European Transport Conference 1998

European Transport Conference 1998: Strands

Strand Papers
Infrastructure Development Financing and Implement
The Effects of Tolled Motorways in Hungary  
OROSZ C, Budapest University of Technology, Hungary
Pension Funding Financing of Transport Infrastructure Projects  
CLYNE J, Steering Davies Gleave and BRIMBLECOMBE S, Callund Consulting, UK
Income Generation from Car Parking in Central European Cities  
WILTSHIRE P, Cullen Wiltshire, UK, POCS A, Mayor's Office of the City of Budapest, Hungary
Krakow Fast Tram: a New Approach to Urban Transport in Poland  
FRIEDBERG J, Municipality of Krakow, Poland and CORNWELL P, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Pan-European Transport Issues
Border Modernisation in Central Europe  
STYLES F G, Ove Arup and Partners, UK
EDI-SHORT: the Use of EDI in the Shortsea Transport Chain  
VERWEIJ K, DONSELAR P van, Netherlands Economic Institute, The Netherlands
The North Sea Route As an International Transport Link  
SHLIKHTER S B, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Optimal Pricing of Inter-urban Transport: Cross-Channel Case Study  
SANSOM T, BEAUMONT H, DUNKERLY C and NASH C, University of Leeds, UK
Fundamental Ingredients in the Success of Pilot Projects  
PEARMAN A D, SANSOM T, GRANERO-GOMEZ P, University of Leeds and LEWIS A, Transport and Travel Research, UK
Demonstration of Experimental Urban Transport Pricing Measures at Pan-European Level: the TRANSPRICE Project  
HEYWOOD R J, Leeds City Council, VOUGIOUKAS M, EuroTRANS Consulting, UK
Methods for Improving Response Rates and Data Quality in Long Distance Travel Diaries  
YOUSSEFZADEH M and AXHAUSEN K, University of lnnsbruck, Austria
FATIMA: (financial Assistance for Transport Integration in Metropolitan Areas): Study Method and Results  
TIMMS P M, MAY A D, SHEPHERD S P and MARLER N W, University of Leeds, UK, TOFFOLO S, Trasporto S.P.A., Italy
The Use of Constraints in Methods to Find Optimum Transport Policies  
TIMMS P M, MAY A D, SHEPHERD S P, University of Leeds, UK
FANTASIE: the Future of Europe's Transport Technologies and Systems  
DAVISON P A and MOON D, AEA Technology Environment, UK
The Impact of Intermodality on Working Cultures in European Freight Transport  
RAHTZ N D, Sheffield Hallam University, WHITTLES M, University of Leeds, UK
A Policy Assessment Methodology for Major Transport Projects  
BROWN M, Halerow Fox, UK, EXEL J van, Netherlands Economic Institute, The Netherlands and KURTE J, University of Koln, Germany
Impacts of Regulatory and Organisational Reforms in the European Transport Industry  
BEAUMONT H, University of Leeds and Preston J, University of Oxford, UK
SAMI (Strategic Assessment Methodology) for the Interaction of Common Transport Policy Instruments  
KANNER H, Technical Research Centre of Finland, Finland, MESQUITA R, CESUR/Instituto Superior T6cnieo, Portugal, STEAD D, University College London, UK
The Trans-European Network in the 21 St Century  
HOLTGEN D, European Commission
TEN Investment - Ensuring Delivery: Lithuania Case Study  
HUMPHREYS E M, HALL P and BIRCH I, Ove Arup and Partners, UK
Assessment of Environmental and Safety Impacts of the Trans-European Network (TEN-T)  
HEICH H J, TUV Rheinland, Germany, JANTUNEN J, VTT, Finland and NEGRENTI E, ENEA, Italy
Policy Planning and Sustainability Vol I
Reducing the Need to Travel : a European Guide to Good Practice  
McLELLAN A and MARSHALL S, University College London, UK
PPG13: a Vehicle for Promoting the New Agenda for a Sustainable Transport and Land Use Policy  
GURNEY A, JENKINS A, Ove Arup and Partners and SMYTH A, Ore Arup and Partners and University of Ulster, UK
Operationalism of Accessibility: the Practice in Utrecht Inner City  
KRAMER J H and SCHIJINDEL B I van, Ministry of Transport (AVV), The Netherlands
Sustainable Transport: Consequences of a 80-90'A Emlsslon Reduction  
GEURS K T and WEE B van, National Institute of Public Health and the Environment, The Netherlands
New Logistic Concepts for Advanced Urban Freight Transport  
BINSBERGEN A J van, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
A Technology Push Towards Sustainable Urban Freight Transport  
VISSER J G S N and BINSBERGEN A J van, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
Urban Freight Transport Strategy in Brussels  
Alternative Transport Policies in Poland  
STOCZKIEWICZ M, Polish Ecological Club, Poland
Civilising Cities: the Contribution of Transport and Land Use Policies  
JONES P and WALKER H, University of Westminster, UK
The Form and Use of Public Space  
GEHL J, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Denmark
Central Leicestershire: a Sustainable Transport and Land Use Policy for the 21 St Century  
THOMAS H and SMART A, Leicester City Council and NICKSON R, Cheshire County Council, UK
Evaluating the Location of Proposed Strategic Housing Sites in High Wycombe  
CROSS S, DIX M, READ P, Halcrow Fox, SLEVIN R, Buckinghamshire County Council and TURNER D, Wyeombe District Council, UK
Sustainable Transport Planning for a Large Housing Development  
BOREHAM A, Boreham Consulting Engineers, UK
How Big is Sustainable? the Interaction Between Settlement Size and Travel Behaviour.  
