Finding the ?right? PT System for Hamburg HafenCity

Finding the ?right? PT System for Hamburg HafenCity


R Schneider, Hamburg-Consult GmbH, DE


The Hamburg ?HafenCity? is a brand-new urban development area very close to the city center. The question of the best-fitting public transport system was solved by a two-step approach. 1. Looking for the best system, 2. Choosing the best variant.


The Hamburg ?HafenCity? is a brand-new urban development area very close to Hamburg city center. It covers 1.5 skm and by the end of 2025 it will provide living facilities for 12,000 people and 40,000 working places in the service sector mainly.
The question which public transport system should be chosen was systematically solved using a two-step approach. At first six existing and thinkable public transport systems were checked by the mean of feasibility studies. They included bus, underground and suburban railway as well as light rail, Transrapid and people mover. These systems were confronted with criteria reaching from political acceptance, operational side, passenger?s view and public (including investors). Due to its sensitive location in the heart of the city an environmentally friendly mix of mode choice with strong tendency to public transport was always a decisive objective. This was even strengthened by rewarding Hamburg Green Capital 2011.

The result of this first step was that underground combines most advantages at limited risks. Although high investments are necessary, an extended network and infrastructure is already available and underground is likely to attract more passengers than competing systems.

In the second step 34 underground variants were checked by technical feasibility, urban integration and costs-benefit. The outcome was the ?underground variant Jungfernstieg? that will be opened in 2011.
Due to its mixture of living, working and leisure, Hamburg ?HafenCity? is typical for a high density urban area. The two-step process starting with anything available and thinkable and leading to an optimum solution could be transferred to other, comparable areas worldwide.


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