European Transport Conference 1996

European Transport Conference 1996: Strands

Strand Papers
Airport Planning Issues
The Contribution of Airports to Regional Economic Development  
ANDREW H R and BAILEY R, University of Luton, UK
Limits to Air Transport Growth: the Demand Factors  
GRAHAM A C, University of Westminster, UK
Competition for Connecting Traffic Between Hub Airports in Europe  
DENNIS N P S, University of Westminster, UK
European Air Transportation Networks After Liberalisation  
ADLER N and BERECHMAN J, Tel Aviv University, Israel
Uxbridge - Heathrow Corridor  
CASTELIJN B, London Borough of Hillingdon, UK
Bus and Coach Operations at a Major Airport  
ASHLEY B, Heathrow Airport Ltd., UK and KATELEY J, Speedlink Airport Services
Long Distance Rail Services to Airports  
NIBLETT R, Colin Buchanan and Partners, UK
Public Transport Links to Heathrow  
KIRKUP J and GANNON M, London Underground, UK
An Alternative Airport Terminal with Automated People Movers for Hong Kong New Airport  
LAM W H K, Hong Kong Polytechnic University and WIRASINGHE S C, University of Calgary, Canada
Geographical Information Systems
New Roles for GIS in Environmental Appraisal of Transport Schemes  
VAUGHAN D R J and MITCHELL S C, Environmental Resources Management, UK
Using GIS for Regional Transportation  
Traffic and Atmospheric Pollution: Emission and Diffusion Models for Pollutants in the City of Madrid  
MORAGUES A, T ALCAIDE- LOPEZ, and A MONZON, Madrid Polytechnic University, Spain
Simulation Modelling of Paratransit Services Using GIS  
KUNAKA C, Centre for Transport Studies, University College London, UK
A Simulation Model for Urban Freight Transport with GIS  
VISSER J G S N AND MAAT K, OTB Research Institute for Policy Sciences and Technology, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
North Carolina's Transportation Improvement Program: Incorporat'mg GIS into a State-wide Mitigation Study  
HOLDSTOCK D, North Carolina State University, DC ROBINSON and B SCHALLER, North Carolina Department of Transportation, USA
Improved GIS-based Methods for Traffic Noise Impact Assessment  
NIELSEN O A, Technical University of Denmark and BLOCH K S, TetraPlan Ltd. Consultants, Denmark
Congestion Management Using GIS  
ABRAHAM J K, EL-KHATIB N, AND DATTA T K, Wayne State University, USA
Pan-European Transport Issues
An International Comparison of Accessibility and Congestion Problems in Urban Areas: Can We Still Compete with Our Neighbours?  
HILBERS H D and VERROEN E J, TNO-Institute for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development, The Netherlands
Transport in the Balkans: Current Problems and Future Strategies  
ASH N, Sir Alexander Gibb and Partners, UK
Bottlenecks in the European Railway Infrastructure  
ROTHENGATTER W, University of Karlsruhe, Germany
White Book of Transport - New Genre in Transport Policy  
Rail Market Research in the CIS  
BROWN M, Halcrow Fox, TEO C, Halcrow Transmark, UK, DUNKEL C-D, EPV-GIV, Germany and PEKHTEREV F S, Giprotranstei, Russia
Recent Developments in Polish Transport Policy: Conflicts Between Growth and Sustainability?  
