European Transport Conference 2001

European Transport Conference 2001: Strands

Strand Papers
Applied Transport Methods
Modelling Long-term Impacts on Travel Demand
P Coppola, University of Rome Tor Vergata, E Cascetta and F Pagliara, University of Naples Federico II (I)
Calibration and Implementation of Residential Location in Land-use/transport Interaction Models
F Pagliara, University of Naples ?Federico II? (I), D Simmonds, David Simmonds Consultancy (UK)
CARINT-Model (CAusal Loop Research on INtegrated Transport): Causal Loop Model to Describe Transport System's Effects on Socio-Economic Systems
G Emberger, TU-Wien (A)
Modelling Land-use/transport Interaction on a Regional Scale: the Trans-Pennine Corridor Model
D Simmonds, David Simmonds Consultancy, A Skinner, MVA (UK)
Updating LASER: Development of a New Land Use/transport Model for Multi-modal Policy Studies
M Shahkarami, Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions, Y Jin and I Williams, Marcial Echenique and Partners (UK)
Development of Land Use Transportation Modelling Tools for Multi-Modal Studies
K Rahmatabadi, Oscar Faber, C Lidsay, Marcial Echenique and Partners (UK)
A New Look at Multi-modal Modelling
D Simmonds, David Simmonds Consultancy, J Bates, John Bates Services, A D May, ITS, University of Leeds (UK)
From NRTF to a National Policy Model - a New National Transport Forecasting Tool for the UK
T van Vuren and A Gordon, Mott MacDonald, R Harris, Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions, P Mackie, ITS, University of Leeds, I Williams, Marcial Echenique and Partners (UK)
Extended Tour Representations for Travel Demand Models
H Gunn and P Mijjer, RAND Europe (NL)
Creating Synthetic Populations: Approach and Empirical Results
T Arentze and H J P Timmermans, Eindhoven University of Technology, F Hofman, Ministry of Transport , AVV (NL)
Analysing Intrapersonel Variability of Travel Behaviour Using the Sequence Alignment Method
R Schlich, Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) (CH)
Generalised Transportation-data Format (GTF) - Data, Model and Machine Interaction
O A Nielsen, Technical University of Denmark (DK), B Mandel and E Ruffert, MKmetric (D)
Enabling and Managing Greater Access to Transport Information Using Metadata
M Wigan, TRI, Napier University (UK)
The Impact of Light Rapid Transit in Three UK Cities
G Copley and B Vaughan, Oscar Faber (UK)
Great Belt Link - Traffic Before and After
K Pedersen and L Denver, COWI (DK), A Daly and C Rohr, RAND Europe (UK)
Investment In Roads
Experiences of Using Toll Road and Possibility for Public/private Partnership
K Tanczos and K G Seog, Technical University of Budapest (H)
The Income Distribution Effect of Road Pricing: a Modelling Case Study
L Fridström, H Minken and A Vold, Institute of Transport Economics (TOI) (N)
Privatisation of Road Maintenance and Operation - Slovenia: a Case Study
P Snelson, W S Atkins Consultants (UK) and N Kawasaki, EBRD (International)
The Expressway Management Contract for Services: a New Finance Tool to Improve, Rehabilitate, Maintain, and Upkeep the First-generation Expressways in Spain
R Izquierdo, J. M Vassallo and D Maté, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (ES)
Pricing Transport
How Acceptable Are Transport Pricing Measures? Empirical Studies in Nine European Countries
J Polak, Centre for Transport Studies (UK), H Link, German Institute for Economic Research (D)
Road Use Pricing for Dublin?
M O?Mahony and E O?Cearbhail, Trinity College Dublin (IRE)
European Policy on Transport Infrastructure Pricing
S Smith, PricewaterhouseCoopers (UK)
The Effects of Fuel Price Changes on the Transport Sector and Its Emissions - Simulations with TREMOVE
J Delsalle, European Commission (International)
Analysis of the Traffic Induced by the Construction of a Toll Motorway in the Andalucia Corridor
B Guirao, Universidad de Castilla de la Mancha (ES)
Urban Policy
Transportation Durability and Housing Policy
V Kaufmann, Lancaster University (UK), C Jemelin, IREC-EPFL (CH)
Designing Accompanying Measures for the Sub-urban Railway Scheme of Brussels
H Duchateau, F Boon and S Gayda, Stratec (B)
Can Rail Catch the Train of Urban Developments in Suburbs?
