European Transport Conference 2012

European Transport Conference 2012: Strands

Strand Papers
Applied Methods in Transport Planning
Static Traffic Assignment with Junction Modelling  
H Muijlwijk, Omnitrans International bv; K Zantema, Goudappel Coffeng, NL
Issues Associated with Integrating Transport and Environmental Models  
D Hardcastle, P Clarke,D Whittle, P Barrett, Mouchel, UK
The Influence of the Impedance Function on Uncertainty Propagation Through a Four-step Model  
O Petrik, F Moura, J de Abreu e Silva, Instituto Superior Técnico, PT
Alternative Gravity Modelling Approaches for Trip Matrix Synthesis  
O Feldman, Transport for London; J Forero-Martinez, Halcrow; D Coombe, The Denvil Coombe Practice, UK
Further Developments in OD Data Fusion Methodologies  
G Skrobanski, Highways Agency; M Logie, Minnerva; I Black, Independent Consultant; Y Dong, C Gilliam, Hyder Consulting (UK) Ltd.; J Fearon, John Fearon Consultancy, UK
Turning Data into Information for Transport Decision Making  
A Vandervalk, Cambridge Systematics, Inc., US
TransportNET special session
E-Vehicles: A Viable Innovation Policy Intervention for City Logistics?  
A Roumboutsos, S Kapros, University of the Aegean, GR
European Transport Policy & Research
Assessing the Sustainability Potential of EU Transport Networks  
C A Georgopoulou, N M P Kakalis, Det Norske Veritas Research & Innovation, GR; S Fozza, V Recagno, D'Appolonia S.p.A, IT; A Minsaas, E Ambros Holte, Norsk Marinteknisk Forskningsinsti, NO
Transport Sector Strategies of Czech Republic from the European Point of View (TEN-T)
M Janeeek, V Sedmidubska, L Sosna, Ministry of Transport, CZ
Evolving the Transportation Planning Process by Incorporating Climate Change Parameters
A Papanikolaou, G Aifantopoulou, Hellenic Institute of Transport, GR
Co-modality and Interfaces Between Short and Long-distance Transport - Lessons Learned from the CLOSER Case Studies  
P Christiansen, B J Johansen, J Andersen, O Eidhammer, Institute of Transport Economics, NO
Assessing Passenger Intermodality in Terminal Stations: Key Factors and Indicators
S Kapros, University of Aegean; M Morfoulaki, A Papanikolaou, Hellenic Institute of Transport, GR
Prototypes of Business Models for Improved Intermodal Transport of Passengers  
V Reis, R Macario, Instituto Superior Tecnico, PT
Using Space to Improve the Safety of Multi-modal Dangerous Goods Transport  
S Gustafsson, N Huebner, European Space Agency, INT; V Cocqueel, Vitrocicet Belgium, BE
How Should Allegations of State Aid Be Assessed in the Context of EU Ports?
