The Dynamit Project: Dynamic Information Services and Anonymous Travel Time Registration

The Dynamit Project: Dynamic Information Services and Anonymous Travel Time Registration


R Wahl, T Haugen, P J Lillestøl SINTEF, NO



Road users' behaviour depends on their access to information about their alternatives and
the traffic situation. Thus, real-time information of traffic data and incidents is required
in order to obtain an optimal utilisation of the infrastructure.

The DynamIT project aims at developing a system for establishing dynamic traffic
information, i.e. near real-time information. The project covers the process from data
collection by means of sensors, data storing, quality assurance of data, methods for
processing and analysing of raw data to dynamic information, and developing value
added services. All of these elements have to be co-ordinated through ownership and
availability of data, as well as co-operation between the involved actors. Thus,
establishing organisational structures for information services will be an important part
of the project.

An important part of the DynamIT project is to test and evaluate different solutions in
real traffic. Therefore, a test site equipped with different technologies will be established
on a 130 kilometre long section of highway E18 in eastern Norway (Oslo - Larvik).
This is a road with high traffic density and traffic congestion problems.

Data collected at the test site will be linked with information from other sources and
refined into dynamic information. This information is thereafter presented to the road
users by means of several techniques. A web based application with a graphical map
based user interface is developed both for road users in general and for freight transport
companies in special. In addition, information will be offered by means of SMS, radio,
etc. Use of standard protocols has been emphasized in order to allow professional users
to utilise the information in value added services. In addition the dynamic transport
information can be used for control and management purposes for the public roads

This paper presents the project, covering both the test site, the refinement of the data,
and the value added services.


Association for European Transport