MOBI.E. - The Portugese Programme for Electric Mobility

MOBI.E. - The Portugese Programme for Electric Mobility


T Juliao Neves, Ministry of Economy, Innovation and Development, PT; J Felizardo, Intelli, PT; J Dias, GAMEP, PT


Portugal is developing the World's first National Electric Mobility Network, a truly integrated mobility model based on renewable energies. The open-access network will include 25 Portuguese cities and 1.350 charging points by 2011.


Portugal is developing the world's first National Electric Mobility Network (, a milestone in the new world energy era, which is putting forward a truly integrated mobility model based on renewable energies.

Recharging Portugal is the launch of a change in paradigm that shall create new economic and technological opportunities for the country, whilst improving the quality of life of people and the environment.

The open-access network will include 25 portuguese cities and 1.350 charging points by 2011.

Assuming a pioneering spirit in the adoption of new energy models for mobility, the Electric Mobility Model for Portugal was adopted having as main mission making renewable energies more relevant to the day-to-day life of citizens, maximizing their advantages and harmoniously integrating the electrical energy resulting from renewable energies into the operation and development of cities.

Electric Mobility, which brings together various activity areas and sectors, implies the involvement
of multiple actors, fostering the creation of new business and research areas. It is also clearly geared towards the future in new technological areas that are intended to tap into as a space for generating R&D and innovation and engendering high value economic activity and qualified employment.

To meet the goal of creating an electric mobility system, maximising national incorporation, generating technological innovation in the country and creating qualified work posts, there needs to be a drive to mobilize national and international industry to set up technological consortia and partnerships for the design and production of the various system components.

The IT_EV Group brings together organisations for the development of a technical and service solution for Electric Mobility. The technical solution was developed in compliance with charging and communication standards under development and in accordance with several steps involving discussion and validation with constructors such as Nissan, and utilities.

The work by this group - carried out under the coordination of Inteli ( defining high-level specifications and coordinating cooperation with car suppliers and constructors - bears testimony to Portuguese innovation, technology and value applied to an area, which is emerging and undergoing healthy development.


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