European Transport Conference 2011

European Transport Conference 2011: Strands

Strand Papers
Local Public Transport
Demand Changes from Metro Line Closures  
A Pnevmatikou, M G Karlaftis, National Technical University of Athens, GR
Responding to the Travel Needs of Older People: the Current and Future Role for Flexible Transport in Greater Manchester.
S Murray, Greater Manchester Passenger Transport, UK; J Crockett, MVA Consultancy, UK
Can African Bus Rapid Transit Inform European Projects?  
N Richardson, S Luke, Mott MacDonald, UK
LRT and Tram and Light Rail Development in Eastern European Cities: Dreams and Reality  
C Orosz, T Princz-Jakovics, P Bocz, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, HU
The Concessionary Fares Scheme in the UK?what Lessons Can Be Learned?
A Last, Minnerva Ltd, UK; A Meaney, Oxera Consulting Ltd, UK
The Underestimated Demand for Public Transport?  
B Norheim, A Ruud, Urbanet Research, NO
Efficacy of Public Private Partnership (PPP) for City Bus Operations: Experience from Indian Cities  
L Parashar, IL&FS Infrastructure Development Corporation, IN; G Kumar Dubey, Urban Mass Transit Company Ltd, IN
Energy Efficiency in Local Public Transport  
P Metsapuro, H Liimatainen,Tampere University of Technology, FI
A Cable Car for London
N Georgeson, Transport for London, UK
Experimental Study of Boarding and Alighting Times  
R Fernandez, Universidad de los Andes, CL
Cableways As Urban Public Transport Systems ?  
C Clement-Werny, CERTU, FR; D Dubois, Anne Le Ruyet, Michaël Potier, CETE, FR; S Rousic, CETE Méditerranée, FR; Y Schneider, STRMTG, FR
Innovative Transport Infrastructure Funding
Development and Implementation of Performance Based Road Maintenance Contracts in Romania
P Snelson, PS-PPP Consult, UK
PPP Roads: Recent Lessons from Australia
R Bain, RB Consultancy, UK
Road User Charging in the Greater Dublin Area
N O'Neill, National Roads Authority, IE; A O'Brien, AECOM, IE
Development of a Highway Model for the Istanbul Metropolitan Area
P Brocklebank, A Obregon, Leigh Fisher, UK; S Rutherford, Jacobs Consultancy, UK
Stana Cruz Link Road: an Urban Challenge
S Nage, Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRDC), IN
The Hypothecation Discourse: Viability and Issues for Funding Urban Transport Investment  
M Gannon, University of Winchester, UK; J Ball, Dioces of Chelmsford, formerly Transport for London, UK
Transport Economics and Appraisal
Measuring and Ranking of the Contributing Factors to Acceptability of Road User Charging - a Three Country Survey
J Eliasson, K Freij, C Hamilton, Centre for Transport Studies, SE; S Souche, C Raux, University of Lyon, FR
Acceptability and Political Coordination of Road User Charges
J Westin, J Franklin, Royal Institute of Technology, SE; S Proost, K.U.Leuven, BE; S Grahn-Voorneveld, Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute, SE
Making Better Use of the Road Network (MBURN)
P Le Masurier, MVA Consultancy, UK
Prioritisation of a National Road Infrastructure Programme Using Multi-criteria Analysis  
A Guehnemann, J Laird, A Pearman, University of Leeds, UK
Exploring Alternative Methods to Estimate the Agglomeration Economies of Urban Rail Projects  
E Gwee, Monash University/Land Transport Authority of Singapore, AU/SG; G Currie, J Madden, Monash University, AU; J Stanley, Sydney University, AU
How Do Land Use Trends Affect CBA Outcome?
M Borjesson, S Berglund, P Almstrom, D Jonsson, Royal Institute of Technology, SE
The Importance of Timetable Construction Principles for Railway Investment Appraisal  
J Eliasson, M Borjesson, Royal Institute of Technology, SE
Pricing of Airport Services According to Principles of Welfare Economics  
T Mathisen, F Jorgensen, G Solvoll, University of Nordland, NO
Estimating Additional Capacity Requirements Due to Free Bus Travel  
P Abrantes, PTEG, UK; A Last, Minnerva, UK
Regional Economic Impacts from Transportation and Infrastructure Investments  
B Leung, Scott Nystrom, Zilin Cui, Regional Economic Models Inc., US
Defining Economic Impact and Benefit Metrics from Multiple Perspectives: Lessons to Be Learned from Both Sides of the Atlantic  
G Weisbrod, Economic Development Research Group, USA; D Simmonds, David Simmonds Consultancy, UK
Are Travel Time Savings Really Spent on More Working Time?
