European Transport Conference 1997

European Transport Conference 1997: Strands

Strand Papers
Strategies to Reduce the Use of Energy by Road Freight Transport in Cities  
BROWNE M and ALLEN J, University of Westminster, UK
Goods Deliveries in City Centres: Have We Got the Policy Balance Right?  
WHITEING A E University of Huddersfield and EDWARDS S J, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
Modal Split at International Level: a System of Models for Italian-based Freight  
NUZZOLO A, SINTRA Consulting and RUSSO F, University of Reggio Calabria, Italy
Urban Freight Distribution by Short-distance Combined Transport  
VAN BINSBERGEN A J and VISSER, J G S N, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
High Speed Freight Transport: First Steps Towards Intra-European High Speed Freight Transport by Rail  
KRAAN M M, NEA, WEIJERS S J C M and VAN HAGAN M, Research Unit for Integrated Transport Studies, The Netherlands
Infrastructure Finance, Provision and Operation
The Copenhagen Metro- Financed by the Orestad New Town  
FICH C and SONDERGRAAD M, Orestadsselskabet, Denmark
Urban Concession Roads: the Chilean Experience  
VARGAS A D and KAIJ-ER A I, Ministry of Public Works, Chile
The Private Finance Initiative Within London Underground Ltd  
WOODINGS N and CANNON M, London Underground Ltd, UK
A380 Kingskerswell Bypass- a PFI Contender  
HARRISON I, Devon County Council, UK
The Private Finance Initiative in Local Authorities  
LOCKE D, Public Private Partnerships Programme, UK
A130 - A Design, Build, Finance and Operate Project  
O'DONNELL S, Essex County Council, UK
Connect- a Successful Venture  
JOOSTEN R, Philipp Holzman Infrastructure Investment Ltd, UK
DBFO in Roads  
CRANE A, Christian & Nielson Limited, UK
Improving the Utilisation of Pavement Maintenance Funds  
SNARAF E, Cairo University, Egypt
Effective Strategies for Media Relations for Contractors Involved with Transport Projects  
PREECE C, MOODLEY K and HUMPHREY J, University of Leeds, UK.
Road Network Management in an Environment of Uncertainty.  
AKINYEMI E O, Institute for Infrastructural, Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering, The Netherlands
Pan European Transport Issues
Environmental Impact Assessment of the Nordic Triangle in Finland  
JANNSON A H H, Finnish National Road Administration, Finland
Impediments to InteroperabiIity in the Organisation Oftrans-European Transport Systems  
HIBBERT R, NELSON J D, MULLEY C, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK and SCHAEFER H, Heusch Boeesefeldt GmbH, and SOERGEL J, Universitat zu Koln,Germany
Perspectives of Transalpine Traffic  
KOBLO R, Prognos AG, Switzerland
The North-western European Land Bridge  
WIBERG, International transport consultant,Sweden
European Union Enlargement Issues in Transport  
SCHEELE J, European Commission, Belgium
EBKD Updated Transport Operations Policy  
MAQUET J F, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, UK
Co-operative Stategies and Supply Chain Integration in Linear Shipping. The Case of Italian Firms  
EVANGELISTSA P and MORVILLO A, National Research Council, Italy
The French Programme for Transport Research: PREDIT 1996 - 2000  
FIGUERAS P, Ministry of Transport, France
Sustainability in the Baltics: Developing Transport Strategies in Lithuania  
DEAN M, W S Atkins,UK and VILHOF P, Cowi, Lithuania
A New Metro Line for Budapest: a Comparison with London and Paris  
RAHMATABADI K, Symonds Travers Morgan, UK 171 CORNET N, RATP, France and PERJES T, Duna-Bit Consultancy, Hungary
Policy Planning and Sustainibility
What Went Wrong and What Can We Learn from It?  
POELSTRA H, City of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Demand for Car Pooling in the UK  
SHELDON R and HEYWOOD C, Accent Marketing and Research, UK
Leeds Cycle Challenge  
ZANZOTTERA P and HAIGH I, Leeds City Council, UK
Motorcycling: Time to Apply the Brakes?  
