European Transport Conference 2000

European Transport Conference 2000: Strands

Strand Papers
Appraisal of Road Transport Initiatives
Ex-post Evaluation of Policy Measures on Traffic Congestion  
LOOP H VAN DER, Ministry of Transport (AVV), PERDOK J, MuConsult and SCHRIEK A VAN, Ministry of Transport (Directorate Utrecht), The Netherlands
A New Approach to Model Air Quality and Health Implications of Transport Scenarios  
NAMDEO A, MITCHELL G and DIXON R, Environment Centre, University of Leeds, MAY A D, ITS, University of Leeds and KAY D, Centre for Research in Environment and Health, University of Aberystwyth, UK
"To Measure is to Know": Results of a Transport Policy Monitoring System in The Netherlands  
LOOP H VAN DER, Ministry of Transport (AVV) and MULDER M, Ministry of Transport (Directorate for Strategy and Coordination), The Netherlands
Benchmarking of Infrastructure for Biking  
THIJSSEN G and KRAAN M, Goudappel Coffeng and BORGMAN F, Dutch Cyclists Union, The Netherlands
Midland Metro: Monitoring the Impacts  
HARPER R, Oscar Faber and BIRD J, Centro, UK
The Appraisal of Transport Projects: Assessing Indirect Benefits  
PRIJ J and ROSENBERG F, Ministry of Transport (AVV), The Netherlands
Productivity Studies Versus Cost-benefit Analyses - Which is the Best Indicator for Returns to Transport Investments?  
BRATHEN S, Molde University College and ODECK J, Norwegian Public Roads Administration, Norway
Deciding on Dublin's Integrated Transport Policy: the Case for Heavy Rail  
ROGERS M, Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland
Rail-oriented Development - Potential, Impact, Policies  
ENDEMANN P, City of Ettlingen Planning Department and MULLER G, Research Institute for Urban and Regional Development of the Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Same Place, Two Worlds? A Comparison of Travel Behaviour Between Households in Established and New Developments  
HIGGITT M, Steer Davies Gleave and HEADICAR P, Oxford Brookes University, UK
Evaluation of the Mobility Effects of New Dwelling Locations  
WILMINK I and HILBERS H, TNO Inro and LEUTSCHER C, Ministry of Transport (AVV), The Netherlands
TRANSLAND: the Integration of Transport and Land Use Planning 169  
PEDLER A and PAULLEY N, Transport Research Laboratory, UK
Induced Travel: a Review of Recent Literature and the Implications for Transportation and Environmental Policy  
NOLAND R B, Centre for Transport Studies, Imperial College, UK and LEM L L, Environmental Protection Agency, US
Modal Split Changes Introduced by the High Speed Line Madrid-Seville  
MENENDEZ J M and GUIRAO B, ETSI Caminos, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain
Behavioural Modelling
Individual Versus Grouped SP Models -some Experiments  
KROES E, Hague Consulting Group, The Netherlands and ClRILLO C, FUNDP, Belgium
An Agent Based Modelling System for Activity-based Models  
POLAK J and HUANG X, Centre for Transport Studies, Imperial College, UK
SP Research: Scales or Choices- Which Are Best?  