F Bordère, Centre d'Etudes Techniques de l'Equipement de Lyon and C Tourasse, Direction Régionale de l'Equipement Rhône-Alpes (F)
Managing Emissions from Vehicles in Urban Systems
K Smith, K Wood and A Ash, TRL (UK)
What Legal and Regulatory Reforms Are Needed for City Authorities to Implement a Sustainable Transport Policy?
W Anreiter, Austrian Mobility Research - AMOR (A)
Parking Area Policy - Effects on Mobility
M Herry and M Schuster, Consultancy HERRY (A)
Moscow Urban Transport Strategy Study
T O?Brien, Gibb Ltd. (UK)
Strategic Transport Planning
Comprehensive European Level Transport Modelling - a Policy-orientated Approach
S Leitham and I WIlliams, Marcial Echenique and Partners (UK), D Fiorello, Trasporti e Territorio (I)
Performance Monitoring of the Trans-European Network
K El-Araby, Dorsch Consult (D), M Chevreuil, ISIS (F)
Brest Euroborder Study
D Bunce and J Ojeil, Ove Arup and Partners (UK)
A Vision on Traffic and Transport in 2020
A Mesker, Ministry of Transport (NL)
Effects of the New Dutch National Traffic and Transport Plan (NVVP) Analysed Using the National Transport Model
H Flikkema and J van der Waard, Ministry of Transport, AVV (NL)
Who Benefits from the Budget of the Dutch Ministry of Transport?
F Cheung, Ministry of Transport, AVV (NL)
Redistributive Effects of Subsidies to Transport Services in Spain
J Asensio, A Matas and J L Raymond, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (ES)
The Increasing Influence of Non-state Actors (NSAS) in International Transport Policy Development
D Stasinopoulos, European Commission (International)
Decoupling Transport from Economic Growth
M Tight, ITS, University of Leeds, A Hammond, Marcial Echenique and Partners (UK), O Meyer-Ruhle, Prognos AG (B)
Legal Harmonisation in Transport in Central Europe: from Policy to Implementation
JC van Elburg, NEA (NL)
The Role of Regional Transport Strategies in National and Local Transport Policy
G Copley, Oscar Faber, A Wenban-Smith, Independent Consultant (UK)
Is the Neighbour's Grass Always Greener? an International Benchmark of Transport Policy
J Klooster and A Boschker KPMG Economic Consulting (BEA), F Hartkamp, NOVEM (NL)
Automobiles and Climate Change: the Case Against a Carbon Tax on Motor Fuels
R Darbera, Ecole Nationale des Ponts & Chaussées (F)
Public Consultation and Local Transport Plans: a Case-study of Tyne and Wear
J Nelson, J F Mageean, N Thorpe and T M Sayers, University of Newcastle (UK)
Evaluating the Social Content of Local Transport Plans(England)
J Solomon, TRaC, University of North London, K Lucas, University of Westminster and P Beecham, Paul Beecham Associates (UK)
?Best Value? Planning for Integrated Transport
J Parker and M Kendrick, Integrated Transport Planning Ltd. (UK)
A Review of Local Transport Plans in England
G Marsden and J Wootton, University of Southampton (UK)
Methodological Innovations
Stationarity Tests for Dynamic Traffic Simulations
A de Palma and C Fontan, Université de Cergy-Pontoise (F)
Practical Algorithms for Defining Optimal Cordon Pricing Locations and Charges
S.P.Shepherd, A.D.May, D.S.Milne, and A.Sumalee, Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds (UK)
Incorporating Variable Travel Time Effects into Route Choice Models
A Gordon and T van Vuren, Mott MacDonald, D Watling, Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds, J Polak and R B. Noland, Centre for Transport Studies, Imperial College, S Porter, Department of Transport, Local Government and the Regions and N T
A Doubly Dynamic Assignment Model for the Simulation of Drivers Information Systems (DIS)
E Cascetta, University of Naples "Federico II" and P Coppola, University of Rome "Tor Vergata" (I)
Test and Validation of a Complex Traffic Model
M V Sørensen and O A Nielsen, Centre for Traffic and Transport, Technical University Denmark and D Filges, ATKINS Denmark (DK)
Rule-based, Object-oriented Modelling of Public Transport Systems
O A Nielsen, Centre for Traffic and Transport, Technical University of Denmark and R D Frederiksen,Atkins Denmark (DK)
Comparison of Within-mode Revealed Preference and Stated Preference Choice Models
M Wardman and J Shires, ITS, University of Leeds (UK)
