Lessons on Undertaking a Strategic Transport Project Review (STPR) at a National Level

Lessons on Undertaking a Strategic Transport Project Review (STPR) at a National Level


D Anderson, Transport Scotland, UK; S Turnbull, Jacobs, UK


Case Study setting out a commentary and lessons learnt form undertaking the recently announced Strategic Transport Projects Review undertaken by Transport Scotland for Scottish Ministers


The STPR is the first nationwide multi-modal, evidence led, objective based analysis of Scotland?s land-based transport beyond 2012. Initially looking forward to 2022, the interventions recommended are based on clear statements of the issues and constraints facing Scotland at the nationally strategic level.

The STPR is mandated through Scotland?s National Transport Strategy and draws from both policy and technical sources to ensure outcomes meet the Scottish Government?s central Purpose of ?increasing sustainable economic growth?. Addressing the three key strategic outcomes of Improving quality, reliability and safety, Reducing journey times and Reducing emissions, the recommendations will inform future Spending Reviews.

Scottish Ministers have recently published a second National Planning Framework which sets out National Developments crucial to the future of Scotland. Ministers have also published a Climate Change Bill seeking an 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

The paper sets out this policy background to the Review, presents the appraisal and analysis which underpins its recommendations and comments upon the investment hierarchy adopted in presenting the recommendations to Ministers. The findings of the STPR were announced to the Scottish Parliament on 10 December 2008, where four recommendations were identified for implementation first: the remainder are to follow.

The paper will set out a number of findings and identify areas of further analytical and policy development which would assist undertaking such a review in the future. Comments on the appropriateness of the tools available, together with suggestions for further research will be presented. The importance of issues such as consultation, objective setting, environmental and economic analysis will be discussed, as will the metrics used in reporting the STPR.

The STPR is a cutting-edge piece of policy and appraisal work with clear implications for future policy development, land-use and transport interaction as well as contributing to the vital issue of climate change.


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