ROHR C, BURGE P and DALY A, Hague Consulting Group, SHELDON R and HEYWOOD, C, Accent Marketing and Research, REES J and CROWTHER B, London Transport Buses, UK
Swedish Studies of Reasons and Scale of the Package Effects in Stated Preference Studies  
KOTTENHOFF K and SCHMIDT L, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
Conjoint Analysis Versus Contingent Valuation: Estimating Risk Values and Death Risk Equivalents in Road Traffic  
TRAWEN A and HJALTE K, Lund University of Technology and NORINDER A, The Swedish Institute for Health Economics, Sweden
A New Regional Economic Model for European Transport Corridor Studies  
JIN Y and WILLIAMS I N, Marcial Echenique and Partners, UK
Transport Forecasts for the European Union for 2020  
TAVASSZY L, TNO Inro, The Netherlands
Forecasting European International Trade Flows  
POLDER M, Erasmus University of Rotterdam and MEIJEREN J VAN, NEA Transport Research and Training, The Netherlands
A Multi-class Multi-mode Variable Demand Network Equilibrium Model with Hierarchical Legit Structures  
FLORIAN M and WU J J, University of Montreal and HE S G, INRO Solutions, Canada
2001 London A~ea Transport Survey - Pilot Results and Future Directions  
COLLOP M, Transport for London and BUCKINGHAM C, Greater London Authority, UK
On the Role of Information in the Subjective Valuation of Time  
TUDELA A M, Universidad de Concepcion, Chile
Demand Management and Safety Systems
Making Bus Priority Work  
KING N, Consultant to Oscar Faber and BODE C, Oscar Faber, UK
Strategic Public Transport Priority Using Selective Vehicle Detection - Does It Work?  
FOX, K, ITS, University of Leeds, HALLWORTH M, Leeds City Council, COLLIER B, Sheffield City Council and JONES S, Independent Consultant, UK
An Innovative Access Control System for Peckham Town Centre  
CUTHBERT T and SLINN M, MVA, and DEARING J, London Borough of Southwark, UK
Integrating Cycling into Intelligent Transport Systems  
CLARK S, ITS, University of Leeds, UK
Ramp Metering: Applications in France  
A System for Intelligent Speed Adaptation Tested in the Netherlands  
DUYNSTEE L and BESSELING H, Ministry of Transport (AVV), The Netherlands
The "Darwin" Driver Vision Support System: Its Potential Impact on Driving Behaviour and Road Safety, in Conditions of Reduced Visibility  
BARHAM P, Cranfield University, UK, ANDREONE L, Centre Ricerche Fiat, Italy, ZHANG X H, Vertex and VACHE M, CEDIP, France
Microsimulation Modelling of Intelligent Speed Adaptation System  
LIU R and TATE J, ITS, University of Leeds, UK
Deployment of Intelligent Transport Systems in the EU: Current Status and Prospects for the Future  
MORELLO S, ISIS, France and PERRE'n" K, Transport Research Laboratory, UK
Traffic Management and Driver Information on Inter-urban Networks: OPERA in Scotland  
TARRY S, Oscar Faber, UK and MORIN J-M, ISIS, France
Costs and Benefits of Decriminalised Parking Enforcement  
COLDS H and DICK I, Ove Arup and Partners, UK
Traffic Logistics: the Taming of the Traffic Monster  
BOE K, Institute of Transport Economics, Norway
Driver Attitude Towards Safety: a European Study of Driver Behaviour  
KARLAFTIS M and GOLIAS I, National Technical University of Athens, Greece
An Analysis of the Needs of a Complete Access Control Solution  
UMPLEBY G, Siemens Traffic Controls, PRESTON R, Cambridgeshire County Council and BLUNDELL K, ATG Access Ltd., UK
Accident Reductions Resulting from Village Traffic Calming  
TAYLOR M and WHEELER A, Transport Research Laboratory, UK
Modelling Reality: Complex Junctions and Guided Bus  
CLARK S, GOODMAN P and LIU R, ITS, University of Leeds, UK
Modelling of Bus-stop Operations  
FERNANDEZ R, Universidad de Chile, Chile
Graphical Traffic Information on Dynamic Information Boards  
TSAVACHIDIS M and KELLER H, Technical University of Munich, SCHCINFELD G, BMW Group and REISCHL A, TRANSVEK, Germany
A New Approach for Integration of Dynamic Signal Control and Re-routeing  
REIMERS S, Technical University Hamburg-Harburg, Germany
Design Specifications for an Effective Short-term Urban Traffic Management Scheme  
TAXILTARIS C, BASBAS S and PROIOS A, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
Compliance with Preventative Traffic Management Strategies  
STEINHOFF C, KATES R and KELLER H, Technical University of Munich, Germany
Stated Preference Method - a Useful Tool in Traffic Safety Research?  