HURDLE D I, Centre for Independent Transport Research in London, UK
Choosing the Bus: Modal Choice Amongst Young People  
CROSS T, West Sussex County Council and THORNTHWAITE S, Sign Thornthwaite Consultants, UK
Mixed Use Development and Car Dependency  
ANABLE J, Oxford Brookes University, UK
Towards the Sustainable City: the Impact of Land Use - Transport Interactions  
BRISTOW A L, MAY A D and SHEPm~,RD S P, University of Leeds, UK
Travel Reduction Strategies: Intentions and Outcomes  
MARSHALL S and BANISTER D, University College London, UK
New Urbanism: the Movement System and Mixed-use Town  
GIBSON G L, Community Design Service, UK
Achieving Mode Share Targets for out of Centre Sites  
CHILDS R and IRONS D, Halerow Fox, UK
Revival of the Airship?  
STORM M and PEETERS P M, Ministry of Transport, The Netherlands
2020 Vision: Heaven, Hell or Somewhere in Between?  
HEADICAR P, Oxford Brookes University, UK
Sustainable Transport: Assumptions on Behaviour Change  
STEG L, Social and Cultural Planning Office and TERTOOLEN G, Ministry of Transport, The Netherlands
The Development of an Integrated Technology Policy for Transport  
VAN ZUYLEN H J, Transport Research Centre and VAN SCHAICK G H J, Ministry of Transport, The Netherlands
Effects of Accessibility on Residential Land Patterns AMPT E, Steer Davies Gleave, UK  
FLOREZ J, Universidad Polit6eniea de Catainfia, Spain
Reducing Car Travel Through Travel Blending  
Breaking Through Habitual Behaviour - is Car Sharing an Ins~maent for Reducing Car Use?  
MEIJKAMP R, Technical University of Delft and AARTS H, Technical University of Eindhoven, The Netherlands
A Trio Management Package for Relieving Traffic Congestion in Cairo: Traffic, Travel Demand and Land-nse Management  
ABBAS Inst. Egyptian National Institute of Transport, OKAH, O, Ain Shams University and MABROUK I, AI-Azhar University, Egypt
Theory-into Practice in Dordrecht  
CHEUNG Y H F, Ministry of Transport and AKKIT, S A, Dordreeht Municipal Authority, The Netherlands
Large Changes in Prices: an Empirical Controlled Budget Approach  
ROSENBERG F A, Transport Research Centre, MEURS H and MEIJER E, MuConsult, The Netherlands
Trading in Mobility Rights: is This the Way to Solve Mobility Problems?  
JORRITSMA P, Ministry of Transport and MAJOOR J, KPMG-BEA, The Netherlands
The Role of Parking Standards in Sustainable Development  
VALLELEY M, JONES P, University of Westminster, WOFINDEN D, Social and Transport Research Services and FLACK S, Nottingham City Council, UK
Do Parking Policies Meet Their Objectives?  
The Effects of Traffic Restraint Options in Bristol  
BAUGHAN B, COLLIS H and DUNN P, Ove Arup and Partners, UK
The Production of Emissions Estimates Using SCOOT  
SHEARN S and WOOD K, Transport Research Laboratory, UK
Valuations of Noise, Air Quality and Accessibility: Evidence for Households and Businesses  
The research reported in this paper was undertaken as part of an EPSRC funded project entitled 'Sustainable City: Impact of Land Use-Transport Interactions' which aimed to . enhance strategic transport and land use interaction models. An accompanying pape
The Use of Contingent Ranking for Variations in Air Quality Validation Due to Ixansportation Projects  
Changes in air quality are one of the usual consequences of investing in new roads. If the new investment generates many new trips or modal change from the public transport to the private vehicle, the overall effect is likely to be negative. On the other
Vehicle Occupant Exposure to Air Pollution  
This study set out to establish whether the air pollution concentrations found in vehicles were different from those found outside, and if so, by what margins. In addition, it was intended to try and establish what other factors, such as traffic condition
Carbon-Dioxide Emissions from Travel and Freight in IEA Countries: Past and Future  
Concern has been expressed nevertheless in many government and private studies over the costs of externalities from transportation, which include safety, air, water, and noise pollution, competition for urban space, balance of payments problems and risks
Unsustainability - Transport Problem or Lifestyle Problem?  