Croydon Tramlink Impact Study
G Copley, M Thomas and P Murphy, Oscar Faber, J Bray and A Smith, Transport For London (UK)
Alternatives to the Rule of a Half in Matrix Based Appraisal
J Nellthorp, Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds and G Hyman, Department of Transport, Local Government and the Regions (UK)
The Use of Mechanisms in Transport
O Kveiborg, Institute of Economics, University of Copenhagen (DK)
Economic Appraisal of Multi-modal Transport Investments: the Development of TUBA
C White and A Gordon, Mott MacDonald, P Gray, Department of Transport, Local Government and the Regions (UK
An Alternative Data Segmentation Method
M V Sorensen, Technical University of Denmark (DK)
Predicting Mode Choice Through Multivariate Recursive Partitioning
M Karlaftis, National Technical University of Athens (GR)
Models for Choice of Departure Time
R Batley, T Fowkes and G Whelan, Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds, A Daly, RAND Europe and Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds (UK)
A Model for Time of Day and Mode Choice Using Error Components Logit
G de Jong, A Daly and C Vellay, Rand Europe (NL), M BradleyMBRC (US), F Hofman, Ministry of Transport, AVV (NL)
Non-linear Utility Functions in MNL Discrete Choice Models
C Lindveld, Delft University of Technology (NL)
Methodological Advances in Modelling and Forecasting Car Ownership in Great Britain
G Whelan, ITS, University of Leeds (UK)
A Micro-economic Model for Car Ownership, Resident and Work Location
J H Rich and O A Nielsen, Technical University of Denmark (DK)
Energy Efficiency of Passenger Cars
M E Birkeland and J Jordal-Jørgensen, COWI - Economics and Management (DK)
Vehicle Scrappage: Literature and a New Stated Preference Survey
G de Jong, C Vellay and J Fox, RAND Europe (NL)
Behavioural Modelling
Three Controversies in the Valuation of Travel Time Savings
P Mackie, T Fowkes, M Wardman and G Whelan, Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds, J Bates, John Bates Services (UK)
The Value of Small Travel Time Savings - Some New Evidence
H Gunn, RAND Europe (NL)
Measuring Land-use Benefits
F Martinez, University of Chile (Chile)
A Logit-based Framework for Modelling Compensatory and Non-compensatory Choices
R Batley, ITS, University of Leeds (UK)
A Closer Look at the Value of Leisure Behind Travel Time Savings
S Jara-Diaz, Universidad de Chile (Chile)
Assessing Time Gains from Road Investment and Maintenance Measures: the Role of Speed Choice and Driving Comfort
K Brundell-Freij, Lund University (SE)
Freight and Logistics
The Emerging Form of Freight Modelling
H Neffendorf, Katalysis, M Wigan, Oxford Systematics, I Williams, Marcial Echenique & Partners and M Collop, Transport for London (UK), R Donnelly, Parsons, Brinckerhoff (US)
Options for Freight Transport Policy in the Dutch National Traffic and Transport Plan
J Francke, Ministry of Transport, AVV (NL)
Freight Road User Valuations of Three Different Aspects of Delay
T Fowkes and P Firmin, ITS, University of Leeds, T Whiteing, University of Huddersfield, G Tweddle, Independent Consultant (UK)
A Joint SP/RP Model of Freight Shipments from the Region of Nord-Pas-de-Calais
G de Jong and Carine Vellay, RAND Europe (NL), M Houée, MELTT/DAEI/SES (F)
Wholesalers? Freight Choice: a Representative Stated Preference Survey
L Fridstr?m and A Madslein, Institute of Transport Economics (N)
Innovations in Freight Transport Systems That Respect Trends in Logistics Services
L Tavasszy, M Iding and B Groothedde, TNO Inro (NL)
A Forecasting Model for Inland Navigation Based on Route Enumeration
S Fiorenzo Catalano and N van der Zijpp, Delft University of Technology (NL)
Port Planning, Maritime and E-Commerce
Counting the Costs of Tanker Accidents
H Leggate and J McConville, London Guildhall University, T Meyer, Shipping and Environmental Consultant (UK)
Supply Chain Analysis in the Maritime Reefer Market: a Tool for Technological Development
L van der Lugt and A W Veenstra, Erasmus University Rotterdam (NL)
The Japanese Takuhaibin System - Model for a Universal Solution for the Logistics Challenges of E-businesses?
