European Transport Conference 2003

European Transport Conference 2003: Strands

Strand Papers
Regulation and Competition in Public Transport
Public Transport Integration Project Gelderland East  
C Volp, R van der Gaag, Province of Gelderland, NL
The Spanish Situation of Road Public Transport Competition  
A Garcia-Pastor,CTSA FCC-Connex; J-D Gonzalez, C Cristóbal-Pinto, Consorcio Regional de Transportes de Madrid; M E López-Lambas, Polytechnic University of Madrid, ES
Emerging Competition and Market Power in Public Transport in the Netherlands  
A Baanders, R Lebouille, S Rienstra, ECORYS/NEI Transport; M Kouwenhoven, Netherlands Competition Authority Nma; P van der Wilk, Ministry of Transport (AVV), NL
Real Time Passenger Information: the Benefits and Costs  
B O Caulfield, M O'Mahony, Trinity College Dublin, IE
Applied Methods in Transport Planning
Validation of the Operational Traffic Model for Copenhagen  
G Jovicic, Danish Transport Research Institute; C O Hansen, Danish Technical University, DK
A Reverse Engineering Approach to Determine Preferred Time of Travel Patterns  
E van Berkum, University of Twente; D van Amelsfort, K-J Hoogland, E Bezembinder, Goudappel Coffeng, NL
The Application of Origin-based Assignment to Saturn Networks with Asymmetric Cost Functions  
D van Vliet, ITS, University of Leeds, UK; H Bar-Gera, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, IL
Simplifying Multi-stage Modelling Advice While Retaining the Essentials  
N Paulley, P Emmerson, TRL Limited; P Bly, Independent Consultant; T van Vuren, C White, Mott MacDonald; S Porter, Department for Transport, UK
Public Transport Priority Schemes: Comparing Microsimulation with Traditional TRANSYT and LINSIG Models  
S Ahuja, T van Vuren, Mott MacDonald; N Priest, Wolverhampton City Council, UK
Evaluating Active Traffic Management Systems on the M25 Motorway  
S Moriarty, T Wang, Kellogg Brown & Root, UK
The Estimation of Aggregate Modal Split Models  
P Bonnel, Laboratoire d'Economie des Transports - ENTPE, FR
Modelling Road and Rail Transport in the Short Term: Application and Results  
Modelling road and rail transport in the short term: application and results
A Long Term Model for Long Distance Travel in France  
I Cabanne, Laboratoire d'Economie des Transports, FR
Risk Aversion and Route Choice Decisions
A de Palma, N Picard, Universite de Cergy Pontoise, France
Analysing the Effect of Latent Variables on Willingness to Pay in Mode Choice Models  
R Espino, C Roman, Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, ES; J de D Ortuzar, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, CL
DATELINE: Macro Results and O/D Matrices
P Davidson, Peter Davidson Consultancy, UK; F Gomes, F Santos, TIS-PT, PT
Addressing Gaps in the Availability of Travel Behaviour Data  
J Polak, J-D Schmoecker, Imperial College London; M Wigan, J Cooper, Napier University, UK
G Emberger, S Shepherd, ITS, University of Leeds; X Zhang, TRL, UK
K Geurs, A Hoen, Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency; ; B van Wee, Delft University of Technology; A Hagen, Research Institute for Knowledge Systems, NL
Economic Appraisal Methodology - Controversial Issues and Danish Choices  
M Fosgerau, Danish Transport Research Institute; T Lund Jensen, Ministry of Transport, DK
The Impact of Land Use Patterns on Travel Behaviour  
M Hanly, J Dargay, ESRC Transport Studies Unit, UK
Strategic Modelling and Simulation Tool for Rail Freight Transportation
W Schneider, BVU Beratergruppe Verkehr+Umwelt GmbH; N Nießen, Verkehrswissenschaftliches Institut der RWTH Aachen (VIA), A Oetting, DB Netz, DE
Elasticities and Policy Impacts in Freight Transport in Europe
G de Jong, RAND Europe, NL
Modelling Freight Transport in the Rhine-Superior Area
S Ulfsson, H-P Kienzler, Kessel + Partner, DE
Large-scale Continuous Datasets and Their Contribution to Understanding Activity Shifts and Distributional Equity: the Melbourne Experience
M Wigan, J Morris, Urban Logistics Group, Melbourne University, AU
A Panel Data Exploration of Travel to Work
M Hanly, J Dargay, ESRC Transport Studies Unit, UK
Congestion Charging
London Congestion Charging - Monitoring and Technology
D Turner, Derek Turner Consultancy, UK
Political Acceptability of Road Pricing: Will London Confirm the Theory?  
