European Transport Conference 2002

European Transport Conference 2002: Strands

Strand Papers
Applied Transport Methods
Demand-depending Strategic Railway Network Evaluation  
M Kettner and B Sewcyk, Institute of Transport, Railway Construction and Operation, DE
Short-term Prediction of Run-occupancy in Transit Information System  
A Nuzzolo, U Crisalli, P Coppola, and L Rosati University of Rome "Tor Vergata" II, IT
Supply Models for Use in Modelling the Variability of Journey Times on the Highway Network  
J Bates, John Bates Services; I Black, Cranfield University;
Planning Models for Transit Systems at Regional Level  
F Russo, University of Reggio Calabria, IT
A Methodology for the Supply Simulation in Transit Systems: an Application to an Italian Extra-urban Area  
F Russo, A Cartisano and C Rindone, University of Reggio Calabria, IT
A Methodology for Demand Evaluation by Traffic Counts in Transit Systems: Application to an Italian Extra-urban Area  
G Musolino, M N Postorino and P Velonà, University of Reggio Calabria, IT
A Methodology for Fare Integration in Transit Systems: Application to an Italian Extra-urban Area  
D Gattuso, G Carbone and A Chindemi, University of Reggio Calabria, IT
A Methodology for Cost and Revenue Evaluation in Transit Systems: an Application to an Italian Extra-urban Area  
M Di Gangi, University of the Basilicata; F Cirianni, University of Reggio Calabria, IT
A Travel Demand Model for Copenhagen  
G Jovicic, Danish Transport Research Institute, DK
An Econometric Investigation of Car Use in the National Transport Model for Great Britain  
G Hyman, P Bradburn and A Kastner, Department for Transport, UK
Advanced Modelling to Overcome Data Limitations in the Norwegian National Transport Model  
T N Hamre, TOI, NO; A Daly, J Fox and C Rohr, RAND Europe, UK
Marginal Values of Traffic Noise Externalities from Stated Preference Methods  
E Arsenio, A L Bristow, M Wardman, ITS, University of Leeds, UK
Willingness-to-pay for Reducing Atmospheric Pollution  
P Galilea and J de D Ortúzar, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, CL
Residential Location Choice Behaviour in Oxfordshire  
F Pagliara, University of Naples "Federico II", IT;
"Before and After" Studies in a Turbulent Environment - a Dynamic Approach  
K N Kjoerstad and B Norheim, Institute of Transport Economics, NO
The Impact of Croydon Tramlink  
G Copley and M Thomas, FaberMaunsell
London's Crossrail Project Appraisal Framework  
K Austin, A Last and B Upfold, MVA Ltd; J Willis and R Meeks, Transport for London, UK
Freight and Logistics
A Rail Freight Forecasting Model for the Strategic Rail Authority  
J Hawthorne and I Brooker, Sinclair Knight Merz, UK;
A General Multi-step Model for Urban Freight Movements  
F Russo and A Comi, University of Reggio Calabria, IT
Preliminary Insights into the Practical Implications of Modelling Commercial Vehicle Empty Trips  
J Holgu?n-Veras and E Thorson, The City College of New York, US
UK Freight Modelling - the Ways Ahead  
M Shahkarami, Department for Transport; Neil Raha, WSP, UK
Road Transport Vs. Ro-Ro: a Modellistic Approach to Freight Modal Choice  
G Bernetti, M Dall'Acqua and G Longo, University of Trieste, IT
Modelling the Demand for Sea Transport on the Baltic Sea  
C M Berglund, Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI); J O Jansson, Linkòping University, SE
Port Governance: a Key Issue for the Reinforcement of Quality Services in European Ports
C I Chlomoudis, University of Piraeus; A V Karalis, University of Crete; A A Pallis, University of the Aegean, GR
'Critical Mass' in Multimodal Freight Transport  
O Sunde, Molde University College, NO
Freight Transport: at Any Price?  
