European Transport Conference 2010

European Transport Conference 2010: Strands

Strand Papers
European Transport Policy & Research
Does Money Spent on Transport Research Achieve Anything? Developing an Evidence Base to Secure Future Funding for European Transport Research.  
A Pearman, B Matthews, ITS University of Leeds, UK; M Schmidt, L Giorgio, Interdisciplinary Centre for Comparative Research in the Social Sciences, AT; C Reynaud, M Poincelet, Nouveaux Espaces de Transport en Europe, FR; D Carvalho, J Vieira, Transportes,
How Can We Demonstrate the ?value? of Transport Models ?  
D Anderson, Transport Scotland, UK; K Lumsden, S Canning, MVA Consultancy, UK
Real-time Multimodal Travel Information in the Netherlands  
F Cheung, Netherlands Ministry of Transport, NL
Recommendations of the LINK Project : European Forum on Intermodal Passenger Travel  
P Riley, Jacobs Consultancy, UK; A Kumpo?tova, Jacobs Consultancy, CZ
How Do the Aviation and Rail Sectors Contribute to the Wider Economy?
A Meaney, P Oxley, C Riley, M Shepherd, Oxera Consulting Ltd, UK; D Bishop, Airport Operators? Association, UK
The Implications and Pitfalls of the European Union New 2007 ? 2013 Cost?benefit Analysis Methodology for Developing and Carrying out Rail Infrastructure Projects
A Prokopowicz, University of New Orleans, US; A M. D¹browska, Center for Analysis in Transport and Infrastructure (CATI), PL
Making Tracks: Transport for 21st Century Business  
A Smyth, G Christodoulou, University of Westminster, UK
Transport Planning Models and Methods
Impact of Congestion, Pricing, and Travel Time Reliability on Travel Demand: Summary of Applied Models Estimated in US
P Vovsha, Parsons Brinckerhoff, US; M Bradley, Mark Bradley Research & Consulting, US; T Adler, Resource Systems Group, US
Long Term Changes in Transport Demand  
C Riff Brems, T Jensen, DTU Transport, DK
Modelling Weekend Travel - Worth the Extra Effort?  
M Oliver, Mott MacDonald, UK and T van Vuren, Mott MacDonald and ITS Leeds, UK
A City-wide, Capacity-constrained Parking Choice Model  
M Hudson, N Raha, MVA Consultancy, UK
A New Model of Car Ownership in London: Geo-spatial Analysis of Policy Interventions  
J Crockett, G Whelan, MVA Consultancy, UK; S Vitouladiti, Transport for London, UK
Forecasting Car Ownership in the Sydney Area  
F Tsang, A Daly, RAND Europe, UK
Passenger and Freight Transport in Flanders 2010-2040 Under Three Scenarios  
G de Jong, Significance, NL/ITS University of Leeds, UK/CTS Stockholm, SE/NEA, NL; J Baak, K Ruijs, Significance, NL; T Bellemans, D Janssens, G Wets, Universiteit Hasselt, BE
Creating Transport Models That Matter: a Strategic View on Governance of Transport Models and Road Maps for Innovation  
L Tavasszy , TNO Logisitics and Mobility, NL; M Duijnisveld , Delft University, NL; F Hofman, S Pronk van Hoogeveen, J van der Waard, N Schmorak, M van de Berg, J Francke, M Martens, O van de Riet, H Poot, E Reiding, Rijkswaterstaat, NL
Quality Assessment of the Dutch National and Regional Models  
R Smit, H Flikkeman, Centre for Transport and Navigation DVS, NL
The Role of Tangible Attributes in Hybrid Discrete Choice Models  
M Francisca Yañez, F Bahamonde-Birke, S Raveau, J de Dios Ortuzar, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, CL
Estimation Techniques for MEV Models with Sampling of Alternatives  