S Ison, Loughborough University; G Santos, Cambridge University; T Rye, Napier University, UK
Users Reaction to Toll User Charges: Elasticities and Attitudes Combined  
J Odeck, A Kjerkreit, Public Roads Administration; S Brathen, Molde University College, NO
Estimation of Congestion Costs in the Netherlands  
E Kroes, RAND Europe; C Koopmans, SEO, University of Amsterdam, NL
European Transport Policy
The Market for Mobility Without a Government
H Wieringa, KPMG BEA; S J Zwartjies, Ministry of Transport (AVV), NL
The Impacts of Pricing of Truck Transport in the EU  
L A Tavasszy, M Rustenburg, TNO Inro, NL; N Raha, Y Jin, WSP, UK
Trends in European Road Freight Transport  
J Oberhausen, European Commission DG ESTAT, LU
Economic Impacts of the Introduction of the German HGV Toll System
A Schaffer, C Doll, Institute for Economic Policy Research, DE
How Much Road Capacity is It Appropriate to Provide? Lessons from the South and West Yorkshire Multi Modal Study  
A Skinner, MVA; D Coombe, The Denvil Coombe Practice; Representative from the Government Office for Yorkshire and the Humber, UK
Multi-modal Studies: a Sheep in Wolf's Clothing
S Cohen, T Richardson, University of Sheffield, UK
Best Industry Practice - IRU Agenda for Sustainable Development  
J Huegel, International Road Transport Union, CH
The Orbit Multi-Modal Study: Developing a Long Term Sustainable Management Strategy for the M25  
R Thompson, D Hardcastle, E Strankalis, Kellog Brown and Root; D Coombe, The Denvil Coombe Practice, UK
The Design and Effects of a Tradable Fuel Permit System  
M Keppens, E Crals, Limburg University, BE; L Vereeck, University of Maastricht, NL
Policy Implications of Comparative Economic, Environmental and Social Costs in Madrid  
A Monzón, L A Vega, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, ES
Analysis of Financial Support to the Aviation Sector in Germany  
L Stewart-Ladewig, R Hopf, H Link, DIW, DE
Boom or Bust? The Future of Low-cost Airlines in Europe  
N Dennis, University of Westminster, UK
How to Improve Cross-border Public Transport?  
D Meinhard, IVV, DE; A Winder, ISIS, FR
Financing Infrastructure
Fairness and Infringement on Freedom As Determinants of Private Car Users' Acceptance of Road Pricing  
S Fujii, Tokyo Institute of Technology, JP; T Garling, C Jakobsson, Goteborg University, SE; R-C Jou, National Chi Nan University, TW
Road User Charging for Roads in Egypt: a Case Study of Cairo-Alexandria Toll Road  
K Abbas, Egypt National Institute of Transport, EG
Galileo - Europe's Own Satellite Navigation System: Can a Public Private Partnership Work?