P Oxley, P Hope, A Meaney, Oxera Consulting Ltd., UK
Urban Transport Planning in Developing Cities: Eleven Factors for Failure  
M F Ortiz Carrascal, Steer Davies Gleave; J P Bocarejo Suescan, Universidad de los Andes, CO
An Insight into Policy Transfer Processes Within an EU Project and Implications for Future Project Design  
C O'Dolan, Edinburgh Napier University, UK; T Rye, Lund University, SE
The Response of Airports to the Rise of Social Media in Europe  
N Halpern, Molde University College, NO
The Impact of the Volcanic Ash Cloud on Air Passengers
J Guiver, University of Central Lancashire, UK
Performance Monitoring of Bus Priority Using Automatic Data
C D'Souza, Transport for London; N Hounsell, B Shrestha, University of Southampton, UK
Implementation of INSPIRE Directive on Road Infrastructure in Portugal  
I Soares, P Matos Martins, Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa, PT
Dynamic Traffic Assignment to Assess ITS: the New York Case
J Casas, Traffic Simulation Systems, ES
Freight & Logistics
CODE 24 Online Rail Freight Exchange - Needs of Potential Users  
P Endemann, Regionalverband FrankfurtRheinMain; K Tracksdorf, Hochschule RheinMain; T Kaspar, TransCare AG, DE
Inland Intermodal Freight Transport Modelling  
J S Carreira, B F Santos, University of Coimbra, PT; S Limbourg, University of Liège, BE
Mode-choice Games in Intermodal Transport Chains - Theoretical Model and Some Case Study Evidence  
O Sunde, Bergen University College; S Braathen, Molde University College, NO
Trends and Perspectives of Short Sea Shipping in the Mediterranean Basin  
S Kapros, A Roumboutsos, University of Aegean, GR
The Ascent of the White Van Man: Causes and Consequences  
L Casullo, S Kohli, Steer Davies Gleave, UK
Assessment of Trade-offs Among Urban Delivery Vehicles  
C A Torres Cruz, Federal Highways Agency; X Ban, Jose Holgui­n Veras, Rensselaar Polytechnic Institute, US
Freight Generation, Freight Trip Generation, and the Perils of Using Constant Trip Rates  
J Holguin-Veras, M Jaller, L Destro, X Ban, C Lawson, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; H Levinson, Independent Consultant, US
Assessment of Empty Trips Models: an Empirical Investigation  
C Gonzalez-Calderon, I Sanchez-Diaz, J Holguin-Veras, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; E Thorson, The City College of New York, US
Innovative Solutions for City Logistics: Demonstration and Viability Results  
H Quak, S Balm, B Posthumus, TNO, NL; M Breuning, Fraunhofer Berlin, DE
Overall Impacts of Off-hour Delivery Programs in the New York City Metropolitan Area: Lessons for European Cities  
J Holguin-Veras, M Brom, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; K Ozbay, S Iyer, Rutgers University; A Kornhauser, Princeton University; S Ukkusuri, Purdue University, B Allen, KLD Associates, M A Silas, CENTRA Technology, US; W F Yushimito, Adolfo Ibáñez Univ
Implementing City Logistics Policies in Rome: Methodology and Results
A Nuzzolo, U Crisalli, A Comi, L Rosati, Tor Vergata University of Rome, IT
Calculating Emissions Along Supply Chains – is Standardisation for a Global Approach Within Reach?  
A Lewis, Transport & Travel Research Ltd, UK; V Ehrler, Deutsches Zentrum fur Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR), DE;K Makela, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, FI; O Eidhammer, Institute of Transport Economics, NO
The Impact of Introducing Environmental Control Areas at Sea
C Sys, T Vanelslander, M Adriaenssens, Univesity of Antwerp, BE
Activity-based Charging in Low Emission Zones: the Stakeholders' Response
K Ystmark Bjerkan, M Elvsaas Nordtoemme, A-M Kummeneje, A Bjoergen Sund, T Tretvik, SINTEF Technology and Society, NO
Estimation of an Inventory-theoretic Model of Mode Choice in Freight Transport  
R Lloret-Batlle, Technical University of Catalonia, CENIT, ES; F Combes, Universite Paris-Est, LVM, FR
SP Surveys, Models and Results for the Values of Time and Reliability in Freight Transport in The Netherlands
G de Jong, M Kouwenhoven, Significance; P Koster, V van den Berg, Y-Y Tseng, E Verhoef, VU Amsterdam, NL; J Bates, John Bates Services, UK; L Tavasszy, TNO; P Warffemius, KiM Netherlands Institute for Transport Policy Analysis, NL
Tour-based Freight Origin-destination Synthesis  
C Gonzalez-Calderon,J Holguin-Veras, X Ban, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, US
Determining Optimal Fleet Distribution for Dynamic Indirect Traffic Detection Based on Bluetooth  
G Gurczik, M Junghans, S Ruppe, German Aerospace Center (DLR), DE
Innovative Methods in European Road Freight Transport Statistics: a Revolution in Terms of Quality, Costs and Time.  
