European Transport Conference 1999

European Transport Conference 1999: Strands

Strand Papers
Financing Infrastructure
Private Finance for Motorways - the Way Forward for EastetnEurope and the CIS  
BRIDE A, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Bidding for Roads: the Portuguese Experience  
FERNANDES C, CESUR and Ministry of Public Works, Portugal
Financing Large Road Infrastructure Projects in Poland  
BACCIARELLI A and KWIECIEK W, General Directorate of Public Roads, Poland
Traffic and Revenue Forecasting for Privately Funded Transport Projects  
BRETT A and SNELSON P, W S Atldns Consultants, UK
Developing Demand Predictions for a Study of Interregional Transport  
O'MAHONY M and WHITNEY W, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
Mobility and Accessibility Aspects of the Fixed Link Between Denmark and Sweden  
KRONBAK J and REHFELD C, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
Operating Railways for Traffic Growth and Profit
How Good Are Our Railways?  
SMITH R A, Advanced Railway Research Centre, University of Sheffield, UK
Rail Freight Oppommities in Australia  
WILLIAMS R and FOSTER A, Booz-Allen & Hamilton, UK
Financing Rail Projects in Central and Eastern Europe  
AMOS P, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Picking Up the Gauntlet: Responding to the Capacity Challenge  
SMITH G, English Welsh and Scottish Railway, UK
Regulation of Freight Railways in North America and Europe  
DREW J, Drew Management Consultants, UK
Compared Performance of Railways Companies in Europe  
BOUF D, CROZET Y, GUIHERY L and PEGUY P-Y, Laboratoire d'Economie des Transports, France
Provision of Socially Necessary Rail Services  
COLE S, O'HIGGINS T, HOLVAD T, Transport Research and Consultancy, University of North London, UK and GOMMERS M, NEI, The Netherlands
Economies of Scale and Railways Infrastructure Pricing: Empiricism and Criticism  
RAICU S and OLARU D, "Politehnica" University of Bucharest, Romania
Pan European Transport Policy
European Transport Forecasts for 2020: the STREAMS Model Results  
LEITHAM S, DOWNING J, Martial Eehenique and Partners, UK, MARTINO A and FIORELLO D, TRT Trasporti e Territorio Srl, Italy
A Proposed Methodology for Measuring Accessibility Taking into Account Economic Relations and Dally Cycles  
FIGUEIRA P and VIEGAS J, CESUR, Instituto Superior T~enieo, Portugal
Paying the Price for Sustainable Mobility  
VOUGIOUKAS M, EuroTrans Consulting, UK,
The Car and Fiscal Policy: a European Comparison  
BUCKMANN E, PIERS R, RIENSTRA S, NEI Transport and HEMMEN L, Ministry of Transport, The Netherlands
Road Infrastructure Cost Accounting in the EU Countries  
LINK H, German Institute for Economic Research, Germany
Trilateral Logistics  
DEMKES R, VERDUIJN T and HENSTRA D, TNO Inro, The Netherlands
GUIDE: Identifying Good and Bad Practice in Passenger Transport Interchange  
TERZIS G, MVA LTD and SULLIVAN K, London Transport, UK
Public Transport Planning and Management
Barrier-free Public Transportation in Japan: the Necessity of Some Fundamental Changes  
DATE S, Chiyoda Engineering Consultants, TAJIRI K, Gunma National College of Technology and HASHIMOTO T, Chiyoda Engineering Consultants, Japan
Design of Fully Accessible Bus Stops Infrastructure: Elements for Buses and Drivers  
TYLER N and CAIAFFA M, University College London, UK
Interchange in the UK  
BUCHANAN M and NEVELL J, Colin Buchanan and Partners, UK
Praxitele: the Missing Link  
MASSOT M H and LAPIERRE E, Syndieat des Transports Parisiens, France
Enhancing the Role of London Transport's Telephone Information Service  
BAILEY G and KEEGAN M, London Transport Marketing, UK
Review of Bus Tendering in Greater London  
BEAUMONT H and WATSON M, London Transport Buses, UK
Successful Public Transport: with or Without Competition  
VAN SCHIJNDEL B and VAN DER MAAS C J, Transport Research Centre of Dutch Ministry of Transportation, The Netherlands
The Norwegian Trial Scheme for Public Transport: the Conclusions 500 Experiments Later  
STANGELY I, RENOLEN H and KJORSTAD K, Institute of Transport Economies, Norway
Evaluating the Effectiveness of Public Transport Publicity  
SHIELDS M, Consoreio Transportes Madrid, Spain
Traffic Management Safety and Intelligent Transpor
The DUMAS Project - Developing Urban Management and Safety  
LINES C, Transport Research Laboratory, UK
Traffic Demand Management in Action  
PEDEN S M, Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust, UK
Does Prosecution Help the Driver?  
