandfather Rights
K Guittet, SDER (LEEA), FR; N Gruyer, ENAC (LEEA), FR
Planning for Sustainable Land Use and Transport
Periurban ? a Comparison Between India and Western Countries  
Robert Kölbl, Reinhard Haller,University of Technology, Vienna, AT
Impact of Concentration of Urban Activities on Transport; a Comparative Analysis Between Dutch and Japanese Cities  
Cees D. van Goeverden, Delft University of Technology, NLNobuaki Inoue, Fukuoka University, JPKayoko Tsutsumi, Fukuoka University, JP
A Meta-analysis to Evaluate an Effectiveness of Mobility Management in Japan and Its Comparison to the Case of EU Countries  
Ayako Taniguchi, University of Tsukuba, JP: Haruna Suzuki, Tokyo Institute of Technology, JP; Satsohi Fujii, Tokyo Institute of Technology, JP
Making School Travel Plans Work: Effects, Benefits and Success Factors at English Schools  
Dr Sally Cairns, Senior Research Fellow, TRL & UCL, UK, and Carey Newson, Schools Project Manager, Transport 2000, UK
Personalised Travel Planning in Wales - the Way Forward for Mode Shift  
Laura Thompstone, Ed Beale, Halcrow Group Limited, UK
Assessment of Measures to Ease Pedestrian Congestion  
Angela Lopez, Halcrow Group Limited, UK
Planning a Walking and Cycling Network in Pôlva, Estonia  
Mauri Myllylä, M.Sc, Finnish Road Enterprise, FI; Nina Karasmaa, D.Sc, Helsinki University of Technology, FI
How to Measure the Potential of Transferring Trips from Car to Public Transport and Soft Modes: the Case of Madrid  
Prof. Andres Monzon, TRANSyT, Polytechnic University of Madrid, ES; Luis A. Vega, UPTC, CO
VELO'V: an Innovative and Successful Rental Bike Service in Lyon
Gilles Vesco, Grand Lyon, FR
Transport Planning and Urban Design : the Case Study of Oran's Peripheral
Fafa Rebouha, University of Sciences and Technology of Oran, DZ
Long Distance Commuting in Scotland  
David Connolly, Lucy Barker, MVA, UK
A Methodology to Assess the Contribution of the Land Use and Transport Systems to Sustainable Urban Mobility  
Cecília Silva, Paulo Pinho, CITTA - Research Centre of Territory, Transport and Environment, University of Oporto, PT;
Managing Interaction Processes Between Land Use and Transport  
Rosário Macário, CESUR - Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade Técnica de Lisboa & TIS.PT? Consultores em Transportes, Inovação e Sistemas, PT; Tiago Veras, CESUR - Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade Técnica de Lisboa, PT
Transport, Physical Activity and Health: Researching the Effects of a New Urban Motorway in Glasgow  
David Ogilvie, Mark Petticrew , Medical Research Council, UK; Richard Mitchell, Stephen Platt , University of Edinburgh, UK; Nanette Mutrie, University of Strathclyde, UK
Air Quality of Inner-city and Other Non-Motorway Roads Within the Netherlands: a National Overview, Forecast and Analysis  
W Korver, J de Bruijn, Goudappel Coffeng, NL; K Krijgsheld, Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment, NL
Impacts of Climate Change on London?s Transport Systems  
Brian Arkell, Geoff Darch, Atkins, UK
Looking over the Horizon: Transport and Reduced CO2 Emissions in the UK by 2030  
Robin Hickman, Halcrow Group Ltd., UK; David Banister, Bartlett School of Planning, University College London, UK
The Relative Acceptability of Tradable Carbon Permits and Fuel Price Increases As Means to Reduce CO2 Emissions from Road Transport by 60%  
H M Watters, M R Tight, Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds, UK; A.L Bristow, University of Loughborough, UK
Is the Randstad a City Network? Evidence from Commuting Patterns  
Daniëlle Snellen, Jan Ritsema van Eck, National Institute for Spatial Research, NL
The New Urban Movement ? Balancing the Need for ?place? Whilst Overcoming ?friction of Space?  
Colin Black, JMP Consulting, UK; John Dales, Urban Initiatives, UK
Planning Procedures for Transport Infrastructure ? Can Countries Learn from Each Other?  