R Bauer, M Schedl, Paradigma Unternehmensberatung Gmbh, DE; E Fuerst, P Oberhofer, WU Vienna, AT
The Impact of Electronic Coupled Heavy Trucks on Traffic Flow  
S Mueller, German Aerospace Center (DLR), DE
Demonstration of a Cooperative Information System for Heavy Vehicles  
S Meland, C Mausethagen, O Rennemo, SINTEF, NO
E-shopping and Changed Transport Behavior  
L Winslott Hiselius, Lund University; L Smidfelt Rosqvist, A Clark, Trivector, SE
Time-dependent Effects on Parameters of Freight Demand Models: an Empirical Investigation  
J Holguin-Veras, I Sanchez-Diaz, C Gonzalez-Calderon, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, E Thorson, The City College of New York, US; I Sarmiento, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, CO
Local Public Transport
Making Public Transport Accessibility Safe: Istanbul Metrobus
S Bulay, E Can Yuce, EMBARQ in Turkey, TR
The Potential for Urban Public Transport on Waterways in France  
D Baudry, CETE Nord Picardie; I Treve-Thomas, CERTU, FR
How 'ov-fiets' Influences Customer Based Brand Equity of Dutch Railways  
A Lekkerkerker, K Mook, M van Hagen, P van Houten, Dutch Railways, NL
Where Public Transport Runs on GUTi  
C Wibmer, Landratsamt, Bavarian Forest, DE
What is Affecting Season Ticket Elasticities in London?  
A Meaney, M Shepherd, Oxera Consulting Ltd, UK
Delivering a Multifaceted Transport Quality Partnership Approach to Behavioural Change & Carbon Reduction  
J P Cecil, S L Copsey, A Taylor, S J Walsh, R L V Southern, University of Hertfordshire; S Joseph, Campaign for Better Transport; M Salter, Cambridgeshire County Council, UK
Deregulation of a Long Distance Express Coach Market  
J Aarhaug, N Fearnley, P Christiansen, Institute of Transport Economics, NO
Efficiency and Tendering of Services in Italian Local Public Transport
F Cirianni, G Leonardi, MECMAT, University of Reggio Calabria; D Ianno', ATAM Plc, Azienda trasporti area dello Stretto, IT
Planning for Sustainable Land Use & Transport
Improving Accessibility: Evaluating National Policy  
D Snellen, PBL Netherlands Environmental Protection Agency, NL
Reinventing Birmingham by Reforming Transportation Strategy
A Shaw, A Osola, Birmingham City Council, UK
Planning for Accessibility, from the Bottom-up
M Bach, Independent Consultant, UK
The Cycling Boom in Some German Cities - Understanding and Explaining Behavioural Change
A Busch-Geertsema, M Lanzendorf, Goethe University Frankfurt, DE
Examining User Behaviour on a Shared Bike Scheme - the Case of Dublin Bikes
P O'Neil, B Caulfield, Trinity College Dublin, IE
Assessing the Potential Health Benefits of Cycling at the City of Viana Do Castelo
P Ribeiro, J F G Mendes, University of Minho; E Arsenion, LNEC, PT
Traffic Management, Traffic Engineering and Road S
Neural Networks to Estimate Crashes at Zonal Level for Transportation Planning  
V R Duddu, S S Pulugurtha, The University of North Carolina at Charlotte, US
Design and Prototype of an RFID Based In-vehicle Road Sign Delivery System
A Paul, N Bharadwaj, A S Bhat, S Shroff, T.G Sitharam, S Venkatesh, Instrumentation Technology, IN
Integration of Traffic Management and Air Quality Control (iTRAQ)  
S Gustafsson, N Huebner, European Space Agency, INT; B Passow, D Elizondo, E Goodyer, Y Yang, De Montfort University; R Leigh, J Lawrence, University of Leicester;S Shah, J Obszynska, Leicester City Council, UK; S Brown, A Groom, Astrium GEO-Information S
The Use of Real-time, Historic and Floating-car Traffic Data in Helping to Reduce Congestion
G de Boer, D Cottage, TomTom, NL
Road User Awareness and Understanding of the Meaning of Traffic Signs  
P Harman, C Houldin, T Stuart, P Murphy, AECOM, UK
Impact Analysis of Dynamic Message Signs on Driver Behavior
M A Mohammadi, B K Venkat, G H Bham, M Leu, Missouri University of Science and Technology, US
An Explanatory Analysis to Evaluate the Driver Perception of Dynamic Message Signs
M A Mohammadi, G H Bham, D Cernusca, Missouri University of Science and Technology, US
Anticipatory Traffic Information for Navigation Systems Framework As Example of Transport Planning Policy
J Casas, TSS-Traffic Simulation Systems and University of Vic; A Torday, TSS-Traffic Simulation Systems,ES
Should I Stay or Should I Go? Uncovering the Factors of Red Light Runnings in a Field Study  
L Carnis, University Paris-Est and IFSTTAR-DEST; R Dik, E Kemel, CETE de l'Ouest, FR
Controlling User Groups in Traffic  
J Vreeswijk, Peek Traffic bv; B Tutert, University of Twente; L Wismans, Goudappel Coffeng, NL
Operation of Traffic Signals During Low Demand Period  
S Phull, Department for Transport; P Harman, AECOM, UK
How Do Traffic Demands and Reaction Behaviours Affect the Evacuation Planning?
