The ASTUTE Project: Overcoming the Barriers to the Uptake of Walking and Cycling in the EU

The ASTUTE Project: Overcoming the Barriers to the Uptake of Walking and Cycling in the EU


P Curtis, London European Partnership for Transport, UK


Project Complete
? Identify and overcome Barriers ? Pan EU benchmarking
? Tried and tested Best Practice Toolkit
? Innovative approaches to increase cycling, walking, travel plans
? Calculate equivalent reduction in Co2


Pan EU stakeholder consultation (100+) to define and understand the barriers to promoting walking and cycling. 10 barriers are:

1- Safety and Security Concerns
2- Lack of Infrastructure and Support
3- Poor Public Perception and Lack of Awareness
4- Inadequate Urban Environment and Design
5- Accessibility and Health Issues
6- Congestion and Air Pollution
7- Lack of Public Sector Support
8- Lack of Education and Training
9- Lack of Private Sector Support
10- Inadequate Information

Selected activities and results:

Travel Plan ? Bromley Council, UK
The following measures were implemented leading to positive modal shift:
? Bike Pool - New Shower- Driers - Iron - 35 clothes lockers - 14 extra bike stands - Liftshare scheme - pool car - Travel Plan Intranet ? Staff Blog ? 50:50 Challenge
This led to the following positive modal shift:
? Modal Shift: Walking increased 30%; Cycling increased 150%; car reduced 11%
? Co2 saved: 61 tonnes

Cycling Training for School Children, UK
Levels 1, 2 and 3 cycle training ranging from basic skills conducted in a car park to guided training through challenging traffic conditions.
? 1400 Children 2007/8
? 91 families
? Surveys taken 1 to 9 months later
? Increase in cycling:
? 100% increase in children cycling least once a week
? 44% increase in children cycling at least twice a week

City Council Workplace Travel Plan, IE
? Approved by politicians
? First national resource for Mobility Plans: 4600 hits

Granada City Accessibility Plan - Improving walking & cycling environment, ES
- Roads narrowed from 3 to 1 lane traffic
- Widening of sidewalks
- Parking spaces for residents only
- Modal shift 2007-8: Car use down 8.5%;walking up 10%; cycling up 2.5%
- Graz Green Network ? linking up of green spaces in Town AUSTRIA
? Innovative marketing
? Murpromenade opened up ? attracting walkers away from share bike/cycling path this led to 100 more cyclists per day on shared walking/cycling path

Integrated system of measures in Ortigia, Siracusa, IT
? Free mini bus service ? reducing car use in historic centre
? Improved walkways
? Restricted Traffic Zones
? Walking up 24.1%;

ASTUTE Agent Training ? London December 2008
3 day training program of 5 NMS city partner on Mobility Management and the ASTUTE Toolkit and the barrier approach to promting walking and cycling

ASTUTE website ? 100 translated case studies (10 languages). 10 video case studies ? innovative form of best practice: Visual.

The ASTUTE Toolkit of best practice has helped to inspire projects which have achieved modal shift away from car use an to the most energy efficient form of transport ? walking and cycling. Then a Toolkit of Best Practice (200 case studies) was created with examples of how such barrier have been overcome in Europe.

Partners then entered into a period of overcoming their barriers by using the ASTUTE toolkit Toolkit tested for transferability Where no relevant case study available, partners research and insert additional ones ? making it a more robust tool as time went on.


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