C Eberhard, PTV AG (D)
Future Models of Retail Logistics in an Age of E-commerce
A Lewis, Transport and Travel Research (UK)
Port Planning - Just a Blunt Instrument?
F Moglia and M Sanguineri, Genoa Port Authority (I)
Maritime Policy and Fair Transport Pricing
M Valleri and E Venezia, University of Bari (I)
The Planning and Management of Public Transport Sy
Experience of the Tripperpas in the Dutch Municipality of Groningen
F Cheung, Ministry of Transport, AVV (NL)
Real Time Passenger Transport Information and Bus Priority in Cardiff - Bus Priority Trial
A Maxwell, TRL, R Hill, Cardiff County Council, D Bretherton, TRL (UK)
Future Options for Public Transport Passenger Information
G Smith, Halcrow Fox, P Cobain, CENTRO (UK)
What Role for Public Transport Authorities in the European Metropolitan Areas?
S Lecler, European Metropolitan Transport Authorities (F)
Public Transport Authorities: a Way Ahead to Foster Intermodality and Public Transport Efficiency
A Monzón, M López-Lambas, Universitá Politecnica de Madrid, C Cristóbal, Consorcio Regional de Transportes de Madrid (ES)
Tendering and Contracting Public Transport in The Netherlands: the First Results
A M T Mouwen, AGV Traffic and Transport Consultancy Group (NL)
Funding Public Transport Operation: a Study in European Countries
C van der Maas and C Derkse, Ministry of Transport, AVV (NL)
Subsidy Reductions in Norwegian Urban Public Transport: Savings - but for Whom?
N Fearnley and E Carlquist, Institute of Transport Economics (N)
Innovations in Public Transport: Impediments and Solutions
J Klooster and P Blok, KPMG Economic Consulting (BEA), A Hablé, Ministry of Transport (NL)
The Personal Rapid Transit Pilot: a Demand Driven Sustainable Technological System Innovation
H van Zuylen, Delft University, A Ouwehand, Brabant Province (NL)
What Moves People?
G Bootsma and R Koolen, Ministry of Transport, AVV (NL)
Temporal Accessibility: a Computational Approach for Assessing Accessibility Within Rural and Urban Transport Networks
O Ashiru and S Nielsen, Surrey County Council (UK)
Rural Areas Accessibility Improvements Due to the Implementation of High Speed Railroads
J M Menendez, J M Coronado and A Rivas, Universita de Castilla La Mancha (ES)
Public Transportation Interchanges: from Constraint to Asset
C Jemelin, IREC-EPFL (CH), V Kaufmann, LATTS (F)
Cross-border Public Transport in Europe: Overcoming the Barriers
A Winder, ISIS (F), S Krug and D Meinhard, Ingenieurgruppe IVV-Aachen (D)
Impacts on Travel Behaviour from the Introduction of a New Metro System: a Case Study from Athens, Greece
M Karlaftis, National Technical University of Athens, A Matzoros, Athens Urban Transportation Authority (GR)
Quality - It is Not What You Think
A Probert, University of Cambridge (UK)
The Quality of Urban Public Transport Systems As Perceived by the Users
S Basbas and C Taxiltaris, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (GR)
Social Deprivation and Rural Bus Services
I Macbriar, QV Associates, C Jarvis and T Woodhams, Cornwall County Council (UK)
Marginalised Needs in Public Transport Planning: Improving the Quality of Travel for Women in London
J Bray and K Bangle, Transport for London (UK)
New Policies for Improving the Quality of Public Transport in Ile de France
P Comlan, Syndicat des Transports Ile-de-France (F)
Transferability of Quality Standards Under Controlled Competition in Public Passenger Transport
O Roider and R Klementschitz, University for Bodenkultur (A)
Workshop Session
Benchmarking of Local Cycling Policy
T Russell, CTC (UK)
Benchmarking to Improve Demand Forecasting for Major Urban Rail Projects
R Allport, Halcrow Fox (UK)
The Role of Benchmarking Public Transport Systems to Achieve an Improvement in Service Delivery - an International Synopsis
D Ashmore and F Beltrandi, A Mellor Steer Davis Gleave (UK)
Aviation Economics and Airport Planning
A Strategic Decision Support Tool for Indicating Environmental and Operational Factors in Airport Development Scenarios
P Upham, D Raper and C Thomas, Manchester Metropolitan University, Y Yang, D Gilligwater and C Hinde, Loughborough University (UK)
Evaluating the Economic and Environmental Effects to Reduce Aircraft Emissions
R Hancox and S Lowe, MVA Ltd. (UK), H Pulles, RLD, A van Velzen, Resource Analysis, G Baarse, BB&C (NL)
Civil Aviation in Scandinavia - an Environmental and Economic Comparison with Other Modes of Transport