HALLETT S, Staffordshire County Council, UK
Encouraging Walking - Assessing the Effects of Change  
HUNT J and EVANS T, Cardiff School of Engineering, UK
Urban Street Activity in 20mph Zones - Emerging Findings  
Cycle and Bus Priority  
GARDNER G and GUTHRIE N, Transport Research Laboratory, UK
Adaptive Cruise Control - What Can Tile Network Operator Expect?  
BRACKSTONE M, MARSDEN G and McDONALD M, University of Southampton, UK
The Effect of Lane Change Information Provider to Vehicle Drivers  
SHAW C C, HSIN Y K, CHOU C S, CHI H H, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
Effect of Bus Location Information System on the Demand for Buses  
NAKAGAWA D and MATSUNAKA R, Kyoto University and KOIDE Y, Nankai Railway Ltd., Japan
Comparative Evaluation Ofgreenways and Bus Priority Lanes  
SEAMAN D, The Scottish Office and HEGGIE N, Colin Buchanan and Partners, UK
Bus Priority with Intermittent Bus Lanes  
VIEGAS J and LU B, Instituto Superior Tecnieo, Portugal
Using ITS to Improve Bus Operations: Examples and Oppommities  
HOUNSELL N B and CHENEY C N, University of Southampton, UK
Implementing UTMC - Glasgow and A12, London  
PERCIVAL M E, Oscar Faber, TURNER D, Traffic Director for London and McLEAN T, Glasgow City Council, UK
Managing Long Term Congestion in HOV Lanes. Effect of 2+vs 3+ Limit on the Madrid N - VI  
MONZON A, ECHEVERR[A D and CALZAS J J, Universidad Politeeniea de Madrid, Spain
Dublin Road Use Charging Pilot - Action  
O'MAHONY M, GERAGHTY D and HUMPHREYS I, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
The Public Transport Challenge - Greater Belfast  
FERGUSON D, The Queen's University of Belfast and KELLY P, W.S. Atkins Consultants Ltd., UK
ITS in Public Transport: the Need for Integration  
RACKLIFF T and BLYTHE P, University of Newcastle, UK
Public Transport Priorities: Data from Operators  
MACBRIAR I, QV Associates, UK
An Integrated UTCS/AVM Pollution Control System  
CAMUS R and LONGO G, University of Trieste, Italy
ITS Impacts on Safety: a Secondary Crash Investigation  
KARLAFTIS M, ADK Consulting Engineers, Greece
Estimation and Analysis of Multilane Multiclass Headway Distribution Model  
HOOGENDORN S P and BOVY P H L, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
Dynamic Lane Allocation Control: a Model Based Approach  
HOOGENDORN S P and BOVY P H L, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
Ramp Metering - 10 Years on  
SCHOFIELD M J and NEAL L, WS Atkins Consultants and McLEAN T, Glasgow City Council, UK
Using Intelligent Agents for Dynamic Urban Traffic Control Systems  
ROOZEMOND D A, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
Traveller Information Systems: What Do End-users Really Want?  
