Using the Finite Resource of Land Better in Town Centres - the Link Between Transport and Land Use.

Using the Finite Resource of Land Better in Town Centres - the Link Between Transport and Land Use.


K Riley, AECOM Transportation, UK


This paper will explore the space that transport uses in town and city centres, and consider how we can link movement infrastructure better with adjacent land uses and public realm improvements.


The paper will ask key questions - how can we make the space taken by parking more efficient?, how can transport provision adapt to changes in the way we use buildings? (particularly related to changes in IT and the advent of e-commerce)and how are changing lifestyles and working practices influencing the way we travel?

The author will link these changes to key policy documents with the aim of providing a thought provoking presentation of how transport needs to adapt as our use of land does - particularly in key centres.Drawing upon a range of examples from across the UK, primarily relating to masterplans and public realm studies that AECOM have been involved in the presentation will explore transport's use of land in town and city centres.

It will focus on the theme of land as a finite and valuable resource and look at ways and means of using land better. For example in Leyland Town Centre, AECOM undertook an exercise to review the amount of land taken by footways, roads, car parking and other transport infrastructure, showing how much land was utilised by these uses and considering how we can do more with this space. At other locations it will consider how we make more use of interchanges as 'central places'.

The presentation will include consideration of the linkages into town centres - for example looking at ways and means of making more use of park and ride sites to improve their economics, enable them to be considered in less traditionally viable locations and create more amenity provision from the land they take. This element of the paper will consider some of the planning issues that occur with such changes.


Association for European Transport