The gloomy news from Rio, reinforced by the more scientific evidence of the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution (RCEP) seems to be that the world's consumption of scarce resources (notably fuel and land) and its emission of pollutants (notably car
Automatic Remote Control to Reduce Vehicle Emissions  
Public Transport Planning and Operations
Total Trip Service: Opportunities and Threats for Inter-modal Passenger Transport  
DE GRAAF M E J, Ministry of Transport, The Netherlands
Intermodality: Success by Integrating Public Transport Modes and Cycling  
VAN DER LOOP J T A, Ministry of Transport, The Netherlands
Interconnectivity in Public Transport: Orgarfsing the Market  
VEENEMAN W, VAN DER HEIJDEN R, BOCKSTAEL-BLOCK W, Delft University of Technology, SAANEN Y, TBA Nederland and VAN HERK A, Ministry of Transport, The Netherlands
Integral Design Method for Regional Public Transport: Organising the Market  
EGETER B and IMMERS B, TNO Inro, The Netherlands
Present and Potential Demand for Park-and-ride in Madrid  
MONZON A, ECHEVERRIA-JADRAQUE D, MARTINEZ-SANCHEZ A, Polytechnic University of Madrid, CRISTOBAL-PINTO C and GARCIA-PASTOR A, Consoreio de Transportes de Madrid, Spain
From the Development of Interchanges to Planning Urban Projects: the Contribution of Travel Surveys  
Smart Stops - the Key to Quality Bus Success  
KELLY P, Mannsell Transport Planning, UK
Use of Concessionary Travel Permits in London: Results of a Diary Survey  
BONSALL P and DUNKERLEY C, University of Leeds, UK
Accessible Bus Services: UK Demonstrations  
YORK I O and BALCOMBE R J, Transport Research Laboratory, UK
Learning Disabled People - the Forgotten Passengers?  
LAVERY I, KNOX J and SLEVIN E, University of Ulster at Jordanstown, UK
Tariff Integration in Madrid: Characteristics and Effects on Mobility  
ECHEVERRIA-JADRAQUE D and M.ARTINEZ-SANCHEZ A, Polytechnic University of Madrid, Spain
How Safe is Bus Travel? Analysis of Assaults Against Bus Staff and Passengers  
Economic Analysis of the Deregulation of Coach Services in Sweden - Through Model Simulations of Historic and Hypothetical Competitive Situations  
JANSSON K, McDANIEL J, Swedish Institute for Transport and Communications Analysis and VIERTH I, Swedish Transport and Communications Research Board, Sweden
Strathclyde Bustime: a Different Approach?  
McGRATH J and DUKE G, Strathclyde Passenger Transport, UK
Introducing Telematics Technologies into the Provision of Demand Responsive Transport Services (DRTS)  
MORGAN L E, Transport and Travel Research and NELSON J D, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
How to Tell Bus Passengers What They Need to Know  
VANCE C and BALCOIVIBE R J, Transport Research Laboratory, UK
Switching to Public Transport: Results of a UITP Trial  
KING P, SALTER S Hampshire County Council and CLARK K, Colin Buchanan and Partners, UK
Trying to Catch the Train: Railway Restrucakring in Hungary (1989-1996)  
POLGAR L, Ministry of Transport, Communication and Water Management, Hungary
Regulation of the Railways Post Privatisation  
SIRAUT J, Symonds Travers Morgan, UK
Analysis of the Subsidies Bid for British Rail Passenger Franchises  
HARRIS N G, The Railway Consultaney Ltd, UK
Rail and Coach Competition: Midland Main Line Study  
BATES J J, John Bates Services and TERZIS G, The MVA Consultaney, UK
Valuing Users Willingness to Pay for Rolling Stock Improvements  
MURPHY P and TEMPLE S, Oscar Faber, WARDMAN M and WHELAN G, University of Leeds, UK
Access Pricing in the Railway System: Problems and Possible Solutions  
COLE S and HOLVAD T, University of North London, UK
A Passenger Station Choice Model for the British Rail Network  
ADCOCK S J, TCI Operational Research, UK
MERLIN: Model to Evaluate Revenue and Loadings for Intercity  
HOOD I S A, TCI Operational Research, UK
Traffic Management and Road Safety
Implementation of an Advanced AVM System for the Trieste Bus Network  
CAMUS R, LONGO G, University of Trieste, CALTABIIANO R, T & T Telematica, and GERIN R, ACT Trieste, Italy
The End of the Bus Lane.  
