Sustainable Road Safety Engineering

Sustainable Road Safety Engineering


P Croft, Land Transport New Zealand, NZ



The success of engineering management in improving safety in the road and traffic environment depends upon the extent and manner in which road safety engineering principles are implemented by road authorities. The principles of road safety engineering have been well developed over decades and are reflected in a variety of widely accepted documents which provide guidance in road engineering and traffic management practice. Processes and techniques such as accident investigations, road safety audits and remedial treatment programs are well established in many countries. Adopting a systematic approach to applying these principles and essential tools across the road network has the potential to facilitate the achievement of targeted safety goals, and also to realise a sustainable safety management process. The paper presents a view of sustainable road safety engineering, and some ideas on how relevant road engineering and traffic management guidelines and procedures can be incorporated into practical safety management systems. A model for such a safety management system, and its development in New Zealand as part of the national road safety strategy, is outlined. Some experience with development and implementation of safety management systems in road authorities in NZ is also reported.


Association for European Transport