WILIAMS J and BANISTER D, University College London, UK
Newcastle Sets a Pathway to Sustainability  
CROFTS D, Newcastle City Council, Australia
Transport and Environmental Impacts of Local Development Projects  
PURNELL S and DAVIDSON B, Environmental Resources Management, UK
The Relationship Between Urban Form and Activity Patterns: Preliminary Conclusions from an Activity Survey.  
SNELLEN D, BORGERS A and TIMMERMANS H, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands
Urban Development Patterns and Their Relationships with Travel Behaviour  
FLOREZ J, Universidad Sim6n Bolivar, Venezuela
SESAME: Urban Form and Mobility  
SHARMAN K and PAULLEY N, Transport Research Laboratory, UK MARTENS M and VERROEN E, TNO-INRO, The Netherlands
The Influence of the Information Society on Traffic and Transportation  
HOORN A I J M van der and DRAIJER G, Ministry of Transport (AVV) and OMMEREN K, Deeisio, The Netherlands
Policy Planning and Sustainability Vol II
Recycling Our Cities  
MANN R, Oxford Friends of the Earth, UK
Britain's First High Occupancy Vehicle Lane - the A647, Leeds  
QUINN D J, GILSON D R and DIXON M T, Leeds City Council, UK
Green Areas: Planning for Sustainable Transport in London  
BLITZ R H and YATES M E, London Transport Buses, UK
Reallocation of Road Space - the Effects of Waffle Reduction  
DIX M, MARTIN B, Halerow Fox, MURRAY-CLARK M, WestmInster City Council, and DOHERTY T, Government Office for London, UK
Degeneration: Hammersmith Bridge Closure  
REES J and WILLIAMS T, London Transport Buses
Reaching Hearts and Minds  
SOLOMON J, Independent Research Consultant, UK
Policies for Sustainable Transport - Why Do They Fail?  
TENGSTROM E, Aalborg University, Denmark
Reducing the Impact of the Car - Creating the Conditions for Individual Change  
AMPT E, BUCHANAN L, Steer Davies Gleave, CHATFIELD I, Nottingham City Council, UK and ROONEY A, Transport SA, Australia
Increasing the Need to Travel? Parental Choiceand Travel to School  
STEAD D, University College London and DAVIS A, Adrian Davis Associates, UK
A Case Study of the Development of Car Dependence in Teenagers  
LYONS Gand SWlNBANK S J, University of Southampton, UK
Achieving Sustainable Change: the Role of Young Adults  
MACKAY K; Steer Davies Gleave, UK
An Investigation of Employer Attitudes to Employer Transport Plans  
RYE T and MACLEOD M, CTEfFRI, Napier University, UK
Commuter Plan The Maas: the First Ten Years  
HEMMEN E, Ministry of Transport (AVV), The Netherlands
Hospitals and Green Access Plans: a Statable Case for Treatment.  
GREGORY D and CHiLDS R, Haler0w Fox, UK
Effectiveness of Car Pooling  
MESCIK M, SAMMER G and ROIDER O, University fuer Bodenkultur, Austria
What is the Best Car-sharing Organisation for Lie-de-France?  
