Recommendations of the LINK Project : European Forum on Intermodal Passenger Travel

Recommendations of the LINK Project : European Forum on Intermodal Passenger Travel


P Riley, Jacobs Consultancy, UK; A Kumpo?tova, Jacobs Consultancy, CZ


Recommendations of LINK project : European Forum on Intermodal Passenger Travel


The LINK project has created a European Forum on Intermodal Passenger Travel
to enhance the combined use of different transport modes on one single journey,
with a focus on long-distance travel. The project is funded by the European Commission within the 6th Framework Programme and finishes after 3 years in April 2010. Jacobs is a LINK project partner and responsible for the UK and the field of travel Information and ticketing.

Intermodality has evolved into a major focus for European and national transport policies,
especially within the last ten years. However, whereas intermodality in freight transport is
highly promoted, long-distance passenger intermodality has so far received little attention.

Trips over long distances may only have a small market share (e.g. 1,3 % in Germany) of total trips but actually account for about 20 % of all person-kms. The current status in passenger intermodality in Europe is very heterogeneous with for example advanced integrated ticketing and information solutions in some countries and little in others. European integration is at a very low level.

A number of expert working groups within LINK addressing specialist intermodal topics have produced a series of policy, research and funding programme recommendations aimed at the European commission and national governments. These recommendations include developing for example:

- A methodology for economic appraisal of projects enhancing passenger intermodality
- Quality standards for interchanges including consideration of long-distance passengers
- A model for mobility centers for the management of large events
- Research to develop ?dynamic? intermodal long-distance intermodal travel planning information (e.g. prediction of the impacts of roadworks on travel time)
- Statutory requirements for the provision of travel data relevant to long-distance intermodal travel (including information on ticketing)

In this paper we examine the LINK recommendations and the future of long-distance passenger intermodality within European policy.


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