European Transport Conference 2007

European Transport Conference 2007: Strands

Strand Papers
Transport Policy in Europe
Transport, Economic Development and Regeneration  
S Canning, S Leitham, MVA Consultancy, UK; A Dobson, David Simmonds Consultancy, UK
The New Economic Geography: What Transport Planners Need to Know  
H B Wenban-Smith, London School of Economics, UK
Proposing a Framework for Pan-European Transparent and Independent Road Accident Investigation  
R K Elliman, L K Rackliff, S Reed, A P Morris, Vehicle Safety Research Centre, Loughborough University, UK
Air Transport Growth in Europe As Seen by the Political Actors (2000-2006)  
P Mahaud, RES NOVAEP, FR; G Courty,University Paris-X-Nanterre, FR
TRANSFORUM, Recommendations on Tools for Policy Impact Appraisal  
J van der Waard, AVV, Transport Research Centre, NL; A Tuominen, VTT, FI; P Eijkelenberg, TNO, NL; H van der Loop, KiM, Netherlands Institute for Transport Policy Analyses, NL
Innovative Long-term Transport Policymaking: from Predict and Act to Monitor and Adapt  
V Marchau, W Walker, B van Wee, Delft University of Technology, NL
An Introduction to Risk Allocation in Public-private Partnerships
P Snelson, Atkins, UK
Using Cost Norms Analyses to Reveal Subsidy Fraud in Out-contracted Public Transport Services  
T Mathisen, F Jørgensen, Bodø Graduate School of Business, NO
ELITE workshop
Developing more Sustainable Travel Behaviour
Making Personalised Travel Planning Work  
J Parker, Integrated Transport Planning Ltd, UK; J Wilkinson, Department for Transport, UK
Does Individualised Travel Marketing Really Work?  
P Bonsall, A Jopson, ITS, University of Leeds, UK
Mobility Management Through Communication for New Residents  
A Taniguchi, University of Tsukuba, JP; S Fujii, K Shimada,Tokyo Institute of Technology, JP
Travel Socialisation: a Social Theory of Travel Mode Behaviour  
H Baslington, ITS, University of Leeds, UK
From University to Working Life: Effects of an Important Biographic Change on Travel Mode Choice
S Harms, M Lanzendorf, Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ, DE
Short Car Trips in Norway: is There a Potential for Modal Shift?  
L Vågane, Institute of Transport Economics, NO
Teleworking - Possible Interaction with Travel Patterns  
R Hjorthol, Å Nossum, Institute of Transport Economics, NO
The Role of Teleworking in Britain : Its Implications for the Transport System and Economic Evaluation  
P White, G Christodoulou, University of Westminster, UK; R Mackett R Thoreau, University College London, UK; J Polak, Imperial College London, UK
Innovative Approaches to Improving Road Safety
Identifying and Designing for the Needs of Older Road Users  
L Rackliff, R Elliman, Vehicle Safety Research Centre, Loughborough University, UK; C Brace, Accident Research Centre, Monash University, AU
The Effects of Speed Measures on Air Pollution and Traffic Safety  
W van Beek, Province of Noord-Brabant, NL; H Derriks, KiM Netherlands Institute for Transport Policy Analysis, NL; P Wilbers, SenterNovem, NL; P Morsink, SWOV, NL; L Wismans, P van Beek, Goudappel Coffeng, NL
Differentiated Speed Limits - How to Implement This Safely?  
H Ludvigsen, Danish Road Directorate, DK; J Mertner, COWI A/S, DK
Evaluating the Benefits of Active Speed Limiters and Comparison to Other Safety Measures.  
T Toledo, S Hakkert, Technion -Israel Institute of Technology, IL; G Albert, Holon Institute of Technology, IL
First Experience on Road Safety Auditing in Serbia - is It Cost-effective?  
M Osoba, V Tubic, University of Belgrade, YU; J Mertner, COWI A/S, DK
Including Safety Effects in Cost Benefits Analysis.  
