Building Highway Network in Croatia

Building Highway Network in Croatia


J Radic, P Djukan, University of Zagreb; Z Zderic, Konstruktor Construction Company, HR



One of the most significant assets and natural resources of the Croatian national territory is its traffic and geo-strategic position in the Central European, Mediterranean and Danube region, on the boundary of historical and modern routes between east and west, north and south. The Adriatic sea deeply penetrates into the European continent, thus offering Croatia a prominent strategic and transport role in Europe. In order to evaluate correctly the geographic position of Croatia, it is necessary to realize the most favorable road connection of the Adriatic coast with the interior and further on with the neighboring and European countries.
The road traffic connection to Central European countries will be achieved by building new highways in European traffic corridors passing through Croatia. Numerous new bridges are to be constructed in the course of development of Croatian highway network, some of them being large engineering challenges.
Development of highway network is taking place at the moment in Croatia. The plan is including construction of 1360 km of new highways that should connect all larger Croatian cities (Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar, Pula, Rijeka, Osijek) with the capital of Republic of Croatia, Zagreb. At the same time this highway network is a part of Transeuropean highway network (TEN).
The mentioned plan should be achieved within 1994 ? 2005 timeframe. This paper presents the accomplished work so far with special regard to the most complex segments. The comment will also be made on feasibility studies that have been made for this project and financing models that were used.


Association for European Transport