BALCOMBE R J, DAUGFIE, RTY G and YORK I, Transport Research Laboratory, UK.
Centrally Located Busways: Problems of Design and Implementation  
COBAIN P, London Transport Buses, and CRACKNELL J, Traffic and Transport Consultants, IrK
Bus Priority- the South and West London Experience  
BLITZ R and YATES M, London Transport Buses, UK
Bus Priority - Route 220 Monitoring  
ROBERTS M, Colin Buchanan and Partners, UK
Uxbridge Road Bus Priority Demonstration Project  
GARDNER K, London Transport Buses and METZGER D, London Borough ofEaling, UK
SPRINT: Active Bus Priority in Fixed Time Urban Traffic Control in London  
HOUNSELL N B, University of Southampton, BOWEN G, Transport Research Laboratory, COOK D, Corporation of London, and GARDNER K, London Transport Buses, UK
Evaluation of the Impact of a High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Lane and Other Infrastructure Measures in the Madrid Transport System  
MONZON A, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, and CRISTOBAL C, Consorcio de Transportes de Madrid, Spain
HOV, HOT Congestion Pricing in the United States  
TURNBULL K, Texas Transportation Institute, USA
Inter Urban Advanced Transport Telematics (ATT): Some Development Options for the UK  
McDONALD M, AUSTIN L and BRACKSTONE M, University of Southampton, UK
Accidents at Urban Mini-roundabouts  
KENNEDY ,IV, Transport Research Laboratory, HALL R D and BARNARD SR, Southampton University, UK
The Effects of Trend over Time on Accident Model Predictions  
MOUNTAIN L, FAWAZ B, University of Liverpool, and M.AgER M, Napier University, UK
A Study of Four Styles of Pedestrian Crossings  
CRABTREE M R, Transport Research Laboratory, UK
Enhanced Operating Strategies to Improve Pedestrian Amenity and Safety at Midblock Signalled Pedestrian Crossings  
HUNT J G, University of Wales and LYONS G D, University of Southampton, UK
Crowd Monitoring Using Image Sequence Processing  
Safety Audit on Existing Urban Roads  
TREVE tt, CERTU, France
Travel to the Millennium Exhibition at Greenwich  
NIBLETT R, Colin Buchanan and Partners, POTTER H, WS Atkins,LrK
Sustainable Transport in Ipswich - A Route Study Approach  
YENDALL P, Oscar Faber, and BRADSHAW M, Suffolk County Council, UK 235
Fit for Life - Healthy Transport Makes Sense  
MaeK1NVEN D and WILKIE E, Glasgow City Council, UK
Schools in the Community: An Educational Programme on Traffic Safety  
S1TE, RBORNE D J, Leeds City Council, DIXEY R~ Leeds Metropolitan University and TIGHT M R, University of Leeds, UK
The Deterrent Effect of Enforcement in Road Safety  
WILKINSON D, The Scottish Office, and HOPE S, System Three, UK
Congestion - is It Really Such a Big Problem?  