R Hurtubia, G Flötteröd, M Bierlaire, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, CH
System Convergence in Transport Modelling  
J Rich, O Anker Nielsen, DTU Transport, DE, G Cantarella, University of Salerno, IT
Convergence of the Dutch National Model System  
R van Grol, Significance, NL; R Smit, F Hofman, Rijkswaterstaat, NL
RP/SP Estimation Including Reference Dependent Preferences  
M Fosgerau, S Mabit, DTU Transport, DK
Accommodating Heterogeneity for Reducing Traffic Pollution: a ?mixed? Latent Class Approach
D Campbell, M Boeri, A Longo, Queen's University Belfast, UK
Linking Response Quality to Survey Engagement: a Combined Random Scale and Latent Variable Approach
S Hess, ITS University of Leeds, UK; A Stathopoulosy, University of Trieste, IT
New Features of Applied Activity-based Models in US
P Vovsha, Parsons Brinckerhoff, US
Activity-based Demand Modelling on a Large Scale: Experience from the New Danish National Model  
J Rich, C Giacomo Prato, DTU Transport, DK; A Daly, RAND Europe, UK
An Activity-based Travel Demand Model for London
A Sivakumar, S Le Vine, J Polak, Imperial College London, UK
Integrated Modelling of Urban Energy Systems: Results from a London Case Study
A Sivakumar, J Keirstead, J Polak, Imperial College London, UK
Individual Versus Intra-household Decision Making: Who Really Wears the Trousers?
S Hess, N Beharry-Borg, V Gibson, D Campbell, ITS University of Leeds, UK
Assessment of Two Tests for the Validity Instruments in Logit Models
C Guevara, M Ben-Akiva, Universidad de los Andes, CL
R Batley, ITS University of Leeds, UK; J Ibanez, European Commission's Joint Research Centre (IPTS), ES
Evaluation of Pedestrian Data Collection Methods Within a Simulation Framework  
M Fetiarison, G Floetteroed, M Bierlaire.Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, CH
Data Pooling for Choice Modelling
A Sivakumar, J Polak, Imperial College London, UK
Simple Approaches for Random Utility Modelling  
A Daly, ITS University of Leeds/RAND Europe, UK; S Hess, ITS University of Leeds, UK
Validation and Forecasts in Models Estimated from Multi-days Travel Survey.  
E Cherchi. Universita di Cagliari, IT; C Cirillo, University of Maryland, US
Towards a Comprehensive Framework for Panel Data Analysis
S Hess, ITS University of Leeds, UK; A Daly, ITS University of Leeds/RAND Europe, UK
Effect of the Omission of Users? Costs on the Spatial Design of Public Transport Services
S Jara-Díaz, A Gschwender, M Ortega, Universidad de Chile, CL
Catching the Tail - Empirical Identifications of Value of Time
M Börjesson, Centre for Transport Studies, SE
Results and Experiences from the Swedish Value of Time Study
J Eliasson, M Borjesson, KTH, SE
The Value of Travel Time Reliability for Transit Passengers
M Börjesson, J Eliasson, J Franklin, Centre for Transport Studies, SE
Developing a Model of Travel Time Variability for Congested Motorways  
C Drury, UK Highways Agency, UK; J Bates, I Black, J Fearon, C Gilliam, Hyder Consulting, UK
The Value of Travel Time Variance
M Fosgerau, DTU/CTS/ ENS, DK; L Engelson, KTH, DK
Endogenous Scheduling Preferences and Congestion
M Fosgerau, DTU Transport / CTS / ENS, DK; K Small, UC Irvine, US
Modelling Long-distance Travel in the UK  
C Rohr, J Fox, A Daly, B Patruni, S Patil, F Tsang, RAND Europe, UK
Are We Able to Forecast Demand for High Speed Rail?
