European Transport Conference 2009

European Transport Conference 2009: Strands

Strand Papers
Traffic and Transport: Engineering and Safety
Evaluation of IVIS/ADAS Using Driving Simulators. Comparing Performance Measures in Different Environments  
T Engen, L-E Lervåg, T Moen, SINTEF Transport Research, SINTEF Technology and Society, NO
Safety Effects and Cost Benefit of Milled Shoulder Rumble Strips  
A Hegewald, Bundesanstalt für Straßenwesen, DE
Spatial Modelling of Risk in Traffic Safety on the Road Network  
E Moons, C Faes, T Brijs, Hasselt University - Transportation Research Inst., BE
Safe Fleets ? Investing in Sustainable Transport, Stronger Business and a Healthier Society
J Giemza, Polish Road Safety Partnership, PL; E Leszko, Total Polska, PL; K Elsig, Global Road Safety Partnership, PL
Signal Controlled Roundabouts - a New Guidance Paper  
C Ridding, Mott MacDonald, UK; S Phull, Department for Transport, UK
High-quality Urban Traffic Monitoring ? Theory and Evaluation of a Promising Data Fusion Methodology  
T Neumann, German Aerospace Center, Institute of Transportation Systems, DE
Pedestrian and Drivers Behavior in Street Crossings with Flashing Green Beacon  
N Eliou, A Galanis, University of Thessaly Volos, GR
Multimodal Use of Roundabouts, Application in Paris
A Torday, TSS-Traffic Simulation Systems, ES
The New Regulation of Traffic Calming Areas in France  
S Martin, French Ministry for Ecology, Energy, Sustainable Development and Territorial Planning, FR
The « Code de la Rue » (Street Use Code) Programme in France.  
F Murard, French Ministry for Ecology, Energy, Sustainable Development and Territorial Planning, FR
Sports Event Planning Through Combined Pedestrian and Vehicle Simulation Modelling
G Mackinnon, TSS, ES; F Frank, Legion, US
Simulating Car-pedestrian Interactions During Mass Events with DTA Models: the Case of Vancouver Winter Olympic Games  
L Meschini, G Gentile, DITS - Sapienza Università di Roma, IT; K Lew, PTV, US
Microsimulation Applied to Roundabout Performance Analysis: the Effect of Pedestrian Crossings  
A M C Bastos Silva, Universidade de Coimbra, PT ; L Vasconcelos, Instituto Politécnico de Viseu, PT
Examination of Infrastructure Solutions for Improving Pedestrian Safety in Israel  
V Gitelman, D Balasha, R Carmel, R Naor, Technion, IL
Evacuation and Mobilization of Senior Citizens in Emergency Situations ? an Example of Microsimulation Visualisation  
B P Hafferty, K Shibata, Forum8 Co., Ltd., UK; T H Lorentzen, Y Ito, Forum8 Co., Ltd., JP
Local Public Transport
Intermodality and Fare Integration for Public Transport in Metropolitan Areas  
U Crisalli, University of Rome Tor Vergata, IT; F Cirianni, Mediterranea University, IT; D Ianno, ATAM spa, IT
Effects of Regional Public Transport Strikes on Travel Behaviour  
B Ubbels, N Dasburg-Tromp, NEA Transport Research, NL
Urban Public Transport Restructuring in the Russian City of Tolyatti  
B Scholten, A Baanders, ECORYS Research and Consulting, NL
Integrating Public Transport into Urban Area Development  
R van der Bijl, RVDB/, NL; F de Zeeuw, Nieuwe Markten Bouwfonds and Delft University of Technology, NL
Analysis of Quantitative Research on Quality Attributes for Trams  
D Johnson, P Abrantes, M Wardman, N Chadwick, L Albanese, ITS, University of Leeds, UK
Demand Impacts of Bus Quality Improvements  
J Shires, M Wardman, ITS, University of Leeds, UK
A Comparison Analysis of European Transport Service Contract: Value for Money Vs Social Surplus  
F Medda, University College London, UK; M Quidort, Veolia Transport, UK; M Amaral, University of Paris, FR
Establishing a Voluntary Quality Network Partnership (QNP) Within a Hertfordshire District  
S Joseph, Campaign for Better Transport , UK; J Elliott, R L V Southern, P E Waters, J P Cecil, S L Copsey, University of Hertfordshire, UK
Developing and Deploying Innovative Technologies in a Liberalized European Railway System  
G de Tilière, BG Eng. Consultants, CH; M Laperrouza, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, CH