G van der Linde, Transport Research Centre (AVV), NL
SUPREME: Summary and Publication of Best Practices in Road Safety in the Member States  
G Hufnagl, KfV Kuratorium für Verkehrssicherheit, AT
Local Public Transport - Funding Regulations and C
Competitive Tendering in the Netherlands: 6 Lessons from 6 Years of Tendering  
W Veeneman, D van de Velde, Delft University of Technology, NL
Employment Protection Regulations in Local Public Transport: How Do They Affect Production Efficiency and Competition?  
M Dotterud Leiren, O Osland, F Longva, Institute of Transport Economics, NO
Competition in the UK Express Coach Market 25 Years After Deregulation: the Arrival of  
D Robbins, School of Services Management, Bournemouth University, UK
Kickstarting Growth in Bus Patronage: Experience with Targetted Grants in England and Scotland  
A L Bristow, M P Enoch, L Xhang, Loughborough University, UK; C Greensmith, N James, STAR, UK; S Potter, Open University, UK
How Efficient Are Ferries in Providing Public Transport Services? The Case of Norway  
E Sandvik, Norwegian Public Roads Administration, NO; J Odeck, Norwegian Public Roads Administration and Molde University College, NO
Bus Service Quality in the UK: Public ?private Sector Partnerships to Increase Patronage  
A Hull, School of the Built Environment, Heriot-Watt University, UK
Discrete Choice
Intra-respondent Taste Heterogeneity in Instantaneous Panel Surveys  
S Hess, Imperial College London, UK; J Rose, University of Sydney, AU
Addressing Homoskedasticity in Invariant Random Utility Models  
V Marzano, Università degli Studi di Napoli ?Federico II?, IT; A Daly, ITS, University of Leeds and RAND Europe, UK
Circumventing the Problem of the Scale: Discrete Choice Models with Multiplicative Error Terms  
M Fosgerau, Danish Transport Research Institute, DK; M Bierlaire, EPFL, CH
Using Structural Equations Modelling to Unravel the Influence of Land Use Pattern on Travel Behaviour of Urban Adult Workers of Puget Sound Region  
J de Abreu e Silva, Instituto Superior Técnico, PT; K G Goulias, University of California Santa Bárbara, US
Accessibility Evaluation: There?s More to It Than Just Summing Up Travel Cost Reductions  
B Zondag, G de Jong, M de Bok, Significance,NL; K Geurs, Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, NL; M Pieters, Stratelligence, NL
Obtaining Further Insights into Taste Heterogeneity by Conditioning on Observed Choices
S Hess, Imperial College London, UK; J Rose, University of Sydney, AU
Studies of Correlated Willingness-to-pay Indictators for Public Transport  
S L Mabit, Centre for Traffic and Transport, DTU, DK
Methods and Complexities of Stated and Revealed Pr
Stated Preference Survey Design in Air Travel Choice Behaviour Modelling  
A Collins, J Rose, University of Sydney, AU; S Hess, Imperial College London, UK
Modelling Indifference in Binary SP Choice Experiments  
J Amaya, V Cantillo, Universidad del Norte, ,CO; J de D Ortuzar, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, CL
Identifying Differences in Preferences Due to Dimensionality in Stated Choice Experiments: a Cross Cultural Analysis  
J Rose, D Hensher, University of Sydney, AU; S Caussade, J de D Ortúzar, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, CL; J Rong-Chang, National Chinan International University, TW