M Börjesson, Centre for Transport Studies, SE
OD Data Fusion  
G Skrobanski, Highways Agency, UK; M Logie, Minnerva,UK; I Black, J Fearon, C Gilliam, Hyder Consulting, UK
The Practical Benefits of the SATURN Origin-based Assignment Algorithm and Network Aggregation Techniques  
Y Xiang, I Wright, Atkins, UK; D Van Vliet, H Bar-Gera, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, IL; D Boyce, North Western University, US
Origin ­destination analysis on the London Orbital Automated Number Plate Recognition network  
C Fox, University of Sheffield, UK; P Billington, Telematics Technology, UK; D Paulo, Mouchel, UK; C Cooper, Highways Agency, UK
The Erasmus Bridge; Success Factors According to Those Involved in the Project  
M de Jong, J Annema, Delft University of Technology, NL
Kent Permit Scheme: Benefits Assessment and Monitoring  
S Srivastava, Jacobs Engineering, UK
Economic Impact of Road Works  
K Arter, Colin Buchanan, UK
Some Variants of the Optimal Strategy Transit Assignment Method
I Constantin, M Florian, INRO Consultants Inc, CA
Planning and Policy Impacts of Alternative Public Transport Modeling Methods
H Slavin, J Brandon, J Lam, A Rabinowicz, S Sundaram, J Zhang, Caliper Corporation, US
Joint Modeling of Constrained Path Enumeration and Path Choice Behavior: a Semi-compensatory Approach  
S Kapla, Israel Institute of Technology, IL; C Giacomo Prato, Technical University of Denmark, DK
Experimental Analysis of Route Choice Behaviour with Real-time Information in Congested, Risky Networks  
X Lu, S Gao, University of Massachusetts, US ; E Ben-Elia, University of the West of England, UK
Modeling Strategic Route Choice Behaviour: A Cumulative Prospect Theory Approach  
M Razo, S Gao, University of Massachusetts Amherst, US
Modelling the Impacts of ATIS Accuracy on Travellers' Route-choice Behaviour and Risk Perception  
E Ben-Elia, University of the West of England, UK; B Gennaro, D Pace Roberta, University of Naples, IT; I Frederico, Y Shiftan, Israel Institute of Technology, IL
Stochastic Equilibrium Assignment with Variable Demand: Theoretical and Implementation Issues  
G Cantarella, A Cartenì, S de Luca, University of Salerno, IT
Static Traffic Assignment with Queuing (STAQ) ? Static Assignment Revisited  
L Brederode, Goudappel Coffeng BV, NL; M Bliemer, Goudappel Coffeng BV/Delft University of Technology, NL; L Wismans, Goudappel Coffeng BV/University of Twent, NL
Policy Making and Policy Packaging
Identifying Best Practice in Policy Packaging  
F Kressler, ATE, AU, V Fencl, CDV, CZ
From Individual Policies to Policy Packaging  
M Givoni, J Macmillen and D Banister, UOXF, UK
Handling Risk and Irreversibility of Transport Interventions  
F Ramjerdi and N Fearnley, TØI, NO; M Givoni and J Macmillen, UOXF, UK
Limits to and Unintended Effects of Transport Policies  
J Åkerman, KTH, SE; N Fearnley, A Hoff, TØI, NO; J Macmillen, M Givoni, UOXF, UK; H Gudmundsson, C H Sørensen, DTU, DK
Local Public Transport
Review of the Strathclyde Concessionary Travel Scheme
G Dickson, SPT, UK
Knowledge, Familiarity and Mode Choice
J Hawthorne, Sinclair Knight Merz, UK
Describing Quality in Dial-a-Ride Services  
G Ozen, University of Greenwich, UK
Improving Service Reliability in Urban Transit Networks  
S Tahmasseby, R van Nes, ECORYS Nederland, NL
Take the Bus; It's Cheaper in North Brabant  
R Jorna, W de Jong, Mobycon, NL; A van Eck, Province of Noord-Brabant, NL
PPP in Suburban Railway Transport and the Cost of Social Inclusion
A Dementiev, Higher School of Economics, RU