Allocation of Congested Rail Network Capacity: Priority Rules Versus Scarcity Premiums  
A I Czerny, K Mitusch, A Tanner, WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management, DE
An Application of the Semi Markovian Decision Approach for Train Conflict Resolution on a Vital Dutch Railway Section  
A Al-Ibrahim, J van der Wal, University of Amsterdam, NL; R Klein Schiphorst, Prorail, NL
Assessing the Potential Performance of New Local Railway Stations  
S P Blainey, J M Preston, University of Southampton, UK
Waiting is Becoming Fun! The Influence of Advertising and Infotainment on the Waiting Experience  
M van Hagen, J Kramer, M Galetzka, A T H Pruyn, Dutch Railways, NL
The Impact of Tariff Differentiation on Time of Day Choice and Railway Demand in The Netherlands  
M Kroes, A Mitrani, Steer Davies Gleave, UK; , L Weesie, NS Reizigers, NL; F Hofker, ProRail, NL
How Should the Passenger Rail Market Be Segmented for Demand Forecasting Purposes?
W Wingate, Arup, UK; A Meaney, M Shepherd, Oxera, UK; J Cartmell, A Spencer, Department for Transport, UK
High-speed Rail for Regional Transport: a Case Study for Sicily  
F Russo, G Chilà, G Musolino, C Rindone, University of Reggio Calabria, IT
Roads Policy, Delivery and Operation
Integrated Motorways Toll Schemes in the Italian Region of Lombardy  
D Fiorello, F Torta, R Scatamacchia, TRT Trasporti e Territorio Srl, IT
Urban Pricing in Paris: Lessons to Be Learned from Abroad  
C Lemoine, Institut d'Aménagement et d'Urbanisme, FR
The POPE Programme That Has Been Undertaken for the Last 5 Years on Historic Projects
N MacDonald, UK Highways Agency POPE Program, Atkins, UK
Error and Optimism Bias in Toll Road Traffic Forecasts
R Bain, Robert Bain Traffic & Transportation, UK
Public Sector Comparators for UK PFI Roads: Inside the Black Box  
R Bain, Robert Bain Traffic & Transportation, UK
VfM in CEE and SEE Countries
P Snelson, Atkins, UK
Road Network Management Stated Preference Survey  
R Sheldon; C Heywood, P Chintakayala, Accent, UK; C Horrell, H Rakoff, L Hawker, Transport for London, UK
Evaluation of Novel Motorway Designs Using Driving Simulation  
C Diels, N Reed, A M Parkes, Transport Research Laboratory, UK
Monitoring of the Main Effects of Rush Hour Lanes in the Netherlands  
Robert in 't Veld, CTN, Ministry of Transport, NL
An Investigation into the Demand for Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA) Systems in the United Kingdom  
S Hess, K Chorlton, S Jamson, M Wardman, ITS, University of Leeds, UK
Toward a Greener Road Pricing System in Europe  
Damien Grangeon, Pascaline Cousin, SETRA, FR
Review of Evidence on the Effects of Road Pricing  
B Ubbels, NEA Transport Research and Training, NL; G de Jong, ITS Leeds, UK / Significance, NL
The Unexpected ?yes!?: Explanatory Factors Behind the Positive Attitudes to Congestion Charges in Stockholm  
J Eliasson, Centre for Transport Studies ? KTH, SE; L Jonsson, Centre for Transport Studies ? VTI, SE
Private Roads (pricing, Concessions)
E Verhoef, Free University, NL
Road Pricing Technology and Technology Cost
C Hamilton, J Eliasson, Centre for Transport Studies - KTH, SE
Rewarding for Avoiding the Peak Period: a Synthesis of Three Studies in the Netherlands  
M Bliemer, Goudappel Coffeng / Delft University of Technology, NL; M Dicke-Ogenia, Goudappel Coffeng; D Ettema, Utrecht University, NL
Freight and Logistics
Measures for Improving Capacity in Port Hinterland Connections by Road  
R Aronietis, P Markianidou, H Meersman, T Pauwels, E Van de Voorde, T Vanelslander, A Verhetsel, University of Antwerp, BE
Models and Heuristics for the Tactical Berth Allocation Problem with Quay-crane Assignment and Transshipment Costs
I Vacca, M Salani TRANSP-OR, EPFL, CH; L Moccia, ICAR, CNR, IT; G Giallombardo, DEIS, Università della Calabria, IT
Societal Costs and Benefits of Cooperation Between Port Authorities
P Wortelboer-van Donselaar, J Kolkman, KiM Netherlands Institute for Transport Policy Analysis, NL
Air Cargo: the Difference Between Success and Failure?  