Optimality and Efficiency Requirements for the Design of Stated Choice Experiments  
J N Ibáñez, J Toner, ITS, University of Leeds, UK: A Daly, ITS, University of Leeds, and RAND Europe, UK
Road Pricing
Modelling the Demand for Toll Roads in the UK  
M Wardman, ITS, University of Leeds, UK; G Whelan, MVA Consultancy, UK; G Hyman, Department for Transport, UK
Accessibility and Regional Economic Impacts of Road Pricing Schemes for the Netherlands  
H D Hilbers, M Thissen, F Vernooij, Netherlands Institute for Spatial Research, NL
Investigating the Likely Behavioural Responses to Alternative Congestion Charge Schemes in London  
P Burge, C Munro, RAND Europe, UK; P Read, Halcrow Group, UK; C Heywood, Accent, UK
Electronic Tolling on Board Units As Electronic Custom Seals
V Batanovic, G Radivojevic, Z Damnjanovic, Mihailo Pupin Institute, YU
Results from the UK Department for Transport?s 2006 M6 Toll Research Project Freight Study  
A S Fowkes, D H Johnson, N Ibanez, ITS, University of Leeds, UK; G Hyman, Department for Transport, UK; D Fisher, FaberMaunsell, UK
Public Transport Assignment
Results of the Microscopic Modelling of Traffic Interactions at Stops, Junctions and Roads for the Design of Bus Rapid Transit Facilities  
R Fernandez, Universidad de los Andes, CL; V Burgos, C E Cortes, Universidad de Chile, CL
Choice of Travel Demand Forecast Models: Comparative Analysis in Urban Rail Route Choice  
H Kato, University of Tokyo, JP; Y Kaneko, Nihon University, JP; M Inoue, Creative Research and Planning Co. Ltd., JP
Environment Oriented Transport Policies and Transit Network Design  
B Beltran, S Carrese, E Cipriani, University ?Roma Tre?, IT; M Petrelli, University of Rome ?La Sapienza?, IT
Metropolitan Transport Data and Modelling
The OTM Model and Its Application at the Metro City Ring Project in Copenhagen  
G Vuk, Danish Transport Research Institute, DK; C Overgård Hansen, Technical University of Denmark, DK; J Fox, RAND Europe, UK
Building a Rich Activities-travel Database from an OD Survey  
M Munizaga, S Jara-Díaz; J Olguín, Universidad de Chile, CL
Triangulation of Data Sources for Analysing Car Drivers' Responses to Road Pricing in Copenhagen  
T Gehlert, Technical University of Dresden, DE; O A Nielsen, Danish Technical University, DK
Air Travel
Developing a Framework for the Delineation of Airline Markets
K Hueschelrath, Centre for European Economic Research, DE
Assessing the Welfare Impact of the Introduction of Secondary Slot Trading at Community Airports  
D Holt, A Meaney, R Noble, C Riley, A Shaw , Oxera Consulting Ltd., UK
Emission Trading ? Strategy Implications for Airlines  
H Peters, Ecotrans Consulting, DE; S Albers, J-A Buehne, University of Cologne, DE
New Approaches to Funding Transport Development
Innovative Ways of Financing Public Transport
D Wetzel, Vice-Chair, Transport for London, UK
Analaysis of Impact of Road Investment in Peripheral Areas  
P Díaz Simal, A Cabarga Varona, J Mª Díaz Pérez de la Lastra, A Domínguez Sarabia, University of Cantabria, ES
Potential Effects of Public Transport Planning Measures  
P van der Waerden, H Timmermans, Eindhoven University of Technology, NL; M Bérénos, University of Hasselt, BE; G Vermeulen, Veolia Transport, NL
New Public Transport Stations Near the Stade de France : Are They a Success?  