LAPIERRE E, Syndieat des Transports Parisiens, France
A Typology of Highway Congestion Drivers  
STEMERDING M P, BEEK P van and SCHREUDERS M, Gondappel Coffeng, FLIKKEMA H and KALFS N, Ministry 0f Transport (AVV), The Netherlands
The Costs of Mobility in the Paris Region  
DEBRINCAT L, Syndicat des Transports Parisiens, France
Road Pricing and Disadvantaged Social Groups in Europe  
FOCAS C, ANDERSON H, London Research Centre, UK, MARCIANI M, FIT Consulting, and PEREZ M, Italian National Statistic Institute, Italy
The Implications of Alternative Road Pricing Systems for Public Transport and for the Equity of Road Travellers  
SMITH M J, GHALI M O, University of York, MAY A D and MILNE D, University of Leeds, UK
An Evaluation of a High Occupancy Toll (HOT) Lane Demonstration Project in San Diego  
GOLOB J M, Jaequeline Goiob Associates, SUPERNAK J, San Diego State University, GOLOB T F, University of California and KAWADA K, San Diego Associatio n of Governments, USA
Newroad Pricing Alternatives in the Netherlands  
EXEL N JAvan and JORNA R A M, Netherlands Economic Institute, The Netherlands
Aspects of Road Pricing in Bristol  
ADCOCK S, Transport and Travel Researeh, UK
Leicester Environmental Road Tolling Scheme  
TYRER E, Leicester City Couneill UK
Testing a Policy of Congestion Charging on Trondheim Toll Ring Motorists  
TRETVIK T, SINTEF Civil and Environmental Engineering, Norway
Public Transport Planning and Operations
Developing an Accessible Transport Strategy  
INGS K, Hampshire County Council, UK
Accessible Transport - a Local Agenda 21 Issue?  
BELL S, Centre for Independent Transport Research in London, UK
Competition in the Public Transport Market in Germany  
LINK H, Institute for Economic Research, Germany
Deregulation of the Dutch Taxi Sector  
JORRITSMA P, Ministry of Transport (AVV) ROUWENDAL J, MuConsult and University Wageningen Agricultural Uni and MEURS H, MuConsult, The Netherlands
Homelink: a New Linked Taxi Service from London Transport  
BAILEY G K, London Transport Marketing, UK
The Travel Effects of Park and Ride  
The Potential for Rail Based Park and Ride to Heathrow  
FRADD C, W S Atkins and DUFF A, BAA pie, UK
Winnipeg's Graham Avenue Transit Mall  
MENZIES W, Winnipeg Transit System, Canada
Development of a Public Transport Priority Corridor in Central London  
STUCKEY M, London Transport Planning and HANSON P, MVA, UK
Lessons from the Use of Smartcards for Public Transport Payment in Finland  
POLAK J, Imperial College, BLYTHE P, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK and HOLM C, Traficon, Finland
Journeyweb: a Protocol for a Distributed Public Transport Journey Planner  
FINGERLE G and LOCK T, Southampton University, SLEVIN R, Buckinghamshire County Council, UK
The Three-bus System in Dordrecht  
CHEUNG F, MAAS C van der, Ministry of Transport (AVV), The Netherlands
Planning Light Rail in Dutch Towns  
KNEGT P de, RBOI, The Netherlands
Public Transport in an Emerging Market Economy - the Approach in Budapest  
CARSON G, CROCKETT D, Halerow Fox, UK and MONIGL J, Transman, Hungary
Successful Public Transport in Urban Regions: a European Study on Policy and Practice  
MAAS C van der, Ministry of Transport (AVV), The Netherlands
Quality Bus Corridors and Green Routes: Can They Achieve a Public Perception of 'permanence' of Bus Services?  
Planning Modal Shift to Public Transport  
FLEMING N and HYDE C, London Transport, UK
Railway Reform and Entrepreneurship: a Tale of Three Countries  
PRESTON J, University of Oxford, UK, VELDE, D van de, Erasmus University, The Netherlands, HULTEN S, Stoekholm School of Economies, Sweden and MIZUTANI F, Kobe University, Japan
Financial Outcomes of Rail Privatisation in Britain  
WHITE P, University of Westminster, UK
Was the Structure Adopted for Passenger Rail Privatisation in the UK More Appropriate to Maintaining the Status Quo?  