M Bøgelund, COWI Consulting Engineers and Planners (DK)
Planning for the Airside Movements of Passengers at Airports
C Chalk and G Ruddock, Mott MacDonald (UK)
Forecasting the Environmental Impacts of Aircraft Fleet Development at Schiphol Airport
P Hanson and R Hancox, MVA Ltd (UK), J Veldhuis and P Uitenbogaart, Civil Aviation Department of The Netherlands (NL)
Development of Regional Air Services in Europe
N Dennis, University of Westminster (UK)
Regional Airports in a Deregulated European Aviation Market
G Burghouwt, Utrecht University and J Hakfoort, Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis (NL)
A Simulation Model to Investigate the Rationality and the Impacts of Revenue Management in an Airline Market
A Oliveira, ITS, University of Leeds (UK)
Strategies for European Airlines in the Asia-Pacific Region
G Williams and Y-C Chang, Cranfield University (UK)
The Charter Industry?s Response to the Low Cost Threat
G Williams, Cranfield University (UK)
Deregulation and Re-regulation: Policy Conflicts Between Aviation and Economic Authorities on Air Transportation Administration in Taiwan
Z-Y S Joel, Wenzao Ursuline College, Taiwan
Time Series Uni-mode or Random Utility Multi-mode Approach in National Passenger Models: the Impact on the Italian Air Demand Forecast
M N Postorino and F Russo, University of Reggio Calabria (I)
Airport Development and Surface Transport Planning in The Netherlands
E Kroes, RAND Europe, F Cheung, Ministry of Transport, AVV (NL)
Loyalty Schemes for Airports: a Possible Implementation
D Jarach, SDA Bocconi Business School (I)
Transport Management
A Comparison Between the Safety Concepts for Two Scandinavian Tunnels
A Brodin, Swepro (SE)
Motorcycling and Congestion
B Martin, Halcrow Group Ltd, S Phull, Department of Transport, Local Government and the Regions, S Robertson, Centre for Transport Studies, University College London (UK)
Re-allocating Road Space for Motor Vehicles to Bicycles: Effects on Cyclists' Opinions and Motor Vehicle Speed
A Nilsson, Lund University (SE)
Motorcycles As Transport
M R Wigan, Napier University (UK)
Coping with a Crisis: Lessons from the Events of a Year Ago
K Chatterjee and G Lyons, University of Southampton (UK)
What Happens when the Pumps Run Dry? Experience from the 2000 Fuel Crisis and Its Policy Implications
J Polak and R Noland, Imperial College, M Bell and N Thorpe, University of Newcastle, D Wofinden, Social and Transport Research Services (UK)
Effective Above Ground Detection Using Intelligent Array Based Detectors
S Hollock, N F Stogdale, N Sumpter and N Johnson.IRISYS Limited (UK)
Estimating and Predicting Travel Times on Interurban Motorways
S Cohen, INRETS, N Schwab, Autoroutes du Sud de la France (F)
Dynamic Road Signing of Parking Areas
Jacques Nouvier, CERTU (F)
A Tale of Two Home Zones
P Jones, WSP and J Baulch, Lacey, Hickie, Caley (UK)
Cost Benefit Analysis Using Ramp Metering: Field Results
The Highways Agency Ramp Metering Pilot Scheme
P Matthews, MVA, C Gould, Highways Agency, D Tindall, MVA (UK)
Road Safety
The Speed Camera Hypothecation Pilot - the South Wales Experience
J Hunt, Cardiff University, G Evans, Swansea City Council, J Rowling, South Wales Police (UK)
Automatic Traffic Enforcement Systems: International Approaches
A Winder, ISIS (F)
Monitoring of the A259 Speed Management Strategy
A Pedler, TRL and A Ekinsmyth, West Sussex County Council (UK)
A Model of Temporary Effects on Road Traffic and Road Risk
R Bergel, INRETS (F)
Using GIS to Analyse Statewide Traffic Crash Data in Michigan
T Datta, K L Schattler and K Kar, Wayne State University (USA)
Evaluation of the Effects of Large-scale Use of Intelligent Speed Adaptation in Urban Areas
A Várhelyi, S Almqvist, H Ashouri, C Hydén and M Hjälmdahl, Lund University (S), M Draskóczy, Endresz Kft (H), R Risser, FACTUM (A)
The Use of GPS-based Automatic Vehicle Location Technologies for Bus Transit: State of the Practice in the USA and Lessons for Elsewhere
R S Bain, ITS, University of Leeds (UK)
More Choice and Competition
Rail Freight Grants - Promoting Rail Freight Growth in Britain
E Humphreys and J I Cavill, Ove Arup and Partners International, J Riley, Strategic Rail Authority (UK)
Definition and Evaluation of Policy Scenario to Increase Rail Modal Share in Europe
C Reynaud and F Jiang, INRETS (F)
Can Air Cargo Move by Rail in Europe?