A Salonia, Syndicat des Transports d'Ile-de-France, FR
Travel Minimisation and the 'Neighbourhood'  
C Curtis, Curtin University of Technology, AU; D Olaru, University of Western Australia, AU
The Cost of Congestion  
S Grant-Muller, J Laird, ITS University of Leeds, UK
Lessons from the Stockholm Congestion Charges
J Eliasson, WSP, SE; A Karlstrom, KTH, SE
Producing Safer Transport Infrastructure
Effects of Central Island Landscaping at Single-lane Roundabouts  
K S Schurr, J Abos-Sanchez, UIniversity of Nebraska-Lincoln, US
Secure Truck Parking Areas: Fighting Crime and Increasing Safety  
R Lunsingh Scheurleer, A van den Engel, NEA, NL
The Collision Points on Unsignalised Intersectyions and the Effect of Upstream Signals
S P Çaliskanelli, S Tanyel, M Özuysal, Dokuz Eylul University, TR
Recognizablility of Rural Roads in the Netherlands  
L T Aarts, R J Davidse, SWOV Institute for Road Safety Research, NL
Risk Analysis in Road Safety: Probability and Vulnerability Models for Drivers and Pedestrians  
F A Marcianò, A Vitetta, University Mediterranea of Reggio Calabria, IT
Development of Tools for Short-term Monitoring of Road Accident Trends  
V Gitelman, A-S Hakkert, E Doveh, A Cohen, Transportation Research Institute, IL
Local Public Transport
Public Transport to Compete with the Car - a Study of Personal Rapid Transit in Daventry, UK
M Buchanan, R Crappsley, Colin Buchanan and Partners, UK; S Bowers, Daventry District Council, UK
A Segmented Approach to the Provision of Passenger Information  
J P Hawthorne, Sinclair Knight Merz, UK
Customer Evaluations of Self-service Technologies in Public Transport  
M J Reinders, R T Frambach, VU University Amsterdam, NL; M van Hagen, NS, NL
Factors Influencing Preferences for Real-time Public Transport Information  
B Caulfield, M O?Mahony, Trinity College Dublin, IE
Accessibility for All: the Design of Universal Accessibility Systems for Public Transport ? the Uniaccess Project
G Burnett, WSP Development and Transportation, UK
A Multicriteria Approach for the Analysis of the Northwest Busway Project in Campinas Metropolitan Region  
P Bisca, J L Fuzaro Rodrigues, M L Galves, Universidade Estadual de Campinas, BR
The Context for Public Transport Development in the Gulf States: Unique Challenges and Perspectives  
A B Clarke, S Luke, G Vitt, Mott MacDonald, UK; A M Garib, Abu Dhabi Municipality, UAE
Implementing Differential Bus Priority for Timetabled Service  
N B Hounsell, B P Shrestha, University of SouthamptonSouthampton, UK
The Study of Clean Public Transport in the Central Bohemia Region
P Smekal, J Jedlicka, J Dufek, B Kaplanova, Transport Research Centre, CZ; P Svoboda, Central Bohemia Region Authorities, CZ
Level Crossing Safety - the Driver´s Perspective and Related Needs  
N Klassen, ADAC, DE; J Menge, Ministry of Transport in Rheinland-Pfalz, DE; W Schäfer, DB AG, DE
Accident Analysis into the Primary and Secondary Safety of City Trams in The Netherlands  
H G Mooi, TU Delft, NL; D. Margaritis, Hellenic Institute of Transport, GR; Y W R de Vries, AVV Transport Research Centre, NL
Developing a Marketing Strategy for National Railcards  
J Taylor, J Segal, C Pownall, MVA Consultancy, UK; D Mapp, A Robertson, Association of Train Operating Companies (ATOC), UK
Southeastern - Delivering the Future  
J Vickers, MVA Consultancy, UK; D Miller, Southeastern, UK
Reflections on UK Rail Franchising
N Newton, MVA Consultancy, UK
Rail Franchising in the UK ? the South Western Franchise  
J Richards, J Stock, Department for Transport, UK
Network Effects in Railway Systems  
A Landex, O Anker Nielsen, CTT, Technical University of Denmark, DK
Airport Rail Services: Forecasting Hourly Demand  
K Kenny, Sinclair Knight Merz, UK
Option and Non-use Values and Rail Project Appraisal  
J Laird, C Nash, Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds, UK; K Geurs, Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, NL
Sustainable Development and the Railway in Great Britain  
S Atkins, J Hayat, MVA Consultancy, UK
Examining the Influence of Socio-demographic Change on Rail Demand  
G Whelan, MVA Consultancy, UK; M Wardman, W Lythgoe, ITS, University of Leeds, UK
Placing a Value on Overcrowding and Other Rail Service Quality Factors  
J Baker, N Myers, Mott MacDonald, UK; P Murphy, Faber Maunsell, UK
UK DfT Rail Passenger Demand Forecasting Survey  
A Mason, J Segal, MVA Consultancy, UK; N Fleming, Department for Transport (Rail Division), UK
Freight and Logistics
Assessing the Status and Variation in Rail Interoperability in European Countries  
W E Walker, Demis b.v. and Delft University of Technology, NL; G Baarse, Baarse Beleidsondersteuning & Consult b.v., NL; A van Velzen, Vital-Link Policy Analysis, NL; T Järvi, VTT, FI
Strategies for Increasing Intermodal Transport Between Eastern and Western Europe  
J Wichser, U Weidmann, N Fries, A Nash, ETH Zurich, Institute for Transport Planning and Systems, CH
Drivers of Intermodal Rail Freight Growth in the U.S.  