S Torp Jespersen, Copenhagen Economics, DK; O Kveiborg,Technical University of Denmark, DK
The Value of Small Time Savings for Non-business Travel  
A Daly, F Tsang, C Rohr, RAND Europe, UK
The Role of Constants in WTP Computation
S Hess, ITS, University of Leeds,UK; A Daly, ITS, University of Leeds/RAND Europe, UK; D Hensher, University of Sydney, AU; T Adler, Resource systems Group Inc. US
Hybrid Mesoscopic-microscopic Traffic Simulation Framework
J Casas, TSS/University of Vic, ES; Josep Perarnau, Alex Torday, TSS, ES
The Impact of Deregulation on Infrastructure Investment Decisions: a Comparison Between Sweden and Norway  
J Aarhaug, F Longva, Institute of Transport Economics, NO; G Alexandersson, S Hulten, Stockholm School of Economics, SE
Modelling Open Access Train Services  
J Segal, J Vickers, M Prior, MVA Consultancy, UK; J Quill, Office of Rail Regulation, UK
On the State-of-the-art Demand Forecasting Model Developed by Netherlands Railways  
B de Vries, Netherlands Railways, NL; J Willigers, Significance, NL
Improving the Customer Experience: a Long Distance Train Operator's Response to the Recession
R Risely, R Sheldon, Accent, UK; J Muir, R Payne, P Williams, East Coast Mainline, UK
Effect of Station Improvement Measures on Customer Satisfaction  
M van Hagen, Netherlands Railways, NL; M Heilligers, Meet4research, NL
Local Station Catchments: Reconciling Theory with Reality  
S Blainey, University of Southampton, UK; S Evens, Department for Transport, UK
Market Churn in the British Rail Passenger Commuter and Leisure Markets  
B Condry, ATOC, UK; A Mason, J Segal, MVA Consultancy, UK
Understanding the Market for "out of Normal Hours" Train Services in Great Britain  
G Davies, J Segal, MVA Consultancy, UK; B Condry, ATOC, UK
Does Customer Satisfaction Predict Customer Demand in the Rail Sector?  
R Sheldon, M Mayes, S Orr, Accent, UK; B Condry, ATOC, UK
Development of the Korean Tilting Train and Its Simulated Run-time Comparison with Non-tilting Train on the Central Line  
H L Rho, S H Han, Korea Railroad Research Institute, KR; G S Kim, Seoyeong Engineering Co Ltd., KR
Assessment of Needs for Developing High Speed Rail in Poland and CEE
A Prokopowicz, University of New Orleans, US
The Regional Impacts of High Speed Rail: a Review of Methods and Models  
G Chen, J de Abreu e Silva, University of Lisbon, PT
High Speed Rail Demand: Empirical and Modelling Evidences from Italy  
E Cascetta, Federico II University of Naples, IT; P Coppola, Tor Vergata University of Rome, IT
EXPRESS Project: a Model of Collaborative International High-speed Rail Research  
J Abreu e Silva, G Chen, CESUR, IST, PT; J Sussman, MIT, US
Leisure and Tourism Transport
Travel Behaviour Regarding Tourist Choice of Airport Access Mode and Intermodality in Thessaloniki
M Vougioukas, P Papaioannou, P Karkavitsas, Thessaloniki Public Transport Authority, GR; A Deloukas, Attiko Metro, GR.
Air Passenger Perceptions of On-airport Transfer Costs
R Wood, I Siviter, K Kenny, SKM, UK
Promotion of Passenger Intermodality and Users? Requirements for Service Performance at Terminals and Passengers? Interchange Poles  
S Kapros, A Roumboutsos, University of Aegean; GR; M Morfoulaki, A Papanikolaou, Hellenic Institute of Transport, GR
Hop-on-hop-off Services in India - Exploring a Sustainable Financial Model  
G Kumar Dubey, Urban Mass Transit Company Ltd, IN
London 2012 Olympics Transport Strategy
R McGowan, Steer Davies Gleave, UK
Pedestrian Modelling for Events
T Kretz, PTV, DE
Commonwealth Games 2014 Transport Strategy
Speaker from Glasgow City Council, UK
European Transport Policy & Research
The Use and Influences of Indicators in European Sustainable Transport Policy  
C Hedegaard Sorensen, H Gudmundsson, Technical University of Denmark, DK
Emission Apportionment and Exploring Alternative National-based Policy Measures Aimed to Reduce Emissions from the Shipping Sector  
P Gilbert, K Anderson, Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, UK; A Bows, University of Manchester, UK
Innovation Path of Selected Pan-European Transport Policy Cases  
R Aronietis, T Vanelslander, University of Antwerp, BE
What Impact Do EU Environmental Policies Have on Urban Transport?  