F Kupfer, H Meersman, E Onghena, E Van de Voorde, University of Antwerp, BE
An Economic Feasibility Study for the Upgrade of the Small Inland Waterways  
M Beelen, P Markianidou, T Pauwels, T Vanelslander, E Van Hassel, University of Antwerp, BE
Demand Model and Vehicle Routing Problem: an Integrated Procedure to Optimize the Urban Goods Movements
A Vitetta, A Polimeni, Mediterranea University of Reggio Calabria, IT - a New Type of Urban Consolidation Centre  
T van Rooijen, H Quak, TNO Mobility and Logistics, NL
Shippers? Willingness to Pay for Sustainable Freight Transport and Its Implications on European Freight Transport Policy  
N Fries, ETH Zurich, IVT, CH; Z Patterson, Agence metropolitaine de transport, CA; U Weidmann, Institute for Transportation Planning and Systems, Zurich, CH
The Tyne and Wear Freight Partnership  
D Arthur, J James, AECOM, UK
Booming Rail Freight Market and Collapsing Road Traffic. What Can the Regions Do?  
P Endemann, Planning Authority for Greater Frankfurt, DE
Accounting for Supply Chain Structures in Modelling Freight Mode Choice Behaviour  
K Arunotayanun, J Polak, Imperial College London, UK
BE LOGIC - Best Practices in Logistics  
J Gille, R S Ossevoort, J Bozuwa, ECORYS Nederland BV, NL
Mapping Bottlenecks in the Flemish Logistics Sector  
J Maes, E van de Voorde, T Vanelslander, University of Antwerp, BE
Discrete Mode and Discrete or Continuous Shipment Size Choice in Freight Transport in Sweden  
G de Jong, ITSm University of Leeds, UK / Significance and NEA, NL; D Johnson, ITS, University of Leeds, UK
The High Speed Potentiality in the Motorway of the Sea: a Modal Choice Model  
F Russo, G Chilà, Mediterranea University of Reggio Calabria, IT
Representation of the Freight Transport System  
F Combes, F Leurent, Université Paris Est, LVMT FR
Long Term Forecasts of Rail Freight Transport in the Netherlands Up to 2040  
J van Meijeren, TNO Delft, NL ; F Hofker, R Demmers, ProRail, NL
Econometric Modelling and Forecasting of Freight Transport Demand in Great Britain  
S Shen, A S Fowkes, D H Johnson, A E Whiteing, ITS, University of Leeds, UK
Innovative Methods in Transport Analysis, Planning
A Multi-model Algorithm for the Optimization of Congested Networks  
C Osorio, M Bierlaire, Transport and Mobility Laboratory Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, CH
Understanding Resiliency and Vulnerability in Transport Network Design  
C Constantinou, The University of Birmingham, UK; K Baughan, Ideas Network Ltd, UK; A Stepanenko, Aston University, UK
Route Choice Modeling Without Route Choice  
M Fosgerau, E Frejinger, A Karlström, CTS - KTH, Stockholm, SE
Applying Inter Regional Shared Routes in Detailed Multiregional Dynamic Traffic Models
M P H Raadsen, M P Schilpzand, E Mein, OmniTRANS International, NL
Linear User Cost Equilibrium: the New Algorithm for Traffic Assignment in VISUM  
G Gentile, DITS - Sapienza Università di Roma, IT; K Noekel, PTV AG, IT
A New Implementation of Origin-based Assignment Algorithm in SATURN  
Y Xiang, I Wright, Atkins, UK; D Van Vliet, H Bar-Gera, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, IL; D Boyce, University of Illinois at Chicago, US
Transport Welfare Benefits in the Presence of an Income Effect  
J Laird, ITS, University of Leeds, UK
Symmetry, Aggregation, and the Practical Specification of Travel Choice Models
R Batley, J N Ibáñez, ITS, University of Leeds, UK
A Bayesian Approach to Modelling Uncertainty in Transport Infrastructure Project Forecasts  