E Thomchick, J Spychalski, The Pennsylvania State University, US
Variation in European Liberalization of Rail Freight Markets.  
J Ludvigsen, O Osland, Institute of Transport Economics, NO
Freight Best Practice - the Road to Freight Operational Efficiency  
K McWilliam, J James, Faber Maunsell, UK
Assessing Service Design Options and Strategies for Overcoming Barriers in the Reorient Intermodal Freight Transport Corridor  
E Miller-Hooks, H S Mahmassani, V Charan Arcot, A Kozuki, A Kuo, C-C Lu, R Nair, K Zhang, University of Maryland, US
Input-output Analysis of Transport Sectors of Germany
B Schade, European Commisson Joint Research Centre, INT and Institute for Prospective Technological Studies, ES
Nature or Nurture:why Do Railroads Carry Greater Freight Share in the United States Than in Europe?
J M Vassallo, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, ES; Mark Fagan, Harvard University, US
Revival of Rail Freight Transport in the Netherlands?  
J Francke, KIM Netherlands Institute for Transport Policy Analysis, NL
Funding of Inland Transport Links to Ports: a Comparison of UK and Continental Experience  
P Burgess, Arup, UK; F Jimenez, G Massot, Arup, ES; D Whitehead, British Ports Authority, UK
Hinterland Traffic of the Port of Hamburg ? Keeping the Gateway Open  
P Gaffron, J Benecke, H Flämig, TUHH - Hamburg University of Technology, DE
Marginal Cost Pricing in Sea Ports: How to Model and Assess Differences Between Ports?  
H Meersman, F Monteiro, T Pauwels, E Van de Voorde, T Vanelslander, University of Antwerp, BE
Green Supply Chain: Intermodal Transportation Modeling with Environmental Impacts  
D Anciaux, K Yuan, LGIPM/SdP, Université Paul VerlaineIle du Saulcy, FR
A Micro-model for Logistics Decisions in Norway and Sweden Calibrated to Aggregate Data  
G de Jong, Significance, NL and ITS University of Leeds, UK; M Ben-Akiva, MIT, US and Significance, NL; J Baak, Significance, NL
Guidance on Freight Modelling  
I Williams, Y Jin, J Pharoah, WSP, UK; , John Bates, John Bates Services, UK; M Shahkarami, Department for Transport, UK
An Experimental Economics Investigation of Shipper-carrier Interactions on the Choice of Mode and Shipment Size in Freight Transport  
J Holguín-Veras, N Xu, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, US; G de Jong, ITS University of Leeds, UK and Significance, NL; H Maurer, ITS University of Leeds, UK
Theoretical Issues in the Development of a RUM of Inter-agency Choice, with an Application to City Logistics  
G Paglione, R Batley, J N Ibáñez, Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds, UK
The Wales Freight Strategy  
G Walters, Halcrow Group, UK; J Thomas, Transport Wales, Welsh Assembly Government, UK
An Initial Evaluation of Dublin Port Tunnel and the HGV Management Strategy for the City  
C Finnegan, B O'Brien, DTraynor, Dublin City Council, IE
Introduction of Longer and Heavier Trucks on Dutch Roads  
L Aarts, T Hesselmans, CROW: National Information and Technology Platform for Infrastructure, Traffic, Transport and Public Space, NL
The Impact of Road Pricing on Shippers and Freight Carriers: the Distribution of Costs and Benefits  
D M Vonk Noordegraaf, Delft University of Technology and TNO Mobility and Logistics, NL; O A W T van de Riet, Delft University of Technology, NL
The Future Flows of Dangerous Goods by Road in the Netherlands  
J Francke, KIM Netherlands Institute for Transport Policy Analysis, NL; T Arts, DVS Centre for Transport and Navigation, NL
Trucks Driving at Night and Their Effect on Local Air Pollution  
L Int Panis, C Beckx, G Cosemans, VITO, BE
Sustainable Freight Transport: A Transport Time and Logistical Organization Approach  
H G Lopez-Ruiz, Y Crozet , LET, University of Lyon, FR