RYENG E O, The Norwegian Univel'sity of Science and Technology, Norway
Strategic Planning on Mexican Federal Roads  
MENDOZA A and MAYORAL E F, Mexican Transportation Institute, Mexico
Developing Freight Policy
A Model for Monitoring Rail/road Transport Demand in the Short Term  
BERGEL R, INRETS and MUTTER A, University of Paris, France
Determining Factors in the Development of Road Freight Transport  
KVEIBORG O, National Environmental Research Institute, Germany
A Modified Iogit Assignment Model Which Obviates Enumeration and Overlapping Problems  
RUSSO F and VITE i i i A A, Universittt degli Studi di Reggio Calabria, Italy
Multi-modal Assignment Techniques of European Freight Transport Chains  
MEIJEREN J VAN and CHEN M, NEA Transport Research and Training, The Netherlands
MYSTIC: Experience of a Shipper Survey in the Netherlands and France  
BIJSTER E, Ministry of Transport (AVV), BURGESS A and MEIJEREN J VAN, NEA Transport Research and Training, The Netherlands
SOFTICE: Survey on Freight Transport Costs in Europe  
MUSSO A, University of Rome "La Sapienza", Italy
Variety of Freight Transport Costs - Micro and Macro Approaches in SOFTICE  
Developing Rail Policy For People and Freight
On-track Competition at the German Rail Network  
LINK H, German Institute for Economic Research, Germany
Planning the Infrastructure Performance of Railway Decision Support for Track Design of a Dutch High-speed Rail Link  
ZOETEMAN A and HEIJDEN R E C M VAN DER, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
Dutch Rail Policy: Stimulating Quality  
LENSINK E, Ministry of Transport (AVV), The Netherlands
The Competitiveness of Railways in Central and Eastern Europe  
BROWN M, Halcrow, UK and HALLOFF U, Swederail, Sweden
Framework for Rail Passenger Forecasting in the UK  
Deregulation of Passenger Rail Traffic in Western Europe  
HYLEN B, Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute, Sweden
High Speed and Liberalisation of Railways in Spain  
RODRIGUEZ F J and LOPEZ-LAMBAS M E, Universidad Politdcnica de Madrid, Spain
How the Railways Should Solve Europe's Freight Transportation Headaches  
NELLDALL L and TROCHE G, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
Discovering local transport plans and road traffic
Analytical Appraisal for Local Transport Plans  
ASHIRU O, TARRIER M and NIELSEN S, Surrey County Council, UK
Healthy Co-operation: Local Government and a Health Authority Working Together on Sustainable Transport  
HURDLE D I, Centre for Independent Transport Research in London (CILT) and SUTHERLAND P E, London Borough of Barnet, UK
Coverage of Travel Plans (Green Transport Plans) in Local Transport Plans  
GILLINGHAM R and WROE L, Transport Research Laboratory, UK
A Strategy for Road Traffic Reduction in London  
GARDNER K and FARHOLME N, Greater London Authority, UK
Children's Behaviour in Traffic - What Can We Learn?  
STEDAL L, SINTEF Civil and Environmental Engineering and RYENG E O, The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway
How to Reduce the Number of Short Trips by Car  
MACKE'B" R L, Centre for Transport Studies, University College London, UK
Balancing Car Accessibility and Good Urban Environment  
SVENSSON T, Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute, Sweden
Transport Demand Management in Historic Cities  
TIGHT M R and MAY A D, ITS, University of Leeds, CONNER M, University of Leeds and GERRARD W J, Leeds University Business School, UK
Transport and Social Exclusion  
SOLOMON J, TRAC, University of Noah London, UK
Defining a New Urban Public Transport Policy Through Consensus - Taking Advantage of the Political Change in Venezuela  
The latest comprehensive urban transport policy in Venezuela was formulated (by the central government) in 1991. It was based on four proposals: Urban transport decentralisation or "municipalisation" (i.e. actual take over of transport duties by municipal
Acceptability Factors to Transport Policy Changes  
RAUX C and SOUCHE S, Laboratoire d'Economie des Transports, France
Toll-per-kilometre of Heavy Goods Vehicles: a Comparison  
Consumer Response to Sustainable Planning and Transport Policy Initiatives  
COOPER J, DONEGAN K, RYLEY T and SMYTH A, TRI, Napier University, UK
The Impact of Road Pricing and Workplace Parking Levies on the Urban Economy: Results from a Survey of Firms  
STILL B and JOPSON A, ITS, University of Leeds and GERRARD B, Leeds University Business School, UK
Does Scotland Have a Rural Transport Problem?  