H Runhaar, TU Delft, NL
A Geometry of Uncertainty  
P Niérat, INRETS, FR
The Economics of Carrier Liability of Intermodal Freight Transport  
H Chua, IM Technologies Limited; I Black, Cranfield University, UK;
Distribution and Re-distribution in E-commerce  
L Enarsson, Vaxjo University, SE
The Impact of E-commerce on Transport in Europe  
R Demkes, J Becker and A Brummelman, TNO Inro, NL
Modelling Shipments and Ship Assignment for Inland Navigation  
R Thijs and M Bovenkerk, TNO-Inro, NL
A Variational Inequality Formulation for Combined Shipclass and Route Choice  
C Lindveld and S Catalano, Delft University of Technology, NL
Making Better Use of the Network
Addressing Policy Objectives of Traffic Control Using Evolutionary Algorithms  
J Sha'Aban and B Heydecker, Centre for Transport Studies, UCL;
Effective Urban Traffic Management and Control - SCOOT Version 4.4  
D Bretherton, G Bowen and K Wood, TRL Limited, UK
UTMC - Achieving Improved Network Management and Control  
B Radia, Department for Transport;
An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Red- Light Cameras at Signalized Intersections  
A-S Hakkert and R Retting, Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, US
Route Management Strategies  
K Harrison, WS Atkins Consultants, UK
A Mesoscopic Model for Evaluating Performance of Signalised Intersections  
G Bernetti, R Camus and G Longo, University of Trieste, IT
Adaptive Traffic Controlled Roundabouts  
J Maklari, Kozlekedes, HU
The Assessment of the Economic Benefits of Dynamic Traffic Management  
H J van Zuylen, Delft University of Technology, NL
Analysis of Travel Times and Routes on Urban Roads by Means of Floating Car Data  
R-P Schäfer, K-U Thiessenhusen and P Wagner, German Aerospace Center (DLR), DE
Information Access Anywhere Anytime - Myth or Opportunity?  
D Kuck and W Pijls, Ford Forschungszentrum Aachen, DE
Methodological Innovations
Flexible Models for Analysing Route and Departure Time Choice  
R Batley, T Fowkes, D Watling and G Whelan, ITS, University of Leeds, UK;
Evaluation of Mixed Logit As a Practical Modelling Alternative  
M A Munizaga and R Alvarez-Daziano, University of Chile, CL
Error Components in Demand Estimation  
M Vildrik Sørensen, CTT, Technical University of Denmark, DK
Mode Choice of Complex Tours  
C Cirillo, FUNDP-GRT, BE; K Axhausen, ETH-IVT, CH
Non-linearities in the Valuations of Time Estimates  
A de Palma, C Fontan, University of Cergy-Pontoise;
Modelling Mode Choice Behaviour for Extra-urban Journeys  
G E Cantarella and S de Luca, University of Salerno, IT
Combined Use of Stated Choice, Transfer Price, and Frisch Method in a Valuation Survey  
N Fearnley and K Sælensminde, Institute of Transport Economics, NO
Simultaneous Analysis of Choice and Transfer Price Data  
A Daly and H Gunn, RAND Europe, NL
Multimodal Assignment to Congested Networks: Fixed-point Models and Algorithms  
L D'Acierno, B Montella and M Gallo, Universiti di Napoli Federico II, IT
An Efficient Design for Very Large Transport Models on PCs  
I Williams and C Lindsay, ME&P WSP, UK
Cost-benefit Evaluation of Infrastructure Doing It the Hedonic Way  
J Husted Rich and O Anker Nielsen, CTT / Danish Technical University, DK
A Dynamic O-D Matrix Estimator Using Analytic Derivatives  
C Lindveld, Delft University of Technology, NL
A Generation Constrained Approach for the Estimation of O/D Trip Matrices from Traffic Counts  
I Domenico, ATAM - Reggio Calabria; M N Postorino, University of Reggio Calabria, IT
Estimation of Origin-destination Matrices from Link Counts  
GORDON, A, Mott MacDonald, UK; HAZELTON, M, University of Western Australia, Australia; WATLING, D, University of Leeds, UK
A Genetic Algorithms Based Approach for Solving Optimal Toll Location Problems  
A Sumalee and S Shepherd, ITS, University of Leeds, UK
Person-specific Models in SP Analysis  