Activity-based Models
Trip-based Route Choice Models ? a Method to Eliminate Aggregation Bias in Activity-based Models
O Anker Nielsen, Technical University of Denmark, DK and TUDelft, NL
Some Reflections on the Transition to Activity-based Models in the U.S.
M Bradley, Mark Bradley Research and Consulting, US; J Bowman, Transportation Systems and Decision Sciences, US; P Vovsha, PB America, US
Travel Demand Models for Road Pricing in the U.S.
P Vovsha, PB America US; M Bradley, Mark Bradley Consulting, US; K Lawton, Keith Lawton Consulting, US
Researching the Influence of Time-dependent Tolls with a Multi-agent Traffic Simulation  
M Rieser, U Beuck, K Nagel, VSP, TU-Berlin TU-Berlin, DE
Model of Weekly Working Participation for a Belgian Synthetic Population
C Cirillo, University of Maryland, US; E Cornelis, P Toint, University of Namur, BE
Random Utility Model of Pseudo Panel and Application on Car Ownership Forecast  
B Huang, MVA Consultancy and Birkbeck College, UK
Sequential Models for the Mobility Decisions: Experimentation for Vehicle Holding Choices  
F Russo, G Chilà, DIMET, Mediterranea University of Reggio Calabria, IT
Modeling Car Allocation Decisions in Automobile Deficient Households  
R Anggraini, T Arentze, H,Timmermans, Eindhoven University of Technology, NL
Travel Time
Between-mode Differences in the Value of Travel Time: Self-selection or Strategic Behaviour?  
M Fosgerau, K Hjorth, S V Lyk-Jensen, Danish Transport Research Institute, DK
Reducing Bias in Value of Time Estimates by Joint Estimation on Multiple Datasets: a Case Study in Switzerland  
S Hess, Imperial College London, UK; A Erath, M Vrtic, K Axhausen, ETHZ, CH
A Pilot Study into the Perception of Unreliability of Travel Times Using In-depth Interviews  
Y-Y Tseng, E Verhoef, Free University, Amsterdam, NL; A I J M van der Hoorn, Ministry of Transport and University of Amsterdam, NL
A Discrete Choice Study to Assess the Impact of Reliability on Passenger Rail Demand  
R Batley, M Wardman, J Shires, J N Ibáñez, J Dargay, ITS, University of Leeds, UK; G Whelan, MVA Consultancy, UK
The Value of Reliability and the Distribution of Random Durations
M Fosgerau, Danish Technical University, DK
Modelling Time Period Choice in Large-scale Hierarchical Demand Models: Some Problems and a Solution  
A Gordon, Mott MacDonald, UK; A Daly, University of Leeds and RAND Europe, UK; J Bates, John Bates Services, UK; F Oladeinde, Department for Transport, UK
Estimation of Traveller Costs with a Departure Time Choice Loop  
Y Hollander, Steer Davies Gleave, UK; R Liu, P Mackie, ITS, University of Leeds, UK
Modelling the Trip Departure Timing Decision and Peak Spreading Policies  
N M Holyoak, University of South Australia, AU
Assigning Long Trips  
P Clark, R Culley, P Davidson, Peter Davidson Consultancy, UK
Derivation of Link-based Marginal Social Cost Based Charges in Very Large Assignment Models  
C Lindsay, WSP Policy & Research, UK; G Gaunt, Department for Transport, UK; I Elston, Department for Transport (formerly WSP Policy & Research), UK
A Behavioral Approach to Modeling Route Choice Decisions with Real Time Information  
E Ben-Elia, Y Shiftan, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, IL
Behavioral Aspects of Travel Information: Models and Experiments  
C Chorus, T Arentze, H Timmermans, Z Sun, Eindhoven University of Technology, NL; E Molin, B van Wee, Delft University of Technology, NL
Heterogeneity in Risk Attitude Towards Travel Uncertainty: A Heuristic Approach  
Z Sun, T Arentze, Harry Timmermans, Eindhoven University of Technology, NL
An Agent-based Simulation Model of Traffic Congestion
J Mc Breen, P Jensen, LET & ENS-Lyon, F Marchal, LET, FR
Emissions and Climate Change - what can Europe do?