GRAY D, The Robert Gordon University, UK
The Potential for Car-clubs in Rural Areas - the European Experience  
CAMARA P, Maunsell Transport Planning, UK
Planning for Transport in Europe
A Phased Approach in Road and Motorway Management  
SMIT G, Netherlands Economic Institute, The Netherlands
ASTRA - a Platform for the Strategic Assessment of European Transport Policies  
DAVIES A, Marcial Echenique and Partners (now with Steer Davies Gleave), UK, SCHADE W, IWW, University of Karlsruhe, Germany, MARTINO A and RODA M, Trasporti and Territorio Srl, Italy
Patterns of Investment Policies and the Split of the Modal Pie in OECD Countries  
PALMS A and CHOLOUDIS C, University of Piraeus, Greece
Unconventional Charging and Taxation to Support Public Transport and Taxation Dis-incentives in Commuter Transport  
KNIGHT P and VANDEN BRANDEN T, Oscar Faber, POTTER S, Open University, UK
MAESTRO - Transport Evaluation Guidelines for the 21 St Century  
GREENSMITH C and JAMES N, Transport and Travel Research Ltd., UK
Assessing the Potential Impacts of Transport Research  
BULMAN E, Halcrow, UK, GIORGI L, ICCR, Austria and SANSOM T, ITS, University of Leeds, UK
Opportunities for European Innovation Policy for Transport  
ZUYLEN H J VAN, Ministry of Transport (AVV) and Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands and WEBER K M, Institute for Prospective Technological Studies, Sevilla, Spain
Analysis of the Effects Derived from the Application of "Participation Loans" to New Road Concessions in Spain  
VASSALLO J M and IZQUIERDO R, Universidad Politdcnica de Madrid, Spain
International Benchmarks for Performance Comparison of Infrastructure  
PERRELS A, VATT, Finland, BRUINSMA F, Free University of Amsterdam, HILBERS H and RASPE O, TNO Inro, The Netherlands
Tolling of Urban and Inter-urban Road Infrastructure - What Offers the Future?  
ODECK J and BEKKEN J-T, Public Roads Administration and BRATHEN S, Molde College, Norway
Transport in the Oresund Region - a Mobility and Accessibility Study  
KRONBAK J and REHFELD C, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
The Planning and Management of Public Transport Sy
Evaluation of Investment Subsidies in Public Transport  
ENGELBERG B VAN and STEMERDING M, Goudappel Coffeng BV and STOELINGA A, Ministry of Transport (AVV), The Netherlands
Travel Demand Impacts of a New Privately Operated Suburban Rail in the Madrid N-Ill Corridor  
MONZON A and GONZALEZ J-D, Universidad Politdcnica de Madrid, Spain
Light Rail - is It Worth Paying For?  