K Cheung, Arup, UK; J Polak, Imperial College London, UK
Willingness to Pay for Car Safety: Sensitivity to Time Framing  
H Andersson, Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI), SE; J Hammitt, Harvard University, US; G Lindberg, VTI, SE; K Sundstrom, SLI, SE
Assuring Finite Moments for Willingness to Pay in Random Coefficient Models  
A Daly, RAND Europe / ITS, University of Leeds, UK; S Hess, ITS, University of Leeds, UK; K Train, UC Berkeley, US
Improving Understanding of Choice Experiments to Estimate Values of Travel Time  
A Daly, RAND Europe / ITS, University of Leeds, UK
Smart Card Data for Multi-modal Network Planning in London: Five Case Studies  
C Seaborn, Halcrow Group, UK; N H M Wilson, J Attanucci, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
Inferring the Activities of Smartphone Users from Context Measurements Using Bayesian Inference and Random Utility Models  
R Hurtubia, G Flötteröd, M Bierlaire, EPFL - Transport and Mobility Laboratory, CH
Generating Probabilistic Path Observation from GPS Data for Route Choice Modelling  
J Chen, J Newman, M Bierlaire, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, CH
A Departure Time Choice Model for Dynamic Assignment on Interurban Networks.  
V Aguilera, N Wagner, UPE, LVMT, Ecole des Ponts ParisTech, FR
Second-best Congestion Tolling with a Heterogeneous Value of Time  
V van den Berg, E T Verhoef, VU University, NL
Household Space-time Accessibility Measures: a New Theoretical and Application Framework
O Ashiru, Imperial College London / Takedo International, UK; J Polak, Imperial College London, UK
Multiple Equilibria in Spatial-economic Transport Interaction Models  
F Russo, G Musolino, University of Reggio Calabria, IT
The Adjustment/estimation of O-D Matrices: Some Caveats
M Florian, S Velan, Y Noriega, University of Montreal, CA
The Role of Frequency in Unreliable Public Transport
P Koster, VU University Amsterdam, NL
The Costs of Uncertain Travel Times for Car Travelers  
P Koster, VU University Amsterdam, NL
Developing an Approach to Modelling and Appraising Reliability That is Consistent Across Modes
R Batley, D Watling, J N Ibáñez, ITS, University of Leeds, UK
Modeling Travel Time Variability on Urban Links in London
S Hasan, M E Ben-Akiva, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US; C Choudhury, Massachusetts Institute of Technology/BUET, US; A Emmonds, Transport for London, UK
Forecasting and Appraising Travel Time Variability in Urban Areas: A Link-based Approach  
I Black, Indepedent Consultant, UK; J Fearon, John Fearon Consulting, UK; C Gilliam, Hyder, UK
An Integrated Methodology for Analysing the Acquisition and Use of Mobility Products and Services  
S Le Vine, M E H Lee-Gosselin, J Polak, A Sivakumar, R Krishnan, Imperial College London,UK
Scaling Up the Microeconomic Dynamic Discrete Choice Model of Activity-based Scheduling  
A Karlstrom, Royal Institute of Technology, SE; D Fox, P Waddell, University of Washington, US
A Dynamic Formulation for Car Ownership Modeling  
C Cirillo, R Xu, University of Maryland, US
Random Scale Heterogeneity in Discrete Choice Models  
S Hess, ITS, University of Leeds, UK; S Bain, J M Rose, ITLS Sydney, AU
The Impact of Varying the Number of Repeated Choice Observations on the Mixed Multinomial Logit Model  
J M Rose, ITLS Sydney, AU; S Hess, ITS, University of Leeds, UK; M C J Bliemer, TU Delft, NL; A Daly, RAND Europe, UK