M Dinham, ING Bank, UK
NATS: Financing Air Traffic Control Infrastructure
C M Yates, Independent Consultant, UK
Freight and Logistics
Location As a Matter of Attraction for Hub Ports  
F Cadoni, A Miglior, G P Ritossa, Università di Cagliari, IT
Short-sea Supply - Demand Model for Portugal - West Europe Freight Transport
S Veldman, E Bückmann, ECORYS-NEI Transport, NL
Performance of Railway Freight Terminals: a Generalised Model  
S Ricci, G Malavasi, University of Rome La Sapienza, IT
Economies of Scale and Scope for Cargo Handling Firms in Spanish Ports  
S Jara-Diaz, Universidad de Chile, CL; B Tovar de la Fe, L Trujillo, Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, ES
A Supply Model for Maritime Terminal of Intermodal Transport  
A G Cartisano, F Russo, University of Reggio Calabria, IT
Transport Competition on a Multimodal Corridor by Elasticity Evaluation  
M Catalani, University of Naples "Parthenope", IT
Demand Assessment and Market Analysis for a New Trans-european Rail Transport Corridor  
N Fearnley, B Grue, J Ludvigsen, Institute of Transport Economics, NO
Logistics: Opportunity or Threat for the Labour Market?
H Leggate, J McConville, London Metropolitan University; R Sealey, Transport and General Workers Union, UK
The Use of ICT by Logistics Service Providers and Implications for Training Needs: Cross-country Perspective  
P Evangelista, Institute for Service Industry Research (IRAT-CNR), IT; E Sweeney, NITL, IE
Urban Freight Movements and Logistics: an Acquisition Model
A Comi, F Russo, University of Reggio Calabria, IT
Towards Continental Freight Transportation Planning Models  
F Guo, L Aultman-Hall, University of Connecticut, US
Opportunities of Intelligent Agents in Supply Chains  
J F F Becker, M Verduijn, TNO Inro; J van Hillegersberg, Erasmus University Rotterdam; M Huijsman, A & S Management, NL
New Transport Chains Through ICT and Their Impacts on Environment and Livability  
H Flämig, Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg, DE
Do Companies in the Food Sector Measure Up? - a Case Study of Ireland  
P McCormack, G McHugh, A Smyth, National Institute for Transport & Logistics, IE
Toward E-procurement Structures in Purchasing Consortia  
B Huber, National Institute for Transport & Logistics, IE
European Third Party Logistics Providers (3PLPs): Non-asset Based Model for Higher Performance?  
V Carbone, INRETS-DEST, FR; H Leggate, London Metropolitan University, UK
Changes in the Productivity Mix for Urban Freight Vehicles
M Wigan, K Hassall, R Thompson, Urban Logistics Group, Melbourne University, AU
Modelling Vehicle Utilisation, Operating Costs, and Efficiency of the Logistics Services Sector  
P McCormack, A Smyth, National Institute for Transport & Logistics, IE
Environmental Impact Calculation of Transport  
C Eickmann, University Hannover; M Halder, Deutsche Bahn AG, DE
Patterns of Freight Distribution Within a Historic Urban Centre  
C Finnegan, H Finlay, M O'Mahony, TSRG, Trinity College Dublin, IE
Highway Finance and Management
Optimal Design of Motorway Toll Stations  
A Pratelli, Università di Pisa; F Schoen, Università di Firenze, IT
Long Distance Corridors in Europe: Road Traffic Management and Traveller Information  
A Winder, J-M Morin ISIS, FR; P Philipps, HB-Verkehrsconsult, DE; R Jorna, Diepens en Okkema, NL; G Ruberti, CSST, IT
Can Shadow Toll Pricing Be an Alternative to Investment Grants?  