JUDGE E and KAMINSKI R, Leeds Metropolitan University, UK
Developing a Car Income Model for Poland  
Selected Issues in Poland's Transport Policy in the 1990s  
RYDZKOWSKI W and WOJEWODZKA-KROL K, University of Gdansk, Poland
Traffic Forecasts for the Oresund Fixed Link  
TERZIS G and COPLEY G, The MVA Consultancy, UK, PEDERSEN K S, COWI Consult, Denmark, BATES J, John Bates Services, UK and SCHEELE S, Inregia, Sweden
Transport Intermodality: a Developing European Union Perspective  
COLEMAN R J and DUDDING M, European Commission, Belgium
International Barriers to the Multimodal Distribution of Goods in Europe  
TAVASSZY L, TNO Institute of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development and HAMERSLAG R, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
Intermodal Terminals in the Trans-European Network  
HOLTGEN D, European Commission, Belgium
Some Issues in Traffic Forecasting for Privately Financed Infrastructure  
KROES E P, Hague Consulting Group, The Netherlands
The Importance of the Improved Road Network to Transportation Economics in Finland  
JOUTSENSAARI J, Tampere University of Technology, Finland
Personal Access and Mobility
Accessible Transport - Market Forces V Human Rights?  
MCKEE, Cambell, Independent Consultant in Accessible Transport, UK
Public Transport Planning and Operations
Alternative Fuels for Public Transport - the Costs and the Benefits  
The Accuracy of Real Time Information: a Detailed Case Study  
BRADLEY J and JAMES N, Transport and Travel Research Ltd., UK
The Use of Sated Preference Technique in Evaluating a Passenger Information System: the Eurobus/Popins/Thepis Experience  
PAPAIOANNOU p and BASBAS S, University of Thessaloniki, Greece and VOUGIOUKAS M, EuroTrans Consulting Ltd., UK
Better Public Transport: Passengers' Valuation of Time and Service Improvements  
KJOERSTAD K N and RENOLEN H, Institute of Transport Economics, Norway
Park-and-Ride - the View of Users and Non Users  
SPEYER 1L TAYLOR B and VENN P, Swansea Institute of Higher Education, UK
Evaluation of the Economic and Social Effectiveness of Park-and-Ride Facilities  
MARGAIL F, Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussres and AUZANNET P, Rdgie Autonome des Transports Parisiens, France
Adaptation of the Whole Travel Chain: Benefits and Attitudes  
STAHL A, Lund Institute of Technology, Sweden
The Pedestrian Environment - the Achilies Heel of Travel by Low Floor Bus?  
LAVERY I and DAVEY S, University of Ulster, UK
The Evaluation of the Student Pass (new Formula) in the Netherlands  
CHEUNG F Y C, Ministry of Transport, KROES E P and HAMER R N, Hague Consulting Group, The Netherlands
The Use of Public Transport for School Journeys in London  
BRADSHAW R, Sihn Thornthwaite Consultantsand ATKINS S, London Transport Planning, UK
Quality Bus - Buses for Car Owners  
KELLY P, Maunsell Transport Planning, UK
Getting Commuters Onto Public Transport - a Survey in Merseyside  
STOKES G, Transport and Travel Research Ltd., UK
Does Modal Choice Between Car and Public Transport Really Exist?  
KAUFMANN V, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne, Switzerland
Social Appraisal of Public Transport in Madrid  
MONZON A and GUERRERO M J, Madrid University School of Advanced Civil Engineering, CRISTOBAL C and SANZ C, Madrid Transport Consortium, Spain
Reliability - the Dominant Railway Performance Issue of the Next Decade  
STEINMETZ W R and ASHMORE D O, Railway Technology Strategy Centre, UK
Franchised Rail Services in Sweden  
HYLEN B, Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute, Sweden
