Residential Location Choice Behaviour in Oxfordshire

Residential Location Choice Behaviour in Oxfordshire


F Pagliara, University of Naples "Federico II", IT;



Models of residential location choice are important tools for analysing urban housing policy, transportation planning policy, and urban social spatial structure and are represented in the transportation planning, urban economic, sociology, and urban geography literature. For transportation planning, residential location choice models are useful for evaluating how households are likely to alter the location of their residences in response to changes in regional demographics, housing policy, transportation service and policy, and location of employment opportunities (Sermons and Koppelman, 1998).

Various factors have proven to influence people? residential location choices. It has long been a challenge to determine these factors and the degree of their influence (Hunt and Abraham, 2000). This paper describes an investigation of the influence of various factors on housing preference in Oxfordshire. The investigation includes an RP and SP survey, modelling and analysis. Around 100 homeowners were surveyed. The RP exercise consisted in the identification of the socio-economic characteristics of the respondent and his/her household and the characteristics of the current home and the previous home. In the SP exercise two sets of scenarios were developed. Each set consisted of 16 choice scenarios, defined by relevant attributes occurring at different levels. The relevant attributes considered included house price, house location, residential quality, quality of schools, noise level, travel time and cost to work, travel time to shops, to railway station and to a main motorway. The outcome of the survey was used to estimate the coefficients of the willingness-to-pay function (WP). The latter represents the maximum value the consumer is willing to pay for a location to obtain a utility level given a fixed income of the locator agent and an exogenous vector of the prices of other goods (Martinez, 1992).

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