Renfrewshire Leisure Lanes

Renfrewshire Leisure Lanes


Scott Allan, Elaine Barrie, Renfrewshire Council, UK


The project aims to encourage use of low trafficked rural lanes for leisure and commuting. Driver and user code of conduct essential.


The aim of this project is to encourage walkers, cyclists and horse riders to utilise the low volume trafficked rural roads within Renfrewshire for leisure and commuting purposes. The project will aim to advertise the routes and make rural villages and towns more accessible by alternative modes of transport. In addition to marketing and promotion of the routes an essential element is the development of a user code of conduct to highlight expected behaviour.

Detailed Aims
? Encourage multi-user participation on rural roads.
? Increase pedestrian, equestrian and cycle use.
? Link off road routes via roads to facilitate missing links to aid the formation of a core path plan.
? Encourage local residents to utilise the routes for walking and cycling by improving linkages, raising awareness and improving safety by raising awareness.

Initially, a desktop study was completed to examine the potential of the rural roads in Renfrewshire. Extensive consultation was undertaken which gained very positive feedback. Geographical Information Systems (GIS) were utilised to outline potential routes. Funding for phase 1 of the project was secured from The West of Scotland Transport Authority (WESTRANS) and Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH). The project currently remains in its infancy, however, once Scottish Executive Approval has been gained for the use of a branding logo the initial phase will be nearing completion.


Year 1 ? Initial phase ? Feasibility study
? Outline of potential routes
? Public Consultation
? Design of logo (Executive Approval)
? Ground survey work
? Pilot area identified
? Purchase of sign posts
Year 2 ? Phase two ? Implementation
? Signage of route
? Promotion
? Minor traffic calming measures implemented
Year 3 ? Phase three ? Rolling out
? Identify additional missing links across council area
? Seek and secure additional funding
? Marketing / Advertising


Association for European Transport