Travel Behaviour Change - Extending the Theory to Workplaces

Travel Behaviour Change - Extending the Theory to Workplaces


B Cooper, PBAI Australia, AU



There are many opportunities to be realised through the implementation of travel behaviour change programs in workplaces, particularly in reducing car travel and improving personal fitness. Travel behaviour change in workplaces is an extension of community based individualised marketing approaches as developed in Europe and Australia. It is quite distinct from the green travel plan approach popular in the UK.

Travel behaviour change can be implemented without a significant commitment from the workplace management (although it does help) and it has a real chance of reducing car use for all trips, not just those that are work related.

This paper will provide an overview of workplace based travel behaviour change, including the development of the approach from community based models. The paper will draw on two case studies in Melbourne, Australia to illustrate the discussion. The difference between the UK model of green or company travel plans and travel behaviour change will be evaluated through various examples with an assessment of how even greater benefits can be potentially achieved through combining the two approaches.


Association for European Transport