Patterns of Freight Distribution Within a Historic Urban Centre

Patterns of Freight Distribution Within a Historic Urban Centre


C Finnegan, H Finlay, M O'Mahony, TSRG, Trinity College Dublin, IE



A survey carried out by the Small Firms Association of Ireland (SFA) in 2001 revealed that Dublin is second from the bottom of an international league for speed of deliveries. This statistic is a reflection of the level of congestion that is present in the city. Freight transport contributes greatly to this congestion, and other traffic and environmental problems in the city. This paper will describe a comprehensive survey of delivery patterns of city centre businesses and organisations carried out by the Transport Study and Research Group, Trinity College Dublin. This survey is part of an overall study of freight distribution in Dublin City Centre.

The contribution of this paper lies in three main areas. Firstly, the present situation regarding congestion in Dublin City Centre is commented on. Secondly, an insight into delivery trends in the city is provided using a statistical analysis of the survey data collected. An origin/destination matrix for deliveries is set out and the patterns within the matrix are examined. Finally, a number of possible approaches for more sustainable freight distribution in Dublin City Centre are discussed. This discussion draws on experience from a number of other European cities.


Association for European Transport