Applied Methods in Transport Planning
Modelling and Forecasting with Latent Variables in Discrete Choice Panel Models  
M.F. Yáñez, S. Raveau, M. Rojas and J. de D. Ortúzar, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, CL
Meta-analysis of UK Values of Time: an Update  
P Abrantes, M R Wardman, J Toner; ITS, University of Leeds, UK
The Income Elasticity of the Value of Travel Time is Not One Number  
M Börjesson, WSP Analysis & Strategy, SE; M Fosgerau, Technical University of Denmark, DK; S Algers, Royal Institute of Technology, SE
The Role of Web Interviews As Part of a National Travel Survey
L Christensen, C Jensen, DTU Transport, DK
Outlying Sensitivities in Discrete Choice Data: Causes, Consequences and Remedies  
D Campbell, Queen's University Belfast, UK; S Hess, ITS, University of Leeds, UK
Pedestrian Modelling
W Daamen, TU Delft, NL
Microsimulation Approaches to Pedestrian Route Assignment Modelling  
J Amos, B Kohn, V Zachariadis, Legion Limited, UK
Evaluating Innovative Travel Modes and Services in Lisbon: A Stated Preference Approach  
L Yang, C Choudhury, M E Ben-Akiva, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US; J Abreu e Silva, Universidade Tecnica de Lisboa, PT
A Joint Model for Vehicle Type and Fuel Type  
S Hess, ITS, University of Leeds, UK; M Fowler, T Adler, Resource Systems Group, Inc., US
Design and Use of the New Greater Manchester Land-use/transport Interaction Model (GMSPM2)  
A Dobson, E Richmond, D Simmonds, David Simmonds Consulting, UK; I Palmer, GMPTE, UK; N Benbow, MVA, UK
Development of the Dutch National and Regional Models
R Smit, Ministry of Public Works and Water Management, NL; P Mijer, 4-Cast, NL; A Schoemakers, Oranjewoud, NL
Generating Comprehensive All-day Schedules: Expanding Activity-based Travel Demand Modelling  
M Feil, M Balmer, K W Axhausen, Institute for Transport Planning and Systems (IVT), CH
Choice of Mode for Long Distance Travel: Current SP-based Models from Three European Countries  
K W Axhausen, ETHZ-IVT, CH; M de Lapparent, INRETS-DEST, FR; A Frei, ETHZ-IVT, CH
Understanding Travel Behaviour and Factors Affecting Trip Rates  
K Jahanshahi, I Williams, X Hao, WSP Group, UK; R Cambery, Department for Transport, UK
Forecasting Day to Day Variability on the UK Motorway Network  
S Sirivadidurage, A Gordon, C White, Mott MacDonald Limited, UK; D Watling, ITS, University of Leeds, UK
Comparing Dynamic Traffic Assignment Approaches for Planning
R Balakrishna, D Morgan, Q Yang, Caliper, US
Application of Accelerated Equilibrium Traffic Assignments to Regional Planning Models
H Slavin, J Brandon, A Rabinowicz, S Sundaram, Caliper, US
A Novel Design and Implementation of an Aggregate UK-based Transport Model  
Y Xiang, I Wright, T Meehan, Atkins, UK; the West of England Partnership, UK
Improving the Treatment of Cost in Large Scale Models  
J Fox, A Daly, B Patruni, RAND Europe, UK
The Need of Combining Different Traffic Modelling Levels for Effectively Tackling Complex Project
J Casas, TSS-Traffic Simulation Systems / Vic University, ES; A Torday, A Gerodimos, TSS-Traffic Simulation Systems, ES
Some Lessons in Stated Choice Survey Design  
S Hess, ITS, University of Leeds, UK; J M Rose, ITLS Sydney, AU
Using Second Preference Choices in Pivot Surveys As a Means of Dealing with Inertia  
P Kumar Chintakayala, S Hess, ITS, University of Leeds, UK; J M Rose, ITLS Sydney, AU
Plenary Sessions
Transport Policy: What It Can and What It Can?t Do?  