BIRCH I, Ove Arup and Partners, and SMYTH A, Ove Arup & Partners and University of Ulster, UK
Entrepreneurial Station Management: Lessons from a Pan-European Study  
DAMEN M, RIGO Research en Advies and KOOLEN R, Transport Research Centre, The Netherlands
Modelling Fares Competition on the UK Railways  
ASH N A, Gibb Transport Planning and WARDMAN M, Leeds University, UK
Monitoring the Effects of the Thalys Highspeed Train  
ETTEMA D, COHN N, Hague Consulting Group and SAVELBERG F, Transport Research Centre, The Netherlands
Enhancing European Rail Performance Through Market Focus  
BROWN M and PEAKALL A, Halcrow Fox, UK, TORELLI F, Somea Consult, Italy, EMMANOULOPOULOS G, Trademeo, Greece, GINKEL J van, NEI, The Netherlands
The Benefits of International Railway Links  
GOEVERDEN C D van, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
Traffic Management and Road Safety
Roads As "people Movers": the Real Case for Bus Priority 1  
KING G N, London Transport Buses, UK
Enhanced Bus Priority Using Signals - the INCOME Project 5  
RILEY K and ALEXANDER M, London Transport Buses, HOUNSELL N, University of Southampton, UK
Bus Stop Innovation: a Comparison of UK Trials  
WOOD C, Centre for Independent Transport Research in London, UK
Enhancing Bus Operations on Arterial Roads Some Lessons from an Australian Case 33  
JEPSON D, Queensland Department of Main Roads and FERREIRA L, Queensland University of Technology, Australia study
Transit Benefits from Advanced Transportation Management Centres 45  
TURNBULL K, Texas Transportation Institute, USA
Development and Evaluation of Co-ordinated Re-routing and Signalling in Congested Urban Street Networks  
CREMER M and REIMERS S, Technical University Hamburg-Harburg, Germany
COSMOS-Congestion Management Strategies and Methods in Urban Sites  
WOOD K, Transport Research Laboratory, BIELEFELDT C, Consultant to MVA, BIORA F, MIZAR Automazione SPA, Italy, KRUSE G, Siemens A G, Germany
Strategies for Implementation of Transport Telematics: Conclusions from Calculations in the Quartet + Project in Gothenburg  
SCHMIDT K, HUGOSSON B, LIND G Transek AB, and FALK S, City of Gothenburg, Sweden,
ITS City Pioneers - Planning for Intelligent Transport in Europe's Cities  
PATTINSON J, Babtie Group Ltd, RADIA B, Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions, UK, KOMPFNER P, ERTICO, France
The Economics of Transport Law Enforcement  
BLACK I, Cranfield University, BROWN My Halcrow Fox, GRAYSON S, Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions, UK
Infrastructure - a Public Liability?  
FORMAN P, Transport Research Laboratory, UK
Risk Management and Tort Liability  
DATTA T K, Wayne State University, USA
Traffic Calming in Villages on Major Roads  
TAYLOR M and WHEELER A, Transport Research Laboratory, UK
Signing and Marking of Substandard Horizontal Curves on Rural Roads  
NIELSEN M and GRIEBE P, Road Directorate, Denmark
Strategies and Tools for Speed Management on European Roads  
KALLBERG V-P, VTT, Finland, WARD H, ALLSOP R, University College London, UK, HORST R van der, TNO Human Factors Research Institute, The Netherlands and VARHELYI A, Lund University, Sweden
Pedestrians at Risk  
SILCOCK D, WALKER R and SELBY T, Ross Silcock Ltd, UK
ÒWhat Not to DoÓ - Safety AuditorsÕ Òtop 20 FindsÓ  
LAWSON S and MORRIS E, Automobile Association, PROCTORS and BELCHER My TMS Consultancy, UK
Promotion of Cycling  
NILSSON P K, LUND B and NIELSON M A, Road Directorate, Denmark
Cycle Challenge: a Case Study of the Nottingham Cycle-friendly Employers Project 239  
CLEARY J, Cleary Hughes Associates and McCLINTOCK H, University of Nottingham, UK
Cycling, Road Safety and Sustainability  
Out of Cars and on to Bikes: What Chance?  
LAWSON S and MORRIS E, Automobile Association, UK
The Walking City: an Obsolete Design or the City of Tomorrow  
ALAYO J, BIRCH I, Ove Amp and Partners, and SMYTH A, Ove Amp and Partners and the University of Ulster, UK
Walking Six Miles a Day - No Way!  
