Urban and Inter-urban Provision of Journey Times

Urban and Inter-urban Provision of Journey Times


A Malcolm, City of Edinburgh Council, UK; A Reid, Halcrow Group Ltd, UK


This paper will discuss the use of a journey time system for assessing routes into the City of Edinburgh and the provision of information for public use. It will also highlight the challenges faced in linking with the Transport Scotland network.


The City of Edinburgh Council (CEC) have installed an Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) based Journey Time Monitoring System (JTMS) as part of a new Urban Traffic Management and Control (UTMC) System.

The JTMS allows CEC to monitor the road network and act upon incidents in real-time, which, when combined with other elements of the UTMC system, provides better management of the network in reacting to traffic problems through centralised traffic signal control and relaying travel information on variable message signs and other media. It also allows Edinburgh to monitor traffic and congestion statistics and any effects upon them of major policy or scheme initiatives.

Although such monitoring is a key system role, the focus for road network users is on journey time information. For this to be of value the system must disseminate the current journey time and also whether this is normal or being caused by an incident. Two strategic routes to the West of the City have recently been validated with a view to disseminating this information via the VMS on that area of the network.

Transport Scotland (TS) also has a JTMS on their trunk road network to the west of Edinburgh that utilises a number of ANPR cameras. Within this system are cameras which provide journey times along the M8 to just West of Hermiston Gait roundabout. CEC are developing with TS systems to allow sharing of journey times. This will allow dissemination to the public of aggregate journey times from the trunk road network to the city centre and vice versa.

This paper will discuss the use of the JTMS for assessing and disseminating the performance of the strategic routes around Edinburgh. It will also discuss the link with the Traffic Scotland Network for provision of journey time information across the urban/inter-urban boundary.


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