GALILEO ? Research on Effects and Impacts on Road Transport

GALILEO ? Research on Effects and Impacts on Road Transport


R Harris, L Vogel, FaberMaunsell, UK


GALILEO is one of the biggest investments ever made by European Governments and Industry.
The GREAT (GALILEO: Research on Effects And impacts on road Transport) study assesses a range of GALILEO based services and the impact on transport policy.


GALILEO represents one of the biggest investments ever made by European Governments and Industry. It has been suggested that the services that GALILEO can help provide will be a vital tool in meeting the requirements of both the Common Transport Policy and National Policies in road transport.

Achieving these requires several steps:

·GALILEO needs to be adopted widely within industry and by users to enable the critical mass of services to be sustainable ? to do this they need to be more attractive than other alternatives;

·these services then need to have the desired overall positive impact upon road transport and help deliver policy; and

·obstacles will need to be overcome and risks identified and managed in areas such as technology, legislation and institutional agreements and commercial operations, as well as policy.

GALILEO could act as the catalyst for a whole range of new services and for the wider development of emerging services, such as satellite navigation and emergency location. To make the most of this opportunity, both the Commission and key stakeholders need to look ahead to develop a vision of the future, with detailed scenarios of how GALILEO might be used to:

·help deliver policy;

·improve services for the benefit of the people of Europe and the goods they need; and

·help European stakeholders have a world market for their expertise, products and services.

Delivering this vision requires a clear understanding of what the impacts of these policy tools that develop using GALILEO might be, how they may work together or how tensions between them may develop and above all, the benefits that might accrue. Previous studies of Galileo have looked at the economic impacts and markets for GALILEO, not necessarily its downstream use in new services.

The GREAT study is:

·investigating potential applications of GALILEO in road transport;

·providing robust quantitative estimates of the impact of Galileo on road transport and especially how these impacts will help deliver policy;

·developing the vision for the use of Galileo in 2020 to assess these impacts in detail ? in terms of the impacts on a wide framework of key performance indicators related to transport rather than just the economy;

·identifying risks and obstacles to deployment and recommending solutions to these; and

·identifying policy issues to be considered for a successful deployment of GALILEO in road transport.

Outputs include:

·a study based on relevant data that examines a base case and a range of scenarios that reflect the range of developments that could occur with Galileo;

·assessment of a range of GALILEO based services driven by the impact they could have on policy and on road users ? these need to reflect the range of road conditions, transport policies and commercial models applying throughout the current and future members of the EU but also wider markets too;

·well defined quantitative estimates of the impacts on road transport that the use of GALILEO might have;

·clearly defined assumptions with a transparent methodology;

·an easily understandable summary section suitable for discussion by a wider non technological audience; and

·an assessment of how GALILEO will make a difference in road transport and what needs to be done to make the most of the opportunity.


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