Localised Operation of Passenger Services Under the Railways Act  
EATON B D, Coventry Business School, LrK
A Generic System for Planning Activities in a Bus Transit Company  
ABBAS K A, Egyptian National Institute of Transport, Egypt
A Process Approach to Public Transport Design  
VEENEMAN W W, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
Roads Finance Provision and Operation
Analysing Risk Allocation in Transport Concessions  
CARBONARO G, European Investment Bank, Luxemburg
US Highway Facility Partnerships: Recent Experience and New Directions  
ERICKSON R, Federal Highway Administration, USA
Definition of Optimal Road Network for Finland  
SIKOW-MAGNY C, LT Consultants Ltd, Finland
The Implementation of Toll Motorways in Bulgaria: a Practical Approach  
VALENTINE N, Scott Wilson Kirkpatrick, LrK and FANDO-MESTRE R, Europistas C.E.S.A, Spain
Developing Management Capacity of Tanzania's Road Department  
ANDRESKI A, European Commission Delegation to Tanzania and AWADH A, Ministry of Works, Tanzania
Working in Partnership: DBFO in the UK  
NICHOLSON S, Highways Agency, UK
BOT in Motorway Development: Hungarian Experience  
MURANYI M, Ministry of Transport, Communication and Water Management and JASZBERENYI M, University of Economics, Hungary
Reform and Modernisation of the Russian Management System  
The Public Relations of the Project Manager on Transport Infrastructure Schemes  
PREECE C, MOODLEY K and GRAHAM C, University of Leeds, UK
On-street Parking - an Opportunity for Private Finance  
TOMLIN P, Colin Buchanan and Partners, UK
Is It a Good Deal: Cost Benefit Analysis for Tolled Crossings  
BRAATHEN S, MOre Research/Molde College and HERVIK A, MOre Research/Norwegian School of Management BI and NESSET E, Molde College/University of Bergen, Norway
Performance of Reinforced Hot Asphaltic Concrete Pavements  
EL REFAEY M, AI Azhar University, Egypt
A Critical Appraisal on the Performance of Porous Asphalt Mixtures  
WOODSIDE A, WOODWARD W and BAIRD J, University of Ulster, and PHILLIPS P, Bardon Roadstone, UK
Roadworks - an Operation Too Many  
WOODS1DE A, STRONG W and GREER P, University of Ulster, UK
A Rational Mix Design Method for Porous Asphalt  
KHALID H and WALSH C, Liverpool University, UK
The Assessment of the Suitability of Waste Materials of the Use in Highway Construction  
WOODSIDE A, WOODWARD W and FARMER D, University of Ulster and COLLINS R, Building Research Establishment, UK
ASR Modified Asphalt for Better Quality  
DUTTA U and IBADAT I, University of Detroit Mercy, USA
Feasibility Assessment of Recycled Products Use in Portland Cement Concrete  
GOULIAS D and AL-HOSAIN A, Brooklyn Polytechnic University, USA
Developing Design Guidelines for Passing Lanes in Taiwan  
DAI M, CHEN W and HSU F, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
Traffic Management and Road Safety
The Importance of Scotland's Casualty Record in National Road Safety Planning  
HALDEN D and HARLAND D, Transport Research Laboratory, UK
A System Approach for Sustainable Management of Traffic Safety  
ABBAS K, Egyptian National Institute of Transport, Egypt
Effects of Accident Remedial Measures on Urban Roads  
WEINERT R, Ruhr University Bochum, Germany
Mitigation of Rear-end Accident Problems at Signalised Intersections  
Connecting Social Deprivation and Involvement in Road Accidents: Results and Implications  
McGUIGAN D, The City of Edinburgh Council, BULL M and GORMAN D, Lothian Health Board, UK
Junction Improvements for Vulnerable Road Users  
How Do We Know if Walk and Cycle Routes Are Safe?  