C Cavoli, University College London, UK
The Transport Commission of Greenland  
J Nordskilde, S Bendsen, M Paabol Jensen, COWI, DK
Road Equivalent Tariff - a Pilot Study in Scotland  
F Alexander, P Fuller, P Gidney, I Mowat, Halcrow, UK
Sustainable Policy for Reducing Harmful Exhaust Emissions in Central Urban Areas - a Serbian Perspective  
V Momcilovic, A Manojlovic, D Vujanovic, V Papic, University of Belgrade, RS
Measuring the Full Impacts of Transport on Social Exclusion: Can It Be Done?  
M Carreno, Edinburgh Napier University, UK; K Suhl, ILS, DE
Health Economics Assessment
An Indirect Flight from My Local Airport or a Direct Flight from an Alternative Airport: How Does Surface Access Influence the Decision?
D Johnson, B Matthews, S Hess, ITS, University of Leeds, UK; C Bielefeldt, Edinburgh Napier University, UK
Valuation of Airport Facilities and Airline Service Quality
P K Chinatakayala, D Chudasama, R Risely, R Sheldon, Accent, UK; J Corbyn, J Knight, CAA, UK
Opportunities for New Regional Air Services in Europe
N P S Dennis, University of Westminster, UK
Methodological Innovations
Consistent Route Choice Model Estimation Without Choice Set Sampling: a Dynamic Discrete Choice Approach
M Fosgerau, Centre for Transport Studies/DTU, SE/DK; E Frejinger, A Karlstrom, Centre for Transport Studies, SE
An AHP Based Day-to-day Route Choice Model: a Fuzzy Decision Making Approach
N Khademi, M Rajabi, A S Mohaymany, Iran University of Science and Technology, IR; S Zerguini, Universite Paris/LVMT, FR
Consistent Estimation of Route Choice Models with Link Specific Random Costs
A Karlstrom, Royal Institute of Technology, SE; M Fosgerau, Danish Technical University, DK
Allowing for Heterogeneous Decision Rules in Discrete Choice Models: an Approach and Four Case Studies  
S Hess, ITS, University of Leeds, UK; A Stathopoulos, University of Trieste, IT; A Daly, ITS, University of Leeds/RAND Europe, UK
On the Asymptotic Properties of Complex Discrete Choice Model Estimators  
F Bastin, Universite de Montreal, CA; C Cirillo, University of Maryland, US
Value of Reduced Transport Time Variability in Freight Transport  
A H Halse, F Ramjerdi, Institute of Transport Economics, NO
It's Not That I Don't Care, I Just Don't Care Very Much: Confounding Between Attribute Non-attendance and Taste Heterogeneity
S Hess, ITS, University of Leeds, UK; A Stathopoulos, University of Trieste, IT; D Campbell, V O'Neill, Queen's University Belfast, UK; S Caussade, LAN Chilean Airlines, CL
Predicting Take-up of Servicised Automobility (car Clubs and Cars-on-demand) Using a Strategic-tactical Discrete Choice Model with Composite Alternatives
S Le Vine, A Sivakumar, J Polak, Imperial College London, UK; M Lee-Gosselin, Universite Laval, CA and Imperial College London, UK
Risk and Uncertainty in Transport Planning: Some Norwegian Examples
M Welde, Vegvesen, NO
A Greening of the Private Vehicle Fleet? an Examination of the Market for Low Emission Vehicles in London  
J Crockett, S Lowe, MVA Consultancy, UK; J Fox, A Daly, RAND Europe, UK; J Bates, John Bates Services, UK; S Vitouladiti,Transport for London, UK
Using Individual-level Parameter Estimates to Investigate Evidence of Lexicographic Behaviour and Heterogeneity in Information Processing Strategies
J Dumont, Resource Systems Group Inc., US and ITS, University of Leeds, UK: T J Adler, Resource Systems Group Inc., US; S Hess, ITS, University of Leeds, UK; W C Neafsey, Ford Motor Company, US
A Strategy-based Transit Assignment Model for Unreliable Networks  
N Rochau, K Noekel, PTV, DE; M Bell, Imperial College, UK
Comparison of Hierarchical Network Design Shape Grammars for Roads and Intersections  
B Vitins, N Schuessler, K W Axhausen, ETH Zurich, CH
Parking Policies and Modal Choice: a Disaggregated Approach Applied to French Cities  