BEURET K, Social Research Associates, UK
Traffic Calming Initiatives in the USA - A Critical Review  
DATTA T K, Wayne State University and DATTA S, Goodell-Grivas Inc, USA
The Use of Coloured Surfacing in Road Layout  
FORNI J, Thorbum Colquhoun, and tL4,SEN D, Highways Agency, UK
Transportation Planning Methods Volume 1
Feasibility of Measuring the Induced Traffic Effects of the Completion of the Manchester Motorway Box  
SKINNER A, COOMBE A, The MVA Consultaney, BATES J, John Bates Services, FOWKES T, University of Leeds and HYMAN G, Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions, UK
Modelling Build-up of Demand for New Transport Infrastructure  
SWANSON J, KINCAID I, Steer Davies Gleave Ltd and HEWITT S, Eurostar, UK
Concessionary Fares: Trip Generation Among Elderly Passengers  
BALCOMBE R J, ASTROP A J, Transport Research Laboratory and HILL E, The MVA Consultancy, UK
Monitoring the Effects of Transport Policy Measures: Experiences from the Supertram Monitoring Study  
PARKIN J ,MERRALL A, Atkins Wootton Jeffreys, GOODWIN P and PARKHURST G, University College London, UK
A Review of the Value of Time: Evidence from British Experience  
WARDMAN M and MACKIE P, University of Leeds, UK
A Simulation Method for Determining the Confidence Interval of a Weighted Group Average Value of Time  
ETTEMA D, GUNN H, DE JONG G, LINDVELD K, Hague Consulting Group, The Netherlands
Freight Transportation System Modelling: Chains, Chains and Chains  
TAVASSZY L A, VAN DER VLIST M J M, TNO Inro, HASELEN H W J, The Netherlands Economic Institute and VAN DER REST H, AVV, Ministry of Transport, The Netherlands
Marginal Costs and Scale Economies in Spanish Ports: a Multiproduct Approach  
JARA-DIAZ, CORTES C E, VARGAS A D, University of Chile and MARTINEZ E, Universidad de La Laguna, Chile
OPTIMA: Optimisation of Policies for Transport Integration in Metropolitan Areas: a Review of the Method Applied to Nine European Cities  
SHEPHERD S P, University of Leeds, UK, EMBERGER G, Institute of Traffic Planning and Engineering, Austria, JOHANSEN K, Institute of Transport Economics, Norway and JARVI-NYKANEN T, Technical Research Centre of Finland, Finland
OPTIMA: Optimisation of Policies for Transport Integration in Metropolitan Areas: a Review of the Results for Nine European Cities  
MAY A D, TIMMS P M, University of Leeds, UK, RAND L, Institute for Transport Economics, Norway and TOFFOLO S, Centre for the Study of Transport Systems, Italy
Developing Appraisal Procedures for Trans-European Networks  
PEARMAN A, WATSON, University of Leeds, UK, TSAMBOULAS D, National Technical University of Athens, Greece and BEUTHE M, Facult~s Universitaires Catholiques de Mons, Belgium
The 14 'priority' Trans-European Networks (or TENs) Span the Member States of the European Union  
NELLTHORP J, BRISTOW A and MACKIE P, University of Leeds, UK
An Extended Methodology for Assessment of Transport Infrastructure Projects  
VAN GINKEL J C, VAN EXEL N J A, Netherlands Economic Institute, The Netherlands, MILNER S, Halcrow Fox, UK and LEHNER U, Factum, Austria
Land and Amenity Valuation: Revising the Department OfTransport's COBA Assessment Procedure  
WILLIS K G, GARROD G D, University of Newcastle and JONES D, Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions, UK
Cost Benefit Analyses of Road Pricing in The Netherlands  
GOMMERS M J P F, VAN SCHIJNDEL M Y, Netherlands Economic Institute, KLEIJ-N H J, Ministry of Transport, The Netherlands
"Office Suites Suit the Railways": the Effects of Office Relocation to Public Transport Nodal Points on Passenger Mobility  