Y-P Floetteroed, L Bieker, German Aerospace Center, DE
Traffic Management Method to Study Bus Priorities on Arterial Roads  
R Fernandez, Universidad de los Andes; A Valencia, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso, CL
Effects of Variable Speed Limit System on Travel Time Reliability
M A Mohammadi, G H Bham, Missouri University of Science and Technology, US
Analysis of the Perception of Safety Among Cyclists  
A Lawson, B Ghosh, Trinity College Dublin; V Pakrashi, University College Cork, IE; W Y Szeto, The University of Hong Kong, HK
Rural Road Safety of Children and Young People in Northern Ireland
S Dolan,Department for the Environment (NI), D McGuigan, Independent Consultant, UK
Cyclists' Route Planner Mobile-app for Dublin City  
M Gavin, M Bouroche, B Ghosh, Trinity College Dublin; V Pakrashi, University College Cork; J Barton, B O'Flynn, Tyndall National Institute Cork, IE
Traffic Management Techniques for Cyclists  
S Phull, Department for Transport; J Bedingfeld, E Gould, P Knight, TRL ltd, UK
Risks for Powered Two-wheelers and Filtering Between Lanes on Urban Motorways  
A Hublart, CETE Normandie centre; J F Durand, CETE Ile de France, FR
Transport Economics and Appraisal
A Dynamic Model of Two Competing Cities: the Effects of Competition on Tolls and Land Use  
S Shepherd, C Balijepalli, ITS, University of Leeds, UK
Externalities As Objectives for DTM Solving a Dynamic Multi-objective Network Design Problem  
L Wismans, University of Twente and Goudappel Coffeng; E van Berkum, University of Twente, NL; M Bliemer, University of Sydney, AU
Portuguese Airports and Regional Efficiency Evaluation: a Data Envelopment Analysis Combined with Analytical Network Process
T Marques, M Vaz, M Ema‚ ­l Baltazar, J Silva, LAETA/UI-AeroG, University of Beira Interior, PT
Advancing Appraisal: from Transport Economic Efficiency to Land-use/transport Economic Efficiency  
D Simmonds, David Simmonds Consultancy/Heriot-Watt University, UK
What Are the Wider Impacts of Changes to Road Maintenance Budgets?  
K Johnston, Transport Scotland; T Bradbury, C Parkman, R, Abell, TRL, UK
New Roads or Better Roads: a Productivity Puzzle - Evidence from OECD Member Countries
Md O Chaudhry, S Braathen, J Odeck, Molde University College, NO
The Challenges Associated with Undertaking an Economic Appraisal of a Dynamic Managed Motorway Scheme
D Hardcastle, P Clarke, Mouchel; R Himlin, Highways Agency TAME, UK
Ex Post Appraisal: What Lessons Can Be Learnt from EU Cohesion Funded Transport Projects  
J Laird, C Kelly, J Nellthorp, ITS, University of Leeds; S Costantini, J Carbajo, X Mas, J E Leon, Frontier Economics, UK
New Approach for Evaluate Travel Time Variability and Application for Real Case in Hungary  
T Matrai, M Juhasz, BKK Centre for Budapest Transport, HU
K De Langhe, C Sys, E Van de Voorde, T Vanelslander, University of Antwerp, BE
Internalisation of External Costs in Flanders  
E Delhaye, Transport & Mobility Leuven and CES-KU Leuven; G De Ceuster, S Maerivoet, Transport & Mobility Leuven, BE
Is Private Tolling Efficient?  