F Hasiak, N Merle, D Verry, French Ministry of Transport, FR
Modelling Mode Choice in Short Trips: Shifting from Car to Bicycle  
K Halldorsdottir, L Christensen, T Jensen, C Giacomo Prato, Technical University of Denmark, DK
Applied Methods in Transport Planning
Tour Modeling Techniques
P Vovsha, S Gupta, Parsons Brinckerhoff, US
Extending the Sydney Strategic Model to Represent Toll Road and Park-and-ride Choices  
J Fox, A Daly, B Patruni, RAND Europe, UK; F Milthorpe, Bureau of Transport Statistics, Transport NSW, AU
Measuring the Incorporation of Mobile Phone into Everyday Life and Travel Behaviour: Methodology and Main Results of a Survey  
A Aguilera, IFSTTAR, FR; C Guillot, Telecom ParisTech - ECOGE, FR; L Belton-Chevallier, L Proulhac, LVMT, FR
Factors Affecting Travellers's Satisfaction with Accessibility to Public Transportation  
M G Woldeamanuel, California State University, US; R Cyganski, German Aerospace Center, DE
Travellers' Choice of Information Sources  
A F H Pathan, P Bonsall, G de Jong, Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds, UK
Building Practical Origin-destination (od/trip) Matrices from Automatically Collected GPS Data  
T van Vuren, Mott MacDonald and ITS, University of Leeds, UK; C Carey, Mott MacDonald, UK
Pivoting in Travel Demand Models  
A Daly, J Fox, B Patruni, RAND Europe, UK
Urban Consumption Models: Towards a Demand Driven Urban Goods and Services Model
A Sivakumar, K Arunotayanun, J W Polak, Imperial College London, UK
New Methods for Activity-based Model Analysis and Visualization
B Stabler, J Freedman, P Vovsha, Parsons Brinckerhoff, US
An Estimation of Total Vehicle Travel Reduction in the Case of Telecommuting. Detailed Analyses Using an Activity-based Modeling Approach  
B Kochan, T Bellemans, M Cools, D Janssens, G Wets, Transportation Research Institute (IMOB), Faculty of Applied Economics, Hasselt University, BE
Clocktime Assignment: a New Mesoscopic Junction Delay Highway Assignment Approach to Continuously Assign Traffic over the Whole Day  
P Davidson, P Clarke, A Thomas, Peter Davidson Consultancy, UK; M Shahin, University of Alexandria, EG
A New Model for Disaggregate Traffic Assignment Making Explicit the Spatial Distribution of Trip Extremities  
V Benezech LVMT, Universite Paris-Est, Ecole des Ponts ParisTech, IFSTTAR, FR
Revisiting Reference Point Formation, Gains-losses Asymmetry and Non-linear Sensitivities: One Size Does Not Fit All!  
A Stathopoulos, University of Trieste, IT; S Hess, ITS, University of Leeds, UK
The Effect of Travel Time Variability on Airport Accessibility and Market Share
E Kroes, Significance and VU University Amsterdam, NL; P Koster, VU University Amsterdam, NL; M Kouwenhoven, Significance, NL
Modelling the Effect of Transit Supply and Price Structure on Mode Choice and Route Choice  
P Almstrom, L Engelson, WSP Group, SE; S Algers, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, SE
A Disaggregate Model of Car Ownership Based on the French National Transport Survey  
R Grimal, French Technical Department of Studies on Roads, Transports and Highways, FR
Effectiveness of Packaging Approaches in Stated Choice Experiments
P Chintakayala, D Chudasama, R Sheldon, Accent, UK
Calibrating a Household Relocation Model for Leicestershire  
E Revill, D Simmonds, David Simmonds Consultancy, UK
Freight & Logistics
The Economic Impact of Regulating Truck Heights to 4 Meters: the Case of Norway
J Odeck, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NO
Internalisation of Freight Transport External Costs in the Paris-Amsterdam Corridor  
G Mialocq, Voies Navigables, FR; S Gayda, STRATEC, BE; R Hellot, SETEC, FR
Low Emission Zones? Impact on Sustainability and Logistics: a Western-European Overview