SMITH T, Oscar Faber and PHAROAH T, Independent Consultant, UK
Carsharing, How to Make It a Success for All Players  
DERKSE C, Ministry of Transport (AVV), The Netherlands
AIIobus: a Response Tailored to a Target Market  
GRAS J, Les Courriers de I'lle de France, France
Understanding Quality Needs and Expectations of Potential Metro Users in Athens  
APOSTOLOPOULOU E and NELLAS G, Attiko Metro S.A. and GANOUDIS D and MARINAKI A, Research International Hellas S.A., Greece
Service Encounter Communication  
ECHEVERRI P, Karlstad University, Sweden
The Development of a Benchmarking Handbook for Public Transport Operators  
MAGEEAN J, MULLEY C, and NELSON J, TORG, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
Measuring Best Value in Public Transport Planning  
ASHIRU O, TARRIER M and McGREEVY R, Surrey County Council, UK
Deregulation of Passenger Traffic in Western Europe  
HYLEN B, Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute, Sweden
Operational Simulation of Light Rail  
RUDOLPH R, University of Hanover, Germany
JUPITER-2: Implementation and Evaluation of Innovative Vehicles  
BAKER J, Transport and Travel Research and HESELTINE P, Merseytravel, UK
Electric Trolley or Thermal Buses? The Case of Athens  
MATZOROS A, Athens Public Transport Authority, Greece
Superoute 66 Live! - the Impact of Providing Real-time Information on the Internet  
HOLLAND R, TORG, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
The Privatisation of Road Maintenance and Operatio
Innovations in the Procurement and Financing of Road Maintenance  
HEGGIE I G, Visiting Professor, University of Birmingham, UK
First Generation Road Funds: What Went Wrong?  
HEGGIE I G, Visiting Professor, University of Birmingham, UK
Second Generation Road Funds: the Way Ahead  
HEGGIE I G, Visiting Professor, University of Birmingham, UK
Second Generation Road Funds: Emerging "good" Practice  
HEGGIE I G, Visiting Professor, University of Birmingham, UK
What Are the Needs and Aspirations for Privatisation of an Emerging Economy?  
PENGAL P, Ministry of Transport and MILJEVIC J, Omega Consult, Slovenia
Transport Modelling
Stable Dynamics in Transportation Systems  
DE PALMA A, Universitd de Cergy-Pontoise, France and NESTEROV Y, Catholic University of Louvain-CORE, Belgium
Estimation of OD Demand for Dynamic Assignment with Route Choice and Departure Time Choice  
LINDVELD C D R AND ZIJPP N VAN DER, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
A Dynamic Traffic Assignment Method for Planning and Telematic Applications  
Fuzzy Logic Model of Mode Choice  
HOLLAND R, TORG, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
Developing the Behavioural Rules for an Agent-based Model of Pedestrian Movement  
WILLIS A, KUKLA R, HINE J AND KERRIDGE J, Transport Research Institute, Napier University, UK
Do Micro-simulation Models Give the Right Answers?  
FOX K and LIU R, ITS, University of Leeds, UK
Traffic Signal Settings for Diverse Policy Goals  
CLEGG R G, CLUNE A and SMITH M, University of York, UK
Multi-modal Modelling for Integrated Planning in Surrey  
FANSTONE H and TARRIER M, Surrey County Council, UK
Development and Application of the Greater Manchester Strategy Planning Model  
COPLEY G, Oscar Faber, SKINNER A, MVA, SIMMONDS D, David Simmonds Consultancy and LAIDLER J, Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Executive, UK
Demonstration of Geogracom 5W - an Expert System for Transport Strategic Planning  
Updating the Netherlands National Model  
BAKKER D, DALY A and MIJJER P, Hague Consulting Group, The Netherlands
Modelling the Factors Which Influence New Car Purchasing  
PAGE M, WHELAN G and DALY A, ITS, University of Leeds, UK
Concessionary Travel, Car Ownership and Demographic Change  
POLAK J and HAN X-L, Centre for Transport Studies, Imperial College, UK
Regional Funding Allocations for Transport
Danny Lamb, West Midlands Regional Assembly
Long Distance Trips and Class-departure Time Choice  
ALGERS S and BESER M, Transek, Sweden
Car Ownership in Great Britain - a Panel Data Analysis  
HANLY M and DARGAY J, ESRC Transport Studies Unit, University College London, UK
Is There a Limit to Car Ownership Growth? An Exploration of Household Saturation Levels Using Two Novel Approaches  
WHELAN G and WARDMAN M, ITS, University of Leeds, UK and DALY A, ITS, University of Leeds, UK and Hague Consulting Group, The Netherlands