BEURET K, Social Research Associates and De Montfort University and CAMARA P, Leicester City Council, UK
An Overview of Incident Management Projects in the Netherlands  
ZWANEVELD P, WILMINK I, TNO Inro, IMMERS B, TNO Inro and K U Leuven, MALIPAARD E, Grontmij, and HEYSE D, Rijkswaterstaat, The Netherlands
Transportation Planning Methods Vol I
Factors Affecting the Vallidity of Stated Preference  
SWANSON J, Steer Davies Gleave, UK
Stated Preference in Residential Location Choice  
ORTUZAR J de D, PEREZ P, Pontifieia Universidad Catoliea de Chile, MARTINEZ F J, Universidad de Chile, Chile
Experiments with SP and CA Approaches to Mode Choice  
AXHAUSEN K, University of Innsbruck, and Koell H, Ingenieurbfiro Koell and BADER M, Ampass, Austria
The Influence of Alternative Traveller Learning Mechanisms on the Dynamics of Transport Systems  
POLAK J W, Imperial College, UK and HAZLETON M, University of Western Australia, Australia
Driver Response to Guidance: a Comparison of Data from a Route-choice Simulator and a Self-completion SP Exercise  
PALMER I A, BONSALL P, University of Leeds and SHIRES J, University of Oxford, UK
Experiments to Determine Drivers' Response to Road-user Charges  
BONSALL P, CHO H-J and PALMER I, University of Leeds, THORPE N, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
Possible Application of GPS for Collecting Data on Travel Behaviour  
DRAIJER G J A, KALFS N, Ministry of Transport (AVV), PERDOK J, MuConsult, The Netherlands
GPS/GIS Application to Urban Freight Surveys  
RICHARDSON A J, Transport Research Centre and TAYLOR S, Monash University, Australia
Using the Interact to Collect Data on Travel Behaviour  
JACKSON P G, Steer Davies Gleave, PLAXTON J, POLAK J W, Imperial College, WOFINDEN D, Social and Transport Research Services, UK
Modelling with the Space-time Multinomial Probit  
GARRIDO R A, Pontificia Universidad Catoliea de Chile, Chile
Destination Choice and the Need to Travel  
BATES J, John Bates Services, UK
Generalised Equilibrium Modelling: an Integrated Framework for Transport Planning.  
LOGIE D M W, MVA, HEYDECKER B G, University College London, SMITH M J, University of York, UK
METROPOLIS from W Vickrey to Large-scale Dynamic Traffic Models  
PALMA A J de, University de Cergy-Pontoise, France and MARCHAL F, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Swilzerland
The Impacts of the Amsterdam Ring Road: Five Years After  
JONG G C de, KROES E, Hague Consulting Group, MOURIK H van and HOORN A I J M van der, Ministry of Transport (AVV), The Netherlands
The Predictive Power of Operational Demand Models  
GUNN H F, Hague Consulting Group, HOORN A I J M van der, Ministry of Transport (AVV), The Netherlands
Do We Trust Simulation Models?  
CLEGG R G and CLUNE A, University of York, CASSIR C, University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK
Public Transport Demand Analysis: a Non-linear Time-series Model for Stockholm Region  
TEGNER G, LONCAR-LUCASSI V, NILSSON C, TRANSEK Consultants and HOLMBERG I, Gothenburg University, Sweden
Limits to Predictability  
GEENHUIZEN M S V, Delft University of Technology, ZUYLEN H J V, Ministry of Transport and NIJKAMP P, Free University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Models of Decision Making: a Useful Approach  
BERVELING J, Ministry of Transport (AVV), BLOM U, B&A Group, The Netherlands
Transportation Planning Methods Vol II
Review of Service Quality Valuations  
WARDMAN M, University of Leeds, UK
Application of Random Coefficient Logit Model  
KIM K S, University of Leeds, UK
Modelling Interurban Multi-modal Trips Using a Fizzy Logic Approach  
HOOGENDOORN S, HOOGENDOORN-LANSER S and BOVY P H L, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
Converting Static to Dynamic Assignment Models: Preliminary Findings  
VUREN T Van, CARMICHAEL S, Hague Consulting Group, HOFMAN F and TAALE H, Ministry of Transport, The Netherlands
Structure and Calibration of Multi-nser Class Travel Time Functions  
BLIEMER M C J, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
Stochastic User Equilibrium and Link Capacity Constraints: Formulation and Theoretical Evidence  
BIFULCO G N and CRISALLI U, Universita degli Studi di Roma "Tor Vergata", Italy
Modal Policies in Attica Region: an Impact Assessment  
DELOUKAS A, Attiko Metro SA, Greece
ANTONIN: a Forecasting Model for Travel Demand in the Lie-de-France  
GUNN H F and TUINENGA J G, Hague Consulting Group, The Netherlands ALLOUCHE J F and DEBRINCAT L, Syndicat des Transports Parisiens, France
Methodology and Study Programme for an Impact Assessment of the Effects of the Jubilee Line Extension  
LUCAS K and JONES P, University of Westminster, BRAY J, London Transport Planning, UK
A Logistic Approach for Freight Modal Choice Model  
NUZZOLO A, University of Rome, RUSSO F, University of Reggio Calabria, Italy
Freight Mode/route Choice Modelling with Limited Data  
FOWKES A S and TONER J, University of Leeds, UK
Economics of Scale and Scope in Transport Activities  
JARA-DIAZ S, Universidad de Chile, Chile