GILLAM T, LYONS G and McDONALD M, University of Southampton, UK
Slot Allocation on Congested Motorways  
KOOLSTRA K, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
Design of Bus Stops As Part of Bus Priorities  
FERNANDEZ R, University of Chile and TYLER N, University College London, UK
Transportation Practices in the Old City of Riga  
ZARUMBA I, CERBULE E and SPROiE O, City Council, Latvia
Transport Planning Policy and Practice
Changing Travel Behaviour  
JAMES N and FEREDAY D, Transport and Travel Research, UK
Affective Motives for Car Use  
STEG L, University of Groningen and TERTOOLEN G, Ministry of Transport (AVV), The Netherlands
Systemhopping - a Question of Age?  
BAUMER D and MULLER G, Research Institute for Urban and Regional Development of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Why People Don't Drive Cars  
WILKINSON D, The Scottish Office, UK
Opening Up the City Centre: Closing Down the Private Car  
SMITH B, Cambridgeshire County Council, UK
Mission Impossible? The First Year of Local Transport Plans  
HEADICAR P, Oxford Brookes University, UK
School Travel Plans  
PONTEFRACT D, Oscar Faber and CLAY T, Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions, UK
Developing an Integrated Transport Culture by Changing School Travel Behaviour  
HALDEN D, Derek Halden Consultancy, McGUIGAN D, Independent Consultant and WILKINSON D, The Scottish Office, UK
A Public Transport Strategy for Southampton  
ATKINS S, Southampton City Council and LAST A, MVA, UK
Acute Hospitals, Parking and Green Travel Plans  
CUMMINS P and CRAMPTON G, University of Reading, UK
The Process of Site-based Commuter Plan Development: Survey, Policies and Evaluation  
BRADLEY_J, BROWN N and CASSIDY S, Transport and Travel Research, UK
The Future of Mobility Management in the UK  
BRADSHAW R, University of Westminster and CAMARA P, Leicester City Council, UK
The Employers' Role in Changing Travel Choices  
DANIELS I, University of the West of England, UK
Transport and Social Exclusion in London  
ANDREW C, University of Brighton, FROST M, Birkbeck College and SULLIVAN K, London Transport, UK
Economic and Social Impacts of Sustainable Transport  
GEURS K, National Institute of Public Health and the Environment, The Netherlands and ADAMS J, University College London, UK
Night Site: Improving Accessibility and Mobility to Town Centres in the Evening  
POPE T, Joint Mobility Unit, RNIB and BOURNE C, Civic Trust Regeneration Unit, UK
Implementing Sustainable Property Development  
MARSH C and JONES P, University of Westminster, UK
The Role of Citizen Groups in Urban Transport Policy in France and Britian  
WOOD C, TransPlan and BLANCHER P, Economic et Humainisme
Birmingham City Council "visions" Transport Strategy Market Research  
BAKER J, Transport and Travel Research and ERRINGTON T, Birmingham City Council, UK
Cross Site Multicriteria Evaluation of Urban Pricing Measures in Europe  
MONZON A, RODRIGUEZ J, Universidad Politrenica de Madrid and CRISTOBAL C, Consorcio de Transportes de Madrid, Spain
Going Private? Financing the New Local Transport  
MILLS J, W S Atkins Planning Consultants and ADAM G, Hampshire County Council, UK
Ethics, Mobility and the Market: a Starting Point for Debate  
BERVELING J and WELLES H, Ministry of Transport (AVV), The Netherlands
New Directions in Appraisal for Local Transport Plans  
FERRARY C, Entee UK Limited, UK
Developing Joined-up Policy Assessment Frameworks  
JONES P and LUCAS K, University of Westminster, UK
Reducing the Number of Short Trips by Car  
MACKETT R L, University College London, UK
Identifying Potential Cyclists  
GARDNER G, Transport Research Laboratory, UK
Home Zones - a Step Towards Europe  
JONES P, WSP Development Ltd and CHILDS R, Halerow Fox, UK