E McCaig, McCaig Services, Edinburgh, UK; A Baanders, ECORYS, Rotterdam, NL
Bordeaux Plan de Deplacements Urbains (Local Transport Plan): Institutional Framework, Implementation and Assessment
Marie-Pierre Gaiffas, Communaute Urbaine de Bordeaux, FR
Regional Tangente West (RTW): a Proposed Tangential Rail Service to Improve Accessibility Within the Frankfurt/Rhine-Main Region
H Feldmann, Planning Authority of Greater Frankfurt/ Rhine-Main, DE
Traffic Engineering and Street Management
Impact of 30 Km/h Zone Introduction on Vehicle Exhaust Emissions in Urban Areas  
Luc Int Panis, Steven Broekx, Carolien Beckx, VITO, BE
The Influence of a Bypass Road on Urban Development and Safety  
Wafa Elias, Shalom Hakkert, Penina Plaut, Yoram Shiftan, Technion, IL
Challenges in the Development and Appraisal of Road User Charging Schemes
Jo Baker, Serbjeet Kohli, Mott MacDonald, UK
Congestion Charging Technology Trials in London  
Steve Kearns, Transport for London, UK
The Benefits of Bus Priority Within the Central London Congestion Charging Zone  
K Gardner, T Melhuish, D McKenna and T Rice, Transport for London, UK
Bus Stops: How People Actually Use Them, and the Implications for Design  
Stephen Hall, Atkins, UK;Jake Desyllas, Intelligent Space, UK; Austin Byrne, Transport for London, UK
Swansea Metro Project(Bus Rapid Transit)  
Gwyn Ephraim, Arup, UK; David Whitehead, City and County of Swansea, UK
Mini-roundabouts: Enabling Good Practice  
Christian Bode, Faber Maunsell, UK
Review of Traffic Signals on High-speed Roads  
Alastair Maxwell, Keith Wood, TRL, UK
Estimation and Simulation Gap Acceptance Behaviour at Congested Roundabouts  
Noel Kay, Sonal Ahuja, Tan Na Cheng, Tom van Vuren, Mott MacDonald, UK
Characterization of Trajectories Adopted at Roundabout Crossings  
Ana Bastos Silva, Álvaro Jorge da Maia Seco, University of Coimbra, PT; João Pedro Cruz da Silva, Polytechnic Institute of Leiria, PT
Implementation of Incident Management on Secondary Roads in the Netherlands  
Ronald Jorna, MOBYCON, NL; Aad van Velden, Province of Zuid-Holland, NL; Madelon Peelen, Province of Noord-Brabant, NL; Arthur Rietkerk, Province of Noord-Holland, NL
Travel Time Advantages by Dynamic Route Guidance (DRG) in Germany: Status Quo and Improvement Potential  
Urte Helling, Daimler Chrysler, DE; Joerg Schoenharting, University of Duisburg-Essen, DE
What Effect Does a Dynamic Truck Overtaking Prohibition Have on Travel Behaviour?