T Vanelslander, J Maes, C Sys, University of Antwerp, BE
An Exploration of the Potential Feasibility of a Freight Tram Scheme in Barcelona  
R Regue Grino, University of California, USA; A L Bristow, Loughborough University, UK
Integrating a Consolidation Centre Within a Dryport for Improved Freight Distribution  
M AL-Azzawi, URS/Scott Wilson, UK; I Mathie, SEStran, UK
Cost Savings Through Energy Efficiency Gains in IWT  
J Gille, J Harmsen, Ecorys, NL
Impact of Climate Change on the Competitive Position of Inland Waterways Transport and Logistic Solutions  
J van Meijeren, T Groen, D Vonk Noordegraaf, TNO Sustainable Transport and Logistics, NL
Sustainable Intermodal Freight by Route Choice with Practicality Constraints  
M Sawadogo, A Didier, D Roy, Université Paul Verlaine de Metz, FR
A Roadmap for the Implementation of Co-modality in Freight Transport Network Operations
L Tavasszy, TU Delft/TNO, NL; R Janssen, L Hagdorn, TNO/VU Amsterdam, NL; L van der Lugt, Erasmus University Rotterdam, NL
Competition in the Port-hinterland Container Transport and the Role of Waterborne Transport in the Netherlands
J Francke, KiM Netherlands Institute for Transport Policy Analysis, NL
Intelligent Goods in the Intermodal Freight System  
A Bjorgen Sund, T Foss, O Bakaas, SINTEF, NO
The Airport Choices in the Air Cargo Sector: a Discrete Choice Analysis of Freighter Operations  
F Kupfer, P Goos, R Kessels, E Van de Voorde, A Verhetsel, University of Antwerp, BE
A Model of Optimizing the Private and Social Cost-efficiency of Port-hinterland Container Logistics  
F Iannone, Institute for Service Industry Research (IRAT) - National Research Council (CNR), IT
Modelling the Spatial Distribution of Container Freight Demand
A Nuzzolo, A Comi, P Coppola, University of Rome, IT
Developing Inland Freight Management Strategies for UK Ports
S Tucker, R McCulloch, David Tucker Associates, UK
Commonly Used E-commerce Supply Chains for Fast Moving Consumer Goods: Comparison and Suggestions for Improvement  
L Deketele, Procter & Gamble Eurocor nv, BE; D Van Hove, T Vanelslander, University of Antwerp, BE
Does It Matter if Trade or Transport Data Are Used in SCGE Modeling?  
W Hansen, Institute of Transport Economics, NO
Freight Policy Development: an Import-export Transport Demand Model for the Italian Case  
A Nuzzolo, U Crisalli, A Comi, University of Rome 2, IT
Distribution and Modal Split Models for Freight Transport in The Netherlands  
G de Jong, Significance/ ITS Leeds/CTS Stockholm NL; A Burgess, R Versteegh, NEA, NL; L Tavasszy, TNO and Delft University of Technology, NL; M de Bok, Significance, NL; N Schmorak, Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure, NL
Process Validation of Urban Freight Models
R Donnelly, Parsons Brinckerhoff, US; R Thompson, Monash University, AU
Planning for Sustainable Land Use & Transport
Appraising Land Use Strategies in Scotland Using LATIS: Lessons Learned
A Irvine, D Gilmour, Transport Scotland, UK; K Lumsden, J Davidson, S Canning, MVA Consultancy, UK
The Measurement and Evaluation of Diversity of Opportunity
N Ferguson, University of Strathclyde, UK
Accessibility Behind the Veil of Ignorance - a Thought Experiment
B Lange, Campaign for Better Transport, UK
A Justice-theoretic Exploration of Accessibility Measures  
K Martens, Radboud University of Nijmegen, NL; A Golub, Arizona State University, US
Urban Restructuring and Transportation in the Financial Crisis Era: A Study of the Athens CBD  
Z Christoforou, M Karlaftis, National Technical University of Athens, GR
Impact of Land Use Transformation on Trip Generation in Budapest  
C Kelen, Közlkekedés Ltd, HU; G Jenei, Z Krasnyanszky, A Pusztai, University of Technology and Economics, HU
Reurbanisation: a Chance for Public Transport?  
