Smart Card Projects in The Netherlands

Smart Card Projects in The Netherlands


Y H F Cheung, Ministry of Transport, AVV, NL



A paper presented to the ETC 2001 provided a comprehensive description of the Smart Card project known as Tripperpas in the Dutch municipality of Groningen. This present paper will give an up-to-dateaccount of the latest developments in the Tripperpas project on the basis of recent traffic results as wellas findings from the second set of after studies undertaken in September 2001. The paper will describethe results of the interviews with the operating staff of Arriva, the outcomes of the questionnaire surveys on consumer satisfaction and the findings based on a series of interviews and group discussions with existing and potential Tripperpas users. The research studies have provided useful guidance to refine the marketing strategy and to improve the services provided.

The importance of Smart Card technology is reflected by initiatives taken in other cities and regions of the Netherlands. The paper will describe several other smart card projects and to draw lessons learnt which will benefit the development of a nationwide electronic ticketing system in the Netherlands.

* Chip card project in the province of Zeeland

* Experiment in the municipality of Twente

* Initiatives by the organisation of Dutch public transport operator known as Mobis

* New developments by Netherlands Railways to combat fraud and to improve passenger security.


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