Where Next for Leeds? - Defining a Revised Transport Strategy in a Post-Supertram World

Where Next for Leeds? - Defining a Revised Transport Strategy in a Post-Supertram World


Dave Haskins, Metro, UK


Examination of the definition and appraisal process for Leeds Supertram. Issues relating to appraisal of the Next Best alternative (Bus Rapid Transit). The development of a revised Transport Strategy for Leeds and the process of strategy delivery.


The paper sets out the context within which Supertram was defined in the 1990?s within the Leeds Transport Strategy as a means to bring about the necessary step-change in public transport provision for Leeds. The success in delivering wider strategy elements and objectives will be highlighted.

The paper further considers the appraisal process relating to the Supertram scheme and the factors that led to a rejection of a previously approved funding bid to DfT. This includes an overview of the ?Next Best? Alternative (Bus Rapid Transit), subject of independent consultants? analysis, which played a key role in the ultimate decision to withdraw funding in November 2005. Detail relating to this process of mode comparison will be covered.

The main body of the paper focuses on the steps that have been taken to pull together a revised Transport Strategy for Leeds, against a background of potential funding sources and local pressure for ?quick wins?. The rate of growth of the Leeds economy since the mid 1990?s has meant that transport investment has not kept pace. The Supertram funding decision has therefore compounded the problems that need to be addressed.

The process of strategy development, including garnering stakeholder support is critical to the success of the strategy at the conceptual stage. The paper also covers the areas of Regional Funding Allocations and the requirements of the Transport Innovation Fund that will need to be followed to obtain funding for the schemes within the strategy. The overall strategy for co-ordinating strategy delivery is also covered within the paper.


Association for European Transport