Smarter Funding for Transport Delivery

Smarter Funding for Transport Delivery


J Gilles, S Davidson, P Gidney, F Alexander, Halcrow, UK; A Deans, Perth & Kinross Council, UK


The key focus of the paper is to outline the development of a Funding Toolkit to provide advice on funding opportunities to take forward the transport infrastructure requirements identified in the Perth Traffic and Transport Issues STAG Appraisal.


Against a backdrop of continued population growth and economic development Perth & Kinross Council commissioned Halcrow in 2007 to undertake a study in accordance with the Scottish Transport Appraisal Guidance (STAG) to assess the transport problems in and around Perth and to identify potential solutions. Whilst, today, economic conditions may seem somewhat different it is fully expected that demand for development will remain in the longer term. In the context of a challenging private and public funding environment the intention is to demonstrate that this does not mean the delivery of new transport infrastructure across all modes should not continue to progress.

An overview will be presented of the STAG study including an outline of the existing problems and constraints in Perth alongside the options considered and conclusions of the study which highlighted the requirement for a new Cross Tay Link Road with the opportunity for a package of cycling; walking; public transport and traffic management measures to ?lock-in? the benefits of a new link road.

The paper will then go on to discuss the development of a Funding Toolkit, including a Developer Contribution Protocol to provide PKC with a framework through which contributions could be obtained from developments coming forward. The paper will outline the steps involved in the development of the Protocol including development phasing over application time periods related to development plan periods and the identification of trip rates for the different types of development to inform the Protocol.

A literature review of alternative sources funding will also be outlined. This will include central funding streams from the Scottish Government and local authority as well as other local government bodies. A review of funding streams from the central UK Government and international level will also be considered. In addition to this, more innovative sources of funding will be discussed such as parking levies, tax incremental financing, bonds and bank finance drawing on case studies from across the UK to show how these innovative solutions could be applied in practice.

The paper will then discuss the high level appraisal undertaken to identify the funding streams which would deliver the transport infrastructure requirements of Perth & Kinross Council. Together these different funding mechanisms will seek to provide a framework setting out available resources to facilitate investment in the transport network and in doing so support long term development and prosperity.


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