N Wagner, Universite Paris-Est, LVMT
London Olympics and Transport
Travel Demand Management During the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games
C Springett, Olympic Delivery Authority; S Reid, MVA Consultancy, UK
Transport Performance Monitoring and Analysis During the London 2012 Olympic Games
J Hawthorne, I Siviter, Sinclair Knight Merz; B Dosunmu, Olympic Delivery Authority; L Sager-Weinstein, Transport for London; M Chatterton, Olympic Delivery Authority, UK
Event Overlay Planning for Rail Stations
D Taylor, A Howie, Movement Strategies, UK
Games Family Demand Modelling for the London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games  
I Bates, C Cuckson, N Brownbridge, A Thellmann, AECOM, UK
Spectator Movement Tracking and Monitoring During the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games  
P Jackson, G Wilson, SkyHigh plc; J Cusdin, Olympic Delivery Authority, UK
Transport and Climate Change
Measuring the Impacts of Weather Changes on Water Depths and Transport Costs by Inland Navigation: a Multimodal Approach for the Rhine Corridor
M Beuthe, B Jourguin, N Urbain, Universite Catholique de Louvain, BE; F Bruinsma,VU Amsterdam, NL; I Lingemann, Bundesanstalt fuer Gewasserkunde (BfG),DE; B Ubbels, NEA, NL
Extreme Weather Impacts on Freight Railways in Europe  
J Ludvigsen, R Klaboe, Institute of Transport Economics, NO
Carbon Emissions Performance and the UK Highway Maintenance Sector: a Review of the Issues  
E Itoya, Balfour Beatty Living Places Ltd and Loughborough University; S Ison, M Frost, A El-Hamalawi, Loughborough University, UK
Delivering a Climate Resilient Future for Rail
K Avery, TRL; J Dora, Network Rail, UK
The Effects of Climate Change on the Inland Waterway Network
C Heyndrickx, T Breemersch, Transport & Mobility Leuven, BE
Can Major Public Transport Developments Contribute to Climate Change Mitigation?
P-Y Ancion, E Baranger, STRATEC S.A., BE
Travel Behaviour
Soft Transport Policy Measures: Implementing Personalised Travel Planning.  
I Meloni, B Sanjust, E Spissu, University of Cagliari-CRiMM, IT TB01ii
The Behavioural Impacts of a Rewarding Scheme During Two and a Half Years  
H Palm, Goudappel Coffeng BV; A Kooistra, BNV Mobility; P van Noort, De Verkeersonderneming, NL
Applying Psychological Insight in Transport Policy by Using the Behavioural Insights Model BIM  
N Schaap, O van de Riet, KiM - Institute for Transport Policy Analysis, NL
Modelling the Demand of Leisure Traffic in the Province of Salzburg  
M Haberl, Graz University of Technology, AT
The Seamless Public Transport Journey: Affective and Instrumental
R Hickman, I Hamiduddin, P Hall, P Jones, C Osborne, University College London, UK
Peak Car: the State of the Debate
P Goodwin, University of the West of England, UK
Forecasting the Hierarchy of Travel Behavioural De
Forecasting Demand for High Speed Rail in the Two Main Corridors of Norway
S Fluegel, A H Halse, Institute of Transport Economics, NO
Estimating Future Long-distance Passenger Travel Demand Up to 2050 Utilising the System Dynamics Based Model Luna  
P C Pfaffenbichler, G Emberger, Vienna University of Technology, AT; S Shepherd ITS, University of Leeds, UK
The Accuracy of Toll Road Forecasts: a Comparison of the Efficacy of Different Modelling Methods
P Davidson, C Teye-Ali, R Culley, Peter Davidson Consultancy, UK
A Long Term Capacity and Demand Assessment Model for the UK Transport System  
S Blainey, J Preston, F McLeod, University of Southampton, UK
What is the Best Place for Models?