Onno Tool, AVV, Ministry of Transport, NL; Marie-José Olde Kalter, Paul van Beek, Feike Brandt, Goudappel Coffeng BV, NL
Variable Speed Limits at Intersections - Effects and Experiences
Mohsen Towliat, Helena Svensson, Swedish National Road Administration Consulting Service, SE; Gunnar Lind, Anders Lindkvist, Movea Trafikkonsult AB, SE
Evaluation of Impacts of the Motorway Control System (MCS)in Stockholm  
A. Nissan, K.L. Bang, Royal Institute of Technology, SE
The Combined Traffic-related Impacts of Decreasing Maximum Speeds and Compact Driving on Dutch Urban Ring Roads  
Robert Cellissen, 4cast, NL; Henk van Mourik, AVV, Ministry of Transport, NL
Traffic and Transport Safety
A Decision Support System (DSS) for Traffic Incident Management in Roadway Tunnel Infrastructure  
Massimo Mancini, Sergio Mitrovich, Gaetano Valenti, ENEA, IT
An Italian Project for Exposure Reduction in an Urban Area: Experimentation Design and DSS Development  
Massimo Di Gangi, Antonino Vitetta, Corrado Rindone, Giuseppe Musolino, University of Reggio Calabria, IT
Effects of Variable Message Signs (VMS) on Driver Attention and Behaviour  
Alena Erke, Fridulv Sagberg, Institute of Transport Economics, NO
Harmonisation of Road Signs and Markings on the Trans-European Road Network to Improve Road Safety in the EU  
Mikko Räsänen, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, FI; Tim Horberry, TRL , UK
Road Safety in London: Past Successes and Future Innovations  
Chris Lines, Transport for London, UK
Economic Evaluation of Road Safety Measures: the Framework, Testing and Future Needs  
Victoria Gitelman, Alfred-Shalom Hakkert , Technion, IL
Safety Trends in France
Jean Chapelon, Observatoire Interministeriwl a la Securite Routiere, FR
Estimating the Acceptability of New School Routes: a Normative Method Tested in 42 Cases of School Closure  
Enne de Boer, Kees van Goeverden, Delft University of Technology, NL
Safer Primary School Travel Plan: a Case Study of a Typical Greek City  
N Eliou, M-D Kakana, University of Thessaly, GR
The Emergence of Non Motorized Vehicle in Urban Transportation in Nigeria and Its Implication for Traffic Safety  
Gbadamosi Kolawole Taofeek, Centre for Transport Studies, Olabisi Onabanjo University, NG
Rapid Motorization and Road Traffic Accidents in China  
Shengchuan Zhao, Dalian University of Technology, CN
Development of an Accident Risk Assessment Tool for Freight Transport in Finland  
Risto Tuominen, Veli-Pekka Kallberg, Tony Rosqvist, Ari Sirkiä, Erkki Kotikunnas, VTT - Technical Research Centre of Finland, FI
Road Transport Law Enforcement: Working Towards Safer Road Transport?  
Robbert Lunsingh Scheurleer, NEA Transport Research and Training. NL
Defining the Public Support: What Can Determine Acceptability of Road Safety Measures by a General Public?  
Sven Vlassenroot, IMOB-Hasselt University and IDM, Ghent University, BE; Tom Brijs, G Wets,IMOB-Hasselt University, BE; Johan De Mol, IDM - Ghent University, BE
Female and Male Driving Behaviour on Swedish Urban Roads and Streets  
K F M Aronsson, K L Bang, Royal Institute of Technology, SE
Potential Effects of Electronic Stability Control (ESC) on Accidents  
Alena Erke, Institute of Transport Economics, NO
Influence on Vehicle Speed Profiles of Interactions with Other Road Users  
K F M Aronsson, K L Bång, Royal Institute of Technology, SE
Speed and Enforcement  
John Bowman, Atkins, UK
Local Public Transport
More Value for Money: Competition in Dutch Public Transport  
A Savelberg, AVV, Ministry of Transport, NL; H Meurs, MuConsult, NL
Towards Regulation of Historically Grown Monopolies: Market Models for the Dutch West Frisian Island Ferries  
Ambrosius Baanders, ECORYS, NL; Gordon de Munck, AVV, Ministry of Transport, NL
Service Design in Competitive Tendering in the Netherlands: Shifts Between Authorities and Operators  
D van de Velde, W Veeneman, Delft University of Technology, NL; L Lutje, Schipholt, InnoV, NL
Development of Procurement on the Docklands Light Railway 1887-2006 - to PFI (Private Finance Initiative) and Back
Howard Smith, Transport for London, UK
Evaluate Public Transport Governance: Should Urban Authorities Contract with One or Several Operators ?
W Roy, Y Croissant, L Baumstark, Laboratoire d'Economie des Transports (LET), FR
Effects of Competition in Public Urban Transport on Organizational Commitment and Behaviour  
Alena Erke, Trine Hagen, Institute of Transport Economics, NO
Evolution of Public Transport Companies in the Wake of Regulation Changes and Down of Family Run Companies: an Italian Case
Francis Cirianni, Mediterranea University, Reggio Calabria, IT; Domenico Ianno?ATAM spa, IT
Transport Impacts of the Copenhagen Metro  
Goran Vuk, Jane Ildensborg-Hansen, Danish Transport Research Institute, DK
Do Passengers Prefer Articulated Buses to Conventional Buses and Trams?  