P Sola Conde and M Wardman, ITS, University of Leeds, UK;
Best Practice in SP Design  
N Sanko, Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussees, FR;
Understanding and Valuing Journey Time Variability  
G Copley and P Murphy, FaberMaunsell; D Pearce, Highways Agency, UK
Poster Sessions
A Fundamental Survey on the Feasibility of LRT System in Rural Cities with High Dependency on Private Transport: a Case of Maebashi City
S Date, Expressway Technology Center, JP
Calibration and Analysis of Meso- and Microscopic Models for a High Congestion Urban Corridor
E Merritt, KTH, SE
"E-PARKING" - User-friendly E-commerce to Optimise Parking Space
J Papi, European Road Federation, BE
Noise Induced Hearing Loss in Motorcyclists
C Jordan, University of Ulster, UK
Planning for New Large Aircraft Operations at International Passenger Terminals
C-Y Chiu, University of Texas at Austin, US
Transport Corridors, Local Environment and Social Exclusion: an Exploration of Possibilities
A Smith, Halcrow, UK
Railway Reform, Strategy and Performance
Implementing Marginal Cost Pricing of Rail Infrastructure - Barriers and Solutions  
C Nash and B Matthews, ITS, University of Leeds, UK
From Directive to Practice: German Railway Industry in Transition  
B Seidel, IVE, University of Hannover, DE; B Hylén, Swedish Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI), SE
Track Access Charges and Rail Competition: a Comparative Analysis of Britain and Sweden  
J Preston, T Holvad and F Raje, Transport Studies Unit, University of Oxford, UK
Lessons from Railway Benchmarking in Europe and Japan  
D Hatch, NS Business Development, NL
Creating Performance Incentives: Lessons from the UK Rail Sector  
S Ellis and H Ashton, Steer Davies Gleave, UK
Dutch Research Programme to Improve Passenger Railway Transport  
Y H F Cheung, Ministry of Transport, AVV, NL
Evaluation of the Marginal Cost and Revenue Impacts of Transferring Freight from Road to Rail  
C Gilliam and E Humphreys, Arup; C Hughes, Strategic Rail Authority, UK
Rail Charging System and Controlling Based Rail Strategic Planning in Hungary  
G Farkas and Z Bokor, Budapest University of Technology, HU
Developing Rail Freight Terminals  
G Smith, Halcrow, UK
Estimating Passenger Demand for Parkway Stations  
W F Lythgoe and M Wardman, ITS, University of Leeds, UK
Seminar on Transport Policy and Research
Assessing How Citizens Perceive Local Transport Services - a European Survey Within the Citizens' Network Benchmarking Initiative
H Britton and K Dahme, OGM (Organisation Gestion Marketing), BE
Benchmarking Transport Policy: the Use of Benchmarking in Effectively Developing and Implementing Transport Policy
L Gordon, OGM, BE
Developing a Method for the Assessment of Evidence on the Impacts of Transport Policy Instruments
B Matthews, A Jopson and A D May, ITS, University of Leeds, UK
The Assessment of Integrated Land Use and Transport Planning Strategies
M Martens, TNO Inro, NL;
Road User Charging: Tools for Option Generation to Increase Acceptability
N Celikel and P Jones, University of Westminster, UK
European Transport Policy and Interaction with National Policy Making
J-C van Elburg, NEA Transport Research and Training, NL
On the Assessment of Public Transport Regulatory Reforms in Europe
T Holvad, B Huang and J Preston, Transport Studies Unit, University of Oxford, UK
Travel Behaviour Patterns in the USA and Austria - an Instructive Lesson of Transport Policy
G Sammer, W Berger and F Matiasek, Institute for Transport Studies, Vienna, AT
Greening Commuter Mode Choice Through Intervention: Comparative Effectiveness of Three Behaviour Change Strategies and Implications for Reducing Car Dependency in Perth, Western Australia
C Baudains, P Dingle and I Styles, Murdoch University, AU
Freight, Business Travel, and Trade Growth in the EU: What Can the Past Tell Us?