D Gilmour, S Cragg, A Irvine, Transport Scotland, UK
New Generation of Dutch National and Regional Models - an Overview of Theory and Practice  
D Joksimovic, Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment; R van Grol, Significance, NL
Complex Model Structures Versus Fine Disaggregation of Travel Demand: the Specification of an Urban Mode Choice Model for the French Urban Area of Rouen
T Anselme, Centre d'Etudes Techniques de l'Equipement/Ministry of Transport; F Combes, Universite Paris-Est, LVMT, FR
Towards a Sustainable Fleet
Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Forecasts in France
S Sadeghian, F Leurent, M Thebert, City, Mobility & Transport Laboratory of Ecole des Ponts-ParisTech/ Paris-Est University, FR
Towards a Sustainable Car Fleet  
J Berveling, O van de Riet, KiM - NL Institute for Transport Policy Analysis, NL
Planning for Electric Vehicles  
M Croucher, G Higgs, MVA Consultancy, UK
A Model of the U.S. Start-stop Vehicle Market  
T Adler, J Keller, Resource Systems Group, US
Changing Fuel and Refuelling Patterns: Company Car Drivers' Preferences for Alternative Fuel Cars
A Dimitropoulos, P Rietveld, J N van Ommeren, VU University Amsterdam, NL
Modelling Demand for Alternative Fuel Commercial Vehicles
J Galvan, V Cantillo, Universidad del Norte, CO
Modelling Electric Vehicle Adoption in the UK: a Stated Choice Study
A Sivakumar, N Daina, J Polak, Imperial College London; S Skippon, Shell; J Stannard, TRL; S Le Vine, Imperial College London, UK
Transport and Economic Crisis
Financing Options for a Transit System Through Real Estate  
M Singh, School of Planning and Architecture, Bhopal; Rt Sharma, UMT, Delhi, IN
Policy Transfer of Public Transport Funding Schemes: the Case of Norway
S J. Olsen, F Longva, Institute of Transport Economics, NO
Recent Trends in Young Germans' Travel Behavior from an Economic Perspective  
T Streit, M Wirtz, P Vortisch, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, UK
Changing Patterns in Car Sales During Crisis: a Case Study in the Athens Metropolitan Area
Z Christoforou, M G Karlaftis, National Technical University of Athens, GR; T Roul, Ecole des Ponts-ParisTech, FR
How Accurate Are the Pre-recession Models?  
S Subramanian, Imperial College London; S Kohli, Steer Davies Gleave, UK
Service Led PPPs: the Next Generation of Projects
P Snelson, PS-PPP Consult, UK
Investment in the Railway
Criteria for High Speed Railway Introduction and Application in India  
H Takeshita, Institution for Transport Policy Studies, JP
Intercity Transportation System in China: Developments and Plans
S Zhao, Xiaozhi, Dalian University of Technology, CN
A Study on the Life-cycle Assessment for Evaluating Carbon Impact from Construction of Rail Infrastructure  
Y Morita, Ki Shimizu, Institution for Transport Policy Studies; T Yamasaki, Japan Railway Construction; H Kato, N Shibahara, Nagoya University, JP
Bottlenecks in Railway Infrastructure - Do They Really Exist? The Corridor Rotterdam-Genoa  
H Drewello, University Kehl, DE; F Guenther, ETH Zurich, IRL-Institute for Spatial and Landscape Planning, CH
Do We Need a Through-running Railway Station in Budapest?  
A Baanders, Ecorys, NL; C Orosz, T Princz-Jakovics, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, HU
Forecasting Travel Behaviour with Activity-Based M
Sampling Alternatives
A Daly, RAND Europe, UK
The Complexity of Travel: Trip Chaining in Norway  
L Vaagane, Institute of Transport Economics, NO
Using a Simulated Annealing Algorithm to Generate Efficient Stated Preference Designs
P Davidson, C Teye-Ali, R Culley, Peter Davidson Consultancy, UK
Social Effects and Social Inclusion in Transport
The Bus Passenger Survey and Concessionary Fares in the UK: More Light in the Darkness?  