TRIAS - Sustainability Impact Assessment of Strategies Integrating Transport, Technology and Energy Scenarios  
W Schade, M Wietschel, N Helfrich, U Hasenauer, Fraunhofer ISI, DE; M Krail, M Kraft, A Scholz, IWW, University of Karlsruhe, DE; A Martino, D Fiorello, F Fermi, TRT, IT; P Christidis, TRUTh, GR
Climate Change and European Transport Policy
M Major, DG Environment, European Commission, INT
Cutting Transport CO2 Emissions - Putting Effectiveness and Value for Money Centre Stage
S Perkins, International Transport Forum, INT
Trading Road Transport CO2-emissions  
L Olsson, Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, SE
An Activity-based System for Modelling Energy Consumption
A Sivakumar, R Villareal, J Polak, S Hess, Imperial College London, UK
Achieving Low Carbon City Transport Systems: a Case Study Based on London  
M Tight, H Watters, ITS, University of Leeds, UK; A Bristow, University of Loughborough, UK
Evaluating the Economic Cost of Air and Noise Pollution Generated by Transport  
B Caulfield, M O?Mahony, Trinity College Dublin, IE
Leisure and Tourism Transport
Tourism Transport and Environmental Impact
Françoise Potier, Pascale Zegel and Jacques Beaumont
Predicting the Future of Transport for Tourism: a UK Example
L Lumsdon, R Davies, Institute of Transport and Tourism, University of Central Lancashire, UK
Local Rail Service Provision in South West England
J Dallen, University of Exeter, UK
The Provision of Coach Parking Facilities in Blairgowrie  
D Scotney, Atkins Transport Planning, UK; J McCrone, Perth & Kinross Council, UK
Transport, Tourism and the Rural Economy of Wales
O Clark, S Cole, Wales Transport Research Centre, Univeristy of Glamorgan, UK
The Role of Transport Systems in Enhancing the Sustainability and Competitiveness of European Tourism
M Vougioukas, EuroTrans Consulting Ltd and University of Thessaly, GR
The Role of Tourism in Economic Development
Speaker to be announced
Creating a Liveable Environment
Understanding the Evolution of Community Severance and Its Consequences on Mobility and Social Cohesion over the Past Century  
A Bradbury, Halcrow Group (formerly TRL), UK; P Tomlinson, TRL, UK; A Millington, Department for Transport, UK
Valuing Urban Realm ? Business Cases in Public Spaces  
R Sheldon, Accent, UK; P Buchanan, Colin Buchanan & Partners, UK; D Ubaka, Transport for London, UK
Accessibility and Socio-economic Activities Location  
A Nuzzola, P Coppola, University of Rome "Tor Vergata", IT
An Economically Driven Method for the Evaluation of Transport Infrastructure in Shrinking Urban Regions  
T Bähr, M Lanzendorf, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ, DE
London Transport Vision for a Growing World City
E Seagriff, Transport for London, UK
Parking Policy to Improve Accessibility in Industrial Areas.  