B Faivre D'Arcier Laboratoire d'Economie des Transports, FR
The A1 Motorway Upgrading in Yorkshire, England  
A Briggs, Highways Agency, UK
A Comparison of Non-profit Toll Companies and Build Operate Transfer Initiatives: the Case of Norway  
M Welde, J Odeck, R Fjeltun, Public Roads Administration; S Brathen, Molde University College, NO
Successful Implementation of Public-private Partnership Road Network Maintenance  
H Chua, IM Technologies Ltd; J Trinick, Scott Wilson, UK
Innovative Methods in Transport Analysis, Planning
Stability Analysis of Equilibrium Patterns in a Transportation  
G E Cantarella, University of Salerno; P Velonà, Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria, IT
Combining Spatial and Temporal Dimensions in Destination Choice Models  
C Cirillo, E Cornélis, L Legrain, P L Toint, FUNDP-GRT, University of Namur, BE
A Hybrid Discrete Choice Model with Fuzziness  
B Lee, A Fujiwara, J Zhang, Y Sugie, Hiroshima University, JP
Fuzzy Vs. Random Utility Models: an Application to Mode Choice Behaviour Analysis  
G E Cantarella, University of Salerno; V Fedele, Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria, IT
On Non-linearities in Travel Choice Utility  
S Jara-Diaz, R Guerra, Universidad de Chile, CL
Econometric Modelling of Competition Between Train Ticket Types  
M Wardman, J P Toner, ITS, University of Leeds, UK
Travel Decision and Modal Choice  
M J Caride, E L Gimenez, Universidade de Vigo, ES
A Model of Endogenous Unemployment and Commuting  
N Pilegaard, Danish Transport Research Institute, DK
Road Toll Optimisation and the Rule of a Half  
G Hyman, Department for Transport, UK
Route Structure Analysis  
S Marshall, Bartlett School of Planning, UK
Valuation of Aircraft Noise Using Stated Preference Methods Within a Broader Quality of Life Dimension  
M Wardman, A Bristow, ITS, University of Leeds; P Murphy, C Heaver, FaberMaunsell, UK
The Value of Fatal and Non Fatal Road Accident Reductions  
J de D Ortuzar, P Hojman, L I Rizzi, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, CL
Establishing Formal Equivalence Between Nested Logit and Hierarchical Elimination-by-aspects Choice Models  
R Batley, ITS, University of Leeds, UK; A Daly, ITS, University of Leeds, UK and RAND Europe, NL
Distributed Behavioral Simulation: an Innovative Way to Carry out Traffic Studies
A Champion, CS-SRILOG; J-M Auberlet, S Espi?, INRETS, FR
On the Performance of the Shuffled Halton Sequence in the Estimation of Discrete Choice Models  
S Hess, J Polak, Imperial College London, UK; A Daly, RAND Europe, NL and ITS, University of Leeds, UK
Identifying Taste Variation from Choice Models  
G Whelan, ITS, University of Leeds, UK
MSL for Mixed Logit Model Estimation - On Shape of Distributions  
M V Sørensen, O A Nielsen, CTT, Technical University of Denmark, DK
Estimation of Random Coefficient Models on GPS-data
O A Nielsen, CTT, Technical University of Denmark, DK
Modelling Bus Transit Operation: a Basis for Budgeting and Fare Determination  
K Abbas, Egypt National Institute of Transport, EG
The Temporal Variability of Public Transport Usage  
T Richardson, The Urban Transport Institute, AU
Land Use and Transport
The Role of the Municipal Fiscal System in the Traffic Increase in Conurbations  
J-M Gutsche, Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg, DE
The SCATTER Project - Sprawling Cities And Transport: from Evaluation to Recommendations  
S Gayda, STRATEC, BE; M Batty, University College London, UK; G Haag, STASA, DE; A Martino, TRT, IT, K Lautso, LT Consultants, FI
Transport and City Competitiveness  
R Hickman, J Stamp, M Crookston, Llewelyn Davies; D Banister, Bartlett School of Planning, UK
Does Dissonance Between Desired and Current Residential Neighborhood Type Affect Individual Travel Behaviour?  
T Schwanen, Utrecht University, NL; P Mokhtarian, University of California Davis, US
Sustainable Transport and Land Use Planning
R Ries, Former Mayor of Strasbourg, FR
Optimal Land Use and Transport Policy Packages: a Comparison of CBA and Indicator Based Optimisation
G Emberger, A D May, S Shepherd, ITS, University of Leeds; X Zhang, TRL, UK; P Pfaffenbichler, Technical University of Vienna, AT
Evaluation of Land-use and Transport Projects: Accessibility and Economic Impacts
K Geurs, Office for Environmental Assessment, RIVM; B van Wee, Delft University; P Rietveld, Free University of Amsterdam, NL
Reconciling Sustainable Transport and Land Use Policy Initiatives with Economic Development Goals for UK Medium Sized Cities: Are There Lessons from London?