Y Jin and I Williams, ME&P WSP, UK
Will ICT Change Spatial-economic Patterns and Mobility in the Netherlands? The ICT Monitor Will Tell Us!
A Boumans, AVV, Ministry of Transport; G Draijer, Ministry of Transport, Directorate-General of Telecommunications; M Martens, TNO Inro, Institute for Traffic and Transport, Logistics and Spatial Development, NL
Separating Transport Growth from Economic Growth - is It Possible?
D Stead, Technical University of Delft, NL;
Is Instrumental Rationality Enough?
J Cruickshank, Agder Research, NO
The European Commission's New Common Transport Policy
J Papi, ERF, BE
Highways: the Ecological Resource Net
P Smith, Halcrow, UK
Aviation Economics and Airport Planning
Airport Privatisation - How Should Airport Operators and Investors React to Changing Market Conditions  
P Forbes, Alan Stratford and Associates (part of Sinclair Knight Merz Europe Ltd), UK
Airline Network Configurations in the Deregulated European Aviation Market  
G Burghouwt and T Kreukels, Utrecht University;
Air Travellers' Valuation of Ticket Type Restrictions - a Stated Preference Survey  
J Eliasson, J Lindquist Dillen and J Widell, Transek AB, SE
Landside Accessibility of a Possible New Dutch Off-shore Airport  
T M H J de Laat and L de Vrees, Programme Bureau Flyland, NL
Investment in Roads
Public Private Partnerships, the Advantages and Disadvantages Examined  
G W E B van Herpen, Ministry of Transport, AVV, NL
Short-term Road Concessions: Application to New Toll Motorways in Spain  
J M Vassallo, D Maté, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, ES
Financial Measures to Boost Private Investment  
D Maté, J M Vassallo, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, ES
Credit Rating Toll Roads: Recent Trends and New Developments  
M Wilkins, Infrastructure Finance Ratings, Standard & Poor's;
The UK Government View of Public Private Partnerships  
C Jones, The Highways Agency, UK
Beyond Direct Road Tolls - Some Examples and Experience  
H Chua, IM Technologies Limited, UK
Private Sector Approach to Highway Maintenance  
J Ortiz-Garcia, WS Atkins, UK
Congestion Costs  
C R Brems, N B Kristensen, COWI;
The AKTA Road Pricing Experiment in Copenhagen  
O A Nielsen, Technical University of Denmark, DK
Managing Demand and Creating Alternatives in Citie
Making Travel Plans Work  
C Newson, Transport 2000, UK
Planning to Cut the School Run  
H Moore, Cambridgeshire County Council, UK
Using the Planning Process to Secure Sustainable Transport  
L Addison and J Fraser, Addison & Associates, UK
Government Measures to Encourage the Instigation of Mobility Management Plans  
E Bridge and A A Ahern, Trinity College Dublin, IE
Children's Car Use: the Implications for Health and Sustainability  
R Mackett, L Lucas, J Paskins and J Turbin, University College London, UK
GUS HS Travel Plan Strategy  
S Whitfield and L Imeson, WS Atkins, UK
Support for Car Share Clubs: a Worldwide Review  
M Enoch, The Open University, UK
Acceptability and Effectiveness of Road User Charging  
S Jaensirisak, A D May and M Wardman, ITS, University of Leeds, UK
The Cambridge Access Study  
B Menzies, Cambridgeshire County Council, UK
Seamless Mobility: a Contribution to Sustainable Mobility  
R Bruijns and F Hartkamp, Program Office Move, NL
Strategies for Enhanced Walking and Cycling to Work - Market Potential for Different Segments  
I Stangeby and B Norheim, Institute of Transport Economics (TOI), NO
Pedestrian Accessibility and City Form  
J Alayo, Arup Transport Planning, UK
Understanding Pedestrian Comfort in European Cities: How to Improve Walking Conditions  
L Øvstedal, SINTEF; E Ryeng, NTNU Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NO
Interactive Development of Sustainable Alternatives to the Car: the VLITS and MITKA Projects  
A M van den Broeke, I R Wilmink and W Korver, TNO Inro, NL
Reducing Reliance on the Car in Rural Areas  
G Stokes, Countryside Agency and Oxford Brookes University, UK
The Planning and Management of Public Transport Sy
Smart Card Projects in The Netherlands  
Y H F Cheung, Ministry of Transport, AVV, NL
Funding London's Underground Using Public-Private-Partnership  
M Gannon, The Project Development Company, UK
Bus Networks: Planning for Growth in London  
J Barry, Transport for London - London Buses, UK
How Can We Promote New Public Transport?  
