The Future of Ticketing - RMV’s Roadmap to a Be-In/Be-Out Ticketing Scheme (BIBO)

The Future of Ticketing - RMV’s Roadmap to a Be-In/Be-Out Ticketing Scheme (BIBO)


Gisela Graefin Von Schlieffen, RMV


This paper will consider ticketing policy and practice in the Rhein-Main region


RMV is a pioneer in the development of eTicketing and mobile ticketing systems. Starting off with the annual tickets, RMV has started, offering tickets on a Smartcard (eTicket RheinMain). In 2005, RMV and its partners conducted the first NFC trial worldwide (NFC Ticketing Hanau). NFC became a steady part of RMV’s ticketing and information infrastructure. Nowadays, all stops within the RMV area are equipped with NFC tags with integrated QR-Codes. They give users an easy and localized access to the RMV-App and to RMV’s mobile portal. With a daily purchase of more than 5.000 tickets, RMV’s mobile ticketing scheme is one of the most successful mobile ticketing systems in Germany. Furthermore, since December 2012, Deutsche Bahn’s mobile ticketing system “Touch&Travel” is also available in the whole area of RMV. Users no longer have to purchase a ticket before trip but simply check in at their station / bus stop of origin and check out at their destination.

Already today, customers can choose between several ticketing modes according to their preferences. However, RMV is working on a revolutionary ticketing method for the future. The authority is planning to develop a Be-In/Be-Out (BIBO) ticketing scheme. The target is to use smartphones and already existing interfaces in a BIBO system. A first demonstrator of the BIBO system was already shown at the Innotrans fair in 2012. The system will be most comfortable for its users and will furthermore provide RMV with an excellent data base for the planning of lines and schedules.

In this context, several questions arise, such as: how will the development of a BIBO system take place? Is it possible to switch from one ticketing scheme to another overnight? To answer these questions the RMV developed a roadmap which considers customers desires, integrates the upcoming NFC technology and the opportunities of the eTicket RheinMain backend system. It describes the way towards a new ticketing system.


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