Delivering a New Mayor's Transport Strategy for London - a Truly Integrated Approach.

Delivering a New Mayor's Transport Strategy for London - a Truly Integrated Approach.


E Seagriff, M Keegan, M Rose, Transport for London, UK


The paper gives an overview of the integrated approach to the development of the Mayor's new transport strategy for London, demonstrating how it fully integrates policy (from carbon, air quality, land use planning) and London's modes.


The Mayor?s Transport Strategy (MTS) is due for release in mid 2010 and will be one of the most significant developments in transport planning in some years. For the first time it is a transport strategy timed to coincide with and complement London?s spatial, economic development and carbon strategies. The new MTS will inform transport investments within Greater London over the next 20 years. The Strategy aims to meet the Mayor?s six goals to address a complex range of challenges over this period:
- support economic development and population growth (which is expected to see London?s population increase by 1.3 million, accompanied by a further 0.75 million jobs)
- enhance the quality of life for Londoners
- improve the safety and security of all Londoners
- improve transport oportunities for all Londoners
- reduce transport's contribution to climate change and improve its resilience
- support delivery of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games and its legacy.

Accommodating this growth whilst meeting these goals can only be achieved with a fully integrated approach to London's spatial and economic development and the development of its transport system in support of this. The MTS considers movement from international to local levels, across all modes of transport including rivers and freight. The paper will explain the successes and lessons learnt so far and the key policies and proposals which will make a real difference to the performance of transport in supporting London's future sustainable development. This will be accompanied by an explanation of how the strategy was devised, its methodology and an outline of the benefits the new MTS will deliver in meeting the desired outcomes.


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