Paul Le Masurier, Chris Pownall, MVA, UK; P Cummings, Transport for London, UK
The Value of Bus and Train: Public Values in Public Transport  
Wijnand Veeneman, Delft University of Technology, NL; Didier van de Velde, NEA, NL; Lars Lutje Schipholt, Inno-V Advisors, NL
TEST - A Tool for Evaluating Strategically Integrated Public Transport  
Christian Brand, Transport Studies Unit, University of Oxford, UK; John Preston, Transportation Research Group, University of Southampton, UK
Network Planning and Design for Public Transport Success ? and Some Pitfalls  
G Nielsen, T Lange, Civitas AS, Oslo, NO; C Mulley, J Nelson, Newcastle University, UK
The SUNRISE Project: Flexible Mobility Services to Increase the Sustainable Mobility and Social Cohesion in the European Regions  
G Ambrosino, ATAF SpA, IT; S Vegni, ATAF SpA, IT; J Brake, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK; A Naniopoulos, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, GR
Community-based Flexible Transport As a Method for Addressing Community Inclusion: Developing and Evaluating Specialist DRT in Highland Scotland  
J M Cooper, TRI, Napier University, UK; J D Nelson and S D Wright, TORG, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK; K McInnes, R Edwards, The Highland Council, UK
Innovative Transport Infrastructure Funding
JASPERS - Helping the New Member States to Help Themselves  
Stephen Richards, European Investment Bank, INT
The Political Economy of Transport Infrastructure Funds  
Andreas Kopp, European Conference of Ministers of Transport, INT
A Strategy Lever for Road Use Charging: Parking Management by Satellite  
Bern Grush, CTO, Applied Location Corporation, CA
The Application of Short Range Communication in Tolling
Sharon Kindleysides, Kapsch TrafficCom, DE; Magnus Ferlander, Kapsch TrafficCom, SE
Revenue from Transport Pricing for the Ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp  
J Kiel, L Rudzikaite, NEA Transport Research and Training, NL
Paying for Private Roads  
Charles Yates, Grant Thornton, UK
Living with Infrastucture Loans Post Financial Close
Karsten Sinner, European Investment Bank
Risk-based Cost and Schedule Estimation for Large Transportation Projects  
Michael L J Maher, Golder Associates, IE; Andrew D McGoey-Smith, Golder Associates Ltd., CA
Rostock Revisited  
Alan Boyce, Faber Maunsell, UK
Pricing Regimes and Financing of Land Passenger Transport Infrastucture and Services in Portugal  
M Carmona, M van der Hoofd, TIS.PT, PT; R Macario, TIS.PT and CESUR, Instituto Superior Técnico, PT
Filling the Gap in Urban Transport: Private Sector Participation in Transition Countries  
Z Kominek, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, INT
Freight and Logistics
Route Choice Modelling for Freight Transport at National Level  
F Russo, A Vitetta, A Quattrone, DIMET, Univeristy Mediterranea of Reggio Calabria, IT
Commercial Vehicle Empty Trip Models with Probabilities That Deoend on Trip Characteristics  
J Holguín-Veras, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, US; Ellen Thorson, The City College of New York, US; Juan Zorilla, Transport Analyst, US
The London Freight Plan  
Stephen Steele, Paul Dumble, Transport for London, UK
Modelling Framework and Software Tools for City Logistics Planning and Operations  
G Fusco, DITS, University of Rome La Sapienza, IT; M P Valentini, ENEA - Energy, New Technologies & Environment Agency, IT
TADIRAM Project: Organizational and Technical Proposals for Freight Distribution in the Sustainable City  
The Truth, the Myths, and the Possible in Freight Road Pricing in Congested Urban Areas  
José Holguín-Veras, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, US
Impact of the Globalisation on the Logistic Service Providers in Belgium  
Inge Cornillie, Cathy Macharis, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, BE
Short Sea Shipping Cost Benefit Analysis  
Emilie Jeannesson-Mange, Sétra, Ministère des transports, FR
