Rail Charging System and Controlling Based Rail Strategic Planning in Hungary

Rail Charging System and Controlling Based Rail Strategic Planning in Hungary


G Farkas and Z Bokor, Budapest University of Technology, HU



As the Hungarian rail transport is undergoing a reorganisation, the development of the rail charging system became an urgent and actual task. The continuous structural changes of the rail system require strategic planning in corporate management by guiding the reform process.

The paper presents on the one side the newly developed Hungarian rail charging system based on the evaluation and adaptation of the international experiences and on the other side the controlling based rail strategic planning by adapting and practical using of the latest strategic controlling methods like Balanced Scorecard or Activity Based Management. These adequately developed operating rail charging and strategic controlling systems collecting and exploiting relevant information make planning and operation more reliable and compatible to the European practice. By using such information systems even the implementation of strategy can be observed efficiently.

Models based on domestic circumstances have to be elaborated moreover informatic background and supporting possibilities has to be assessed to adapt up-to-date strategic controlling tools in Hungarian rail transport. The presentation aims to summarise the progress and results of these research projects on topics mentioned in the foregoing.


Association for European Transport