G S Tchang, Port of Amsterdam and Free University Amsterdam, NL
Nationwide Implementation of Public Transport Smartcard in the Netherlands  
F Cheung, F Cohen, AVV Transport Research Centre, NL
Complex Congestion Charging ? an Assessment of Motorists? Comprehension and the Impact on Their Driving Behaviour  
P Bonsall, J Shires, ITS, University of Leeds, UK; H Link, A Becker, DIW (German Institute for Economic Research), DE
Transport and Energy Consumption: Does Co-location of Housing and Workplaces Occur over Time?  
R Hickman, Halcrow Group, UK; D Banister, Transport Studies Unit, Oxford University, UK
Estimating Land Use Impacts on Transportation ? Findings from the Hanover Region
M Bohnet, J-M Gutsche, Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH), DE
Developing a Sub-regional Transport Strategy for Regeneration and Growth  
A Dobson, J Nicoll, David Simmonds Consultancy, UK; A Ash, TRL, UK; O Capon, A Potter, Mouchel Parkman, UK
Designs for Life: Learning from Best Practice Streetscape Design  
C Marceau, A Bradbury, R Hickman, Halcrow Group, UK
High-density Area, Urban Renovation and Road Safety  
M Millot, CETE Méditerranée, France
The External Costs of Road Transport in the Metropolitan Area of Santiago de Chile  
L Rizzi, P Cruz, M Osorio, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, CL
The Effectiveness of National Transport Strategies As a Means to Promote the Development of More Sustainable Transport Systems  
H Gudmundsson, Danish Transport Research Institute, DK; M Tight, M Kimble, Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds, UK
The Urban Transport Plan in Lle-de-France: an Evaluation After Six Years of Implementation  
L Debrincat, D Rascol, Syndicat des Transports d'Ile de France (STIF), FR
Managing the Demand for Road Space
Integrated Corridor Planning - an Answer to Balancing Competing Street Demands
B Willey, N Boujenko, Transport for London, UK
Estimation of Motorcycle Unit for Heterogeneous Traffic Using an Effective Space Method
C C Minh, K Sano, S Matsumoto, Nagaoka University of Technology, JP
'Keeping London Moving' Bus Priority in London  
K Gardner, J Hodges, Transport for London, UK
Mass Deployment of Bus Priority Using Real-time Passenger Information Systems in London  
T Bowen, Transport for London, UK; J Head, Consultant, UK
Classical and Behavioural Economics
Economies of Density, Multiproduct Scale and Scope in the Airline Industry.
S R Jara-Díaz, C Cortés, G Morales, Univerisad de Chile, CL
Cost-benefit Rules for Transport Projects when Labor Supply is Endogenous and Taxes Are Distortionary  
M Fosgerau, N Pilegaard, Danish Transport Research Institute, DK
On the Theoretical Valuation of Marginal Business Travel Time Savings
A Karlstrom, Royal Institute of Technology, SE; J Eliasson, A Levander, WSP, SE
Presentational Issues in the Analysis of Motorists' Stated Preference Route Choice Data  
M Wardman, ITS, University of Leeds, UK; G Whelan, MVA Consultancy, UK; G Hyman, Department for Transport, UK
Expected Utility and Non-expected Utility Models of Risky Choice: a New Framework and Estimation Results
J Polak, S Hess, Xiang Liu, Centre for Transport Studies, Imperial College London, UK
Requirements of Large-scale Models and Microsimula
Beauty or the Beast: Stability of Large Scale Microsimulation Models
S Ahuja, T van Vuren, Mott MacDonald Ltd, UK
Applied Models
Manchester Motorway Box:post Survey Research of Induced Traffic Effects  
J Fox, C Rohr, A Daly, B Patruni, RAND Europe, UK; G Hyman, Department for Transport, UK
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