K Donegan, A Smyth, TRINIC, Queen's University Belfast; T Ryley, TRI, Napier University; M Mc Eldowney, Queen's University Belfast, UK
The Impact of Transport Policies on House Prices: Evidence from Oxfordshire
F Pagliara, University of Naples, IT; J Preston, TSU, University of Oxford, UK
North Peripheral of Lyon: Existing Anticipated Effects on Growth Real Estate and Land Market of Lyon Metropolitan Area?
G Deymier, Laboratoire d'Economie des Transports, FR
Urban Form and Commuting: a Comparison of Seven French Urban Areas
A Aguilera, INRETS, D Mignot, LET, FR
Giving Centre Back to Citizens
A Prunes I Santamaria, Ayuntamiento de Terrassa, ES
Local Public Transport
Tackling Social Exclusion Through Community Transport in Greater Easterhouse  
D Halden, P Davison, Derek Halden Consultancy; J Farrington, University of Aberdeen; M Wardrop, Greater Easterhouse Development Agency, UK
A New Collective Public Transport System, Regiotaxi KAN  
H van Hamersveld, Regiotaxi KAN, NL
MultiBus - a New and Innovative Approach for Bus Systems in Rural Areas  
C Schaefer, H Dalkmann, Wuppertal Institute, DE
Demand Responsive Transport: Responding to the Urban Bus Challenge  
J Mageean, J D Nelson, S Wright, TORG, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
Measuring Public Transport Accessibility  
A Poole, Halcrow Group Ltd., UK Public transport in small towns - an area with great potential
Public Transport in Small Towns - an Area with Great Potential  
A Persson, Lund Institute of Technology, SE
Speeding Up Public Transport - a Practical Approach  
R Schneider, Hamburg-Consult, DE
Gelderland East Integrated Public Transport Project
C Volp, R van der Gaag, Province of Gelderland, NL
Contractual Relationships Between the Organizing Authorities and Transport Operators in France
C Duchene, G.A.R.T., FR
Who Should Pay for On-street Real Time Passenger Information Displays?
B O Caulfield, M O'Mahony, Trinity College Dublin, IE
Big Events: Planning, Mobility Management
F Potier, INRETS, FR; P Bovy, C Liaudat, EPFL, CH
Conceptual Issues in Planning a Special Events Public Transportation Network: the Case of the Athens 2004 Olympic Games
M Karlaftis, K Kepaptsoglou, A Starra, National Technical University of Athens; A Kalapoutis, I Patrikalakis, Athens Public Transport Organisation, GR
Public Transport Planning for the Greatest Event - the 2004 Olympic Games  
F Coutroubas, G Karabalasis, Y Voukas, Organising Committee for the Olympic Games ATHENS 2004, GR
The XVII Commonwealth Games Manchester - July/August 2002 ?Transporting the Games to Success?  
D Newton, FaberMaunsell; K Howcroft, Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Executive, UK
Guidelines Integral Business Case Light Rail (LIBRA) - Methodology and Applications in the Netherlands  
B Scholten, R Veldhuizen van Zanten, ECORYS Nederland BV; P Scheffer, ProRail, NL
TRANSLOHR - a Tramway for the Future
A Bodel, LOHR Industrie, FR
Use of Public Transport Smartcard Data for Understanding Travel Behaviour  
M Bagchi, Steer Davies Gleave; P White, TSG, University of Westminster, UK
Planning for Sustainable Transport
Disability and Transport - Experiences with Specialised Transport in Norway  
G Solvoll, R Amundsveen, Nordland Research Institute, NO
Road User Charging and Social Exclusion: the Impact on At-risk Groups  
P Bonsall, C Kelly, ITS, University of Leeds, UK
Transport and Social Exclusion: a G7 Comparative Study  
K Lucas, TSG, University of Westminster, UK
Tackling Social Exclusion Due to Poor Access in Urban and Rural Areas  
N Coleman, S Thornthwaite, Steer Davies Gleave, UK
Analysis of Environmental Effects and Modal Split Caused by the Installation of Express Lanes for Public Transport in an Urban Area
J Ona-Lopez, C Munoz, University of Granada, ES
Tramway Renewal: the Vilnius Case  
A Dauphin, SYSTRA, FR
Urban Integration of Tramway and Busway
H Metge, S Laurent, SYSTRA, FR
Low Carbon Transport: is It Achievable?  
