Enforcement of Speed Limits in Norway - Actual Policy and Drivers' Knowledge

Enforcement of Speed Limits in Norway - Actual Policy and Drivers' Knowledge


F Jørgensen, H Pedersen, Bodø Graduate School of Business, NO



The paper deals with two issues: First, it shows the development in the number of speeding offences in Norway and their seriousness.Thereafter it reviews the development in the penalty rules for speeding offences and the probablities of being caught speeding on different streches of road. These figures are compared with the resources used on speed controls in order to infer the development in the productivity of such controls. Special attention is here offered to discussing appropriate productivity measures as far as speeding controls are concerned.

The rest of the paper is concerned with reviewing Nowegian drivers' perceived values on the penalties for speeding and on the probablity of being caught speeding. These values are based on personal interviews with a sample of 210 Norwegian drivers who stopped at a petrol station. Besides asking them about their perceived values on the magnitudes of the penalty for different speeding offences and the probablity of being caught speeding, they were asked a range of personal questions such as age , driving experience etc. Using regression analysis the paper analyses how drivers' knowledge about speeding enforcement rules are related to their personal characteristics.


Association for European Transport