Distribution and Re-distribution in E-commerce

Distribution and Re-distribution in E-commerce


L Enarsson, Vaxjo University, SE



The e-commerce has gone through an up-and-down cycle, mainly depending on the problems with distribution concepts and also with taking back products which not satisfy the customers. After some years of e-commerce we can establish that the e-commerce success is depending of an effective distribution system and also of a system which can take back not wanted products (for reuse). This is inparticular distinctly in the so called B2C commerce. This paper is based on two investigations; one treats the e-commerce distribution systems and the other re-distribution systems. The results indicate that it is the "old" companies, as IKEA, who are most successful in creating e-commerce distribution systems, even if they have much more to develop. Hardly any company has developed a re-distribution system which is satisfactory. This is a field where the transport researchers can develop models for new concepts.


Association for European Transport