Funding Public Transport Within Financial Constraints: the PMF System  
G Walters, R Childs, Halcrow Group, UK; R Riley, Nottinghamshire County Council, UK
Finding the ?right? PT System for Hamburg HafenCity
R Schneider, Hamburg-Consult GmbH, DE
The Role of Taxis in Improving Accessibility  
J Baker, C Hardwick, Mott MacDonald, UK
Can We Double Bus Use? Southampton?s Vision  
N Richardson, Mott MacDonald, UK
Squaring the Circle: The BHLS Concept  
C Valdés, M López Lambas, TRANSyT-UPM, ES
Bus Rapid Transit Systems Performance Analysis
E. Cipriani, S. Gori, M. Petrelli, Università ?Roma Tre?, IT
Smart Card Ticketing in Trondheim Deliver Substantial Benefits to Society  
M Welde. Norwegian Public Roads Administration. NO
Implementation of a Public Transport Smartcard Nationwide in the Netherlands
F Cheung, DVS Centre for Transport and Navigation, NL
INTERACTION FP7 Project - In Vehicle Technologies
Transport in Scotland
Opening Remarks
D Middleton, Transport Scotland, UK
Climate Change Adaptation: Scottish Road Network: Landslides Studies Implementation
M Winter, Regional Director (Scotland), Transport Research Laboratory, UK; G Edmond, Head of Network Maintenance, Transport Scotland, UK
Innovation in Sustainable Vehicle Technology
J Curtis, Head of Low Carbon Vehicles and Fuels, Transport Scotland, UK
Civilsing the Streets: Good Practice from Scotland and the Continent in Delivering Active Travel
J Warren, Research Officer, Transport Scotland, UK
Rail Passenger Demand
Rail Modelling ? Integrating Rail with Other Modes  
T Worsely, K McNamara, Department for Transport, UK
A Time Series Analysis of Rail Demand in Great Britain
G Whelan, MVA Consultancy, UK; A Harvey, University of Cambridge, UK: J Cartmell, Department for Transport, UK
UK Regional Rail Demand in Britain  
J Segal, A Mason, J Crockett, G Whelan, MVA Consultancy, UK; B Condry, ATOC, UK
Modelling Demand by Time of Day for High Speed Rail Services in France  
E Bulman, A Hanif, NERA Economic Consulting, UK; A Sauvant, Réseau Ferré de France, FR
Reliability Benefits of Rail Investment Projects  
F Savelberg, P Bakker, KiM Netherlands Institute for Transport Policy Analysis, NL
Music at Railway Stations: the Influence of Music on Waiting Experience  
M van Hagen, Dutch Railways, NL; M Galetzka, A Pruyn, J Sauren, University of Twente, NL
Measuring the Benefits of the Access for All Programme  
A Duckenfield, T Higbee, Steer Davies Gleave, UK; M Holt, Department for Transport, UK
Sustainable Land Use and Transport
The Role of Electric Vehicles in Achieving Climate Goals  
R Witzig, Technische Universität München, DE
MOBI.E. - The Portugese Programme for Electric Mobility  
T Juliao Neves, Ministry of Economy, Innovation and Development, PT; J Felizardo, Intelli, PT; J Dias, GAMEP, PT
Spatial Planning and Transport in Mid West Ireland ? Developing a Deliverable Strategy  
N Richardson, Mott MacDonald, UK; S Doherty, Mott MacDonald, IE
Adopting Policies on Spatial Planning, Public Transport Planning or Road Pricing to Influence Travel and Transport: What Can Be Expected?  
D Snellen, H Hilbers, P voor de Leefomgeving, Netherlands Environmental Assesment Agency, NL
Land Use Characteristics for Sustainable Urban Mobility  
S Gori, M Nigro, M Petrelli, "Roma Tre? University, IT
Integrated Urban Planning and Multimodal Transport Masterplan for the Madrid City of Knowledge.
E Tan, J de la Pena, F Jimenez, F Tejada, P Lazo, P Fraile, R Ruiz, R Goyanes, Arup, ES
Delivering a New Mayor's Transport Strategy for London - a Truly Integrated Approach.  