Microsimulation Models in a RO-RO High Speed Services Intermodal Container Terminal: Ordinary and Perturbed Conditions  
Vincenzo Assumma, Antonino Vitetta, University Mediterranea of Reggion Calabria, IT
Logistics Centres Development: Case Study in Latvia  
Igor Kabashkin, Transport and Telecommunication Institute, LV
Decision Factors Underlying Transport Mode Choice in International European Freight Transport  
Berit Grue, Johanna Ludvigsen, Institute of Transport Economics, NO
Analysing Freight Transports? Qualitative Attributes from Stated Orders of Preference  
M Beuthe and C Bouffioux, Catholic University of Mons, BE
The Value of Freight Travel Time Savings and Reliability Improvements - Recent Evidence from Great Britain  
Tony Fowkes, Tony Whiteing, Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds, UK
Outlook for World Trade, Economic Growth, Globalisation, and the Resulting Freight Flows, Especially Between the European Union and Russia  
K Lautso, P Venäläinen, HLehto, WSP Developments FI; K Hietala, Kara Hietala Ltd FI; E Jaakkola, Matrex Ltd, FI; M Miettinen, Transys Ltd, FI; W Segercrantz, ANSERI Consultants Ltd, FI
Update of the NEAC Modal-split Model  
E van der Leest, M Duijnisveld, P Hilferink, NEA, NL
Evaluating Effects of Differentiating Heavy Vehicle Fees  
O Kveiborg, M Holmblad, N Pilegaard, Danish Transport Research Institute, DK
Economy, Logistics and Freight Demand Forecasting in Great Britain
Y Jin, I Williams, WSP Policy & Research, UK; A McKinnon, Heriot-Watt University, UK; M Shahkarami, Department for Transport, UK
Transport Economics
Socio-economic Assessment of Road Pricing Systems ? Results from Two Projects in the Copenhagen Region  
Jeppe Rich, Otto Anker Nielsen, Danish Technical University, DK; U Nielsen, The Danish Environmental Assessment Institute, DK
The Interaction Between Tolls and Capacity Investment in Serial and Parallel Transport Networks  
Bruno de Borger, University of Antwerp,BE; Fay Dunkerley and Stef Proost, Catholic University of Leuven, BE
Advances in Modelling Traffic Generation  
Andrew Daly, Stephen Miller, RAND Europe, UK
Consistency of Nested Logit Models with Utility Maximization  
J. Nicolás Ibáñez, ITS, University of Leeds, UK
Traffic Assignment
Modelling Queues in Static Traffic Assignment  
Michael Bundschuh, Peter Vortisch, PTV AG, DE; Tom van Vuren, Mott MacDonald, UK
An Alternative Approach to Route Choice Simulation: the Sequential Models  
Guido Gentile, Università di Roma "La Sapienza", IT; Andrea Papola, Università di Napoli "Federico II", IT
An Empirical Comparison of Alternative User Equilibrium Traffic Assignment Methods  
Howard Slavin, Jonathan Brandon, Andres Rabinowicz, Caliper Corporation, US
Value of Time
An Integrated Approach to the Estimation of the Value of Travel Time  
M Fosgerau, K Hjorth, S Vincent Lyk-Jensen, Danish Transport Research Institute, DK
Non-linearities in Discrete Choice Attribute Valuations  
N Tapley, M Wardman and G Whelan, ITS, Leeds, UK
Valuing the Reliability of Arrival Time by Means of the Risk Premia  
Richard Batley, ITS, University of Leeds, UK
Forecasting Travel Time Variability  
Jonas Eliasson, Transek, SE
Another Test of the Theory of Reference-dependent Preferences: the Trade off Between Money and Time  
Mogens Fosgerau, Danish Transport Research Institute, DK; Bruno de Borger, University of Antwerp, BE
Representation of Taste Heterogeneity in Willingness-to-pay Indicators Using Parameterization in Willingness-to-pay Space  
S Hess, IVT-ETH Zurich, CH; S Mabit, Technical University of Denmark, DK; S Caussade, Steer Davies Gleave, CL
Travel and Tourism
Overcoming the Design and Fieldwork Challenges for Modelling the Choice of Mode of Travel to the Isles of Scilly  
Peter Burge, Charlene Rohr, Stephen Miller, RAND Europe, UK; Marco Kouwenhoven, RAND Europe, NL; Rachel Risely, Accent, UK
Tourism and Transport: Conflicts and Synergies