A Bristow, A D May, A Pridmore, M Tight, ITS, University of Leeds, UK
Urban Transport Investments and Changes in Travel Demand: Evidence from European Case Studies
Reduced Travel Chances and Supply Problems of Non-drivers in Rural Areas  
D Meth, M Meschik, G Sammer, ITS, University for Bodenkultur, AT
Building Public Transport Information Around the Needs of Passengers  
T Cohen, M Dillon, Steer Davies Gleave, UK
Company Incentives and Tools for Promoting Telecommuting  
M Borjesson, M Robèrt, Royal Institute of Technology, SE
Understanding Voluntary Travel Behaviour Change  
E Ampt, Steer Davies Gleave, AU
Mapping the Potential for Car-use Reduction in Metropolitan Areas
T Gärling, P Loukopoulos, B Vilhelmson, G?teborg University, SE
Rail Planning
Designing a Better Timetable for Britain's Railway  
J Tyler, Passenger Transport Networks, UK
The Effects of Competitive Capacity Allocation on UK Railway Timetabling  
A Boodoo, Steer Davies Gleave; D Gillingwater, R Watson, Loughborough University, UK
Integrating Microscopic and Macroscopic Models for Railway Network Evaluation  
M Kettner, B Sewcyk, C Eickmann, IVE, University of Hannover, DE
The Benefits and Demand Impacts of Regular Train Timetables  
M Wardman, J Shires, W Lythgoe, ITS, University of Leeds; J Tyler, Passenger Transport Networks, UK
Rail Infrastructure Charges - the Issue of Scarcity  
C Nash, B Matthews, ITS, University of Leeds, UK
Rail Infrastructure Charging and On-track Competition in Germany - 9 Years Later  
H Link, German Institute for Economic Research (DIW), DE
Modelling the Impact of Alternative Fare Structures on Train Overcrowding  
G Whelan, D Johnson, ITS, University of Leeds, UK
Optimal Performance-based Subsidies in Norwegian Intercity Rail Transport  
N Fearnley, J-T Bekken, Institute of Transport Economics, NO
Regionalization of Railway Regional Passenger Transport : Experiences from France and Italy  
L Guihery, University Lumire Lyon 2 and LET, FR; C Burlando, University of Genoa, IT
Railways in Transition: a Review of Reforms in Europe, Japan, New Zealand and South America  
T Holvad, J Preston, F Raje, TSU, University of Oxford, UK
Developing Benchmarking Methodologies for Railway Infrastructure Management Companies  
R Anderson, R Hirsch, M Trompet, W Adeney, RTSC, Imperial College London, UK
Benchmarking Passenger Transport in Railways  
P Hilferink, J-C van Elburg, NEA Transport Research and Training, NL
New Bimodal Opportunities Using High-speed Railways: a Study of Potential Demand  
J M Menendez, B Guirao, A Rivas, A Niño, Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha, ES
Street Management
Signal Setting in an Isolated Junction: Before and After Experimentation  
A Vitetta, B Serrano, University Mediterranea of Reggio Calabria, IT
Street Management - the Pedestrianization of a Main Street in the Central Area of Belgrade  
S Vukanovic, B Stanic, University of Belgrade; Z Rubinjoni, City of Belgrade, YU
Effective Redesign and Organisation of the Inner-city Street Network Through New Forms of Public Participation  
P Endemann, Planning Authority for the Frankfurt/Rhein-Main Metropolitan Area; W Müller, City of Ettlingen, DE
Measuring Accessibility in Scheme Appraisal
A Poole, Halcrow Group Limited, UK
Information in Disguise - Engaging the Pedestrian  
L Doyle, K Moriwaki, M O'Mahony, Trinity College Dublin, IE
Towards a 'Walkability' Index  
T Stonor, M B de Arruda, A Chiaradia, S Takamatsu Space Syntax Ltd; A Smith, Transport for London, UK
