Understanding TDM and Its Role in the Delivery of Sustainable Urban Transport

Understanding TDM and Its Role in the Delivery of Sustainable Urban Transport


C Black, Contemporary Transport, UK



Transport professionals worldwide, and particularly in Japan, India, Canada, Australia, USA, New Zealand and in the Far East, have been working together to update understanding of TDM (transport demand management) as a philosophy that underpins our approach to improving the sustainability of transport. A new paradigm in transport planning, internationally recognised as TDM, is emerging which embraces mobility management under its umbrella.

The paper draws on good practice from across Europe and North America to demonstrate how, through proper understanding of TDM, professionals can be encouraged to work collaboratively towards the sustainable transport policy objective. Furthermore it will explain how TDM unifies the work travel planners, public transport operators, and highway engineers alike to deliver more effective transport solutions.

The fascinating results of benchmarking work using the METRICĀ© (Mobility Enhancement and Trip Reduction Index to aide Comparison) system will be summarised, which is being used internationally to benchmark comparative progress on TDM implementation (including mobility management). The output is report card that can be used by cities to identify opportunities for improvement and what to learn from whom.

The paper will conclude with the proposition that we need a way to frame the benefits of TDM in terms of a future vision of sustainability that goes beyond the current short term political and operational requirements. It will argue that the assumption that ?mobility management? interventions help provide a ?foot-in-the-door? approach (that will lead individuals up a virtuous ladder of more far-reaching behavioural changes) is fraught with contradictions. Finally, it will signpost a growing professional literature that emphasises the importance of appealing to intrinsic over extrinsic values in order to stimulate longer-lasting behaviour change.


Association for European Transport