The Impact of Commuting Duration on Family Lifestyles: a Comparison of the London and Paris Regions

The Impact of Commuting Duration on Family Lifestyles: a Comparison of the London and Paris Regions


P Jones, R Thoreau, CTS, University College London, UK; M-H Massot, J-P Orfeuil, Universite de Paris XII, FR


Compares the travel and time use patterns of commuters making short (under 30 minutes) and long (over 60 minutes) one-way commutes in the London and Paris regions, including impacts on household members, using quantitative and qualitative analyses.


"The study sets out to determine what effects longer distance commuting distances and times have on the life styles of regular commuters in the London and Paris regions, and on other members of their households. This is achieved by comparing the travel, activities and time use patterns of people making ?short? (less than 30 minutes) and ?long? (over 60 minute) one-way commutes.

A variety of data sources are used, including a one-day travel diary in the Paris region (including additional weekend data for a sub-sample of the respondents), the relevant sub-sample of the UK National Travel Survey (using both one day and seven day data) and the National Time Use Survey in the UK, together with 15-20 in-depth household interviews in each city region. Efforts have been made to make the data sets as compatible as possible, in terms of spatial coverage, household screening criteria and behavioural definitions.

The quantitative analysis compares trip rates, non-home stop rates and time budget allocations for the different commuters and their households, both during the week and at weekends. Differences are examined by a range of socio-economic characteristics (e.g. income, occupation, gender).

At the time of writing, the main analysis is underway. Very preliminary results show a higher propensity for the French sample to make longer commutes than their English counterparts, but for the implications of long commuting (in terms of other travel and activity patterns) to be broadly comparable in the two countries, with some specific differences.

The study is being funded by the FIA Foundation."


Association for European Transport