A Bruns, IVM GmbH, DE; W Manz, STRATA, DE
Fostering Rail-based Accessibility by Land Management - a Perspective from the French-German Bahn.Ville Project  
J Keller, G Wulfhorst, Technische Universitaet Muenchen, DE; T Leysons, A L'hostis, Laboratoire Ville Mobilité Transport, FR
The Potential for Substitution Between Car and Public Transport: Looking Back After 20 Years  
A Baanders, Ecorys, NL; T van der Hoorn, NL Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment & University of Amsterdam, NL; J van der Waard, NL Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, NL
Low Carbon Transport Scenarios to 2041: Lessons from Auckland
K Goddard, C Seaborn, Halcrow Group, UK; T Austin, University of Auckland, NZ
The Future of Living, Working and Transport in Dutch Regions: Planning for Uncertainty  
H Hilbers, D Snellen, J Ritsema van Eck, PBL Environmental Assessment Agency, NL
The Effects of Mobility Management for Companies in the Course of the German Mobility Management Action Programme "effizient.mobil"  
C Louen, R Farrokhikhiavi, University of Aachen, DE ; D Baumer, M Stiewe, ILS-Research Institute for Regional and Urban Development, DE
Policy Evaluation Taskforce Mobility Management 2010 (draft Version Paper)  
W Korver, Goudappel Coffeng, NL; H Pauwels, Ministry of Transport, NL
Pilot Project Beagueda - Electrical Bicycle of Agueda: Case-study  
G Nadais, C Laranjeira, A Antunes, D Herculano, Câmara Municipal de Águeda, PT
Factors Affecting Electric Car Uptake - an Exploratory Study
F Tsang, D Potoglou, J Pedersen, S Patil, S Wooding, RAND, UK
Market Penetration Scenarios of Electric Drive Vehicles  
F Nemry, M Brons, Joint Research Centre of European Commission, ES
Traffic Management, Traffic Engineering and Road S
Futuristic Traffic Management
F Lai, O Carsten, University of Leeds, UK
Forth Replacement Crossing Project - Intelligent Transport System  
L Shackman, Tranport Scotland, UK; K Carpenter, Tim Barber, Jacobs Arup, UK
A New Model for Asset Management: Albany Lakes Precinct  
C Blom, Anguillid Consulting Engineers and Scientists Ltd; A Irwin, S Rangamuwa, Auckland Transport, NZ
Birmingham Box Managed Motorways: 'after Construction' User Consultation on the Impacts of Hard Shoulder Running  
P Unwin, D Cooke, Highways Agency, UK; N Myers, J Baker, A Tuerk, A Arlow, Mott MacDonald, UK
City of Edinburgh Council ITS Deployment Plan  
A Reid, IBI Group Ltd, UK; R Mansell, City of Edinburgh Council, UK
Evaluation of the Cost-effectiveness of Highway Design Features for Improving Travel Time Reliability
R Cunard, Transportation Research Board, US
Practical Solutions for Highway Projects
N Stamatiadis, University of Kentucky, US
Macroscopic Simulation Approach of Public Transport on Exclusive Lanes  
A Valencia, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Valparai­so, CL; R. Fernandez, Universidad de los Andes, CL
Who's in the Peleton and Why? Understanding the Factors Behind Cycling Growth in London  
J Crockett, S Reid, MVA Consultancy, UK; L Matson, K Kroeger, Transport for London, UK
Valuing Rural Cycleways and Footpaths  
J Laird, University of Leeds, UK; M Page, Independant Consultant; S Shen, University of Westminster, UK
Cycling Within Urban Areas: the Cases of England and Japan  
K Andrade, S Kagaya, Hokkaido University, JP; L Woods, Portsmouth University, UK
A Comparative Analysis of the Climate Value of Cycling in Dutch Cities  
M van Maarseveen, R Massink, M Zuidgeest, M Brussel, Y Chen, University of Twente, NL
Social Media: What It Is, Why It is Important and Best Practice and Lessons Learned from TRB's Activities
R Cunard, Transportation Research Board, US
Improving the Safety of School Travel Via Bus Warning Signage in Aberdeenshire, Scotland  
R Fraser, AECOM, UK; M Carreno, Edinburgh Napier University, UK
Road Safety Inspection and Motorcycles
J Mertner, COWI, DK
Road Traffic Casualties in Disadvantaged Areas
J Hardin, AECOM, UK; G Whitfield, L Sutton, CRSP, UK
A GIS Tool for Urban Road Safety Analysis  
C Carvalheira, High Institute of Engineering of Lisbon, PT; L de Picado Santos, Technical University of Lisbon, PT
Driver Licence Tourism Within the EU: Compromising Road Safety? or a Necessity to Aid Free Movement?
S J Fox, Transport Policy and Strategy Consultant and Lecturer, ES
Development of a Speed Limit Model for Two-lane Rural Highways  
A Bastos Silva, University of Coimbra, PT; C Real, J Silva, Polytechnic Institute of Leiria, PT