GUS HS Travel Plan Strategy

GUS HS Travel Plan Strategy


S Whitfield and L Imeson, WS Atkins, UK



1.1 During spring 2002, GUS Home Shopping (GUS HS) will be moving approximately 900 employees from Universal House situated 1.5 kilometres from the City Centre to new offices in the Arndale which is located in the Manchester City Centre. Given the significance of the city centre as a focal point for transport services and travel to both local and regional destinations, the location of the Arndale offers a significant improvement in terms of rail, bus and Metrolink access compared to the existing site.1.2 The project was led by the Human Resources section of GUS HS and was implemented as part of a wider programme to ensure the smooth transition of staff to their new premises. 1.3 Key features of the strategy which are of interest to Travel Plan Practitioners were:

* Partnership arrangements with Human Resources.

* The legal perspective on the loss of free on site car parking and terms and conditions of employment.

* Managing the expectations of staff within the commercial constraints of the organisation.

* Managing the expectations of car drivers as the existing offices have several hundred free car parking spaces and the new premises have fewer spaces at higher premium.

* Getting the message across to senior management to secure their support. 1.4 The objectives of this presentation will be to:

* Summarise the Travel Plan Strategy.

* Understand the key decisions that GUS HS had to make concerning the overall Travel Plan Strategy.

* Present a realistic picture of the difficulties of securing a Travel Plan.;

* Outline the key lessons learnt from implementing a Travel Plan.

* Disseminate best practice.


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