Actual Priorities and Projects of Transport in Bulgaria

Actual Priorities and Projects of Transport in Bulgaria


V Spassov, Higher School of Transport, BG



The extension of political, economic and cultural co-operation of Bulgaria with the countries from the European Union, Central and East Europe, the Black Sea region and our accession to the European and Atlantic structures is the main priority of the country policy. Transport has a key role in the implementation of this priority, both by facilitating the international transit traffic and by satisfying the transport needs of the Bulgarian economy and population.

The geographical location of Bulgaria defines the special importance of the transport sector integration with the European Union, as well as for its overall development. Bulgaria is on the Balkan routes cross road that connects EU with Turkey, the Middle East, Ukraine, Russia and Central Asia and between Greece and Scandinavia. The corridors that pass through the territory of Bulgaria are roads that have been approved by history. The traditional, over the centuries, movement of people and goods from Europe to Asia and backwards has been realised and is still performed along the destinations of the five Pan ? European corridors, that cross the territory of the country.

The infrastructure development that takes the advantages of the geographical location of Bulgaria will engage the Bulgarian Government to implement several priority projects.
This paper will increase understanding of the position of Bulgaria.


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