David Quarmby, Colin Buchanan and Partners, and TRI, Napier University, UK
Regional Airports and Their Impact on Regional and Tourism Development
Hartmut Beyer, Uniconsult, DE
Regional Airports and Tourism Development
Manos Vougioukas, EuroTrans Consulting, GR; Aggelos Kotios, University of Thessaly, GR; Aggelos Mantziris, Development Agency of Magnesia, GR; Britta Kremke, Projectkontor 2 MV GmbH, DE; Ilka Rohr, Parchim County, DE
Renfrewshire Leisure Lanes
Scott Allan, Elaine Barrie, Renfrewshire Council, UK
A Conceptual Classification of the Transport-tourist Experience
Steven Rhoden, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK; Les Lumsdon, University of Central Lancashire, UK
The Impacts of High Speed Rail on the Domestic Aviation Market: an Asian Perspective
Joel Zhengyi Shon, Tainan Woman¡¦s College of Arts and Technology, TW; Pei-Chih Ho, Yan-Heng Cheng, Yu Da College of Business, TW
Rail Deregulation in Europe, and Prospects of Air-rail Integration
Nathalie Lenoir, Ecole Nationale de l?Aviation Civile, FR; Isabelle Laplace, M3 SYSTEMS, FR
The Impact of the High Speed System on the Naples - Rome Railway Link  
Mauro Catalani, Naples Parthenope University, IT
Greengauge 21
Jim Steer, Greengauge 21, UK
High Speed Rail in Europe
Michel Leboeuf, SNCF, FR
The Position of Thalys Now and in 2010
Beatrice Paques, Thalys, BE
Seat Inventory Control for Intercity Passenger Rail: How It Works with Customer Satisfaction  
S Terabe and S Ongprasert, Kochi University of Technology, JP
Estimating the Demand Impacts of New Rolling Stock  
R Sheldon, C Heywood, Accent, UK; A Meaney, N Robins, Oxera, UK; M Wardman, ITS, University of Leeds, UK
Improving the International Accessibility of Eindhoven by Rail  
C D van Goeverden, Delft University of Technology, NL; P M Peeters, NHTV Breda University of International Education, NL
Transport for London?s South Western Rail Corridor Plan  
E O'Loughlin, Transport for London, UK; J Segal, MVA, UK
Agglomeration Benefits of Crossrail  
P Buchanan, K Arter, Colin Buchanan, UK; R Meeks, Cross London Rail Links, UK
Advances in Discrete Choice Models
Development and Application of the Mixed Ordered Response Logit Model  
Gerard Whelan, Nigel Tapley, Institute of Transport Studies, University of Leeds, UK
Confounding Between Taste Heterogeneity and Error Structure in Discrete Choice Models  
Stephane Hess, John Polak, CTS-Imperial College, UK; Michel Bierlaire, EPFL , CH
A Practical Test for the Choice of Mixing Distribution in Discrete Choice Models  
Mogens Fosgerau, Danish Transport Research Institute, DK; Michel Bierlaire, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, CH
Estimating Mixed Logit with Non-parametric Random Variables  
Fabian Bastin, Cinzia Cirillo, Philippe L. Toint, FUNDP, BE
The Effect of Correlated Value of Travel Time Savings in Public Transport Assignments  
Otto A Nielsen, Stefan Mabit, Centre for Traffic and Transport, Danish Technical University, DK
A Latent Route Choice Model in Switzerland  
M Bierlaire, E Frejinger, J Stojanovic, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, CH
Solving Singularity Issues in the Estimation Of Discrete Choice Models
M Bierlaire, M Thémans, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, CH
Competing Methods for Representing Random Taste Heterogeneity in Discrete Choice Models  
S Hess, IVT-ETH Zurich, CH; M Fosgerau, Danish Transport Research Institute, DK
An Empirical Estimation of the Value of Travel Time Reliability for Commuters in Barcelona  
J Asensio, A Matas, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, ES
From Random Utility to Random Expected Utility: Theory and Application to Departure Time Choice
J Polak and X Liu, Centre for Transport Studies, Imperial College London, UK
Applied Methods in Transport Planning
Modelling Land Use in the Generic Urban Model  
Michiel de Bok, Barry Zondag, Eric Petersen, RAND Europe, NL
The Impact of Transport on Business Location Decisions  
