Safety Culture in European Road Haulage Companies

Safety Culture in European Road Haulage Companies


J-C van Elburg, R L Scheurleer, NEA Transport, Research and Training, NL




The objective of halving the number of road accident victims in 2010, as introduced in the Commission?s White Paper on European transport, has recently been restated in the European Road Safety Action Programme. Road haulage transport plays an important role in fulfilling this objective. Within this framework the European Commission has commissioned a study on ?application or road safety related Community legislation? that should to an important extent contribute to the development of a ?European action package? to improve the performance of road haulage operators in Europe.

The general aim of the project is the assessment of how road transport companies can be better involved in the task of halving the number of road accident victims in Europe.

The study will be executed by NEA with TRL (UK), VTI (Sw) and ISIS (F) as sub-contractors.

On the basis of an in depth analysis of the actual situation this study will come forward with concrete options to implement the shared responsibility of decreasing the number of road accident victims in Europe.

The paper

Although the study recently started, first results are already expected on short notice (April) allowing us to take along some interesting findings in this essay. Moreover authors are involved in several other national and international studies addressing road safety in the road haulage sector. This enables them not only to lean on the new material.

On the basis of the above mentioned study and other relevant material the paper will address
1. An analysis of the existing situation of road safety within transport companies
a. On the basis of 200 questioners
b. On the basis of at least 15 company visits, expert interviews and interviews with checking authorities
c. Assessment of codes of conduct, best practices guides etc.
2. An analysis of literature and relevant experiences outside Europe (USA, Australia, New Zealand) on development of road safety at company level
3. Initial overview for actions, leading to an ?Action Package? with specified strategies in the wide range between Community level and individual companies

We foresee the following items to return in the :
* Accident statistics and improvement of these statistics
* Insight into compliance with road safety related community legislation
* The balance between regulation and ?self regulation
* Strengthening the checking and enforcement framework, with improved co-operation between checking authorities, exchange of best practices
* Stick and carrot actions like subsidy programmes, incentives for use of latest technology
* Liability issues and the role of insurance companies
* Tools to be applied by individual companies to ensure good performance in traffic safety, exchange of best practices
* Benchmark with practices outside EU


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