Bert van Wee, Delft University of Technology, NL
An Agenda for Research on Reliability  
John Bates, John Bates Services, UK
The Role That Public Transport Can Play in the Economic Recovery Across Europe. Could Different Countries Adopt Similar Approaches or Should It Be Country Specific? What Lessons Can Be Learned from the Past?
Brian Souter, Chief Executive, Stagecoach Group plc, UK
Leisure and Tourism Transport
A Sustainable Tourism Mobility Passage  
D H P Verbeek, A Bargeman, J T Mommaas, Tilburg University, NL
Promoting Sustainable Solutions in European Regions with Seasonal Variations of Transport Demand  
Y Tyrinopoulos, CERTH/HIT, GR; E Mitsakis, CERTH/HIT, GR; K Robertson, VTI, SE
Summer Holidays and Seasonal Travel Activities in Attica: a Panel-based Comparative Approach
E Avramidou, P Papaioannou, A Deloukas, ATTIKO METRO S.A., GR
Transport for Tourism Professionals - or What You Didn?t Even Know You Didn?t Know About Transport
D Quarmby, Colin Buchanan and RAC Foundation (former British Tourist Authority), UK
The Sustainability Debate Regarding Tourism  
D H P Verbeek, Telos - Tilburg University, NL
Leisure Traffic from an Economic Welfare Perspective  
P Jorritsma, J A C Korteweg, KiM Netherlands Institute for Transport Policy Analysis, NL
European Transport Policy and Research
Long Term Accessibility and Sustainability in the Port of Rotterdam  
D M Vonk Noordegraaf, L A Tavasszy , TNO / Delft University of Technology, NL; J C van Meijeren, TNO, NL
Land Use and Transport Integrated Policies in Peripheral Areas  
S Nogues, H Salas-Olmedo, University of Cantabria, ES
Land Use and Transport Integration in Scotland (LATIS): a National Carbon Footprint  
H Gillies, S Cragg, Transport Scotland, UK; J Davidson, K Lumsden, MVA Consultancy, UK
MAXimizing Success: a New Approach to the Evaluation of Mobility Management Projects  
M Carreno, T Rye, Transport Research Institute, Napier University, UK
CAReFUL - Car Fleet Renewal As a Key Role for Atmospheric Emission Reduction
F Moura, J Manuel Viegas, Instituto Superior Técnico ? UTL, NL; A Duarte, Delft University of Technology, NL
Accepting Charging ? a Matter of Trusting the Effects?  
K Brundell-Freij, WSP Analysis & Strategy, SE; L Jonsson, VTI, Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute, SE; J Källström, WSP Analysis & Strategy, SE
Transport Consumption Inequalities and Redistributive Effects of Taxes: a Repeated Cross-sectional Evaluation for France, Denmark and Cyprus  
A Berri, INRETS, FR; S V Lyk-Jensen, SFI, DK; I Mulalic, Technical University of Denmark and University of Copenhagen, DK; T Zachariadis, University of Cyprus, CY
Distributional Impacts of Congestion Charging
B Norheim, A Ruud, Urbanet Research, NO
The Route Development Fund (RDF) ? Can We Sustain Air Transport in the Regions?  