John Swanson, Andrew Davies, Danielle Czauderna, Steer Davies Gleave, UK; Russell Harris, Department for Transport, UK
Land Use/ Transport Interaction Modelling of the Bathgate-Airdrie Railway Reopening  
J Nicoll, A Aramu, D Simmonds, David Simmonds Consultancy, UK
Airport and Access Mode Choice in Germany: a Generalized Neural Logit Model Approach  
Marc Gelhausen, German Aerospace Center Air Transport and Airport Research, DE
Posterior Analysis of Random Taste Coefficients in Air Travel Choice Behaviour Modelling  
Stephane Hess, IVT-ETH Zurich, CH and University of Sydney, AU
A Multivariate ARIMA Model to Forecast Air Transport Demand  
Alberto Andreoni, Maria Nadia Postorino, Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria, IT
Welfare Effects of Capacity Constraints at Schiphol Airport - a New Model to Forecast Air Demand  
Marco Kouwenhoven, Eric Kroes, RAND Europe, NL; J Veldhuis, SEO Economic Research, NL
Analysis of U.S. Airline Passengers' Refund and Exchange Behavior Across Multiple Airlines  
Dan C Iliescu, Laurie A. Garrow, Georgia Institue of Technology, US; Roger A Parker, Boeing, US
Methods in Transport Planning
Evaluating a Replacement Ferry for the Isles of Scilly Using a Discrete Choice Model Framework  
Marco Kouwenhoven, Charlene Rohr, Stephen Miller, Andrew Daly, RAND Europe, UK/NL; James Laird, Institute of Transport Studies, University of Leeds, UK
Use of Logsums in Welfare Estimation: Application in PRISM  
Serbjeet Kohli, ITS, University of Leeds, U K and Mott MacDonald, UK; Andrew Daly, ITS, University of Leeds, U K and RAND Europe, UK
DYNAMO: Dynamic Automobile Market Model for the Netherlands  
Henk Meurs, Rinus Haaijer, MuConsult, NL; Remko Smit, AVV, Ministry of Transport, NL; Karst Geurs, MNP, NL
Hedonic Prices for Cars: an Application to the Spanish Car Market, 1980-2005  
Anna Matas, Joseo Lluis Raymond, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, ES
ANTONIN: Updating and Comparing a Transport Model for the Paris Region  
Laurence Debrincat, Syndicat des Transports d?Ile de France, FR; Marits Pieters, Jan Gerrit Tuinenga, RAND Europe, NL
Overcoming Data Deficiencies Through Advanced Modelling Techniques  
Eric Petersen, Andrew Daly, James Fox, Stephen Miller, RAND Europe, UK
ANTONIN: Updating and Comparing a Transport Model for the Paris Region. (Presentation Slides)
Laurence Debrincat - STIF, Jan Gerrit Tuinenga - RAND Europe
How Can We Trust in the O-d Matrix Correction Procedure Using Traffic Counts?  
Andrea Papola, Vittorio Marzano, Università di Napoli "Federico II", IT
Using Baysian Belief Networks and Process Metadata to Address Large Scale Data Integration Problems
John Polak, Rajesh Krishnan, Charles Lindveld, Miles Logie, Andrew Westlake, Imperial College London, UK; Kay Axhausen, ETH Zurich, CH; Eric Cornelis, FUNDP, BE; Mike Collop; Transport for London, UK; Thomas Haupt, PTV AG, DE
Traffic Model for Copenhagen: Updating of the Trip Matrices
Otto Anker Nielsen, Christian Overgård Hansen, Technical University of Denmark, DK; Goran Vuk, The Danish Transport Research Institute, DK
Methods in Transport Models
Errors in Functions of the Parameters of Statistically Estimated Models  
A Daly, ITS, University of Leeds, UK; G de Jong, RAND Europe, NL
Uncertainty in Traffic Models
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Stated Preference
Optimal Design of Stated Preference Experiments when Using Mixed Logit Models  
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The Influence of SP Design on the Incentive to Bias in Responses  
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Activity-Based Modelling
A Comprehensive, Unified, Framework for Analysing Spatial Location Choice  
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Plenary Sessions
Sustainable Mobility for Our Continent
Zoltan Kazatsay, European Commission
Economics of Trans European Networks
Stef Proost, KU Leuven, BE