A Meaney, M Shepherd, Oxera Consulting Ltd.; I Wright, Passenger Focus, UK
Social Exclusion: Accessibility As a Factor of Social Exclusion in the Lisbon Municipality  
J P Pritchard, F Moura, CESUR/Instituto Superior Técnico, PT
Inclusive Tourism: Reducing the Barriers to Travel
M Hickish, Movement Strategies, UK
Mobility and Social Participation of the Elderly in Suburbia: a Gender-related Analysis in Berlin and Its Hinterland  
C Rahn, F Giesel, Institute of Transport Research, German Aerospace Center (DLR), DE
Social and Economic Impacts of Transport Policy  
J Kiel, H Maurer, Panteia/NEA, NL; M Krail, W Schade, Fraunhofer Institute, DE; T Denissen, S Kritzinger, ProgTrans, CH; F Fermi, D Fiorello, TRT, IT
Changing Travel Behaviour in the Peak Hour
Is Travelling Really a Waste of Time?
G Dodds, S Turnbull, Jacobs, UK
Persuasive Communication Aimed at Public Transportation-oriented Residential Choice  
A Taniguchi, H Ishida, University of Tsukuba; S Fujii, Kyoto University; T Azami, East Japan Railway Company, JP
What Goes by Decides What Follows: Dependence on Residential Relocation Decision on Previous Life Cycle and Mobility Events
A T Md Oakil, D Ettema, Utrecht University; T Arentze, H Timmermans, Eindhoven University of Technology, NL
Travel Behaviour of Customers
The Ten Commandments of How to Become a Customer-driven Railway Operator  
M van Hagen, M de Bruyn, Netherlands Railways, NL
Estimating Pedestrian Flows at Train Stations Using the Station Transfer Model  
K Dekkers, NS Reizigers, Netherlands Railways; S de Vos, NS Stations, Netherlands Railways; J van den Heuvel, Delft University of Technology and NS Stations, Netherlands Railways, NL
Demand Impacts of Recovery Time in Railway Timetables
F Teklu, J Segal, M Dix, MVA Consultancy; M Wardman, ITS, University of Leeds; B Condry, ATOC, UK
The Car: Sheer Laziness?  
M van Hagen, Netherlands Railways; R Eijsink, G Apeldoorn, University of Twente; J Verhoeven, University of Amsterdam, NL
Quantitative Assessment of Public Transport Interchanges  
P Olszewski, Warsaw University of Technology; P Krukowski, Roads and Urban Maintenance Authority of Wroclaw, PL
Interchanges in Timetable Design of Railways: A Closer Look on the Customers Resistance of Interchange Between Trains  
G Haarsman, K Geurs, University of Twente; B de Keizer, Netherlands Railways, NL
Developments in Airline Pricing and Revenue Management  
N P S Dennis, University of Westminster, UK
Airlines Pricing Strategies in Captive Markets: Which Factors Really Matter?
A S Bergantino, C Capozza, Universita degli Studi di Bari "Aldo Moro", IT
Understanding Individual Travel Behaviour with Dis
SP Surveys, Models and Results for the Values of Time and Reliability in Passenger Transport in The Netherlands
M Kouwenhoven, G de Jong, Significance; P Koster, V van den Berg, Y-Y Tseng, E Verhoef, VU University Amsterdam, NL; J Bates, John Bates Services, UK; P Warffemius, KiM Netherlands Institute for Transport Policy Analysis, NL
Accounting for Stochastic Variables in Discrete Choice Models
F Diaz, V Cantillo, Universidad del Norte, CO
Extending the OTM to Predict Time Period Choice for Car Drivers
J Fox, B Patruni, ADaly, RAND Europe, UK; H Paag, TetraPlan, DK
Route Choice Variability: a Case Study  
V Benezech, Universite Paris-Est, ENPC, FR; A Kippelen, ENPC, FR
Model Design