STAG Refreshed - Where We Are Now!

STAG Refreshed - Where We Are Now!


A Shirley, Halcrow Group Limited, UK; H Gillies, Transport Scotland, UK


STAG has been refreshed ? the revised Scottish Transport Appraisal Guidance is easier to follow, less resource intensive, quicker to use and better fit for purpose. So the question is where is transport appraisal in Scotland now?


The key focus of the paper will be to examine the main changes to the Scottish Transport Appraisal Guidance providing a balance of information and insight to the revisions made to the Scottish Transport Appraisal Guidance (STAG) process and detailed technical guidance launched in 2008. The paper will highlight what these changes will mean to practitioners.

The paper will also focus on the knowledge, understanding and application of STAG from its initial launch in 2003 to the present day. It is anticipated that discussion will highlight the importance of the skill in application, the importance of proportionality, where practitioners have gone wrong and how problems/issues have been addressed during the STAG Refresh project and through the main advances in STAG.

The intention is to demonstrate to attendees that the advancement of transport appraisal guidance in Scotland will ensure that the STAG process is better understood, applied positively and robustly, and that the STAG ?toolkit? is adopted skilfully throughout Scotland.

The paper will highlight the key changes and advances in Transport Appraisal Guidance in Scotland over the preceding five year period. There will be discussion of the challenges faced by Transport Scotland, The Scottish Government, stakeholders and their agents.

The paper will set out best practice examples of the application of transport appraisal guidance in Scotland, reinforcing the skill required by practioners in adopting the Scottish Transport Appraisal Guidance.

The paper will also discuss how STAG will progress during 2008 and beyond, touching on the need for practitioners to continue to support meaningful participation and consultation in the field of transport appraisal in Scotland.


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