G Terzis, MVA, R Fenyoe, Stamford Research Group (UK), J Gauderis, Resource Analysis (NL)
Mode Profiles: Assessing Inter-modal Competition
A Probert, University of Cambridge (UK)
The Effects of High Speed Rail on the Reduction of Air Traffic Congestion
A Lopez Pita and F Robuste, CENIT (ES)
The Importance of Speed and Reliability in Inter-urban Services for Business Travellers - Mode Competition in the Lisbon/Porto Corridor
N Ribeiro and F Pita, VTM Consultores (P)
Interactions of Travel, Accessibility and Personal Characteristics: the Case of Upper Austria
A Simma, K Axhausen and M Vtric, IVT-ETH (CH)
Empirical Evidence of Accessibility Patterns to Airports: when Rail Services Make Sense?
F Robuste and A Lopez-Pita, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (ES)
Barajas Airport - Madrid City Connection: Improving Accessibility
C Cristóbal-Pinto and J-D González, Madrid Regional Transport Consortium, A García-Pastor, CTSA (ES)
Multimodal Impacts of the Orbital Metro Line in Madrid
A Monzón and R Cascjao, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, C Cristobal-Pinto and J-D González, Consorcio Regional Transportes de Madrid (ES)
An Assessment of Techniques for Modelling High-occupancy Vehicle Lanes
R B Noland and J Polak, Centre for Transport Studies, Imperial College, G Arthur, Department of Transport, Local Government and the Regions (UK)
Effects of Realised Traffic Measures on Energy Consumption in Urban Transport
M Mailer, University of Technology Vienna (A)
Demonstration and Poster Sessions
The Role of Modelling in Public Consultation and Decision-making
S Druitt, SIAS (UK)
HSL-Zuid Spreadsheet Simulation System
E Kroes and J Fox, RAND Europe (NL)
Simulation of Pedestrian Movements at Major Interchanges
R J Bland and E Pellissier, Mott MacDonald (UK)
The UK National Origin-destination Survey Databank
M Shahkarami, Department for Transport, Local Government and the Regions, N Robbins and A Freeman, Brown and Root (UK)
Distributional Effects of Public Transport Subsidies: Evidence from the UK
N Fearnley, Institute of Transport Economics (N)
Estimation of Origin/destination Matrices from Traffic Counts
U Crisalli and A Nuzzolo, University of Rome (I)
The School-run: Characteristics and Impact on Congestion in Larne
A Woodside, B Guray and J R Seymour, University of Ulster (UK)
The Role and Opportunities for Private Investment
The Impact of EU Policies on Private Investment in Railways
Professor Chris Nash, University of Leeds
Lease to Service Financing Arrangements As a Cheap Source of Capital
Jeremy Drew and John Winner, HWTSL
Australian Railways Privatisation: Experience and Future Plans
Professor Derek Scrafton, University of South Australia
Investing in Passenger Rail on Four Continents: a Bidder's Perspective
Michael Schabas, GB Railways Ltd.
Competition of the CEE's Railways: Restructuring Steps of the Hungarian State Railway
Laszlo Polgar, Deputy State Secretary, Ministry of Transport
Lessons from North and South America
Lou Thompson, Railways Advisor, The World Bank
Opportunities in Poland
Krystof Celinski, Director General, Polish National Railways