STARK D, Traffic Safety Research Innovations Limited, UK
The Speeding Driver  
LIPSCOMBE A, Colin Buchanan and Partners and WILKINSON D, Scottish Office, UK
Suffolk's 30 Mph Speed Limit Initiative  
JEANES M, Suffolk County Council, UK
Improving Pedestrian Priority in UTC Systems  
AUSTIN K and MARTIN B, Halcrow Fox, UK
Urban Traffic Management; the Viability of Short Term Congestion Forecasting Using Artificial Neural Networks  
LYONS G, McDONALD M and HOUNSELL N, University of Southampton, WILLIAMS B and CHEESE J, Smith Systems Engineering Ltd, and RADIA B, Department of Transport, UK
Strategies for Urban Traffic Management and Control  
WOOD K, Transport Research Laboratory, UK
User's View of Network Management  
KEMP S, Director for London and YENDALL P, Oscar Faber, UK
Using Information for Network Management  
Data Transfer in UTMC  
CHEESE J and CARTWRIGHT M, Smith System Engineering, UK
The Technical Specification and Informatory Documents  
ROUTLEDGE I, GRAHAM A and JONES S, Oscar Faber and CHEESE J, Smith System Engineering, UK
Policy Development and Overview  
RADIA B, Department of Transport, UK
The Use of Advanced Transport Telemafics on the Existing Roads  
O'C1NNEIDE D, University College Cork, Ireland, RISSER R, FACTUM, Austria and GYNNERSTEDT G, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
ROMANSE: Road Management System for Europe  
WREN A and LAUGHLIN K, Hampshire County Council, UK
SOCRATES: Pan-European Transport Telematics Using Cellular Radio  
CATLING I and HARRIS R, Ian Catling Consultancy, UK
Queue Relocation Bus Priority Using SCOOT Gating  
OAKES J and KELLY I, Oscar Faber Transportation, UK
Journey Time Prediction for Bus Priority at Traffic Signals  
HOUNSELL N, ISHTIAQ S and McLEOD F, University of Southampton, UK
Using Cameras for the Enforcement of Bus Lanes  
TURNER D, Traffic Director for London and MONGER P, Peter Monger Consultancy and Traffic Director for London, UK
Modelling and Control of Multiple User-class Freeway Traffic Flow by Using Dynamic Lane Assignment  
HOOGENDOORN S and BOVY P, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
The Use of Forecasts in the Assignment of Bus Unities and Drivers in Transport Systems  
VALIENTE S and BELLISKI G, Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata, Argentina
Integrated Traffic Management - Dealing with the Dynamics of Large Computer Systems  
ROOZEMOND D and JOHANNS R, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
Transport Policy and Implementation
Experiments in Privatization - Victoria's Public Transport System  
MICHAEL E J, LaTrobe University, Australia
Relationships Between Transport and Land Use in the Netherlands  
CHEUNG F and Ôt HOEN A, Ministly of Transport, The Netherlands
Tokyo - Modelling the Impact of Transport on Development  
SALTER M P, Marcial Echenique and Partners Ltd, UK, SAITO H, Appraisal CO, Japan and LLORENS L, Marcial Echenique y Compania, Spain
Towards a Local Sustainable Transport Strategy - Trying to Turn Ideas into Practice: a Case Study of Brent  
RAW G, London Borough of Brent and WOOD C, Centre for Independent Transport Research in London (CILT), UK
Urban Structure and the Use of the Car: the Case of Five Spanish Medium-sized Cities  
ECHEVERRIA JADRAQUE D and MONZON de CACERES A, Polytechnic University of Madrid, Spain
The Impacts of Transport Measures on Emissions and Energy Consumption  
CHIQUETTO S and BLACKLEDGE D, Transport and Travel Research Ltd, UK
York Towards a Sustainable City  
WHITE J J, City of York Council, UK
Promising Mobility Friendly Urbanization Strategies: Time for a Paradigm Shift?  