E Seagriff, M Keegan, M Rose, Transport for London, UK
Electric Vehicles - Challenges with Market Introduction and Practical User Experiences  
G Solvoll , T Mathisen, F Jørgensen, Bodø Graduate School of Business, NO
The Challenges of Conducting an Economic Appraisal of a Low Emissions Zone  
H Bowkett, L Harris, Peter Brett Associates, UK; R Leuillette, Reading Borough Council, UK
User Acceptance of HMI Solutions for Lane Departure Warning System  
L-E Lervåg, T Moen, G Jenssen, SINTEF, NO
Assessing Objective and Subjective Spatial Influences of Modal Choice  
V Van Acker, B Derudder, F Witlox, Ghent University, BE
What Shapes Urban Mobility Cultures? ? a Comparison of German Cities  
T Klinger, J Kenworthy, M Lanzendorf, Goethe-University Frankfurt, DE
Changing the Mindset: Using Travel Behaviour Research to Plan Smarter Travel in Scotland  
D Halden, DHC, UK; J Anable, Aberdeen University, UK; D Easterlow, P Glennie, Scottish Government, UK
Learning Lessons from Smarter Choices ? Evaluation of the Smarter Travel Sutton Programme
S Reid, MVA Consultancy, UK; D Johnson, Transport for London, UK
The Peak Avoidance Project in Rotterdam and Its Behavioral Impacts  
H Palm, Goudappel Coffeng BV, NL; A Kooistra, NedMobiel, NL; E Wiebrens, De Verkeersonderneming, NL
Traffic Management, Engineering and Safety
Urban and Inter-urban Provision of Journey Times  
A Malcolm, City of Edinburgh Council, UK; A Reid, Halcrow Group Ltd, UK
Signal Setting and Paths Design for Road Supply Management in Evacuation Conditions  
A Polimeni, A Quattrone, A Vitetta, F Alessandro Marciano, G Musolino, Mediterranea University of Reggio Calabria, IT
A Traffic Signal Split Optimization Using Time-space Diagrams
P Lertworawanich, Department of Highways Bangkok, TH
Computing Turn-dependent Delay Times at Signalized Intersections Based on Floating Car Data  
T Neumann, E Brockfeld, A Sohr, German Aerospace Center (DLR), DE
European Road Safety Inspection (EuRSI) Research Project
T McCarthy, C McElhinney, National Centre for Geocomputation, IE
Safety Assessment of Routes in a Regional Network  
P Marchesini, A Dijkstraboth, SWOV Institute for Road Safety Research, NL
Accidents on Rural Roads ? for Better or Worse
J Laird, ITS University of Leeds, UK; R Harris, RPS, UK
Tram Accidents' Analysis - France  
L Menetrieux, STRMTG, FR
Assessing the Impact of Planned Road Works and Street Works in London
J McNuff, Transport for London, UK; J Polak, Imperial College London, UK
Motorway Management Techniques
A O'Brien, AECOM, UK
WSDOT Express Lanes System Plan for Seattle, WA, USA, Urban Area
R Fellows, Washington Department of Transportation, US; J Marcuson, Jacobs Engineering Group Inc, UK
Simulation Modelling and a Decision Support Tool for Managing Urban Congestion: The West Midlands UTMC Project
M Marin, S Ahuja, Capita Symonds, UK; A Giszczak, Transport Research Laboratory, UK
Analyzing Behaviour to Increase the Safety of Pedestrian Movements  
M Maestracci, F Prochasson, D Vanni, City of Paris, FR; C Pene, N Louvet, 6T Research Office, FR
Pedestrian Comfort Guidance for London  
E Finch, G Iverson, Atkins, UK; J Dye, Transport for London, UK
Countdown Signals for Pedestrians in Germany  
K Schlabbach, PTO Graupner, DE
Options for a Railway Core Network of Central Europe  
A Luettmerding, A Welitschkin, Transport and Spatial Planning Institute, DE
Effects of the EU Rail Liberalisation on International Rail Passenger Transport  
H Maurer, A Burgess, P Hilferink, NEA Transport Research and Training, NL; T Whiteing, ITS University of Leeds, UK; E Kroes, Significance, NL
Governance in Railway Networks  
F Peschelt, FU Berlin, DE
The Effect of Access Charges on Social Welfare in the Railway Industry  
M Finger, M Laperrouza, EPFL, CH; M Lang, University of Zurich, CH
Success Factors and Problems of Rail Franchising: a Fresh Assessment of the German Case  
H Link, DIW Berlin, DE; R Merkert, Cranfield University, UK
Gateways to Prosperity? The Long Term Impacts of New Local Railway Stations  
S Blainey, J Preston, University of Southampton, UK
Promoting Integrated Rail Planning: Lessons for Congested Urban Networks Based on Work in West Central Scotland
D Anderson, C Keggie, Transport Scotland, UK; G Dodds, Jacobs Consultancy, UK
Access to Health
The Application of Accessibility Planning to Develop a Locational Policy for the West Midlands  
J Baker, N Hurst, Mott MacDonald, UK; R Bravery, Wolverhampton City Council, UK
A Healthy Food Physical Accessibility Standard and Its Implications for Transport, Spatial Planning and Public Health.
