Social Costs of Noise at Madrid Barajas Airport

Social Costs of Noise at Madrid Barajas Airport


O Betancor, J C Martin, University of Las Palmas, ES


We have estimated social costs of noise at Madrid airport by relying on previous results from literature on hedonic pricing.


Noise is one of the most worrying externality that arises at airports around the world. For the case of Madrid Barajas, it has become a serious problem and has lead to substantial negotiations with council representatives. In this paper we estimate social costs of noise at this airport based on previous results of the literature on hedonic pricing. Initial results show that this will be decreasing quite substantially (35%) from year 2000 to the future scenario. Such a reduction is obtained in spite of the fact that number of operations and processed passengers are expected to roughly double in the coming future. A combination of several abatement measures, including reduction of noise at source, and careful selection of approaching and climbing procedures are at the base of such achievement. Marginal and average costs of noise were computed as well. It was observed that they were very different for both scenarios. Finally, a basic framework for the introduction of a noise charge in Madrid Barajas is developed.

Keywords: Airport noise, social costs, noise charge


Association for European Transport