VERROEN E J and HILBERS H D, TNO Institute for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development, The Netherlands
Car Sharing: Consumer Acceptance and Changes on Mobility Behaviour  
MEIJKAMP R, TU Delfi and THEUNISSEN R, THEMA Mobiliteitsadvisering, The Netherlands
The Car That Stays at Home  
HEMMEN L, Ministry of Transport and PERDOK J Muconsult, The Netherlands,
A Qualitative Assessment of Attitudes to Cycling  
MAYES M, Accent Marketing and Research, HALLIDAY M, Transport Research Laboratory and HATCH 0, European CyclistsÕ Federation, UK
Ensuring an Integrated Approach to the Development of Transport Policy and Strategy  
CUTHBERTSON T, Halcrow Fox and KIPPIN E, Southampton University, UK
Bicycle Parking Policies in the Netherlands  
SLANGEN B, Ministry of Transport, The Netherlands
Promoting the Use if Public Transport in an Orbital Corridor. the SWELTRAC Experience  
DIX M, Halcrow Fox and NICHOLSON J, London Borough of Merton. UK
The Effects of Petrol Price Increases on Rural Residents  
STOKES G, Transport and Travel Research, UK
Attitudes to Road Pricing in the Bristol Area  
COLLIS H. Ove Amp and Partners and INWOOD H, Accent Marketing and Research, UK
Influencing the Extent of Motorised Traffic in Great Britain in 2006  
FOWKES A S, NASH C A, MAY A D, REES P H and SIU Y L, University of Leeds, UK
Developing a Pedestrian Strategy for London  
GARDNER K and JOHNSON T, London Planning Advisory Committee, UK BUCHAN K and PHAROAH T, Metropolitan Transport Research Unit, UK
Effect of Transport Attributes on Urban Congestion and the Environment: the Case of Bangkok  
ANURAKAMONKUL K, HAYASHl Y, NAKAMURA H and OSMAN 0, Nagoya University, Japan
Bicycle As a Local Feeder to Regional Public Transport  
RYSTAM A, University of Lund, Sweden
The Specification of Revenue Collection Systems Within UK and European Light Rail Systems  
PRENDIVILLE A and SALE R, University of East London, UK DAVIS-COOPER R, Salford University, UK
Developing Sustainable Transport Projects in West London: Green Routes into Green Areas  
SEALE K, London Transport Buses and BULL D, London Borough of Hounslow, UK
London's Action Programme for Transport  
YASS I, London First, UK
Transportation Planning Methods
Post Implementation Scheme Evaluation: Were the COBA Accurate?  
KNIGHT P and POWELL G, Oscar Faber and WHITTAKER B, Highways Agency, UK
Before and After Study of the A14 Trunk Road  
EMMERSON P and PAULLEY N, Transport Research Laboratory, and KOVACEVIC V, Highways Agency, and SMITH R, Department of Transport, UK
Are There Quantifiable Benefits from Reducing the Variability of Travel Time?  
PORTER S, Department of Transport and WRIGHT I and DALE H, The MVA Consultancy, UK
Travel Time Variability As a New Quality Indicator  
VAN DER MEDE P and PALM H, Goudappel Coffeng and FLIKKEMA H, Ministry of Transport, The Netherlands
Activity-based Measures of Accessibility for Transportation Policy Analysis  
WANG D, Eindhoven University of Technology and International Institute for Aerospace Survey and Earth Sciences and TIMMERMANS H, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands
Respondent Response to Alternative Travel Diary Designs: Recent Experiences  
AXHAUSEN K, University ofInnsbmck, KOLL H and BADER M, Ingenieurburo Koll and HERRY M, Austria
The Usefulness of Panel Data to Understand Changes - the German Approach  
ZUMKELLER D and CHLOND B, University of Karlsruhe, Germany
A System of Within-day Dynamic Demand Assignment Models for Scheduled Intercity Services  
CASCETTA E and BIGGIERO L, University of Naples and NUZZOLO A, SINTRA S.r.1. Consulting and ROSSO F, University of Reggio Calabria, Italy
PROMISE: Policy Sensitive Rail Passenger Forecasting for the Netherlands Railways  
COHN N and DALY A and ROHR C, Hague Consulting Group and DAM A, OOSTERWIJK W and VAN DER STAR T, Netherlands Railways, The Netherlands
Multimodal Modelling of Tirreno-Brenner Freight Transport Corridor  
RIGHETTI G, D'Apmademedia spa and BON G, Uniontrasporti, Italy
Freight Traffic on the STOREB~LT Fixed Link  
Urban Congestion Reduction Using Variable Message Signs  
RICHARDS A, McDONALD M, LYONS G, University of Southampton, UK
Accessibility Levels Conferred by Public Transport in Madrid Metropolitan Area
JADRAQUE D, CACERES A, PINTO C and DUQUE D, Polytechnic University of Madrid, Spain