Information Access Anywhere Anytime - Myth or Opportunity?

Information Access Anywhere Anytime - Myth or Opportunity?


D Kuck and W Pijls, Ford Forschungszentrum Aachen, DE



The Ford Research Center Aachen is the European corporate research facility of Ford Motor Company. The telematics research section within this research organisation is an acknowledged partnerin a range of Ford Motor Company internal as well as publicly co-funded telematics research projects both in Germany as well as in Europe.

Rapid advances in mobile telecommunication allow establishing voice as well as data communication virtually 'anywhere and anytime.' This technical achievement challenges vehicle manufacturers to derive appropriate strategies for allowing access to the available information wealth, while ensuring that the driver is not distracted when performing the driving task.

The purpose of this paper is to question the need for universal information access in the automotive environment, while highlighting strategies that allow providing traffic and travel related information to the driver in a structured and as safe as possible manner. These strategies have been developed and evaluated within the framework of the stadtinfoköln (City Information Cologne ( research project.

The main objective of "stadtinfoköln" is to manage increasing traffic levels in conurbations, while reducing problems created by inner-city traffic. There are significant benefits to be gained for the community and environment: One goal is to achieve a reduction in the level of traffic searching for a parking place, which will reduce congestion, emissions and noise levels, thus leading to a better quality of life in conurbations. stadtinfoköln is supported by 15 industrial and academic partners. The principle aim of the stadtinfokölnproject is to develop a range of novel telematics services in order to ease mobility in conurbations. Services include, for example, inner-city dynamic route guidance, parking information for park garages as well as roadside parking, electronic payment for parking as well as the opportunity to reserve a specific parking spot. All of these services are available on a range of devices such as vehicle end terminals, Internet, smart phones/PDAs. The stadtinfoköln consortium is co-funded by the German ministry of education and research (bmb+f).


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