The Effectiveness of Initiatives to Reduce Children's Car Use  
R Mackett, L Lucas, J Paskins, J Turbin, University College London, UK
Child Pedestrian Traffic Exposure and Road Behaviour
M Vaganay, A R Woodside, H Harvey, Transport and Road Assessment Center (TRAC), UK
Traffic Safety Related Attitudes with Secondary School Pupils and Their Accident Involvement
H Katteler, C Woldringh, ITS Nijmegen University; W Vermeulen, Ministry of Transport (AVV), NL
The New Approach and the New Approach Quality Scheme
P Wramborg, Swedish National Road Administration, SE
Urban Planning and Traffic Safety
M Schreuders, P van Beek, Goudappel Coffeng BV; B van Wee, Delft University of Technology, NL
Crash Against Obstacles in Urban Areas: a Real Safety Problem
H Trève, CERTU, FR
A Wide-scale Safety Evaluation of Traffic Calming Measures in Residential Areas
A S Hakkert, V Gitelman, Transportation Research Institute, IL
Transport Safety
Using Expert Knowledge and Rules for Driver Monitoring: an Alternative Approach  
E Bekiaris, S Nikolaou, Hellenic Institute of Transport, GR; W Janssen, R Brouwer, TNO-TM, NL
Young Drivers: the Problem of Sleep  
I Wilson, A R Woodside, B Gunay, University of Ulster, UK
Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol  
R in 't Veld, Ministry of Transport, AVV, NL
Incentive System for Road Safety in Road Haulage  
E Devillers, G Smit, ECORYS-NEI; R Jorna, Diepens en Okkema; G-J Prummel, Ministry of Transport, NL
Comparative Safety Management Systems and Safety Culture in the Irish Transport Industry - a Cross Modal Comparison
S Corrigan, N McDonald, Trinity College Dublin, IE
Road Traffic Safety: Effectiveness of the European Regulatory Framework  
J-C van Elburg, NEA Transport Research & Training, NL
Enforcement of Speed Limits in Norway - Actual Policy and Drivers' Knowledge  
F Jørgensen, H Pedersen, Bodø Graduate School of Business, NO
Optimal Social Speed Limits in a Highway: Suitability of the 120 Km/h Speed Limit in Barcelona  
F Robusté, M Velez, A López-Pita, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, ES
Traffic Safety Related Attitudes of Secondary School Pupils and Their Accident Involvement  
H Katteler, C Woldringh, ITS Nijmegen University; W Vermeulen, Ministry of Transport (AVV), NL
Safety and Comfort: Wheelchair Users in Urban Public Transportation
A Wretstrand, Lund University, SE
Customer Attitudes Towards and Perceptions of Telematics in Cars  
R Sheldon, M Kidd, Accent Marketing & Research, UK
Line Crossing by Professional Truck Drivers and Their Acceptance of Warning Support  
H Katteler, ITS, Nijmegen University; Y Need, AVV, Ministry of Transport, NL
Indexes and Models to Analyse Road Safety Within the Aggregate Approach  
M N Postorino, University of Reggio Calabria, IT
Disaggregate Road Accident Analysis for Safety Policy and Measures: Theoretical Aspects and Application  
A Vitetta, F Russo, University Mediterranea of Reggio Calabria, IT
Highway Safety Evaluation Methods - a Comparative Analysis  
T Datta, K Schattler, S Sharma, Wayne State University, US
Modelling Safety-related Driving Behaviour: Impact of Parameters Values  
R Liu, P Bonsall, ITS, University of Leeds, UK
A GIS Based Accident System for Reducing Road Accidents  
R Hasseea, Mott MacDonald Ltd, UK
Clustering and Profiling Traffic Roads by Means of Accident Data  
K Geurts, G Wets, T Brijs, K Vanhoof, Limburg University, BE