Land Use Planning and the GB Rail Network

Land Use Planning and the GB Rail Network


S Atkins, Strategic Rail Authority, UK



Last year the Strategic Rail Authority (SRA) published the first ever policy statement about land use planning and the railway network. In brief the statement set out the SRA's desire to engage with the national, regional and local planning authorities in Great Britain so as to:

* Encourage appropriate land use around railway stations

* Improve access to and within railway stations for all sections of the community

* Encourage the provision of infrastructure for rail freight use

* Promote and safeguard the future development of the rail network

* Promote the development of rail access to existing and proposed major traffic generatorsThe proposed paper will firstly describe the practical actions taken by the SRA's Land Use Planning Team to implement this strategy including:

* Input to Regional Planning Guidance and Regional Transport Strategies

* Making representations on Development Plans

* Safeguarding of land required for network development * Involvement in selected development control cases.

The paper and presentation will make reference to specific examples and case studies to illustrate these activities.

Secondly the paper will identify a few key issues that have arisen from this experience, drawing also on a research study on development at and close to railway stations undertaken for the SRA by Russ Haywood of Sheffield Hallam University.

Finally the paper will make some comment on the likely changes that may be required in reaction to the Government's proposals to amend the planning system.


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