Staff Discounted Travel Delivers a Shift in Travel Behaviour

Staff Discounted Travel Delivers a Shift in Travel Behaviour


Theo Panayi, Heathrow Airport Limited


This paper will give a number of different examples on how offering staff discounted travel to work has shifted their travel behaviour for airport workers


Heathrow offers staff discounted travel on both local bus services and rail services which has seen a shift in travel behaviour. As times have got financially tougher for workers, purchasing patterns have identified a change, with decisions more closely linked to the cost of travel than has previously been the case. Heathrow have sought to exploit this trend by working with operators to increase the discounts available to staff. We will set out our current discounted travel products, progress to date with discounted rail travel and our future plan to significantly discount local bus travel. In all cases, we can show sales and utilisation data that can demonstrate the power of discounting travel to deliver a step change in travel behaviour. In addition, this will be an opportunity to demonstrate that putting prices down made good economic sense for the bus and rail operators too.


Association for European Transport