S Wixey, JMP Consultants Ltd, UK;, D Elliott, Department of Health West Midlands, UK; A Blair, Sandwell Food Policy Team, UK
Health and Transport ? Two Sides of the Same Coin  
E Dolan, Steer Davies Gleave, UK
Planning for Better Access to Health  
J Sanchez, E Seagriff, Transport for London, UK
Assessing the Health Impact of Local Traffic Policy Plans
H Nijland, Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, NL; J de Hartog, Institute for Risk Assessment, Utrecht, NL; E van Kempen, W Swart, RIVM, NL
Health Impacts of Childrens' Traffic Exposure  
M Vaganay, University of Ulster, UK
Development of an Urban Railway Network to Improve Passenger Health  
K Cho, S Terabe, Tokyo University of Science, JP
Carbon reduction and climate change
Low Carbon Transport Scenarios - What Do They Do for Wider Sustainability Impacts? Lessons from Oxfordshire
R Hickman, Halcrow and Oxford University, UK; C Seaborn, O Ashiru, Halcrow, UK; J Clegg, R O'Neill, Oxfordshire County Council, UK
Mitigating Transport's Climate Change Impact in Scotland: Assessment of Policy Options
S Fraser, Atkins, UK
Shrinking Population: Less Mobility?  
P Jorritsma, L Harms, KiM Netherlands Institute for Transport Policy Analysis, NL; M de Jong, Delft University of Technology, NL
Cold, Spread Out, Far...and Brilliant! How Native Peoples and Northern Remote Communities Change Transport Planning
L Ampleman, Jagiellonian University, PL; D Blais, Ministère des Transports du Québec? Rouyn-Noranda, CA
Carfree, Low Car ? What?s the Difference?  
S Melia, University of the West of England, UK
How Low Can Transport Go? Assessing Transport?s Contribution to a Low Carbon Economy in the East of England  
M Salter, A Summers, East of England Development Agency, UK; H Vergereau, Atkins, UK
The Curious Case of Selecting and Ranking GHG Mitigation Measures in Transport  
R Kok, ECORYS Nederland BV and Delft University of Technology, NL; J Annema, Delft University of Technology, NL
Policies to Decarbonise Transport in Europe: 80 by 50  
H Dalkmann, K Sakamoto, A Binsted and K Avery, Transport Research Laboratory, UK
Evaluating Climate Impacts of the Aviation Sector: A MCA-Analysis
A Bernardini, A Heemeryck, E Van Hoeck, T van Lier and C Macharis,Free University of Brussels, BE
Developing Low Carbon Policies for Road Transport in Poland  
R Kok, ECORYS Nederland BV and Delft University of Technology, NL; A Rahman, ECORYS Nederland BV, NL
Cycling Demonstration Towns ? an Economic Evaluation  
A Cope, A Kennedy, Sustrans, UK; M Ledbury, R Cambery, Department for Transport, UK; J Parkin, University of Bolton, UK; N Cavill, Cavill Associates, UK
Perspectives on the Growing Market for Public Bicycles: Focus on France and the UK  
B Beroud, Mobiped, FR; R Clavel, Certu, FR; S Le Vine, Imperial College London, UK
Public Bike Systems in Spain  
L Carballeda Pérez, L Velasco Carrera, M Rojo Arce, H Gonzalo Orden, University of Burgos, ES
Cycle-hire - The New Travel Option for Central London
P Le Masurier, F Shore, MVA Consultancy, UK; J Hiett, Transport for London, UK
Edinburgh's Active Travel Action Plan - Making Edinburgh a Cycling City.  