The Community Impact of Traffic Calming Schemes  
BEURET K, Social Research Associates and BARRELL J, Ross Silcoek, UK
Transportation Planning Methods
Bias in Discrete Choice Models Estimates  
MAHER M, ROSA A and KONTOLEMAKIS J, Napier University, UK
Calibration Performance for the Multinomial Probit Model  
GARRIDO RA, Pontificia Universidad Catblica de Chile, Chile
Nested Logit Modelling: Some Hard Facts  
MUNIZAGA M A, Universidad de Chile and ORTUZAR J de D, Pontificia Universidad Catblica de Chile, Chile
Improved Methods of Representing Travel Time Reliability in SP Experiments  
COOK A J, JONES P, University of Westminster, BATES J J , John Bates Services, POLAK J, Imperial College and HAIGH M, AEA Techology, UK
Testing Recent Advances in Stated Preference Design  
TONER J P, WARDMAN M and WHELAN G, University of Leeds, UK
Calculation of Dynamic Traffic Equilibrium Assignments  
HEYDECKER B and VERLANDER N, University College London, UK
Modelling Peak Spreading in Continuous Time  
VAN WREN T, CARMICHAEL S, Hague Consulting Group, POLAK J, Imperial College, HYMAN G, Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions and CROSS S, Halcrow Fox, UK
Methods for the Solution of the Combined Trip Matrix Estimation and Stochastic User Equilibrium Assignment Problem  
ZHANG X, MAHER M J, Napier University and VAN VLIET D, University of Leeds, UK
101 Uses for Path-based Assignment  
KUPSIZEWSKA D and VAN VLIET D, University of Leeds, UK 121
A Comparison of Sample Enumeration and Stochastic Microsimulation for Urban Travel Demand Forecasting  
BRADLEY M, Independent Consultant and LAWTON T K, Portland Metro, USA
A Dynamic Analysis of Activity and Travel Patterns  
GOULIAS K G, Pennsylvania State University, USA
Assignment Model for Timetable-based Systems  
MOLLER-PEDERSEN J, Tetraplan A/S, Denmark
A Large Scale Stochastic Timetable-based Transit Assignment Model for Route and Sub-mode Choices  
NIELSEN 0 A, Technical University of Denmark and JOVICIC G, TetraPlan A/S, Denmark
A Doubly Dynamic Assignment Model for Congested Urban Transit Networks  
NUZZOLO A, CRISALLI U, University of Rome and RUSSO F, University of Reggio Calabria, Italy
Allowing for Variable Demand in Highway Scheme Assessment  
BATES J J, John Bates Services, COOMBE D, MVA Ltd, PORTERS, VLIET D, University of Leeds, UK
Implications of Recent Research into Values-of-time for the Classical Transport Model, Forecast and Appraisal  
GUNN H F, Hague Consulting Group, The Netherlands and WORSLEY T E, Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions, UK
On the Subjective Valuation of Travel Time Savings  
JARA-DIM S R and GUEVARA C A, Universidad de Chile, Chile
Risk Analysis for Privately Funded Transport Schemes  
BOYCE A M, Oscar Faber Transportation, UK
Irreversibility and Flexibility in Public Investment Choice - a Case Study  
DENANT-BOEMONT and HAMMICHE S, Laboratoire d'Economie des Transports, France
Valuing Transport External Effects  
ORTUZAR J de D, Pontificia Universidad CatQlica de Chile, Chile
The Monetary Valuation of the Environmental Impacts of Road Transport: a Stated Preference Approach  
NELSON P S, Booz Allen and Hamilton and TOWRISS, J G, Cranfield School of Management, UK
Integrated Computation of Time, Morbidity and Mortality Values from Revealed Preference Data  
PENIN R and RIERA P, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain
Combined Analysis of Heteroscedasticity and Correlation of Repeated Observations in SP Data  
CHO H-J, Freelance Researcher and KIM K-S, Napier University, UK
Aggregation of Urban Areas in Inter-urban Traffic Models  
GORDON A, Transport Research Laboratory, UK
Modelling Park and Ride  
OƕCINNEIDE D and CASSERLY 0, University College Cork, Ireland