G Christodoulou, A Smyth, N Dennis, University of Westminster, UK; M AL-Azzawi, J Campbell, Scott Wilson Ltd, UK
Impact of Land-side Accessibility on the Competitive Position of Airports
M Kouwenhoven, Significance, NL; E Kroes, Significance / VU University Amsterdam, NL; P Bucci, Significance, NL
An Analysis of Trends in Air Travel Behaviour Using Four Related SP Datasets Collected Between 2000 and 2005  
S Hess, ITS, University of Leeds, UK; T Adler, Resource Systems Group, US
Modelling Airport Capacity Constraints in Air Travellers' Airport Choice  
M Gelhausen, German Aerospace Center (DLR), DE
Sustainability and Aviation: a 'wicked' Problem
P Goodwin, UWE Bristol, UK
Benefit of Measures for Universal Design in Public Transport  
M D Leiren, K Skollerud, N Fearnley, J Aarhaug, Institute of Transport Economics, Oslo, NO
Taking Policy Uncertainty into Account in Traffic Forecasts ? the Fréjus Tunnel Example
M Kouwenhoven, Significance, NL; E Kroes, Significance / VU University Amsterdam, NL; G de Jong, Significance, NL / ITS, University of Leeds, UK / NEA, NL
Lessons on Undertaking a Strategic Transport Project Review (STPR) at a National Level  
D Anderson, Transport Scotland, UK; S Turnbull, Jacobs, UK
Planning for Sustainable Land Use & Transport
Using Existing European Road Capacity Efficiently  
A Clabburn, K Lane, Liftshare, UK
Travel Information Systems in the Netherlands
F Cheung, DVS Centre for Transport and Navigation, Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management, NL
The Increasing Development of Carsharing in France  
M Floriet, Paris Local Authority, FR; R Clavel, CERTU, FR
Transitions to Low Carbon Transport Futures. Strategic Conversations from London and Delhi  
R Hickman, Halcrow Group and Oxford University, UK; O Ashiru, Takedo International and Halcrow Group, UK; D Banister, Oxford University, UK
Why is It So Difficult to Reduce Car Use?  
R L Mackett, University College London, UK
Has the Historical Growth in Car Use Come to an End in Great Britain?  
P Jones, University College London, UK; S Le Vine, Imperial College London, UK; J Polak, Imperial College London, UK
The Introduction of the Congestion Charge in the Light of Suburbanisation Processes: Public Opinion As a Challenge Ignored Conclusions of a Research Conducted in Budapest  
M Jászberényi, Corvinus University of Budapest, HU; A Munkácsy, Institute for Transport Sciences, Budapest, HU
Psychology and Pricing Policy  
L Harms, KiM Netherlands Institute for Transport Policy, NL; E van der Werff, University of Groningen, NL
Employer Attitudes to Peak Hour Avoidance  
D M Vonk Noordegraaf, J A Annema, Delft University of Technology, NL
Cross-national Comparisons of Integrating Mobility Management and Land Use Planning in the EU: Results of Planning Simulation Workshops for Actual Developments  
T Rye, Napier University, UK; J Welsch, ILS Research Institute for Regional and Urban Development GmbH, DE; A Plevnik, Urban Planning Institute of Slovenia, SI; R de Tommasi, Synergo, CH
Destination Choice: the Underestimated Dimension in Sustainable Travel Behaviour
P Goodwin, Centre for Transport and Society, UWE Bristol, UK
Travel As a Function of (life) Projects  
S Schönfelder, WIFO - Austrian Institute of Economic Research, AT; K W Axhausen, Institute for Transport Planning and Systems, ETH Zürich, CH
Planning for Sustainable Travel: Integrating Spatial Planning and Transport  
R Hickman, Halcrow Group and Oxford University, UK; C Seaborn, Halcrow Group, UK; P Headicar, Oxford Brookes University, UK; D Banister, Oxford University, UK
Wider Economic Impacts in Remote Rural Areas of Scotland
J Laird, ITS, University of Leeds, UK
An Integrated LUTI and DEA Procedure for Strategic Urban Transport Planning  
G Musolino, C Rindone, Mediterranea University of Reggio Calabria, IT
Land Use & Transport Integration in Scotland (LATIS): Appraising Land Use Strategies for the Scottish Planning Reform  
A Irvine, Transport Scotland, UK; K Lumsden, S Canning, MVA Consultancy, UK
An Integrated Planning for Cities to Promote Sustainable Mobility  
A Bastos Silva, A Narciso Ribeiro, University of Coimbra, PT
Promoting Walking and Cycling for Setting Local Carbon Markets: a Case Study in Portugal  
F Viegas, IST and LNEC I.P., PO; E Arsénio, LNEC I.P., PT; J Neves, IST, PT
Modelling Pedestrian Accessibility Using GIS Techniques to Assess Development Sustainability  
J Colclough, AECOM, UK; E Owens, West Northamptonshire Development Corporation, UK