VAN WEE B, National Institute of Public Health and Environmental Protection, BAKKER D Hague Consulting Group, and VAN DER HOORN The Ministry of Transport, The Netherlands
Demonstrating the Regeneration Impacts of Transport Investment  
HILL E C, WENBAN-SMITH A, The MVA Consultaney, SIMMONDS D, David Simmonds Consultancy, GRANT M, Merseytravel and SIDEBOTHAM J, Centro, UK
Transportation and Regional Agglomeration in Japan: a Historical Analysis 1920 -90  
DALUWATTE S, Chiyoda Engineering Consultants Co. Ltd, and ANDO A, Tohoku University, Japan
Study of Parking and Traffic Demand: a Traffic Restraint Analysis Model  
SCHOLEFIELD G, BRADLEY R, SKINNER A, The MVA Consultancy and BATES J, John Bates Services, UK
Assessing the Impact of Integrated Traus Modal Urban Transport Pricing on Modal Split  
GHALI M O, University of York, MILNE D, University of Leeds, VOUGIOUKAS M, EuroTrans Consulting Ltd, UK, PURSULA M, Helsinki University of Technology, KERA_NEN M, VIATEK, Finland, DALENO M, Milan Polytechnic, Italy
A Feasibility Study of National Transport Modelling for the UK  
ABRAHAM H, Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions, COOMBE D, The MVA Consultancy, SIMMONDS D, David Simmonds Consultancy, BATES J, John Bates Services, CHADWICK N, Steer Davies Gleave, HALL M, ARCHER G, W S Atkins, UK, GUNN H and VAN VUR
Estimating Base Matrices: the Combined Calibration Method  
GUNN H, MIJJER P H, LINDVELD K, Hague Consulting Group and HOFMAN F, Ministry of Transport, The Netherlands
Transportation Planning Methods Volume 2
Current Issues in Travel and Transport Demand Surveys  
BONSALL P, University of Leeds and AMPT E, Steer Davies Gleave, UK
Pedestrian Route Choice: an Empirical Study  
VERLANDER N Q and HEYDECKER B G, University College London, UK
Applicability of Sensitivity Analysis of the Traffic Assignment Problem  
BENNETT D, University of Nottingham and SHEER A F, University of London, UK
On the Distributions of the Stochastic Components in SUE Traffic Assignment Models  
NIELSEN O A, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
A Pseudo-dynamic Assignment to Extraurban Road Networks Using a C- Logit Route Choice Model  
NUZZOLO A, SINTRA Consulting, RUSSO F, University of Reggio Calabria and CRISALLI U, University of Rome, Italy
Stochastic and Deterministic Formulations of Dynamic Traffic Assignment  
HEYDECKER B G and ADDISON J D, University College London, UK
Estimating Missing Link Volumes in a Traffic Network  
VAN DER ZIJPP N J and DE KORT A, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
Removing Double-counting from RSI Databases  
CLAVERING J, Sandman Consultants Ltd, WATSON S, University of Leeds, COLLOP M and HYMAN G, Department of Environment, Transport and the Regions, UK
Interactions and Independence in Stated Preference Modelling  
ORTUZAR J de D, RONCAGLIOLO D A and VELARDE U C, Pontifieia Universidad Catolica de Chile, Chile
Stated Preference and the 'Ecological Fallacy'  
BATES J J, John Bates Services and TERZIS G, The MVA Consultaney, UK
Addressing the "packaging" Problem in Stated Preference Studies  
JONES P, University of Westminster, UK
Car Availability: Accounting for Temporal Variations  
RICHARDSON T, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia and AMPT E, Steer Davies Gleave, UK
Improved Methods for Trip Generation  
DALY A, Hague Consulting Group, The Netherlands
A Microeconomic Trip Generation Equilibrium Model  
MARTINEZ F C and HUENUPI Mauro A, University of Chile, Chile
On the Applicability of the Multinomial Probit Model  
MUNIZAGA M A, University of Chile and ORTUZAR J, Pontificia Universidad de Chile, Chile