N Kocak, P Noble, The City of Edinburgh Council, UK
Freight and Logistics
Economic Impacts of the Flemish Inland Waterways Masterplan  
J Gille, J Harmsen, ECORYS, NL; V Minne, IDEA Consult, BE
The Network-wide Impacts of a Dryport for South East Scotland  
M AL-Azzawi, Scott Wilson Ltd, UK; I Mathie, A Short, South East Scotland Regional Transport Partnership, UK
Flagging out As a Popular Strategy of Road Freight Transport Companies. Evidence of Three Consecutive Research Projects in Austria  
M Dieplinger, E Fürst, S Lenzbauer, Vienna University of Economics and Business, AT
The Effect of Unitised Freight Flows and Logistics Strategies on Scotland's External Trade
A Baird, J Monios, T Wilmsmeier, Edinburgh Napier University, UK; I Mathie, SEStran, UK
The Intermodal Chain Competitiveness for the Transport of Spanish SME Production  
A Martínez López, R Rios Prado, V Diaz Casas, A Munin Doce, Universidade da Coruña, ES
Cost Effects of Delivery Frequency from Logistics Service Provider?s Perspective  
A Kraemer, P Bartke, L Filipova-Neumann, FZI Karlsruhe, DE
Logistics Costs in Norway, Survey Results, Calculations and International Comparison  
W Hansen, I Beate Hovi, Institute of Transport Economics, NO
Port Competitiveness Determinants of Selected European Ports in the Containerized Cargo Market  
R Aronietis, E Van de Voorde, T Vanelslander, University of Antwerp, NL
The Impact of the EU's Common Agricultural Policy on the Structure of Demand for Shipping Transport of Grain  
R Mirmiran, D Glen, London Metropolitan University, UK; M Nazemzadeh, University of Antwerp, NL
Maritime Container Trades in the Mediterranean Area: Pre and Post Crisis Scenarios  
F Russo, G Musolino, Mediterranea University of Reggio Calabria, IT
Developing a New Spatial Computable General Equilibrium Model for Norway  
W Hansen, Institute of Transport Economics, NO
A Freight Transport Model for Scotland  
M AL-Azzawi, Scott Wilson Ltd, UK
Development of a Freight Database for Use in Allocating Freight Traffic to Sub-state Traffic Zones  
G. Harris, N Schoening, M Anderson, J Thompson, University of Alabama, US; R Jilla, E Oranika, Alabama Department of Transportation, US
FiLM - a Model of Freight and LGV Movements in London  
G Deane, I Williams, Y Zhu, J Pharoah, D Kabeizi, WSP, UK; B Khan, Transport for London, UK
Logistic Imperatives and Mode Choice  
F Combes, Université Paris-Est, FR
A Disaggregate Freight Transport Model of Transport Chain and Shipment Size Choice  
E Windisch, Université Paris-Est, FR; G de Jong, Significance, NL; R van Nes, S Hoogendoorn, Delft University of Technology, NL
Development of Premises Delivery and Servicing Plans or Freight Mobility Plans in London
S Steele, I Wainwright, J Dack, B Khan, Transport for London, UK
Sustainable Goods Supply and Transport in Conurbations: Analysis of Freight Developments and Strategies  
M Ruesch, P Hegi, C Petz, Rapp Trans Ltd, CH; U Haefeli, D Matti, Interface, CH; B Schultz, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, CH; P Rütsche, ETH Zurich, CH
Road Freight Transportation and Its Contribution to Congestion in City Regions Suggestions and Possibilities for Improvement  
G Aschauer, L Höfler, F Starkl University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, AT; R Keber, RISC, AT
City Logistics and Urban Passenger Transportation ? Comrades or Competitors?  
