A Decade of Road User Charging - What Are the Effects?

A Decade of Road User Charging - What Are the Effects?


S Meland, Y Frøyen, SINTEF, NO



The Trondheim toll ring was established in 1991, and the main purpose was to raise revenue to finance road infrastructure. In 1998 the structure was revised into a zone-based tolling system, dividing the city into eight toll zones.

The evaluation of long-term effects is part of the PROGRESS project under the EU 5th framework programme. The evaluation targets a series of impact areas, e.g.:
* modal split
* temporal and spatial transport pattern
* attitudes
* social exclusion
* settlement pattern and location of workplaces
* house prices
* business and commerce

This paper focuses primarily on effects on travel behaviour. The evaluation is mainly based on data from three travel surveys carried out in the years 1990, 1992 and 2001 respectively, supplemented by transaction data from the tolling system, data from automatic traffic counts and public transport passenger statistics.


Association for European Transport