A A Ahern, Trinity College Dublin, IE
Recent Development's in Lyon's Public Transport Policy
Demand Responsive Transport: Towards Best Practice in Rural Applications  
S Grosso, J Higgins, J Mageean and J Nelson, Newcastle University, UK
Developing a New Fare System for the Norwegian Ferries  
F Jørgensen, Bodø Graduate School of Business;
An Automated Performance Measurement System for Metro Operations  
A Deloukas and E Apostolopoulou, Attiko Metro AE, GR
The Measurement and Causes of Unreliability in Bus Services  
M Buchanan and R Walker, Colin Buchanan and Partners, UK
Analysis of Regional Imbalance of Quality of Bus Service Within a City  
S Somenahalli, W L Yue and M A P Taylor, University of South Australia;
Planning for Sustainable Patterns of Development
Land Use Planning and the GB Rail Network  
S Atkins, Strategic Rail Authority, UK
Impacts from Different Land-use Strategies on Travel Distances  
L Christensen and M Fosgerau, Danish Transport Research Institute, DK
Sustainability of Suburban Travel - Do Developers Hold the Keys?
M Gibson, TRI, Napier University, UK
Road Safety
The Personnel Warning System: Improving the Safety of Road Workers  
T Sachse, Siemens AG; H-A Gabriel, Nissen Elekrtobau GmbH;
Driver Behaviour and Safety at Construction Zone Lane Merge Situations  
T K Datta, K L Scattler and C Hill, Wayne State University, US
A Guideline for Safer School Travel and Safer School Environments in Austria  
M Schopf and M Mailer, University of Technology Vienna, AT
The Roots of Driver Behaviour Towards Cyclists  
S Reid and L Basford, TRL Ltd., UK
Video Based Technique to Develop Risk Ratings for Cycle Use  
J Parkin, Bolton Institute; M Wardman and M Page, ITS, University of Leeds, UK
The Uses of Exposure and Risk in Road Safety Studies  
A-S Hakkert, Technion, IL; L Braimaister and I van Schagen, Dutch Road Safety Research Institute (SWOV), NL
The Valuation of a Statistical Life in Road Safety: a Stated Choice Approach  
A de Blaeij, P Rietveld and E T Verhoef, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, NL
A Concept for Assessing Safety Related Behaviour  
A Svensson, Lund University, SE
The Effects of Active Accelerator in Cars - Results from a Large Scale Trial with Intelligent Speed Adaptation  
M Hjälmdahl, C Hydén, A Várhelyi and S Almqvist, Lund University, SE
Freight and Logistics
Congestion Charging in London
M Dix, Transport for London, UK
White Van Man - Victim or Villain?
G de Jong, H Gunn and W Walker, RAND Europe, NL
World Squares for All - Management of Traffic on the Approaches to Trafalgar Square
S Cotton, Transport for London, UK