D Cakic, University of Novi Sad, RS; R Witzig, Technische Universität München, DE
The Use of Bicycle Messengers. An Option in the 2010 Supply Chain?  
J Maes, T Vanelslander, Universiteit Antwerpen, BE
Green Freight Transport in Norway: Supply and Demand  
O Eidhammer, J Andersen, Institute of Transport Economics, NO
Greening Freight - Do Details Matter?  
Levin, T and Norvik, R, SINTEF, NO
High speed rail
Quantifying the Potentials of a New High Speed Train Using a Gravity Model and GIS  
S Ehrenberger, F Malik, J Winter, German Aerospace Center, DE
High Speed Rail Demand Forecasting: Italian Case Study
M Ben-Akiva, E Cascetta, P Coppola, A Papola, V Velardi, Tor Vergata University of Rome, IT
Impact of the Recession on the Rail Sector and Its Response  
C Heywood, R Sheldon, Accent, UK; B Condry, ATOC, UK
How Can the Sustainability of Transport Be Assessed?  
A Meaney, C Riley, M Shepherd, Oxera Consulting Ltd, UK
How Do External Factors Influence Passenger Rail Demand?
A Meaney, M Shepherd, A Horncastle, Oxera Consulting Ltd, UK; J Cartmell, Department for Transport, UK; W Wingate, Arup, UK
Highway Design, Construction and Maintenance
Providing Safe and Sustainable Connections to the North and West Periphery of Scotland  
S Wilson, Transport Scotland, UK; B Sloey, Jacobs Consultancy, UK
Sustainability Appraisal of the Forth Replacement Crossing, the Major Transport Infrastructure Project in Scotland
S Brown, Transport Scotland, UK; A Seywright, Jacobs/Arup, UK; P Say, Natural Capital, UK
Estimating Transportation Impacts Fees  
A Abdelfatah, American University of Sharjah, AE; A Aljassmi, Department of Transportation, AE
Parking Revenue Model ? an Informational Report  
N Deshpande, Jacobs, US; E Stevens, Regional Transportation District Denver, US
Smarter Funding for Transport Delivery  
J Gilles, S Davidson, P Gidney, F Alexander, Halcrow, UK; A Deans, Perth & Kinross Council, UK
Congestion Charging Scheme for Gothenburg  
D van Amelsfort, K Brundell-Freij, WSP, SE; P Jonsson, Swedish National Road Administration, SE
Are European Climate Change Awareness Campaigns Targeted Correctly to Encourage Sustainable Travel?  
C Howarth, B Waterson, M McDonald, University of Southampton, UK
Leisure and Tourism Transport
Improving Accessibility and Tourism Competitiveness: An Action Plan from the CONCERTOUR Project  
P Cossu, M Giorgetti, FIT Consulting, IT; J Lian, E Fastad, TOI, NO; D Tsamboulas, P Moraiti, National Technical University of Athens, GR; D Carvalho, TIS, PT; F Potier, INRETS, FR; O Romosan, IMPACT, RO
Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games Transport Strategic Plan  
R Booth, Glasgow City Council, UK
The Development of Tourism on the Danube in Hungary to Reduce Dependence on Cars  
M Jászberényi, Budapest Corvinus University, HU
New Ideas for Old Stations ? Innovative Concepts for Small Regional Stations in Tourist Areas
N Klassen, G Pichler, P East, University of Applied Sciences Muenchen, DE
Transport Appraisal
Representing Planning Policy in Land-use and Land-use/transport Modelling  
A Dobson, D Simmonds, T Simpson, P Minta, David Simmons Consultancy Ltd, UK
Appraising Small Schemes at a Local Level: A BCR Approach
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